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27. Thing vs. Bane

Both gained their powers through mutation, and have super strength. I don't know about you, but I'm nailing everything down!

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Thing                                                                                                                                          Bane




“So what do you think Rocky?” asked The Human Torch “Pizza again tonight?” Thing started, he had been daydreaming. Reed and Sue had been gone for a few days. Mr. Fantastic was somewhere in Japan, and Sue had a long meeting with the President. Thing smiled at Johnny, he was not sure he liked his new nickname, but it was certainly better than Thing.

“I don’t think that they are delivering today” Thing yawned “The storm is getting pretty bad” That was an understatement. The whole eastern coast was experiencing some hurricane weather. The Baxter Building had been swaying all day.

“Its no big deal, I can go get it.” Johnny replied.

“It’s raining” Thing said, half smiling.

“You know a little rain wont slow me down.” But there was a lot more than a little rain, but it was best not to argue with Johnny when he made up his mind. There was no stopping him.

“If you really want pizza that bad, go” rumbled Thing.

“I’ll be back in a flash” It was indeed a flash, Johnny had stood up, flamed on in the living room, and zoomed out the conveniently open window. It’s a good thing that Sue and Reed weren’t here, they would have thrown a fit. Thing stood up and looked out the window to see Johnny zooming through the air. He would be back soon, all the pizza places in town always let Johnny cook his own pizza. Suddenly the computer let out a loud siren. Thing bounded to the computer.

“What’s going on Computer?” asked Thing

“Thing, it looks like you will be on your own for this one” The computer said “Due to the massive storms along the coast lines, a man in Gotham is taking advantage of the lack of police mobility. Four banks have been hit already, and judging by the path of the hits, it looks like all the rest in the city are next.”

“I’m on my way, prepare the Fantasticar”

Gotham City Bank, Gotham

“Just take the money” The bank manager pleads “Don’t hurt anyone else” But there was no negotiating with Bane, who had thrown many people across the bank and into the walls. Many would need to be taken to the hospital. Bane didn’t hesitate to toss the bank manager into the wall as well. Bane rips the safe out of the wall and puts it over his shoulder. As he turns around, Thing bursts in the bank.

“Put the safe down!” Says Thing “Your coming with me!” Bane doesn’t think much of this, and throws the safe at Thing. Thing blocks the safe with his shoulder, and the safe falls to the ground. Thing says “Alright, that’s it, It’s Clobberin’ Time!”

So who wins? The Hero with super-strength, or the ex-prisoner who’s strength is unmatched by all of those in Gotham.


Batman                                                                                                                                  Dr. Doom                                                    




Dr. Doom: Thing-a-ma-jigger versus Pain?….Oh, Thing vs. Bane! Alright. Hello there, my name is Victor Von Doom, and I am here to commentate for the fight Thing vs. Bane. Um, sorry, I know that the commentators aren’t supposed to speak directly to the audience, but being that they hired me at the last possible moment, I think I’m going to make an exception. My co-commentator should be joining us any moment now.

Batman: CO-commentator?

Dr. Doom: Oh, you must be Batman. What I meant was that since I was here first, I think people would like to think of me as more the leader in this commentary.

Batman: Are you calling me a sidekick?

Dr. Doom: Well, if you want to look at it--

Batman: Because I’m just wondering, what would that make MY side kick?

Dr. Doom: I don’t think that this is an appropriate conversation. We are both commentators.

Batman: Thank you.

Dr. Doom: But I’m more important!

Batman: Oh, come on, why is it that super villains are so--

Dr. Doom: I dare you to finish that sentence, I DARE you.

Batman: …huh…Let’s just get to the fight.

Dr. Doom: You read my mind. Ok, Thing and Bane are faced off. Bane turns around, grabs the Bank counter, and throws it at Thing.

Batman: Thing is hit by the counter, and is thrown through the glass window out into the street.

Dr. Doom: Thing is getting to his feet, while Bane climbs out of the broken window.

Batman: Thing grabs the trunk of a car, picks the car up, swings it over his head, and hits Bane, squishing him against the ground.

Dr. Doom: Thing then, jumps up on the car, and jumps on the car over and over, obviously trying to grind Bane into dust.

Batman: Wow, I cant believe that Thing beat Bane so fast. I should talk to the league about recruiting him.

Dr. Doom: You know, before you got here, I was thinking the same thing about Bane. Obviously now that he lost so easily, he can dream on.

Batman: Well I guess that’s it, I have to go and talk to the Justice League at the moonbase, and then go to Way-- Tow-- I mean my place of business. My Scientists say that they have developed a new renewable energy source.

Dr. Doom: FASCINATING! That might even be worth steeling!

Batman: Don’t even think about it! Have you ever met the Justice League? They're on my side, and they won't hesitate to kick your face in!

Dr. Doom: Fine, FINE! Lets just leave before this storm gets worse.

Thing defeats Bane 9 votes to 5


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