So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


12. Dr. Doom, Apocalypse, Darkseid, and Brainiac vs. Galactus

They want world domination, and he would rather have the world with a little teriyaki

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       Dr. Doom                  Apocalypse                Darkseid                        Brainiac






After the fight with Superman, Hulk, Juggernaut, and Captain Marvel, Galactus decides it is time to rest before trying to eat his next planet.

Meanwhile on Earth-
Dr. Doom, having  heard about the 4 on 1 fight thinks that if he can hold his own against 4 of the toughest Super Heroes of this Universe and the next, his powers must be very strong, worth stealing even. Victor Von Doom hires thousands of scientist to find Galactus, with telescopes, no luck at first. But a few weeks in they found his ship lurking in the shadow of Saturn's rings. Doom told the scientists to keep an eye on him, as he could leave at any time. While Doom went to see someone he had only heard of ; a rival of the X-Men.

On the outskirts of Queens-
Doom walks into Apocalypse's cave, following the giant foot prints in the dirt for guidance. Doom walks into a throne room of opal and satin. In the center of the room was a huge throne in which a giant man whom Doom now knew to be Apocalypse sat. "What is it that you want human?" asks Apocalypse in a booming voice.
    "I seek for your help, uh assistance" Doom replies
    "I assist no one." Apocalypse says "leave at once."
    "Do you know of the great planet eater Galactus?" asks Doom
    "Yes I have heard of him, but what does it matter? Is he attacking Earth again?"
    "No, but he is near, and he has great power. Power enough to rid the world of even the X-Men."
    "Ha, I suppose you want me to help you get this power, and then we'll split it 50-50?"
    "First of all; assist me, not help me, and I was thinking 25-25-25-25."
    "You want to include more power hungry beings?
    "Yes, I would, do you of know any?"
    "There is one that I know of, that would love to join us, if you tell him the same things you told me."
    "Were is this person?"
    "He is on a planet in another dimension called Apokolips, uh no relation."
    "What is the name of this person that we are going to see? My teleportation spells work better if I know where or who I'm going to."
    "His name is Darkseid."
    "Lets go!" Dr. Doom casts a spell and he and Apocalypse disappear.

Somewhere on Apokolips-
Darkseid was preparing a legion of Parademons to go out on another mission of conquest. When suddenly some man in a green cloak and Apocalypse appeared out of no where. "What villains are these that trespass upon my privet lands?"
    "uh, we have come to see if you can assist us in our mission to defeat Galactus and steal his powers" says Apocalypse
    "Way to spill the beans in one line, I was going to butter him up first" whispers Doom to Apocalypse
    "When dealing with Darkseid, it is always best to be direct" whispers Apocalypse back to Doom
    "Alright then what do I have to do?" asks Darkseid, Apocalypse coughed loudly and straightened up, but Doom was sure that he had heard something along the lines of "I told you so" somewhere in there.
    "You just say 'yes'? don't you want to know why?" asked Doom
    "I am still angry at Galactus for trying to eat Apokolips years ago."
    "Wait you were angry that he was going to eat him?" asked Doom as he pointed towards Apocalypse
    "The Planet you are on is named Apokolips" replied Darkseid darkly.
    "Oh yeah, so anyway, we wanted to go and steal Galactus's power so we can rule any country, planet, or galaxy we want"
    "Even Better, uh is it just the three of us? because there is someone I know that has been bugging me for great power, and I think he might like a little bit of Galactus's"
    "Yes, we were planning on having 4 people from the beginning anyway"
    "Great we can use my Boom Tube"
    "Whats a Boom Tube?"
    "Its my potable inter-dimensional  gateway"
    "Oh, how convenient"
    "Yeah, lets go"

On Brainiac's ship-
Brainiac is analyzing recent data from a far off planet when there was a loud BOOM! A gate appears and 3 men walk in. One, he recognized as Darkseid and two he has never met. "Darkseid my intergalactic friend, what brings you to this part of the galaxy?"
    "We ask your assistance in a quest for the power of the planet eater known as Galactus, do you know him?" replies Darkseid
    "Yes I know of him, with my line of work there is probably very few people alive today that I don't know about, but why is it that you wish for my assistance?"
    "With your great knowledge, you will be a valuable asset to this team" says Doom "Plus there is the extreme power that we will be getting as a incentive. So will you help us?"
    "Sure, this ship can take us to his ship, do you know where his ship is?"
    "Uh it is hiding in the shadow of Saturn"
    "Saturn.... is that in the same solar system as Earth"
    "Yes, it is"
    "That's one too many solar systems away for this ship to go to normally, we'll have to warp"
    "That's fine" says Doom. Brainiac pushes a purple button on his left side and everything looks blurry for a moment, kind of like a heat haze. When everything was normal again, Doom looks out of his window and sees a massive ship, so massive in fact it had space debree the size of Earth's moon orbiting around it.
    "I think we can dock here!" says Brainiac signaling at a impression in the ships hull. "I don't think he will notice us entering his ship." The ship docks to Galactus's ship and the 4 super villains get off to find themselves in a huge living area. Too large for any of them to walk across to another part of the ship. Dr. Doom grabs Brainiac and flies up holding on to Brainiac. Apocalypse does the same to Darkseid. Can this group of Super Villains Find and defeat Galactus? Or will Galactus have something other than Planet for dinner?


Superman                                                                                                                                 Professor X                                                                      






Superman- Well here we are again Professor, oddly enough both Apocalypse and Darkseid were involved with both fights!

Professor Xavier- I rather enjoy doing this, especially with people I know. Plus its not as if we do this without compensation.

