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19. Maleficent vs. Saphira

Tooth and Nail...and Claws...and Wings...and Fire-Breath...oh to heck with it! Dragon vs. Dragon

This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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Maleficent                                                                                                              Saphira



Hallow Bastion(Villains Veil): Maleficent having only recently returned to her headquarters after being resurrected by the magic in Yen Sid's tower; is planning her next move.
 I still have control of The Heartless. Reflects Maleficent to herself; But that alone was not enough against Sora. I need more powerful minions. Maleficent then casts a spell, and a magic viewing portal opens allowing her to look into other worlds. Knowing that the search may take a while Maleficent conjures up a large cup of Starbucks coffee and begins her search. After an hour or so of searching Maleficent comes across a young blue Dragon.
This Dragon looks promising, and I do have an affinity for Dragons. With that Maleficent puts down her coffee, and teleports away.
Alagaesia(somewhere in the Beor Mountains): Saphira was enjoying the Sunshine, it had been a few days since She and Eragon had defeated Durza, and being that Eragon was busy back at Varden headquarters trying to improve his swordsmanship. Saphira thought that she would take the time just to relax.When suddenly Saphira senses magic, thinking it may be an attack by Galbatorix's forces, Saphira readies herself for battle. Then some kind of a sorceress appears in front of her.
"Greeting! Mighty Dragon." Says the sorceress  "I am Maleficent, serve under me for I shall rule all worlds!" 
It wasn't a question. Saphira, very put off by Maleficent's arrogance, projects her thought to Maleficent and says I am not interested in serving you! My allegiance is to my rider, and to him alone! Now I suggest you leave! Saphira takes one step forward as she bares her teeth, and growls.
"My Dear, I'm afraid you do not understand." says Maleficent "I did not REQUEST your services!" Green fire the erupts around Maleficent, and she is transformed into a Dragon. So who wins? Dragon Lady or Lady Dragon?
~This set-up was written by SimbasGuard


Jafar                                                                                                                                                 Eragon




Jafar: Its so nice to see that old habits die hard. Maleficent still thinks she can take over all worlds using the Heartless. Well I'm glad she doesn't want me to help with this fool's errand this time around.

Eragon: Wait you worked with her?

Jafar: Once upon a time, but my current duties require me to spend less time working on unprofitable attempts to take over the worlds.

Eragon: Oh, uh... of course. So your uh, a wizard or what?

Jafar: I'm a sorcerer... and a genie... and as a genie I can be pretty much be anything I want.

Eragon: Wow that's cool. So to the fight I guess. Maleficent and Saphira are looking daggers at each other.

Jafar: Maleficent takes to flight, as does Saphira. Well that doesn't seem to have helped much as they are in the same position they were in before, only this time they are airborne.

Eragon: Maleficent shoots green flames from her mouth at Saphira, and Saphira ready for this does a dodge roll to avoid being singed.

Jafar: Maleficent is not in a good position now, Saphira after her dodge roll ended up underneath Maleficent, Saphira rockets upwards.

Eragon: Suddenly green flames envelope Maleficent and she disappears as the flames dissipate.

Jafar: Saphira looks all around and down even, but no Maleficent.


Jafar: Saphira looks up just in time to see Maleficent rocketing down towards her, flames bursting from her fanged mouth stretching to reach Saphira.

Eragon: Saphira in turn shoots her own blue flame at Maleficent. The flames combine to make a teal colored ball of fire in between them.

Jafar: Maleficent is still descending towards Saphira, so Saphira ceases her fire breathing, and moves out of the way. Maleficent pushes through the cloud of her own flame, and continues to descend.

Eragon: Before Maleficent can take in account where Saphira went, Saphira bites Maleficent hard right on the neck. I can see that it is through sheer force of not wanting to kill a dragon that Saphira doesn't shake Maleficent, which would probably break her neck.

Jafar: Maleficent pushes away from Saphira and flies to land on a near-by mountain. Saphira follows.

Eragon: Maleficent turns to face the still airborne Saphira. Then, suddenly Maleficent is engulfed in green flames once more.

Jafar: The flames extinguish to revile Maleficent in her human form, well as human as it gets anyway.

Maleficent: You may have won this time, but don't think for one moment that I will give up on you so easily!

Eragon: Green flames erupt around Maleficent again and she is gone.

Jafar: So Maleficent retreated, I guess Saphira wins.

Eragon: I didn't expect anything less.

Saphira defeats Maleficent 13 votes to 4


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