So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


1. Batman vs. Green Arrow

The first ever TACWB (formerly CACWB) fight!

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The Fighters


Green Arrow

The Set-Up


 What happens is Oliver Queen is traveling to Gotham he thought he would visit his old friend Bruce Wayne. Well they were bragging about how much crime they stop, they began to argue, and the Green Arrow challenged Batman to a fight to the death. The Two began to fight, when Superman and The Flash showed up. Superman told the Flash to take The Green Arrow far away, while he, Superman took Batman far away too. However they both accidentally took them both to Wayne Tower where their fight to the death would then take place. Superman and the Flash leave to take care of other things, and The Green Arrow and Batman start to fight WHO WILL WIN????



Arsenal (Red Arrow)



Arsenal- Quite a fight we have here Robin.

Robin- Quite a fight we have here Robin indeed Arse.

Arsenal- Please don't call me Arse. Arsenal is what I prefer, or even Roy. Just don't call me Arse.

Robin- Yeah, lets get to the fight, Batman vs. The Green Arrow. Who do you think will win?

Arsenal- Do you even have to ask?

Robin- Yeah..... Who do you want to win?

Arsenal- The Green Arrow........ Who do you want to win?

Robin- Batman of coarse, what are you crazy? do you think I would root against Batman? I'm his sidekick.

Arsenal- Then why did you ask me who--- Never mind I don't care. Lets get back to the fight.

Robin- To get back to the fight, we would have had to been talking about it in the first place. We're not doing our jobs correctly.

Arsenal- Now your thinking. Batman is standing like an Agile Warrior waiting for The Green Arrow to make the First move.

Robin- Green Arrow on the other hand has 5 arrows loaded in his bow, lining up his shot.

Arsenal- Those aren't just any arrows, their explosive arrows. Batman is in trouble.

Robin- There you go again, you go on correcting me and you missed what happened. Green Arrow shot and Batman Dodged them all. unfortunately for the building next door, those weren't heat seeking explosive arrows, because they smashed half the building apart.

Arsenal- you are over exaggerating.

Robin- Tell that to them.... oh, as The Green Arrow reaches for his quiver for more arrows, Batman leaps in to the air and throws an uncountable number of smoke bombs from his utility belt.

Arsenal- The Green Arrow uses his grappling arrow just in time, and escapes from the smoke that could have ended this fight. GO GREEN ARROW!!!!

Robin- And as The Green Arrow does a double take at Arsenal, Batman takes advantage of Green Arrows lapse in concentration, grapples in the air swings around the building, and kicks Green Arrow Right in the Jaw sending him flying into the air.

Arsenal- WOW I'm Dumb, you don't cheer during a fight to the death because it might distract them. And the Green Arrow is still flying through the air.

Robin- Someone should catch him

Arsenal- No it's a fight to the death. DEATH being the operative word.

Robin- Oh, he landed, on well, a landing!

Arsenal- HE'S STILL ALIVE!!! YAY!!!

Robin- He cant be feeling to well right now. Hey, it looks like Batman is going to let Green Arrow Compose himself.

Arsenal- That is a mistake I think. Green Arrow is Angry now. At me as well as Batman.

Robin- Green Arrow Loads his bow, and shot once, twice, thrice, uh whats after thrice? Quice? well i lost count, I've never seen such fast shooting. Batman is having trouble dodging them all.

Arsenal- Ha! Batman is hit, right below the collarbone on his right side. this match is as good as over.

Robin- He is stumbling, I think, yeah, he's pulling the arrow out.

Arsenal- Why did Green Arrow just use a regular arrow?

Robin- How should I know?, but Batman got the arrow out. and he broke it in half.... huh. Is that supposed to be a message to Green Arrow?

Arsenal- I would say so. WHOA! Batman does a Enormous Back flip towards Green Arrow.

Robin- Even while Green Arrow continues his Hail of arrow fire. Batman is getting hit like crazy!

Arsenal- He's not concerned about that, He just wants to end the fight. How is he not on the ground?

Robin- He has had intensive training, he is just like.. resisting the pain... He cant keep it up for long though.

Arsenal- Well i guess it was long enough, Batman kicked Green Arrow on the top of the Head causing him to trip over the edge.

Robin- Oh, Green Arrow just barely grabs on to the edge with one hand while holding on to his bow with the other.


Robin- Batman can end this fight right now if he wanted to. He's just standing in front of Green Arrow. All Batman has to do is Stomp on Green Arrows hand, and Green Arrow falls to his death.

Arsenal- Do you hear that?

Robin- What?

Arsenal- That! listen.

Robin- Oh now I hear it, and I think I see it too. There up in the sky

Arsenal- Its a Bird

Robin- Its a Plane

Superman- how many times do we have to go through this. Its me Superman.

Arsenal- SUPERMAN! you can stop this fight! Batman is about to eliminate Green Arrow!

Robin- Make sure you tell Batman he wins when you break the fight up. OK? he is very competitive.

Superman- BATMAN!

Robin- Superman fly's to the top of the tower, and stands between Batman and Green Arrow.

Arsenal- I cant hear what they are saying, but Superman is Smiling and Batman is nodding his head.

Robin- YAY Batman pulled Green Arrow from the edge, and shook his hand.

Arsenal- Now Green Arrow is smiling and nodding too.

Robin- Superman grabs Green Arrow and Batman and they are flying over to us

Green Arrow- Hi arsenal, did you like our fight?

Arsenal- Not Particularly

Robin- You did great Batman!

Batman- Just for the record I want to say I won.

Robin, Arsenal, Green Arrow, and Superman- yes Batman, you won

Batman won against The Green Arrow 6 to 1


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