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11. Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel, and Supergirl vs. The Powerpuff Girls

The Women of Today vs. The Women of Tomorrow

This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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Wonder Woman                         Mary Marvel               Supergirl




The Powerpuff Girls


The Set-Up

Townsville: Ms. Kean's Kindergarten class has just attended a special screening of Charlotte's Web, But unbeknown to Anyone Mojo Jojo had arranged the screening because he had placed a post hypnotic suggestion in the movie that would cause The Powerpuff Girls to  think that all the cars in Townsville were evil robots. Hoping that if The Powerpuff Girl's destroyed all the cars in Townsville that the citizens would then hate The Powerpuff Girls and force them of leave Townsville. That would then leave Townsville vulnerable to a takeover.
 Once outside The Powerpuff Girls start attacking every car they see. With nobody able to get close to The Girls for fear of getting accidentally mistaken for a car. Word of the Powerpuff Girls' apparent temper tantrum quickly reaches City Hall, As well as local, and world news media. The Mayor has no idea what to do, So Ms. Sara Bellum calls the President. Who also has no idea what to do, So he calls The Justice League.
The Watchtower:(In Space) Wonder Woman is in the Watchtower's Monitor Womb when the President calls. With the rest of The League away on a space mission, And with the other Javelins destroyed due to a recent attack by The Injustice Gang, Wonder Woman decides to use a Teleporter. Even though It's not at full power(Due to the attack) It will still get me to Earth.Once there I can fly to Townsville. Thinks Wonder Woman. she then enters the Teleporter.
Metropolis: While on patrol Supergirl overhears a T.V. report about The Powerpuff Girls' temper tantrum and decides to fly to Townsville to see if she can help.
Fawcett City: Mary Bromfield is just leaving the library, when she overhears a radio report about The Powerpuff Girls' temper tantrum. Mary decides to look into this. So she finds a safe hiding spot and Yells "SHAZAM!" Magic lightning strikes Mary and she is transformed into Mary Marvel. She then flies toward Townsville.

 The Three Heroines arrive in Townsville at the same time. After a quick explanation, They quickly locate The Powerpuff Girls. Wonder Woman approaches Blossom, who is pounding on a car, grabs her by the wrist, and asks in an authoritative tone. "What are you and your sisters doing". Blossom forcefully pushes her arm back, sending Wonder Woman through air crashing into Supergirl and Mary Marvel. Blossom then shouts to Bubbles, and Buttercup. "THE EVIL ROBOTS MUST HAVE BRAINWASHED THE OTHER SUPER HEROES!!!" With that The Powerpuff Girls begin a flying charge at The other three Heroines. Having quickly gotten back to their feet Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Mary Mavel brace themselves for The impact.............So can three of the strongest heroines in the DC universe defeat The Powerpuff Girls, or will the price of auto insurance in Townsville skyrocket?

Set-Up written by SimbasGuard


Martian Manhunter                                                                                                                                                Professor Utonium




Martian Manhunter- Wow! Those girls don't hesitate, do they?

Professor Utonium- No, They don't. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup all breath fire at... uh, these other superheroes.

Martian Manhunter- That's Wonder Woman with the lasso, Supergirl is the one with the "S" on her chest, and Mary Marvel is the one in the white, with the lightning bolt on it.

Professor Utonium- Gorgeous!

Martian Manhunter- Yeah... wait, what?

Professor Utonium- Gorgeous day we're having!

Martian Manhunter- Yeah, it would be if these Powerpuff Girls weren't tearing up the whole town.

Professor Utonium- Yeah, that's what I meant.

Martian Manhunter- Sure you did, anyway, Supergirl uses her ice-breath to counter the girls's fire-breath. The Powerpuff girls then stop there charging and fire-breathing.

Professor Utonium- The girls look at Blossom. Blossom smiles and breaths ice onto the superwomen, the very very beautiful superwomen, the outrageously---

Martian Manhunter- Uh, stop, save it for the after party.

Professor Utonium- Oh sorry, Supergirl, and Mary Marvel both hide behind Wonder Woman... wow...what a team!

Martian Manhunter- They're not hiding per-say, but when Wonder Woman crosses her bracelets of Victory, she can form an impenetrable barrier that allows her to protect herself, and those around her from attacks.

Professor Utonium- Blossom stops her ice-breathing, seeing that it is not doing any good.

Supergirl- We need to draw them apart! Go for the weakling! The blonde one!

Professor Utonium- Uh, oh!


Professor Utonium- It's the sonic scream!

Martian Manhunter- Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel, and Supergirl all cover their ears with their hands.

Professor Utonium- Wonder Woman catches the eye of Supergirl, and jerks her head at Bubbles, Supergirl catching on musters up her strength and zooms towards Bubbles.