Superman- Yeah, a free coffee at Starbucks!

Professor Xavier- You got Starbucks? They paid me in McDonald dollars!

Superman- Maybe they thought that you didn't look like a coffee person.

Professor Xavier- I'm not, but when am I ever going to go to McDonald's? Its hard enough to concentrate in Cerebro without the constant intestinal cramps.

Superman- Alright! To the fight. To those listening in, we will be flying over-head and describing to you the scene in mind numbing detail.

Professor Xavier- And if out speaking doesn't do it, my telepathy can always help!

Superman- Thanks for that. Ok, Dr. Doom carries Brainiac, and Apocalypse carries Darkseid.

Professor Xavier- They are flying through a living room type area next to what appears to be a rather large Television set. Large even for Galactus.

Superman- Plasma! Nice!

Professor Xavier- Don't get distracted Superman!

Superman- Sorry, oh a door opens in the right corner of the room, and Galactus steps out. Either that was the control room, or it was the---

Professor Xavier- Don't say it Superman!

Superman- Ok, Professor, Galactus doesn't even notice the four villains as he sits down on his chair in front of the TV.

Professor Xavier- That doesn't last for long as Dr. Doom conjures a building out of thin air, and it lands on Galactus's head.

Superman- It appears to be a Starbucks building!

Professor Xavier- Where does it say Starbucks?

Superman- Super vision remember?

Professor Xavier- Supervision or not, that is just a book store.

Superman- Shhhh, along with not interfering with the fight for our compensation, we are supposed to mention Starbucks as much as possible.

Professor Xavier- Its not worth it Superman, just do it because you want to.

Superman- I do want to, but Starbucks is a very good energy booster, even more than me basking in the sun.

Professor Xavier- I highly doubt that, but back to the fight. The Villains have the attention of Galactus now, and he is standing up.

Superman- Dr. Doom, taking the fact that the others where staring at him for orders as a promotion to leader of the group. Pointed at Brainiac, and said something.

Professor Xavier- Brainiac nods and pushes a button on his leg where his calf muscle would be if he had them. And the bottom of his foot opens like a trap door, and what appears to be spare parts fall out.

Superman- Brainiac right a way begins to construct something out of these parts. More than likely what ever he is building will have a big part in defeating Galactus.

Professor Xavier- In the mean time, Dr. Doom points at Darkseid, then Apocalypse, and then at Galactus.

Superman- Darkseid nods, picks up a stunned Apocalypse, and throws him at Galactus's face.

Professor Xavier- Apocalypse, pulls a Superman with his fists out in front of him while he is flying at Galactus.

Superman- I appreciate the reference, but i think we made enough jokes for now. Apocalypse hits Galactus in the face, fists hitting him in the eyes.

Professor Xavier- Galactus winces in pain as he grabs for his eyes before he tries to shoot lasers at Apocalypse. But Galactus, still partially blinded by the eye gouging, misses the falling Apocalypse, and almost hits Dr. Doom who was just standing watching the fight, ha serves him right.

Superman- Isn't that what we are doing?

Professor Xavier- That's not the point! Anyway, Galactus recovered, swoops down to grab Apocalypse, but Darkseid intervenes.

Superman- He shoots his omega beams at him. Wow, even Galactus was effected by these. He wasn't killed, but he certainly felt it.

Professor Xavier- Darkseid continues his siege of omega beams as Apocalypse sneaks up behind Galactus.

Superman- Dr. Doom raises his hands, and Brainiac, done with his gadget aims it at Galactus. I can only assume that it is a missile of some sort.

Professor Xavier- Apocalypse jumps and hits Galactus in the back. Dr. Doom conjures another book store, that falls on Galactus's head.

Superman- And Brainiac Shoots his missile at Galactus. The Combination of the Omega Beams, the hit in the back, and head. Also the Blast from the missile knocks Galactus down to the ground.

Professor Xavier- Dr. Doom jumps up and down in celebration, but none of the others follow suit, just staring at Doom, Trying not to laugh.

Dr. Doom- Well its been fun guys, but now that Galactus is gone, I don't need you any more!

Superman- Dr. Doom shoots the other three with lightning and they disappear.

Professor Xavier- Where do you think they went?

Superman- I don't know, but I'm sure they are Ok. On the other hand, I don't think that we should let Doom get Galactus's power.

Professor Xavier- Do you really think he would know how.

Superman- Maybe not, but we cant take that risk.

Professor Xavier- But what about the cup of Starbucks coffee we get for not intervening?

Superman- If we let Doom get Galactus's power, there won't be a Starbucks! Plus I already drank mine!

Professor Xavier- First of all, not cool. How come you get your stuff in advance? and Second, they are opening a moon based Starbucks on the moon this June, so yeah.

Superman- Starbucks on the moon? excellent, Coffee on the Watchtower!

Professor Xavier- Yeah, anyway, weren't you about to stop Dr. Doom?

Superman- Oh, yeah

Professor Xavier- Superman zooms off to Dr. Doom and hits him right in the masked head. Doom goes flying backwards onto his back. He lifts his head up, looks at Superman, and disappears. He must have teleported away, huh Superman?

Superman- Yeah, I think so. Lets sign off before Galactus wakes up, I don't want to have to fight him again. Especially alone.

Professor Xavier- Hey! your not alone you've got me!

Superman- Uh, Yeah, anyway Dr. Doom, Darkseid, Apocalypse, and Brainiac win against Galactus!

Dr. Doom, Darkseid, Apocalypse, and Brainiac win against Galactus 10 to 2


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