So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


3. Dr. Doom vs. Sephiroth

That's right folks! The most powerful super villain of the Marvel world, vs. The most formidable opponent in Final Fantasy VII as well as the 2 Kingdom Hearts Games!

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Dr. Doom




During a fight between Cloud and Sephiroth, Sephiroth tries to use his final magic attack, but something to do with a combination of Sephiroth's, and Clouds magic, Sephiroth was sucked into a vortex, a few seconds later he lands in the Latverian embassy in New York. Dr. Doom,  who is there to make his next plot to take over the world is not pleased by this powerful being barging in his embassy. He moves to attack. everyone else in the building left at the sight of Sephiroth's sword.

- both characters have all their powers and equipment.


Mr. Fantastic



Mr. Fantastic- This fight should be a great one. A battle of the Titans, what do you think Cloud?
Cloud- Do I know you?
Mr. Fantastic- No, but the producers told me your name before we started, I’m Mr. Fantastic, I can stretch… yeah…that’s my thing…so what do you think of this fight.
Cloud- Well I hope Sephiroth wins because I want to fight him with all his strength, and if he gets defeated, then he will not be strong enough to fight to his full potential.
Mr. Fantastic- Well I hope Dr. Doom wins because I don’t think anyone could be more dangerous or strong as him and if this Sephiroth  guy IS than GOD help us all.
Cloud- So what do you call this place?
Mr. Fantastic- We are in the Latverian embassy in New York , New York .
Cloud- Oh, fun
Mr. Fantastic- This Sephiroth Character has a Huge Sword!
Cloud- Yes that is both his advantage and disadvantage. He has enormous range and can slash you easily but his huge sword requires a lot of upper body strength to keep the end up. If he wasn’t magic and totally ripped, he would have trouble with holding up his sword.
Mr. Fantastic- Ok, to the fight, Sephiroth and Doom are standing about 20 feet from each other, so naturally Sephiroth's sword is about 2 feet from Doom… ha…ha…ha…yeah you know that’s funny!
Cloud- I see no humor
Mr. Fantastic- Get it cuz his sword is so big… hey do you think he is over compensating for something?
Cloud- What are you saying?
Mr. Fantastic- Nothing… Never mind… Doom and Sephiroth are just standing there waiting for the other to make the first move.
Cloud- Sephiroth raises his sword and runs forward to attack Mr. Doom.
Mr. Fantastic- His name is Dr. Doom, I'm MR. Fantastic!
Cloud- Whatever, Doom is backing away raising his metallic hands, Doom shoots some red colored energy from them and Sephiroth is thrown backwards.
Mr. Fantastic- Dr. Doom is a formidable opponent, I don’t see how this big guy with one wing and a giant sword can win against him.
Cloud- I’ve already told you Sephiroth is very strong with his magical power.
Mr. Fantastic- Yes but Doom has his Hi-Tech Weapons
Cloud- Sephiroth WILL win!
Mr. Fantastic- Sephiroth regains his composure and leaps into the air.
Cloud- Doom shoots the red energy again and Sephiroth dodges it!
Mr. Fantastic- Sephiroth raises his hand into the air. Is that suppose to be a taunt?
Cloud- No, it’s a spell, the fire spell by the looks of it, because the hall just burst into flames.
Mr. Fantastic- Not the whole hall, just the outer edges, Doom is Vulnerable to fire, if it lasts long enough.
Cloud-  Dr. Doom shoots more red energy than ever before, and Sephiroth is knocked from the air to the ground.
Mr. Fantastic- Sephiroth raises his hand while on the ground.
Sephiroth- SIN HARVEST!
Mr. Fantastic- Sin Harvest?
Cloud- It is his final move
Mr. Fantastic- Will it kill him?
Cloud- No, but he will be unconscious…….like that.
Mr. Fantastic- Sephiroth passed out too!
Cloud and Mr. Fantastic- HE WINS!!!!.........BUT HE PASSED OUT!!!!..... OK it’s a draw!
This fight is tied 8 to 8.


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