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29. He-Man vs. Thundarr the Barbarian

Two men of the super-sword face off in this battle, winner takes all!

-This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard 

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He-Man                                                                                                                                      Thundarr




Earth (The year 3994 of an alternate reality. In what was once New York): Thundarr, Ariel, and Ookla's travels have once again brought them to the remains of New York. Where they here stories from the local Villagers of a Dark Wizard who rules from his great tower (It was once The Empire State building). Thundarr decides to defeat the wizard and free the villagers from his oppression. So ignoring Ariel's suggestion that they make a plain first Thundarr leaps on to his horse and shouts "Ariel, Ookla, Ride!".

After a 15 minute ride the heroes come very close to the wizard's tower. At that point a few squads of robot guards rush out to stop them. The robots start firing laser guns at the heroes. Thundarr leaps off his horse, and lets him run to safety as he ignites his Sun Sword and defects several laser blasts with It. Ariel creates a magic energy shield to protect herself, Ookla, and their horses. Ookla then uses the cover Ariel has provided to shoot several stun arrows from his bow. The arrows paralyze many of the Robots. Thundarr sees an opportunity to charge the enemy line, and does so screaming.
Thundarr slashes several robots to pieces with his Sun Sword. This causes some of the Robots to stop shooting, and fight hand to hand.
Inside the wizard's tower : The wizard magically watches the battle unfold and realizes that if he does not do something to turn the tide of battle his guards will soon be overwhelmed.
Hmmmmmm? thinks the wizard. That Barbarian would be helpless without his weapon. That would surely put the battle in my favor. Then with a wave of his hand the wizard disappears.
Outside the wizard's tower: Thundarr has driven back some more of the robots giving him a moment to rest. When he hears:
"Your weapon is no match for my magic!, Barbarian!"
Thundarr turns in the direction of the voice, and sees the wizard standing on a ledge about 5 feet up from him. The wizard fires a beam of white energy at the Sun Sword, but the magic that powers the Sun Sword interacts with the wizard's magic and in a flash of light not only is the Sun Sword gone, but Thundarr as well.
Eternia (Present day just outside of Castle Grayskull): As Thundarr's eyes clear from the flash he looks around and notices that the Robots as well as his friends are nowhere to be seen. He also sees that a green skull faced castle stands where the wizard's tower was only moments ago.
What Sorcery is this? thinks Thundarr Have Ariel and Ookla been captured? Thundarr then realizes The wizard must be casting an illusion to Trick me. "Hear me Wizard!" Shouts Thundarr. "Your Illusion will not save you from Thundarrr's wrath!"
Thundarr then moves to attack the castle.
Inside Castle Grayskull: The Sorceress having sensed a disturbance in the space-time continuum, as well as having heard Thundarr's rant puts a green force field around Castle Grayskull. However this does nothing to slow down Thundarr, who begins hitting the force field with his Sun Sword. Sensing that Thundarr has no intention of giving up on his attack Sorceress telepathically contacts Prince Adam.
Elsewhere On Eternia: Prince Adam and Cringer are at their favorite swimming hole and are about to get ready to enjoy a nice cool swim when an image of The Sorceress appears.
Prince Adam Speaks the image Castle Grayskull is under attack He-Man is needed
With that the image disappears
"Well It looks like our swim will have to wait Cringer." says Prince Adam as he draws his Sword Of Power and says:
"By the power of Grayskull!" Magic energy covers Prince Adam, and transforms him into He-Man.
"I have the POWER!" Yells He-Man.
He-Man then points his Sword Of Power at Cringer and zaps him with magical energy. The energy transforms Cringer into Battle Cat and he roars. He-Man leaps on to Battle Cat and they ride toward Castle Grayskull.
Outside Of Castle Grayskull: Thundarr has not stopped his attack on the force field around Castle Grayskull when he hears a loud roar. Thundarr turns in the direction of the roar and sees a muscular man riding a very large green Tiger running towards him.
"So the wizard has a warrior in his service." says Thundarr to himself.
As Battle Cat runs at Thundarr, Thundarr suddenly swings his Sun Sword at Battle Cat. Battle Cat tries to dodge the attack, but is still hit by a grazing blow from the Sun Sword. Battle Cat roars in pain and begins to lose his balance, He-Man leaps off of Battle Cat as he crashes to the ground and skids away from the castle. When Battle Cat comes to a stop He-Man runs over to him to see if he was alright. He-Man discovers that Battle Cat has a non fatal, but very deep cut on his left shoulder. After taking a moment to make sure that Battle Cat is not bleeding excessively He-Man says.
"Rest Battle Cat," I'll help you as soon as I can."
He-Man then turns and begins to stalk toward Thundarr.
"You are going to regret that!" says He-Man coldly.............So which hero with a magical weapon wins this fight?
This Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


Teela                                                                                                                                                       Ariel




Ariel: Who better to do the commentary, then two sorceresses?

Teela: Two sorceresses? What do you mean?

Ariel: Your not a sorceress? I can sense your latent magic potential inside of you.

Teela: Ummm ok, your Magic radar must be off, I’m not a sorceress.

Ariel: Fine, but one day I am sure you will discover your true powers.

Teela: I think we should get off the subject of me and get to the fight.

Ariel: Yes, you are right. He-Man jumps into the air, sword down to plunge through Thundarr.

Teela: Thundarr at the last moment dodges behind He-Man as He-Man’s sword stabs into the ground.

Ariel: Thundarr, taking advantage of He-Mans momentary lack of mobility swings his sword at He-Man.

Teela: He-Man catches Thundarr’s sword with his own, and pushes back.

Ariel: Thundarr’s Sun Sword flies out of his hand, he’s in trouble now.

Teela: He-Man, being the master of chivalry that he is flings his own sword behind him.

Ariel: Both competitors are unarmed, this fight is down to hand-to-hand combat.

Teela: Thundarr jumps into the air, leg out-stretched in an attempt to kick He-Man in the head.

Ariel: He-Man grabs Thundarr’s outstretched leg, and flings him over his shoulder.

Teela: As Thundarr hit’s the ground, He-Man turns around.

Ariel: Thundarr gets up and runs at He-Man.

Teela: When he gets to him, Thundarr puts all of his being into gut punching He-Man.

Ariel: Apart from the mild wincing, and being pushed back a few inches, He-Man seems to be unhurt.

Teela: Thundarr backs away, with a mixed look of confusion, anger, and horror.

Ariel: The look on Thundarr’s face is very easy to read, in his mind the only thing he could possibly be asking himself is ‘how?’

Teela: He-man, pulls his fist back, and punches Thundarr in the forehead.

Ariel: Oh, I do hope that that punch didn’t kill him!

Teela: Don’t worry, He-Man is always careful. That’s why he didn’t punch him full in the face.

Ariel: Well I better bring Thundarr back to Earth.

Teela: And I’m gunna chat up He-Man before he can run off again.

He-Man defeats Thundarr 13 votes to 3


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