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39. Superman vs. Dr. Doom

The Man of Steel vs. The Mystic Man in Armor, it doesn't get much better than this!

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The Fighters:



Dr. Doom




“It would seem that I have been getting myself into altercations lately.” Doom spoke to a figure over his desk. “First Sephiroth and I knocked each other out at the same time. It’s lucky that he wasn’t there when I woke up. No one breaks into Doom’s embassy. Then through my miscalculations I was forced to fight ‘Darth Vader’, I was defeated but managed to escape, and get back to my own time. I don’t like to talk about how I did it. Then Apocalypse, Darkseid, Brainiac, and I chased after Galactus in search of his awesome power. When we defeated the giant oaf, I betrayed my comrades and was forced to surrender to Superman, whom interfered when he wasn’t supposed to. I was weak after battle you know, and wouldn’t be able to defend myself. Damn you Superman! I participated in the first Chetradome tournament, and was taken out in the first round…Superman won that too…I decided to have a little fun with the 6 fighters with element powers. I’m sure Superman had something to do with the over-priced arena. No matter, I will have my revenge. And that’s where you come in.” Lex Luthor’s now illuminated face grimmest at Doom from across the desk.


The skies of Metropolis:


Speed, Strength, the ability to see anything both large and small from any distance, to melt things with just a glance. A god among men some would say, and some have. Superman flies above the skyline of metropolis with his watchful all-seeing eyes. Not a thing happens below without him seeing it. Not everything looks like a job for Superman in this environment. Domestic violence in a world where Super-villains roam free, mindlessly causing violence, death, and destruction.

Superman stopped flying, a sound, maybe 100, 150 miles away. I haven’t heard that sound in a while Superman reflected to himself. Superman flew away towards the sound. To the admiring spectators below, it looked as though he vanished.




The sound of metal machines scraping Kryptonite out of the ground was what Superman had heard, and who should be watching and making sure that everything went according to plan? Dr. Doom. Lex let me in on this deposit of Kryptonite, now all I have to do, is get it out, refine it, and make my sword. Suddenly there was a whooshing sound. “DAMN YOU AGAIN, YOU VIAL CREATURE SO MANY KNOW AS SUPERMAN!” ‘Super’ indeed. Superman is hovering in the air above Dr. Doom well away from the Kryptonite.

“What do you think your doing Doom?” asks Superman.

“Heh,” says Doom as he takes to the air “KILLING YOU!”

So who wins? The Super-Hero of all Super-Heroes, or The Super-Villain of all Super-Villains?


  Lois Lane

Invisible Woman




Lois Lane: Superman in another fight, gee for a man who likes to avoid confrontation, he sure gets in a lot of fights.


Invisible Woman: Dr. Doom has his quarks too; he gets into loads of fights, and never seems to be able to win them.


Lois Lane: I think I prefer Superman’s way, he never loses anyway, so what’s the harm in a little fisticuffs?


Invisible Woman: Property Damage.


Lois Lane: Superman takes out one United Nations building while sleepwalking, and suddenly everyone is claiming that Superman broke their things in insurance claims.


Invisible Woman: I think we should get to the fight, before it ends.


Lois Lane: Dr. Doom opens the fight with a blast of green energy from his fists. Superman is hit, and thrown back. Superman, for those who don’t remember is vulnerable to magic.


Invisible Woman: Superman gains his, well if he were on the ground it could be called “footing” but he’s flying, so I don’t know what to call it. He gets his balance back and charges at Doom, fist outstretched.


Lois Lane: Doom disappears seconds before Superman gets to him, Superman punches the air. Doom laughs maniacally.


Invisible Woman: Doom winds up to cast another spell, but too late, Superman grabs him by the foot.


Lois Lane: Superman swings Dr. Doom over his shoulders and slams him against the ground.


Invisible Woman: Looks like the fight is over, Superman wins


Lois Lane: Wow, that was fast, but it is Superman.


Superman defeats Dr. Doom 25 votes to 8




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