So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


100. Green Arrow vs. Bullseye

The achingly accurate Green Arrow vs. the perpetually precise Bullseye.





Green Arrow





This is a great fight. Both are excellent marksman, and both are very agile when it comes to getting out of the way of projectiles. My vote will be going to Green Arrow, as I both think he would win, and he is one of my favorite DC characters. I also think that Green Arrow will take the vote as he is becoming more and more a popular character, with his show about to start another season. Bullseye hasn’t had much media attention as of late, and I would consider his last portrayal in the film “DareDevil” to be too long ago to be on anyone’s mind.


This is a very even match, both combatants have a knack for hitting their target. Any advantage Bullseye has in variety of weapons is negated by the assortment of Trick-Arrows in Green Arrow’s quiver. I’d give Green Arrow a slight advantage in hand to hand combat and a slight durability edge to Bullseye (Due to the Adamantium reinforcements in his skeleton) My vote will go to Green Arrow as I always vote for the good guys. I believe Green Arrow will win the vote because he is the good guy and currently has a popular T.V. Series.


Bullseye has my vote. For one, I'm a Marvel fans. But I think Bullseye is potentially more powerful than Green Arrow. Green Arrow is an expert marksman with his arrows. But Bullseye is an expert marksman with anything. And I mean ANYTHING. But I'm guessing Green Arrow will get more votes. The good guy usually wins in a fight anyways. So even if Bullseye is more powerful, the good guy almost always wins, whether it be on this site or in a comic.


“It feels like it’s been forever,” Knowitall said as she surveyed her audience. “but it has only been two weeks since our last tournament. 14 Days take forever when you are grieving. Not to mention when you have quite a lot of preparation to do.” Knowitall paused for effect. She was trying to maintain their interest. It was five in the morning after all, and they were about to undertake one of the longest days of their lives. It was the day of the 6th Tournament. Everything was in place. All they had to do was wait for the guests to arrive, and for the event to begin. The Legion of Guardians and the ArchSorcerers blinked at her sleepy eyed and disheveled.

“Some of you know the plan already, but some of you have not even been in the Chetradome since the funerals.” She was talking to some of the ArchSorcerers. Some of whom took the deaths of their comrades very hard; especially considering they were such a new team.

“There are 15 of you. Each Legion of Guardian member will be teamed up with an ArchSorcerer.” There was some grumbling at this. “Of course, there is one more ArchSorcerer than LG member so that means Mallow will be taking two.” Mallow gave a polite smile.

“Mallow you will be teamed with Lullaby and Ema.” Mallow nodded, Lullaby seemed happy, and Ema made no visual indication that she was listening. Knowitall wanted the two most powerful ArchSorcerers with the most powerful Legion of Guardian member. There was something to be gained from spreading them out amongst other teams, but Knowitall knew what she was doing.

“Mina will be with Dessabelle,” Dessabelle let out a high pitched squeal that made everyone wince.

“Pyrian will be with Beckon,” Pyrian nodded, a fairly obvious choice.

“Glacius with Paralysis, Twitch with Flicker, SimbasGuard with Critter, and Caine with Maker.” Knowitall smiled. “Everybody happy?” she didn’t wait for an answer. “Good! Each of you will be responsible for the well-being of your team member. Since we are preparing for an upcoming extraterrestrial attack, none of you will be working security detail this tournament.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. This they all knew. Some unknown force was on its way to earth, and no one could tell what it was. It was a large collection of space ships, that was for sure, but no one had been able to contact it. They knew from its trajectory it would land right in the Chetradome, and they would be there to stop any alien threats should they need to.

“You will be sitting on the sidelines ready for anything. It is the responsibility of 500 CCTF robots to protect the crowd, and secure them to the stands should anyone try to fight alongside you. Saving the world is important, and I have full faith in you. Therefore there is no reason to risk any lawsuit that could result in letting the spectators fight an invasion. As you know, we are currently in a legal battle regarding a shooting on a nearby property. ”

“I’ve got an army of lawyers if you would like their help too.” Said a voice behind her. “Of course, I’m sure you have your own.”

“Oliver!” exclaimed Knowitall as she turned around. “You’re just in time. Hold on a moment.”

“Until the tournament starts,” she was addressing the Legion of Guardians and ArchSorcerers again. “You are free to entertain yourselves, or even take a nap if you like. The first fight starts at noon.” The Guard went about their business some shuffling off to take a nap, others talking amongst themselves about the teams they were put on. Knowitall and Green Arrow made their way to Knowitall’s office.

“Where is Hawkeye?” asked Knowitall, taking a seat behind her desk.

“Late as usual.” Said Green Arrow.

“It’s of no importance. As long as one of you has my interests in mind, you can turn the conversation in the right direction.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“It is important to focus on this potential alien invasion. There may not be time to get a correspondent to me when I need one, so make sure there is always someone with me to make sure everyone knows what is going on.”

“Of course.” Green Arrow said with a frown. “But wouldn’t it be safer keeping people in the dark?”

“Perhaps,” Knowitall said with a sigh. “but the last thing I need is for some over amped superhero jumping to conclusions when he doesn’t have the whole truth. Its much better they hear the facts, rather than make up their own.”

“I understand, and I can make that happen.” Green Arrow said.


“The only other thing,” Green Arrow pulled out his bow and knocked an arrow. “Is what are you going to do with him?” Green Arrow turned 90 degrees to his right to aim into the dark corner of the room. In an instant a long metal object shot towards Green Arrow, who deflected it with a shot from his bow. In the moment while Green Arrow reloaded, a dark figure burst from the shadows and through the office door.

“Get him!” shouted Knowitall in a panic. Green Arrow wasted no time and bolted out the door. No sooner had he tasted fresh air did another projectile make an attempt on his life.

“Clever trick” shouted the man. “I would have thought she would be easier.”

“Throw one more thing, and I’m going to have to take you down.” Said Green Arrow threateningly.

“You’re marksmanship is good.” Said the man “But mine is better.”

“I’m not messing around Bullseye.” Green Arrow said. Bullseye was taken aback.

“Have we met?” he asked, a little confused.

“Once or twice. Now, if you don’t mind…” Bullseye gave a half smile, and threw another metal object at Green Arrow, which was deflected. So Who Wins? The achingly accurate Green Arrow, or the perpetually precise Bullseye?