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33. Batman and Spider-Man vs. Joker and Venom

DC and Marvel team up........ just in time to fight each other!

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Batman                                  Spider-Man                                 


 Joker                                            Venom



“Maybe next time Bats!” The Joker trilled as he flew away from the top of a building on a helicopter. Batman, reached for his utility belt. No, there was no reason to take Joker in for a minor charge like this, he hadn’t even taken anything. If Batman were to take Joker in on anything, it would be all of the people he killed. But being that he was out, Joker would need to do something big again to go to jail for any length of time. He would let him go this time.

Joker's Hide-Out:

“Leave it to Batman to mess up my plans again.” Joker chimed “And I didn’t even get to steal that precious diamond from Wayne Industries.”

“Don’t worry Mr. J,” Harley Quinn replied “You can try again tomorrow!”

“No, puppet I can’t” replied Joker, “The Diamond goes on display tomorrow, then it tours the world for years.” Joker sighed, then as an idea struck him, “Unless--”

Suddenly the east window broke in, and a dark figure leaped to a shadowy corner.

“It’s Batman, KILL HIM” Harley Quinn, who just happened to be holing a hand-held Gatling gun fires at the figure. Before the first bullet hit the shadowy wall, Harley was face down on the ground. The dark figure was standing over her, foot on her head.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” Joker half squealed.

“Nothing too unreasonable Joker,” the steely voice of Venom echoed. “Merely a brief alliance.”

Diamond Grand Open, and Going Away Party:

“--And again, thank you for coming, and have a great night!” Bruce Wayne concluded his speech, and his audience politely applauded. Bruce shook hands with the Mayer as an out of state photographer, Peter Parker, took his picture. Suddenly, there was a loud crash as Venom and Joker break through the door.

“No body move!” Joker cried “We’re tak'en the Diamond.

“Not so fast!” Both Batman and Spider-Man yell at the same time. You may be wondering how they changed so fast, well lets just say they knew something was going to go down, and they have been changing their cloths at moments notice for years.

“Bats!” Joker yelled

“Spider!” Venom calls

“Well it looks like its two on two, this time your both going to jail!” says Spider-Man.

Will it be the heroes? Or the villains? Will the Heroes as always prevail, or will the fact that hundreds of potential hostages be too much for them?


Robin                                                                                                                                           Harley Quinn                                                                                                                        





Robin: Let’s get this fight under way, I have a feeling that this is going to be a quick one.


Harley Quinn: Are you saying that Mister J. is gunna lose this fight?


Robin: Of coarse I am, when have the villains ever prevailed? Batman always wins.


Harley Quinn: Well maybe Mister J. will surprise you, that is one of his specialties after all.


Robin: Spider-Man acts first, catches Joker with a web-line, pulls him toward himself, and kicks the Joker, far away, Joker is out cold.


Harley Quinn: Mister J.!


Robin: Is out for the count. Venom and Spider-Man charge at each other. They come together in a struggle to grab the other by the shoulders and push the other away.


Harley Quinn: Mister J.…


Robin: Batman jumps into the air, glides over the two, and throws some bat shurikens at Venom from above.


Harley Quinn: Mister J.… (sob)


Robin: Oh get over it, he’ll be fine.


Harley Quinn: Really?


Robin: …No… Ok, the sudden shock of Batman’s Bat shurikens seems to have shocked Venom out of his and Spider-Man's struggle. Venom releases.


Harley Quinn:


Robin: …Huah…Venom charges at Batman, and begins to swing his arms around in an attempt to hit Batman.


Harley Quinn:


Robin: Batman dodges every swing from Venom. Venom seems to be getting frusterated.


Harley Quinn: Mis—


Robin: Ok, come on, shut up and get over it.


Harley Quinn: But—


Robin: no


Harley Quinn: he—


Robin: no


Harley Quinn:




Harley Quinn: but—


Robin: no, alright suddenly Spider-Man uses Batman as a hurtle, and goes over him and kicks Venom in the face.


Harley Quinn: (sob) Batman (sob) punches Venom (sob) in the stomach (sob) while Spider-Man (sob)---


Robin: Continues to hit and kick Venom in the face. Venom is doing all he can to block what he can from these attacks.


Harley Quinn: Suddenly Spider-Man jumps over Venom, and lands behind him.


Robin: Spider-Man grabs Venom’s wrists, and pulls them back. Then Spider-Man puts one of his feet on the small of Venom’s back, and slingshots Venom backwards over himself.


Harley Quinn: Venom is flying through the air, a little winded from Batman’s punches while Spider-Man was holding his wrists.


Robin: Batman throws several Bat shurikens –among other Bat Projectiles—at Venom.


Harley Quinn: The thrown objects hit Venom in the back of the head, as Venom slams into the building wall.


Robin: It looks like Venom is out cold. We have a winner!


Harley Quinn: Mister J.!?


Robin: No… have you even been paying attention?



Batman and Spider-Man defeat The Joker and Venom 13 votes to 2




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