Martian Manhunter- Supergirl punches Bubbles, not at full strength luckily, but Bubbles goes flying back, falling to the ground.

Professor Utonium- Supergirl, now hovering about where Bubbles was, is now right next to Blossom.

Martian Manhunter- Blossom pulls back her hands and shoots a kinetic bolt at Supergirl.

Professor Utonium- Supergirl stumbles back, but remains airborne. Blossom shoots again and Supergirl is pushed back again. In the mean time, Buttercup uses her super-speed to fly down to a nearby car.

Martian Manhunter- Buttercup picks up the car and hurls it at Supergirl, and Supergirl, to distracted by the kinetic blasts, is hit by the car.

Professor Utonium- Wonder Woman, and Mary Marvel fly over to Supergirl. Say... why didn't they fly over earlier?

Martian Manhunter- It happened so fast, and they must have figured that these little girls wouldn't be able to take out Supergirl.

Professor Utonium- Well, they were wrong, Supergirl falls to the ground, she appears to be unconscious, now it is 2 on 2.

Martian Manhunter- Wonder Woman flies towards Blossom, while Mary Marvel zooms to Buttercup.

Professor Utonium- Mary Marvel moves for a flying punch at Buttercup, but Buttercup still disgruntled about Bubbles' defeat punches back hard. Both girls fists hit each other, and they both go flying backwards into buildings on opposite sides of the street.

Martian Manhunter- Both detach themselves from their body imprint on the buildings, and they zoom forward for another go. Wonder Woman and Blossom watch in open mouthed amazement as they float 20 of so feet from each other. Momentarily forgetting that they should be fighting.

Professor Utonium- Buttercup dodges Mary Marvels' punch, turns around, and...and around, and around, oh she is doing her green tornado!

Martian Manhunter- Mary Marvel changes direction, and flies directly at Buttercup. When she reaches Buttercup, Mary Marvel is sucked into the green tornado, and swings around, as if a satellite in earth's orbit, moving around Buttercup, almost too fast to see.

Professor Utonium- Buttercup starts moving her position towards a near by Starbucks, when she stops Mary Marvel is still swinging wildly around Buttercup, and is hitting the building with each repetition. Buttercup is beating Mary Marvel against the building!

Martian Manhunter- Hopefully not much longer, because my psychic abilities tell me that Mary Marvel is now unconscious.
Professor Utonium- Oh, its alright, Buttercup dropped Mary Marvel, I guess she realized that she was unconscious.

Martian Manhunter- Wonder Woman is in trouble! Because now it is 2 on 1.

Professor Utonium- I think Wonder Woman sees this, she is looking around at her fallen allies for help but none comes.

Martian Manhunter- Not to worry, Wonder Woman always was an exceptionally quick thinker, you should see her play charades.

Professor Utonium- Your right about that, Wonder Woman lazily takes and throws her tiara at Buttercup.

Martian Manhunter- Wonder Woman, always one to avoid killing whenever possible, made sure that the tiara would hit Buttercup in such a way that Buttercup would not be fatally injured, but knocked out.

Professor Utonium- Only Wonder Woman and Blossom remain.

Martian Manhunter- As Wonder Woman reaches out to her tiara as it returns, Blossom shoots a kinetic blast at her.

Professor Utonium- Wonder Woman stumbles, and Blossom advances.

Martian Manhunter- Blossom shoots another kinetic blast at Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman, this time prepared deflects it back at Blossom.

Professor Utonium- Blossom is hit by the blast and falls to the ground out cold.

Martian Manhunter- I think we can call this match, Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel and Supergirl beat the Powerpuff Girls. The only regret I have for this fight is that you did not get to see Wonder Woman use her magic lasso.

Professor Utonium- Yeah, I would have liked to see that.

Martian Manhunter- Uh, Ok... not creepy at all... listen buddy, Wonder Woman doesn't date. She sort of hates men as a species, not just her, all Amazons. Don't take it personally.

Professor Utonium- It's ok, what about Supergirl?

Martian Manhunter- Superman would have your head!

Professor Utonium- Mary Marvel?

Martian Manhunter- Listen, why don't you just date someone that you wouldn't need to hold a relationship over a long distance for?

Professor Utonium- I guess your right, well I better go. I need to take the Powerpuff Girls to my lab so I can reverse the damage Mojo Jojo did, and send them to bed.

Martian Manhunter- No need, after Wonder Woman took out Blossom I cleared all their minds of subliminal manipulation.

Professor Utonium- Ok then, off to bed.

Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel, and Supergirl defeat the Powerpuff Girls 13 votes to 3.


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