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28. The Masters of Evil vs. The Masters of the Universe

A team of heroes vs. a team of villains! I only have one thing to say...This is the Ultimate Showdown, of ultimate destiny!

-This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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 Masters of Evil

Dr. Doom                  Loki                         Ultron                        Baron Mordo            Enchantress     Rhino                     Lizard



Masters of the Universe

He-Man                   Battle Cat                       Sorceress                Roboto                        Zodak           Teela              Ram-Man




Latveria (In Castle Doom): Always searching for ways to increase his personal power, Dr. Doom decided to use his advanced technology to search this and other dimensions for vast amounts of power. After months of searching, Doom becomes aware of vast magical power, and devotes his machines to tracking it to it's source. After three weeks of tracking, Doom discovers the planet the magic originated from and sends his spy satellites (equipped with interdenominational hyper-drive) to investigate further. After two weeks of closer inspection, Doom discovers that the power he seeks lies within a castle.
"This power must belong to Doom!" exclaims Doom. "For only I am worthy of wielding such power!" 
Doom begins to plan a strategy to invade this castle and recalls the last time (due to the incompetents of the technicians working on his time machine) that he was in a world he had never been to before. He had had to make a strategic withdrawal back to Latveria.
It would be wise to have allies in this venture thinks Doom.
Doom then through magical means contacts (at separate times) Loki, Enchantress, And Baron Mordo. Doom then informs them that he is reforming the Masters Of Evil, and what his plans are after some negotiating Doom convinces them to join. After his allies arrive Doom sends out spy drones to locate Ultron and Rhino. Doom then turns to Enchantress and says
"I need you to go to New York and convince Dr. Curt Connors to join us, He will be at Empire State University. Then bring him to The Latverian Embassy and await further orders "
"Very well." says Enchantress, who casts a spell to make her clothes appear to look like something that is stylish in New York and then she magically teleports away.
Two hours later Doom's spy drones inform him that they have found Ultron and Rhino.
"Excellent." says Doom. "Approach them and open communication's." Doom then again explains his plan and convinces them to join him.
Latverian Embassy New York( half an hour later): Enchantress (Who had since ended her style altering spell) is sitting on a couch with a love struck Dr. Connors (Who is admiring her beauty) while she thinks:
How long do I have to wait here with this mortal amputee making goo goo eyes at me?
As if in answer to Enchantress's question the door opens and in walk Ultron and Rhino accompanied by the spy drones (Who had provided them with a cloaking field so they could reach the embassy unnoticed). The spy drones then contact Doom.
"Ah I see You have all arrived" says Doom "Baron Mordo, kindly teleport the rest of out team back here."
"At once." says Baron Mordo.
The spell is cast and everyone is once again in Castle Doom.
"Hey what do we need the one armed man for?" asked Rhino.
"You will see." says Doom as he picks up a large syringe off of a nearby table. 
Doom then injects the contents of the syringe into Dr. Connors.
"You may release Dr. Connors from your spell now Enchantress." Says Doom
"Finally." says Enchantress as she ends Her spell.
Before he can even question where he is Dr. Connors doubles over in pain and transforms into Lizard who then stands back up.
"Lizard are you ready for our mission?" Asks Doom.
"Yessssss" Says Lizard
"And at what point did You explain the plan to him?" Asks Loki
"I added some nano-bots to the serum I injected Dr. Connors with." Says Doom "They implanted all the necessary information in Lizard's brain, and will burn themselves out of his system in five minutes."
"Impressive." says Loki.
"As I always am" says Doom as his robot guards bring in a large cauldron and several potions " Now make yourselves comfortable this spell is very complex."
Eternia(In Castle Grayskull): Sorceress is lost in thought when she suddenly senses a very powerful magic reaching toward the castle. Not only was this magic powerful, it was evil as well and the fact that magic of this magnitude was not coming from Eternia had her very concerned. Sorceress telepathically contacted Prince Adam, and told him that He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe were needed at Castle Grayskull at once. Prince Adam says that they well be there as soon as they can. Sorceress then decides to take one more precaution and reaches out with with her mind once again.
Elsewhere on Eternia(Zodak's Home): Zodak is meditating when The Sorceress' image appears before Him.
Zodak. says the image, Castle Grayskull will soon come under attack.
"How does this matter to me?" asks Zodak "Isn't protecting Castle Grayskull what The Masters are for?"
The threat is so dire I fear The Masters may not be able to defeat it without your aid. says the image.
"I have Snake Men to track down.The Masters will just have to handle it themselves."
The magic that threatens Castle Grayskull is not from this world, if an otherworldly evil overruns Eternia The Snake Men may escape to another world and you'll never catch them. 
"Good point." says Zodak "I'm on my way."
Earth(Castle Doom): "Are you sure you don't need any help Doom" asks Loki?
"Calm yourself Loki" says Doom "Everything in this spell must be perfect."
Twenty five minutes later  Doom says
"All is in readiness, once I add this potion we will be teleported away, but be ready for battle. "Ever since I began casting this spell I noticed a spike in the magical energy from the castle we wish to enter. I have a feeling we are expected." With that Doom pours a purple potion into the the mystic brew, and green smoke erupts from the cauldron and fills the whole room. When the smoke clears the villains find themselves standing about 15 feet away from Castle Grayskull. Doom looks around and sees a group of warriors heading toward them, and a man in a flying chair coming at them from another direction.
"Baron Mordo, Loki!" shouts Doom as he points in the directions of the two attacks.
Baron Mordo casts a spell and the hero's Sky Sleds suddenly lose power and fall to the ground, as the heroes jump off and land in a battle ready stance. Loki casts a spell, and causes Zodak's chair to spin in vertical circles. Zodak leaps from his chair and lands on the ground in a battle ready stance..
Seeing that the magic the heroes face is even more powerful than expected. Sorceress knows she will have to fight on the front lines of the battle if victory is to be achieved. Sorceress then magically teleports to the outside of the castle. Doom notices the Sorceress appear and says to his team:
"To get into the castle we must defeat the woman dressed like a bird!"
Battle Cat ROARS and charges forward at Dr. Doom. Doom raises his hand and shoots a bolt of electricity at He-Man, and at the same time Ultron raises his hand and shoots a laser blast at Battle Cat. He-Man leaps off Battle Cat's back into the air and does a forward flip to avoid the electricity. Battle Cat rolls to the side to avoid the laser blast. Battle Cat gets quickly to his feet as He-Man lands in a battle ready stance and says:
"Understand this, NO ONE will enter Castle Grayskull!"

"What you need to understand!" says Doom. "Is that NO ONE defies Doom......And lives!"..........................So which team masters the battlefield?

This Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard

Equipment for the Fight

Dr.Doom has his Pistol

Loki, Ultron, Baron Mordo, Enchantress, Rhino, and Lizard are unarmed.

He-Man has his Brodax, Shield, and Sword of Power
Roboto has his Claw, Laser axe, and Laser gun
Zodak has his Laser gun
Teela has her Staff and Shield
Ram-Man has his Battle axe
Battle Cat and Sorceress are unarmed


Shocker                                                                                                                                                    Man-At-Arms                               



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  • Castle Doom
  • Spy Drones
  • Empire State University
  • Latverian Embassy
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  • Snake Men
  • Sky Sleds
  • Man-At-Arms 

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