So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


26. Rock Lee vs. Spider-Man

Both have Super strength and Super speed, this one just might be a stalemate!

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Rock Lee                                                                                                                                Spider-Man




"You'll never get away with this Doom!"cries the recognizable voice of Spider-Man. "Back-up is on the way! You don't have a chance!" Spider-Man's back-up was of course The Fantastic Four. He would have called the Avengers, but there were with him, and all were unconscious at his feet. All there was to do now was to keep Dr. Doom talking so he couldn't use the Magnetatron, which reverses the polls of the earth. Basically making it so that all the compasses point south instead of north. This may not sound like much, but if Doom succeeds, then all the weather patterns in the world would reverse. Not Dooms best death-to-the-world plan, but hey. Doom, growing inpatient casts a spell at Spider-Man. Spider-Man sensed this, but was unable to dodge it as Doom cast it as a non-dodgable spell. Every atom in Spider-Man's body is ripped from each other, and zoom to the other side of the world.

Japan (exact coordinates: Unknown)

"Nice Job Lee!" says the cheesy voice of Might Guy "You'll be able to take down Neji with ease in no time!"

"But Guy Sense'... I don't think this is the time to be trying to beat Neji. The Chunin exams are tomorrow, and you have yet to teach me anything new!" Rock Lee says.

"To tell you the truth Lee, being that you are only good at Taijutsu, I have nothing more to teach you. All that I can hope for you is that you can hone your skill to such an extreme that ninja who consider them selves Tai experts will be severely outmatched by you."

"I understand Guy Sense' " says Rock Lee, a little disheartened.

"Now, I want you to go and train"

"Yes Sense' " Rock Lee walks into the woods alone in the direction of his secret training spot. Suddenly a cloud of dark dust falls from the sky, and condenses in front of Rock Lee to reveal Spider-Man.

"Man that hurt" Spider-Man says

"Who are you?" demands Rock Lee and thinks to himself Like I need him to tell me. judging by his outfit, he must be a trapper ninja from the Village Hidden in the Cobwebs.

"Who am I?" asks Spider-Man as if this was a dumb question "Who are you?"

"That is neither here nor there. Prepare to be defeated!"

So, who wins? Spider-Man: who's strength and speed is is never out done by his opponent? or Rock Lee: who's strength and speed is unrivaled by any one in the Leaf Village.


Might Guy                                                                                                                                     Captain America




Might Guy: Way to go Lee, you kick that stranger from the Village Hidden in the Cobwebs’s Butt!

Captain America: Rock Lee nods in acknowledgment of Might Guy and disappears.

Might Guy: Rock Lee really just jumped over Spider-Man, but because he can move so fast, it look like he disappeared.

Captain America: Rock Lee reappears behind Spider-Man and attempts to kick him from behind. Spider-Man obviously having sensed this with his Spidey sense, ducks out of the way and kicks Rock Lee from underneath.

Might Guy: Rock Lee goes flying through the air, and into a tree.

Captain America: Spider-Man, trying to make his victory quick shoots his webbing at the opening in the tree as too enclose Rock Lee inside.

Might Guy: I don’t think that some mere webbing is going to stop Lee.

Captain America: If he touches it, then this fight is as good as over.

Might Guy: Lee picks up a near by stick, and attempts to break the webbing apart. One thing I can say about Rock Lee is that he is terrified of spiders, and he would never willingly touch any spider webbing.

Captain America: The stick does no good, so Rock Lee turns around, and punches the tree trunk.

Might Guy: The tree trunk breaks apart, and falls over. Lee is free.

Captain America: Rock Lee jumps down to meet a shocked Spider-Man.

Might Guy: Once Spider-Man seems to get his grip, he jumps into the air, and shoots webbing at Rock Lee.

Captain America: Rock Lee runs to avoid the webbing, but no such luck, his thumb was trapped by a single thread of webbing on a near by tree.

Might Guy: Spider-Man comes down to lay his finishing punch, but at the last minute Lee kicks his legs up and hits Spider-Man square in the jaw.

Captain America: Rock Lee then rips his thumb free of the webbing and walks over to Spider-Man who is attempting to get off the ground.

Might Guy: Spider-Man stands up. That’s it… TAKE THEM OFF LEE!

Captain America: Rock Lee nods, bends down and takes some leg weights off of his legs. I don’t see how much good that is going to do.

Might Guy: You saw how fast Lee was before, well each one of those weights is about 100 pounds. Rock Lee’s leg muscles are so strong, he can almost go the speed of sound. almost.

Captain America: Wow, that’s amazing. Rock Lee then throws his leg weights at Spider-Man, and Spider-Man dodges.

Might Guy: The leg weights hit a near by tree, causing a loud boom, and leaving the tree in splitters.

Captain America: Spider-Man’s head tilts up a little, which can only be translated as “GULP”.

Might Guy: Lee disappears from his spot and reappears almost instantly behind Spider-Man.

Captain America: Rock Lee kicks Spidey in the back, and disappears and reappears in front of Spider-Man.

Might Guy: Lee kicks Spider-Man again, and disappears only to reappear behind Spider-Man.

Captain America: Rock Lee kicks Spider-Man again, but this time into the air.

Might Guy: Spider-Man flies through the air, and starts to fall. Suddenly he uses his webbing to catch himself and swing towards Rock Lee.

Captain America: Rock Lee, who must not have been expecting that is caught off guard and is kicked in the face by Spider-Man.

Might Guy: Rock Lee swings his body in the air, and lands on his feet.

Captain America: The second Rock Lee’s feet touch the ground, Spider-Man shoots webbing at him, this time Rock Lee did not dodge.

Might Guy: The webbing ensnares Rock Lee, he attempts to break free, but to no avail. It seems that Rock Lee has been defeated. DARN, I so thought that we had this one in the bag!

Captain America: Well that it I guess. Spider-Man wins!

Spider-Man defeats Rock Lee 12 votes to 3


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