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17. Green Arrow vs. Legolas

Two men of the bow face off in this fight of arrow vs. arrow. Let the barrage begin!

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Green Arrow                  








Many Years after helping put an end to the evil of the one ring that was now destroyed, and helping Aragorn get his crown; Legolas wanted to hear of Gandalf and Bilbo's tale about how Bilbo found the ring. Unfortunately upon returning to Frodo's house to see the book Bilbo and Frodo wrote, he found that the house lay in ruins, it had been too long, Frodo had been long dead, and the Hobbits were extinct. So Legolas decided that he would not give up so easily and used his Elvin magic to go back in time and see this historical event. Unfortunately, the evil in Middle-Earth was not gone and a dark wizard known as Mallow interfered with Legolas's magic, making Legolas not only travel forward through time, but also to another continent. When Legolas stopped teleporting, he found himself in a narrow passageway in between two very large cottages, maybe 6 floors tall and made of stone. Before he had fully grasped where he was, a man throned in green jumped out of no where, wearing a quiver of arrows and a long bow. Oh no! thought Legolas, I must have gone forward in time, and this must be me in the future, I mean who else would look so dashing in green?  The Green Arrow sees a man with a bow and a quiver of arrows as a threat to his city. So, Green Arrow shoots at Legolas and Legolas dodges it with ease, as this was only a warning shot from Green Arrow. Legolas recovers from his haphazard dodge, glares at Green Arrow, and says; "If that's the way you want it!" So who wins this battle of archers? Along with Magic vs. Technology?

Equipment for the fight

Green Arrow has his long bow and many High-Tech arrows.

Legolas has his bow and arrows, Two Long Elvin Knives and some Elvin Magic.







Batman: Well I hope we don't have a repeat of last time, the last time Green Arrow had a fight it was with me, and he lost. Of course that was a fight to the death, and this isn't...I hope.

Aragorn: Legolas is an Elf, a very powerful Elf, he won't be taken down by mere arrows.

Batman: Green Arrow has trick arrows though, you never know what kind of crazy things he'll pull out of his quiver.

Aragorn: What do you mean by trick arrows?

Batman: You'll see, if this Legolas character really is an Elf  like you say he is, then Green Arrow is going to have to put out all the stops to defeat him.

Aragorn: Well lets get to the fight then, shall we?

Batman: Legolas knocks an arrow, and shoots it at Green Arrow, I don't think this was meant to be a killing shot because Green Arrow dodges out of its way. The arrow instead impales a large dumpster that was behind Green Arrow.

Aragorn: After Green Arrow's dodge he shoots an arrow at Legolas, in mid-air the arrow explodes to produce a large net with weights on the corners.

Batman: The net tangles around Legolas, and Green Arrow is looking quite pleased with himself.

Aragorn: Legolas reaches and pulls out both of his Long Elvin Knives. He tears the net to pieces with his blades, sheathes his Long Elvin Knives and picks his bow up.

Batman: Green Arrow looking a little agitated by this, shoots another arrow, this time at the top of a near by building. Green Arrow's Grappling arrow allows him to swing over Legolas and behind him.

Aragorn: While in mid-air, and after releasing his grappling arrow, Green Arrow knocks 5 arrows and shoots them all at the same time at Legolas.

Batman: Legolas being quick on his feet, does a one handed backwards cartwheel to dodge to arrows, while at the same time shoots his own arrow at Green Arrow.

Aragorn: Green Arrow seeing this coming had already shot another arrow at Legolas, the arrows collide in mid-air and ricochet off into the darkness.

Batman: Green Arrow and Legolas both face each other, Loaded bows aimed at the other. These two both understand that they are oh so evenly matched that this fight could take days.

Aragorn: Green Arrow lowers his bow, Legolas jerks his head a little in surprise, and Green Arrow shoots the ground.

Batman: An enormous blast echoes along the alleyway as what appears to be a firework explodes at Green Arrows feet. This was obviously meant as a distraction for Legolas.

Aragorn: Green Arrow uses another Grappling arrow to swing over Legolas, apparently not noticing that Legolas was not distracted. He is an Elf after all.

Batman: Green Arrow lands quietly behind Legolas, and Legolas smiles as he pretends he doesn't know he is there.

Aragorn: Green Arrow shoots an arrow, and Legolas turns quickly around, and shoots his own arrow. The arrows collide and Legolas's arrow causes Green Arrows arrow to explode, this was not an ordinary arrow.

Batman: No, Green Arrow must have known that Legolas would anticipate his move, and fired a smokescreen arrow.

Aragorn: I don't know how that will help Green Arrow.

Batman: We shall see. Legolas, unable to see starts shooting at random places in the smoke. Hoping to hit Green Arrow. Green Arrow on the other side, loads five arrows, and shoots them.

Aragorn: The arrows zooms through the smoke screen, there is a soft ~clack~ and out on Legolas's side comes.... a FIVE Bolas!

Batman: One of the Bolas catches Legolas by the legs, and causes him to fall to the ground.

Aragorn: Green Arrow, knowing that his plan must have worked comes running out of the smoke screen. Legolas reaches for his Long Elven Knives to cut himself free, but Green Arrow already had his Bow aimed at his face.

Batman: It would seem that we have a winner.

Aragorn: Maybe we should get Legolas some of those trick arrows!

Green Arrow defeats Legolas 9 votes to 6!


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