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23. Buzz-Off vs. Human Fly

The Ultimate battle of insects. Now where did I put my insect spay?

This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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Buzz-Off                                                                                                                                                      Human Fly




On Eternia: The Masters Of The Universe have once again stopped Skeletor's forces from conquering Castle Grayskull. After celebrating their victory, Buzz-Off asks Sorceress to create a portal back to The Mystic Mountains for him so he can go home. Sorceress does so, but as Buzz-Off steps through the portal Ninjor, who had been lying in wait, leaps from the shadows, and knocks out Sorceress. However before Ninjor can summon Skeletor, to once again attack Castle Grayskull, he is captured by Clamp Champ. However due to the fact that Sorceress was knocked out just after Buzz-Off stepped into the portal. The Portal sent Buzz-Off somewhere other than The Mystic Mountains.

On Earth (New York):
Human Fly is on the roof of a building opposite a bank. An armored car stops in to bring money to the bank, And As the guards begin to carry in the money Human Fly zooms down, knocks out the guards, and grabs the money. Human Fly then proceeds to fly off (no pun intended) looking back to make sure that the guards were still unconscious.
Elsewhere In New York (Minutes Earlier): Buzz-Off steps out of the portal, and to his shock begins to plummet to the ground. Quickly flying, Buzz-Off saves himself from going splat. Puzzled as to why the portal was so misplaced, Buzz-Off looks around, and notices that he is not in The Mystic Mountains. Unsure of where he is Buzz-Off decides to explore his surroundings. After looking around a short time Buzz-Off looks below him and sees someone who looks somewhat like an Andreenid. So Buzz-Off decides to see what this fellow is up to. Buzz-Off watches as the individual steals something from the people below him. Buzz-Off not liking thieves, especially not ones who might be mistaken for one of his people. Decides to put a stop to this and moves to intercept the thief.

Human Fly now sure that the guards are unconscious , turns his head to see another insect man hovering in the air in front of him. Figuring that this new comer wants to horn in on his take. Human Fly drops his money and prepares for combat..............So who wins this battle of insect-like warriors?

This Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


Man-At-Arms                                                                                                              Kingpin





Man-At-Arms- Here we go again, Buzz-Off is always suspicious of everyone, The Human Fly was trying to take that money from those bad guys with the “City Bank” jackets who were trying to take that money.

Kingpin- Unfortunately I think that Human Fly was robbing them, without my permission I might add. I‘ll deal with him later. That is if Buzz-Off doesn’t do so first.

Man-At-Arms- Buzz-Off is still flying at Human Fly, and Human Fly seems to be analyzing the situation.

Kingpin- Suddenly, Human Fly shoots a concussive shock blast towards Buzz-Off. Buzz-Off, raises his axe, and blocks the blast.

Man-At-Arms- Buzz-Off swings his axe around, and shoots a yellow laser at a stunned Human Fly.

Kingpin- Human Fly dodges out of the way of this near fatal slice, and grabs the bank's marquee sign.

Man-At-Arms- Human Fly throws it at Buzz-Off.

Kingpin- Buzz-Off raises his axe to block the attack, then realizing just how big the sign is dodges out of the way.

Man-At-Arms- Buzz-Off recovers from his dodge, only to be bombarded by a maelstrom of concussive shock blasts from Human Fly.

Kingpin- Buzz-Off attempts to block them, but only manages a few.

Man-At-Arms- It almost seems like a last resort, but Buzz-Off flies towards Human Fly fist outstretched, and blasts hitting every part of his body.

Kingpin- Buzz-Off hits Human Fly square in the face, and he goes zooming backwards.

Man-At-Arms- Human Fly regains his flight before hitting the ground.

Kingpin- It seems that those concussive shock blasts are having an effect on Buzz-Off. He is slowing, and is losing his altitude.

Man-At-Arms- It's lucky he wasn’t too far up because as Buzz-Off falls faster, he passes out.

Kingpin- Human Fly is shaken up, but Ok.

Man-At-Arms- Buzz-Off will be Ok, but he will be out of commission for a while.

Kingpin- Meanwhile Human Fly grabs his money, which I will be taking my cut of by the way, and flies out into the sun set.

Man-At-Arms- Well I guess that’s it. Human Fly wins!

Human Fly defeats Buzz Off 8 votes to 5


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