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18. Naruto vs. Batman

Mighty Heroes Clash! The Ultimate Battle of Gadgets vs. Jutsu!.....Shaw!

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Naruto                                                                                                                                           Batman




On the Moonbase- Batman having stayed behind for backup if the Justice League needed his help was drinking coffee at the main computer. When suddenly an alarm goes off and a red dot flashes in the west part of Japan on the map screen. It also said that there was an in-balance of power, used by only one person. No one else from the Justice League is here to help me. thinks Batman I guess I'm on this one alone. Batman gets into his Batjet and flies to Japan.

On the Outskirts of the Leaf Village- Naruto is training his chakra for more stability when he uses his Jutsu. He is training outside of the village walls because he did not want anyone to get hurt by his all-powerful Jutsu. There was a loud sound in the sky, so naturally Naruto looked up. It appeared to be a giant bird, only it was larger and did not fly like one. As the "bird" landed Naruto saw that is wasn't a bird at all, but one of those plane thing's he had only heard about. A man in black jumped out of this flying vessel and landed on his feet in front of Naruto. Naruto, who was using almost all his strength to keep from laughing at Batman's ridicules costume, asked "Who are you and, what are you doing here?". Batman cocked his head and said "He's just a kid. Oh well I guess, the computer has never steered me wrong before." Batman throws a bat-shuriken at Naruto, and Naruto dodges it with ease. "Do you know who you are messing with? I'm the Next Hokage! Believe it!"

So who wins this fight of strong fighters with a seemingly endless supply of things to chuck at each other?


Sakura                                                                                                                           Batgirl




Sakura: Why does Naruto always have to pick a fight with everyone?

Batgirl: In this case, it was Batman who picked a fight with Naruto.

Sakura: Oh well I'm sure Naruto was asking for it.

Batgirl: I guess it doesn't really matter much now, the fight is on.

Sakura: Naruto makes a hand sign while running towards Batman. That's the sign for shadow clones! About 12 copies of Naruto appear at his sides. Several of the Shadow Clones jump into the air.

Batgirl: Batman pulls out several darts, knowing Batman i would have to guess exactly 12. He throws the darts with one stroke, each dart hits each Naruto, and they all disappear. so, where's Naruto?

Sakura: Behind Batman of coarse, where else would he be?

Batgirl: Batman seems to think so too as he spins where is he?

Sakura: There, in the tree. Naruto throws several kunai at Batman, Batman dodges them all.

Batgirl: Then he pulls out his grappling hook, fires it at the top of the tree Naruto is in, and swings off toward him.

Sakura: Naruto jumps out of the tree leg out to kick, only to meet Batman in mid-air. Batman catches Naruto's outstretched foot, and pushes him away. Naruto lands on the  ground on his feet, and Batman releases his grappling hook, causing him to land on his feet on the ground.

Batgirl: Naruto pulls out several shurikens, while Batman pulls out a bunch of Batarangs.

Sakura: Both grimace about the fact that they chose the same type of weapon to use next.

Batgirl: Naruto acts first, he throws his shurikens at Batman.

Sakura: Batman throws his Batarangs and dodges out of the way of Naruto's shurikens.

Batgirl: Naruto dodges Batman's Batarangs, and throws one more shuriken at Batman.

Sakura: Batman dodges this one also, and at the same time throws a smoke bomb at Naruto.

Batgirl: The smoke erupts from the casing and Naruto is enveloped by the smoke.

Sakura: All we can hear is a faint coughing sound that must be Naruto.

Batgirl: Batman does not waste time to see if Naruto will be incapacitated or not, he pulls out a large gun, now where have I seen this before?

Sakura: Batman shoots the gun and some faint orange goo comes out of it covering Naruto.

Batgirl: That's Batman's Goo Gun* Naruto wont be able to move for a while. Whats that?

Sakura: There is a heard of people coming from the direction of the leaf village. There's Kakashi, Choza, Might Guy, Iruka sensei, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sasuke, and some others.

Batgirl: Batman realizes that he may have been able to beat Naruto, but there's no way he could defeat all of these guys if they fight like Naruto did.

Sakura: Batman gets in his Batjet and flies off. Well Naruto is incapacitated, so I guess that means that Batman wins

Batman defeats Naruto 9 votes to 3

* don't laugh it does exist CLICK HERE to read about it!


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