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10. Superman, Hulk, Juggernaut, and Captain Marvel vs. Galactus

They want to save the Earth, and Galactus wants to eat the Earth. Who wins the fight over Earth?

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Superman                         Hulk                             Juggernaut                                    Captain Marvel





After the 4-way battle between Superman, Hulk, Juggernaut, and Apocalypse, Superman is teleported back to the entrance of Apocalypse's cave where Hulk and Juggernaut were fighting. Superman, not wanting there to be any hard feelings about his win, decides to take the two to coffee and donuts at Starbucks in Metropolis. While they were enjoying their coffee, (Hulk had cocoa) they heard a loud blast, and felt the vibrations beneath their feet. All three leave after Hulk finishes his cocoa, to find that Galactus was back and was ready to try and eat earth again. Superman calls to the others to help him fight off Galactus when he saw someone else coming from the east. It was Captain Marvel, "I didn't realize you were back, if I would have known, I would have left this guy to you" Said Captain Marvel. "I'm glad your here, we need all the help we can get" answered Superman, Superman takes flight with Captain Marvel and they fly off towards Galactus, leaving Hulk and Juggernaut to fight Galactus on the ground.


Uatu The Watcher                                                                                                     Lois Lane





Lois- I'm standing here on top of the Starbucks corporate head quarters viewing the scene of utter pandemonium as the Planet Eater known as Galactus is attempting to eat earth!

Uatu- Why are you talking like that?

Lois- I'm recording this so I can write a story about it later.

Uatu- If Galactus wins there may not be a later...

Lois- Please, he's fighting Superman!

Uatu- Maybe you have forgotten that Galactus EATS PLANETS! I don't think Galactus would be a walk in the park for anyone, even Superman.

Lois- Well Superman is not the only one fighting, there's also Hulk, Juggernaut, and Captain Marvel... The four of them surely can take out Galactus.

Uatu- I admire your confidence in them, but the fact remains... Galactus EATS PLANETS!!

Lois- I don't see Superman losing, no matter who he is fighting.

Uatu- As much as I would like the Heroes to win, Galactus has been doing this for a very long time, and he usually gets what he wants.

Lois- Well that's going to end today! Superman and Captain Marvel fly towards Galactus and team up to punch him in the stomach.

Uatu- As they connect with his stomach, Galactus's shield is evident. The pair of them go flying backwards, luckily they catch themselves before hitting anything.

Lois- Galactus swings his arm around and knocks over a near by building.

Uatu- Superman sees this and shouts to Captain Marvel. I can't hear what they are saying, but Superman flies towards Galactus to keep him from destroying any more buildings. And Captain Marvel flies towards Hulk and Juggernaut.
Lois- So Superman is the distraction and Captain Marvel is going to give orders? Man this is a messed up day.

Uatu- I think that Superman told Captain Marvel about the energy converter generators that shield Galactus, and that Hulk and Juggernaut should destroy them.

Lois- Hulk and Juggernaut set out to get those generator things, and Captain Marvel joins Superman as the detraction for Galactus.

Uatu- Hulk and Juggernaut find the first generator outside of a Starbucks, however it is heavily guarded by Punisher Robots. No match for Hulk and Juggernaut of coarse, but still, enough to fight a small army.

Lois- Hulk and Juggernaut Sweep through the robots, as if wading though a shallow river.

Uatu- Once they get to the Generator, Juggernaut starts punching it, and Hulk grabs one of the robots by its feet, and slams it against the generator.


Lois- Whoa! The generator exploded, I think its safe to say one down... uh how many to go?

Uatu- Yes, That is one generator down, but having studied Galactus for so many years; I think there are 3 to go.

Lois- Oh, good. I don't want this fight to go on forever, I have a story to write.

Uatu- Ok, Hulk and Juggernaut step away from the wreckage of the generator, and run to find the next one. Taking care to step on the Robot's bodies as they went.

Lois- Galactus's Shield is weakened but not by much I don't think Superman will have any better time of fighting him now than he did before.

