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32. Sora vs. Robin

Sora the Keyblade Master vs. Robin the Boy Wonder

-This fight was suggested by: SimbasGuard

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Sora                                                                                                                                                Robin




Interspace(Inside Sora's Gummi Ship):

Having just repaired his gummi ship after having been shot down by The Heartless and forced to make a crash landing on a world he had never been to before(Which led to a hard fought battle with one of that lands locals)Sora decided to head back to Disney Castle so that Chip and Dale could give his ship a real repair job before he once again headed off to The Land Of Dragons. The Patchwork repair job I did on the gummi ship should hold up until I reach Disney Castle thinks Sora As long as I don't fly to fast or get attacked by The Heartless again. I sure hope Kairi,Riku, and the others are having better luck than me. With that thought Sora makes sure his navi-gummi is set for Disney Castle while keeping his fingers crossed that his gummi ship will hold together for the trip.

Earth(Gotham City(Inside a research lab in the Wayne Tech Building):

Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake(Who is writing a Term paper on alternative energy sources and so got to come along) are watching a presentation from the Wayne Tech scientist about a newly discovered energy source. "So as you can see Mr. Wayne" Said the lead scientist on the team "This energy is very vast, And if we are able to determine how it works. We could use it to power all sorts of things. It may even reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil."

"That is a very enterprising Idea." says Bruce "But is this energy stable?"

"All preliminary test indicate so." says the Scientist

"As long as all the safety protocols are in place there shouldn't be a problem." says Bruce "Tim do you have any questions you'd like to ask?"

"Just one" says Tim "What exactly is protecting the lab if that new energy has a power surge?'

"The Wayne Tech force field generators will contain any surges should they happen."

"That is reassuring to know" says Tim "Tanks."

"You're Welcome" says the scientist

"I'm excited about the potential of this project"says Bruce "I'll authorize more funding right away."

"Oh thank you Mr. Wayne" says the scientist as Bruce and Tim leave.

"Thanks for bringing me along Bruce" says Tim as they head for the limo "I have so much information now that I'll get an A on my paper for sure."

"Glad to hear that Tim" says Bruce once they are are in the limo "Tim how long do you have to turn that paper in?"

"Until the end of the week." says Tim

"Good, then you don't have to get it done tonight" says Bruce.

"Well no." says Tim "I was going to start it tonight, but do we have other plans?"

"No," says Bruce "but Batman and Robin do."

Disney Castle(In The Gummi Garage):

"Sorry about the damage guys." says Sora as Chip and Dale look over that damaged gummi ship "Do you think you can fix it?"

"Sure We can." says Dale

"We just don't know how long that will take." adds Chip

"O.K." says Sora "Have any of the others checked in yet?"

"No." says Chip "But you should report your findings to Queen Minnie"

"That sounds like a good Idea." says Sora and heads to the castle. When Sora enters the castle Queen Minnie's Lady In Waiting Daisy Duck runs up to him.

"Sora thank goodness you're here," says Daisy "Queen Minnie needs to see you right away." Daisy leads Sora to the Throne Room where Queen Minnie is waiting

"Your Majesty" says Daisy with a curtsy " I have brought Sora."

"Greeting Your Majesty" says Sora with a bow

"Thank You Daisy" says Queen Minnie "Sora I know You just got back from your last mission, but I need Your help once again."

"At Your service Your Majesty." says Sora with a salute "What do You need."

"Merlin has just contacted me from Radiant Garden." says Queen Minnie "It seems that Ansem's computer has detected an unnatural opening to the heart of another world. One we have yet to travel to, if this opening is not closed The Heartless will be drawn to that world and without having to find that worlds heart could destroy it hours after they arrive. Cid has programed a Navi-Gummi with the location of this world as well as where to find this opening and Merlin brought it to us. You need to get to this world as soon as can."

"At once Your Majesty" says Sora "But My ship is damaged and Chip and Dale don't know how soon they can have It ready for flight."

"Oh dear." says Queen Minnie in a worried tone " All We can do now is wait and hope that The Heartless ether have not noticed the exposed heart of that other world or that something delays The Heartless from getting to it.

Earth(Gotham City(Atop a building across from the Wayne Tech Building(Later that night):

"So Batman." says Robin's voice over The Bat-Communicator" Why are We here tonight?"

"Because" says Batman "With that new energy source there is a good chance an industrial spy may try to steal the information."

"O.K." says Robin "And Why am I in the air duct again?"

"Because we need someone right next to the lab in case anyone gets past outer security." says Batman "And since your smaller than Me you fit better."

