So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


36. Sora vs. Spider-Man

Agility vs. Magic, who will win this battle of unlikely foes!?

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Sora                                                                                                                                                      Spider-Man




"Cwhuuuueeee, cwhuuuueeee, cwhuuuueee, cwhue... ... ... cwhue!"

"Ummm...What?" Sora asks

"Cwhuuuueeee, cwhuuuueeee, cwhuuuueee, cwhue!"

"Donald, I can't understand what your saying."

"He said that we are advancing on a world that is surrounded by dark energy and violence." Goofy says.

"What world?"


Earth, New York, New York on top of a large building:

Sora's gummi ship lands and he steps out, suddenly a large bolt of lightning hits the Gummy ship, and it and all of its inhabitants are thrown into the air as the ship's automatic pilot kicks in.

Sora is by himself.

Suddenly a man in red and blue lands agilely on the other side of the building. Sora takes a look at this man, and in the background a large billboard shows Spider-Man zooming through the air with the caption "Stop the Spider-Menis" Sora takes a fighting stance and Spider-Man, always ready for anything does the same, so who wins? Keeper of the Keyblade, or Keeper of the City.


Goofy                                                                                                                                                  Iron Man





Iron Man: The battle begins with Sora swinging his Keyblade.

: Fire!

: A blast of fire erupts from Sora’s Keyblade and at Spider-Man.

Iron Man
: Spider-Man does a back flip to avoid it.

: Spider-Man shoots his webbing at Sora and pulls Sora towards himself.

Iron Man
: With a kick from Spider-Man, Sora goes flying backwards.

: In mid-air, Sora swings his Keyblade again.

: Thunder!

Iron Man
: Lightning crackles from the sky and to the ground. Spider-Man’s “spidey-sense”  must have alerted him to the danger, because somehow he dodged all of the lightning bolts.

: Spider-Man does a front flip and kicks Sora in the face causing Sora to fly off of the building.

Iron Man
: Spider-Man looks down from the top of the building down to where Sora seems to be gliding.

Goofy: Spider-Man, seeing that the battle is not yet over, jumps off of the building , and dives towards Sora.

Iron Man
: In his effort to catch up with Sora more quickly, Spider-Man shoots his webbing at Sora, and pulls himself closer.

: Spider-Man then attaches several strands of his webbing to Sora, and moves slightly closer to the building he jumped off, in mid-air.

Iron Man
: Sora, who’s gliding was being impaired due to Spider-Man’s extra descending weight, is forced to give up on gliding.

: Sora and Spider-Man are about the same distance from the ground, and about ten feet from each other horizontally.

Iron Man
: In between them, several strands of Spider-Man’s webbing connects them.

: Then as they fall, a light post comes in between them as Spider-Man’s strategy becomes clear.

Iron Man
: Spider-Man lands, and Sora is dangling by his ankles from the light post.

: Spider-Man shoots some more webbing at Sora to tie him up, and it looks like we have a winner.

Iron Man
: Spider-Man wins!

Spider-Man defeats Sora 9 votes 5!


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