Uatu- Hulk and Juggernaut find another generator in an alley between an Olive Garden and a Starbucks.

Lois- Hulk runs up to the Generator before Juggernaut can, picks it up, and crushes it like a tin can.

Uatu- Two down now, Galactus must be realizing that the generators are being taken out as Superman's and Captain Marvel's punches must be getting his attention.

Lois- Hulk and Juggernaut look up to across the street to see another generator on top of a Starbucks building.

Uatu- The Hulk jumps up on top of the building, leaving Juggernaut behind.

Lois- The Hulk lifts the generator up, swings it around, and throws it out of site.

Uatu- Three down, one to... oh...oh no!

Lois- Juggernaut, having stayed on the ground and waited for Hulk, had been bombarded by hundreds of punisher robots.

Uatu- Hulk jumps down off of Starbucks and goes to help Juggernaut. Tossing robots out of his way.

Lois- Hulk reaches Juggernaut but is overcome by robots also, he pounds his fists to the ground. The resulting shake of the ground causes a building to fall in the distance.

Uatu- Juggernaut can see, just barely, a generator in front of a Barns and Noble, he yells to the Hulk, and the Hulk glances at it, then at Juggernaut, then at the generator again.

Lois- A happy grin overcomes Hulks face, that Juggernaut can barely see through the crowd of robots.

Uatu- Hulk smashes the ground again causing the robots around them to either malfunction or fall over. The Hulk, smile still in place, grabs Juggernaut by the shoulder, swings him around, and hurls him at the generator.


Lois- Juggernaut collides with the generator causing it to fly back and completely take out the Barns and Noble behind it. Don't worry coffee fans, the two Starbucks on either side of the newly demolished Barns and Noble, are Okay!

Uatu- Hulk leaps into the air to go and see if Juggernaut is ok. Juggernaut, walking coolly from the wreckage sees the Hulk running towards him, and runs away in the direction of Galactus.

Lois- Meanwhile, Superman and Captain Marvel continue there smashing of Galactus. And Galactus, finally vulnerable is getting mad.

Uatu- He swings his arms wildly back and forth trying to hit Superman or Captain Marvel.

Lois- Superman hits him in the stomach over and over again while Captain Marvel hits him in the face.

Uatu- Juggernaut, coming to the realization that Hulk would never try and hurt him, unless if they were fighting. And that he only threw him for the greater good, teams up with the Hulk so they can formulate a plan.

Lois- As Superman and Captain Marvel continue their endless hail of punches against Galactus. Hulk and Juggernaut both leap at Galactus from behind and hit him in the back of the knees.

Uatu- The end result is that Galactus falls face first into the hard road.

Lois- Juggernaut jumps on Galactus from calf to calf alternating each time.

Uatu- Hulk repeatedly jumps on Galactus's... uh, pelvis...

Lois- His Butt!

Uatu- Captain Marvel Flies and smashes into Galactus's back over and over again, crushing him against the ground.

Lois- And Superman flies and knocks Galactus's face into the ground multiple times.

Uatu- The combined force of all these heroes grinding Galactus against the ground is the only thing keeping him from getting up.

Lois- It seems that Galactus has had it.

Galactus- TO ME MY VESSEL!

Uatu- Galactus has just called his ship... is he retreating so easily?

Lois- Who cares look at that!!! A massive ship, the size of Kansas appears in the sky

Uatu- Galactus, using all of his energy, throws all of the heroes off of him, as he stands up.

Lois- A beam of blue light comes down from the ship to Galactus.

Uatu- Galactus floats up following the beam of light to the ship.

Lois- Galactus is fleeing?!

Uatu- Yes, i guess fighting the Heroes made him lose his appetite.

Lois- So Superman wins?

Uatu- Superman, The Hulk, Juggernaut and Captain Marvel win.

Lois- Yeah! Superman wins!.... oh what a day. I think I'm going to work on my article, and get some coffee at Starbucks.

Uatu- So what is coffee?

Lois- Oh, you gotta try it!

Superman, The Hulk, Juggernaut, and Captain Marvel defeat Galactus, 9 votes to 2


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