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38. Superman vs. Sora

Magic vs. Muscle, who do you think will win?

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Superman                                                                                                                                               Sora                                    



     Let’s see, Professor Marcus Sterling, graduate of Harvard, with a degrees in Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Quantum Calculus. “That should impress those scientists at LexCorp.” Marcus Sterling said as he put his resume down on the desk in front of him. He was sick of his job here—The museum of Astronomical History in Metropolis--. Showing snot-nosed kids where the constellations were, as if they gave a rip about stars, all they ever wanted to do was go in the simulator, and make a lot of noise as they didn’t even try to land the space craft. He was sick of it. His life ambition was to work for NASA. He enjoyed it when he told people his dreams, most of them said; ‘Oh, that would be perfect for you Marcus!’, and his response would always be ‘yeah, it’s not like its rocket science or anything.’ They would laugh, and Marcus would give a small grin.

            “Oh, one more look at the stars before I send in my application won’t hurt.” Marcus said, he always talked to himself, even if other people were around. “I mean I signed the grant to get the fricken telescope upstairs.” Marcus walked up the seemingly long staircase, and sat down in his usual spot. Marcus lazily pulled the telescope to his eye, as he picked up his cup of coffee. He looked around in the night sky, suddenly Marcus stopped, he saw something…something strange. Marcus’s eye’s widened, and he dropped his coffee.


LexCorp Headquarters in Metropolis, Lex’s Office:


            “I have it Mr. Luthor!” A shabby looking scientist (not Marcus) half walks, half runs to Lex who is sitting smugly in his office chair.

            “What do you have?” Lex said with a sneer.

            “What you told me to get.” The scientist stammered.

            “I ask a lot of people for a lot of things, I think it would be wise for you to refresh my memory. “Lex’s frustration seemed to heat the room; the scientist took a step back.

            “I’m sorry Mr. Luthor, you’re right. Ok, a few months ago you asked me to find a cure for cancer…I have it.” Lex stood up, walked around the desk, and shook the man’s hand.

            “Do you have it on you?”

            “Yes of course, I hope you will not forget the deal we made?”

            “The fame, the money…and wisdom?”

            “Yes, I’ll take the money and the fame, you can keep the wisdom.”

            “Oh, it will be worth it trust me, let me see it.”

            “Yes,” the scientist hands Lex a folder full of papers “You will understand that I came over immediately, and that there have not been any copies made. Take care of this one.”

            “Of course.” Lex takes the folder, opens his desk drawer, and throws it inside.

            “You’re not even going to look at it?”

            “No, and no one will until the world comes to its knees, if almost everyone in the world has cancer, then I will sell it, for a price.”

            “You’re mad, you told me--!”

            “I told you that you would have money, fame, and wisdom. First for the wisdom; never trust Lex Luthor. As for the money…here” Lex tossed a credit card at him “and for the fame, well you will go in the books as the 11th man in history to try and fail to rob my office.” Lex pulled out a pistol.

            “Now wait a moment!” Lex unloaded a single round into the scientist’s chest, killing him almost instantly. Lex without hesitating walked around his desk, taped a key on his phone, and said: “send the clean-up crew in here please Cathy, there has been another break-in.” Lex taped the button again and straightened up; foot-steps were becoming louder in the hallway.

            “Mr. Luthor!”

            “It’s alright, he’s… oh it’s you. I assume you have news.”

            “I have,” another scientist, whose name is unimportant, was standing in front of Lex, who was half sitting on his desk. “A discovery has been made; I think you should take a look.”

            “You specialize in lunar activity right?”

            “Yes sir.”

            “Then this looks like a job for—“


Daily Planet, Perry White’s Office:


            “Superman!” Perry said, “have we really run out of titles for articles that you have to give the subject in one word?”

            “We were going for an explosive title, one that would really catch the eye of the citizens of Metropolis” Lois Lane said as she grinned widely.

            “I read the article Lane, this is more of an attention getter for Superman, you might as well have said ‘Superman read this’!”