At that moment Batman's JLA Communicator beeps. "Batman here." says Batman

"Batman It's Green Arrow" says Green Arrow over periodic twangs from his bow " I'm about a mile north of Gotham I was following one of My Queen industries trucks to make sure no one tried to hijack the new fuel converters that were being transported, when thees shadow like creatures appeared from out of nowhere right on the road. They slashed the tires on the truck and made it crash, I stopped one as it was about to attack the driver. They aren't very tough but there seems to be a small army of them and more keep coming. I contacted The JLA but they just finished putting a stop to an Intergang poaching operation in Africa and are at least two hours away. That's no good for me I need back up now, contrary to what some people think I don't have an unlimited amount of arrows in my quiver. Ugh of all the times for Lex Luthor to deiced that he wanted a white lion skin rug! Why did I leave my broadsword at home!

"Arrow hang on I'm on my way." says Batman as he runs to The Batmobile

"Thanks Bats" says Green Arrow still speaking over the periodic twangs of his bow "By the way these creatures don't seem to like my Flair Arrows very much."

"Thanks for the lintel" says Batman as he closes the canopy of the Batmobile "Robin, I have to go assist Green Arrow. Can you keep an eye on things here while I'm gone?"

"No problem" says Robin

"Good, Batman out" says Batman as He speeds off to help Green Arrow.

Great! thinks Robin He goes where the action is and I have to say here watching an energy rift do nothing. I wish I would have brought my PSP.

Outside the Wayne Tech Building(In an ally across the street):

A thin beam of light shoots down from the sky creating a dome of light which Disappears to reveal Sora.

Well it looks like this world is in one piece so i guess I got here before The Heartless. thinks Sora According to the Navi-Gummi the rift must be in that building.

Sora quickly located a side entrance, and ran to it. He tried to open it, but discovered it was locked. Sora then used his keyblade and unlocked it. Then proceeded inward taking great care to avoid tripping any alarms and remembering to use his reflect spell when passing in front of any security cameras.

15 minutes later, Robin was still in the air duct, wondering why Batman had not checked in with him yet. When the door to the lab opens, and he see's a boy about his age walk into the lab. ok, thinks Robin I know he doesn't have clearance. Robin watches as the boy points what looks like a giant key, at one of the force field generators. Deactivating it. He's defiantly not a good guy thinks Robin as he kicks the covering off of the air duct.

Sora hears the sound, and turns in the direction it came from. But in the dimly lit room, all Sora see's is a black cape. Organization 13! Thinks Sora. Sora raises his keyblade, and shouts "FIRE!"

Robin rolls out of the way of the fireball. While rolling he grabs 2 "R" shurikens out of his utility belt, and as he gets to his feet, throws them at Sora. Sora blocks them with his keyblade. The two heroes stare each other down...................So, who wins? The Keyblade Master? or The Boy Wonder?

Set-Up Written by: SimbasGuard


Batman                                                                                                                                                    Goofy




Batman: I am Batman!

Goofy: And I’m Goofy!

Batman: That you are, that you are.

Goofy: A hyuk!

Batman: What’s a ‘hyuk’? It’s a type of bomb isn’t it. Everybody get down!

Goofy: No I was just a giggling.

Batman: You really are a goofy one.

Goofy: Well, ya that’s my--

Batman: Ok, lets get this fight underway, I’ve got places to be, people to beat up.

Goofy: Alright, Sora shoots a fire spell at Robin.

Batman: Robin uses his bow staff as a kind of pole-vault and goes over the spell and descends upon Sora.

Goofy: Sora’s Keyblade catches Robins bow staff and Sora pushes Robin away.

Batman: While Robin lands on the ground he throws some ‘R’ shurikens at Sora.

Goofy: Sora swings his Keyblade and cuts the shurikens an half.

Batman: Sora jumps forward and into the air, arms and Keyblade over his head ready to hit Robin.

Goofy: Robin catches Sora in the stomach with the butt of his bow staff, that must have hurt.

Batman: I would say so. Sora staggers to his feet.

Goofy: Sora raises his Keyblade to heal himself.

Batman: But before he gets a chance, Robin swings around his bow staff and kicks Sora in the head.

Goofy: Sora is on the ground unmoving.


Goofy: It looks like Robin wins….Batman? Oh, he’s gone! He always does this!

Robin defeats Sora 12 votes to 6


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  • Riku
  • Navi-Gummi
  • Gummi Garage
  • Radiant Garden
  • Ansem The Wise
  • Ansem's Computer
  • Heart of a World
  • Organization 13
  • Disney Castle
  • Chip (The Chipmunk)
  • Dale
  • Queen Minnie
  • Daisy Duck
  • Goofy  

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  • Lex Luthor
  • Batmobile
  • R Shurikens
  • Utility Belt 

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