            “Well yes, but it is also an interesting story for anyone who chooses to read it.”

            “But everyone in Metropolis reads our paper, why didn’t you just put it in the classifieds that theirs a job for Superman?”

            “How do we know that Superman reads the Daily Planet?”

            “Because you write for it.” Lois blushed. Perry put the paper down on his desk and sat down, and Lois left the office still blushing.

            The paper lay on Perry White’s desk, battered and wrinkled because he had read it so many times. In fact he could have probably recited it word for word for you if you asked him.




Sighting in space, who’s got jurisdiction?


On January 31 2008, an Unidentified Flying Object was spotted near the moon, Professor Marcus Sterling watched as the object flied thrice around the moon and then landed. The whole thing was captured on camera by Professor Sterling who was filming this event. It is unknown what the United States Government is doing to figure out what this phenomenon is, but LexCorp has taken responsibility for the finding as it was their employee that found it. UFO enthusiasts everywhere are contemplating what LexCorp’s intentions are, and are asking for the help of Superman to make peace with the potential Aliens.



Metropolis, Clark Kent’s Apartment:


“They must be joking,” Clark said to himself, eyebrows raised as he read the morning paper. “Are they implying that since I am technically an alien, I can make peace with them?” Clark smiled to himself. I guess I can’t disappoint them.


Gummi Ship:


            “I’m gonna take ‘er down onto this moon so the engine can cool,” Goofy said, “We’ve been flying around for a while now, and the ship needs a rest.”

            “Ok Goofy,” Sora said, “Do you mind if I do a little exploring?”

            “I don’t see why not, in fact if you go about 2 miles south east you might find the U.S. flag where they first landed on this moon.”

            “Primitive creatures” Donald said, and then laughed. Sora opened the door to the outside. (at this point it is to be noted that Sora can breath in outer space, don’t ask why, just go with it.).

Roughly 2 miles out Sora found the U.S. flag, stiff in the cool windless air. Almost as a tribute to the flag Sora was now looking at, he saw a strange red and blue figure flying towards him. Not again, it seems I can’t go anywhere without running into Heartless. Sora shouts, “FIRE”, a burst of flame shoots from Sora’s Keyblade and towards the nearing Superman. Superman dodges out of the way and thinks, I come up here to make peace, I don’t even get a word in, they want to fight. Well if that’s the way they want it. Superman shoots his heat vision at Sora, and Sora blocks it with this Keyblade, the fight is on. So who wins? The Man Of Steel, or the Master of the Keyblade?


Lois                                                                                                                                      Kairi                                                    



Lois: Another battle for Superman to easily win.

Kairi: But isn't Superman vulnerable to magic?

Lois: Yes, How did you know?

Kairi: Sora had a lot of Superman comic books, and I found them one day and started reading them.

Lois: Ok, well, yes, magic is a problem for Superman, but I mean come on, he is SUPERMAN! Besides, how much magical power could this little kid have?

Kairi: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Lois: Anyway, Superman flies towards Sora fist outstretched.

Kairi: Sora blocks the attack with his keyblade, it would seem that Sora's magical keyblade can block Superman's physical attacks.

Lois: Superman backs off a little obviously thinking about what to do next.

Kairi: In the mean time, Sora points his keyblade at Superman.

Sora: Fire!

Lois: Superman easily dodges the fireball, and seems to have worked out a different tactic.

Kairi: Superman flies toward Sora while shooting his heat vision at him.

Lois: Sora, to busy blocking the heat vision from Superman, gets a light --for Superman-- punch in the gut.

Kairi: Sora is severely winded, bet still has enough strength to raise his keyblade.

Sora: HEAL!

Lois: Sora heals himself and gets ready for battle again, this is a tough opponent, even for Superman.

Kairi: Superman uses his super breath and blows at Sora, Sora is being tossed around, and Superman charges.

Lois: Superman punches Sora --a little harder-- in the head.

Kairi: Sora is knocked out.

Lois: Superman wins!


Superman defeats Sora 18 votes to 5


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