So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


41. The Charmed Ones vs. Harry, Ron and Hermione

America vs. Britain, these magical masters are going to duke it out, and claim their win for their country!

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The Fighters:

The Charmed Ones




Harry, Ron, and Hermione









"Up yet?" asked Leo

"No, still asleep. I just checked." replied Piper, there were of course talking about their son, who had been sleeping late lately.

"Good," said Leo, "Because I need to talk to you three." Phoebe, Pipe, Paige, and Leo all sit at the breakfast table, and Leo pipes up.

"Ok, every year there is a giant surge in magical activity over in Great Britain." Leo pause and glanced at each sister in turn. "So naturally the Elders want you three to look into it, as well as not allow me to accompany you."

"Why do the Elders need us? Why don't they just peak down there and see what's up?"

"Well, they have, but they can't make heads or tails of what their seeing, all they can tell is that they are organized and there have been countless acts of violence carried out under the castle ceilings. That's why they asked you three to take a closer look."

"Whoa, wait, a magical castle? We HAVE to check it out!: Phoebe said, Leo smiled.


"The magic Castle we wish to go,

but cars and trains are much to slow.

Teleportation is the only way,

here then there, and there we'll stay." The 3 witches were instantly teleported away. 

Hogwarts Castle, Room of Requirement:

"Great job everyone, We'll meet again next Tuesday and carry on with anyone else who hasn't quite mastered the spell." Dumbledore's Army filed out of the Room of Requirement, leaving Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

"Ya know," Said Ron looking around "This room gives you anything you ask for right?" 

"Right." said Harry

"Wrong," said Hermione "It cant give you food."

"Oh bugger," said Ron, "I was craving some pork sausages."

"You know," said Harry "I wonder if if can summon people..."

"If that were the case Harry," said Hermione "Dumbledore could just summon Voldemort while he's sleeping, and take him out easily."

"No, I was thinking, like some outside duelers..."

"I wouldn't try that Harry, what if it summons a Death Eater?"

"Worth a try besides we could take em, okay, we need 3 magic users who are willing to duel."

Suddenly, Phoebe, Piper, and Paige appear in the middle of the room.

"Way to go 'arry!" said Ron who seemed to be trying to catch the eye of Paige.

"Great, now we have to defeat them." said Hermione rolling her eyes.

"Whoa, wait...defeat!?" said Phoebe as Harry, Ron, and Hermione got to their feet, and brandished their wands.

"Yeah," said Hermione "It's a duel!"

So who wins? The 5th year Hogwarts students? or the 5 season witches of San Fransisco?



Leo Wyatt, the Charmed ones Whitelighter






Leo Wyatt: Oh, hello Dumbledore!

Dumbledore: How is it that you know my name, I don’t recall us ever having the pleasure of meeting.

Leo Wyatt: Kind of hard to explain, basically I’m an angel, and I see things.

Dumbledore: Ok, well I can see on the prompter that your name is Leo Wyatt. Well young man, I hope our age gap doesn’t hinder us from doing this commentary,

Leo Wyatt: Actually, we are about the same age.

Dumbledore: Really? Do you remember Grindelwald?

Leo Wyatt: Um no, it’s possible I was still a mortal at that point.

Dumbledore: Oh, no big deal, just the most powerful evil wizard of the time. No big deal, I just, you know defeated him.

Leo Wyatt: Very impressive, you must be some powerful Wizard.

Dumbledore: I have been told that a time or two.

Leo Wyatt: Ok, now let’s get to the fight.

Dumbledore: Ok, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all raise their wands, flick them, and hurl stunning spells at the Charmed Ones.

Paige: Spell!

Leo Wyatt: Paige catches Hermione’s stunning spell, Piper freezes Ron’s, and Harry’s hits Phoebe, causing her to fall to the ground.

Dumbledore: Paige hurls Hermione’s spell back at her, Piper unfreezes the spell and gets out of it’s way.

Leo Wyatt: Hermione deflects the spell with a simple shield charm, Harry shoots another stunning spell, this time at Paige, and Ron shoots some other spell at Piper.

Dumbledore: Paige catches Harry’s spell, and throws it at Hermione, Piper freezes Ron’s spell, as well as Ron.

Leo Wyatt: Paige summons Ron’s spell, and throws it at Ron.

Dumbledore: Ron unfreezes and is hit with his own tickling charm. And Hermione deflects Harry’s now rogue spell.

Leo Wyatt: Harry and Hermione quickly glance at each other, both wind up, and send a spell each at Piper and Paige.

Paige: PIPER!

Dumbledore: Piper then freezes the whole room, although miraculously not us.

Leo Wyatt: Piper and Paige make their ways over to Harry, and Hermione and pick them up.

Dumbledore: The two carry the kids over to where they (the Charmed Ones) were originally standing.

Leo Wyatt: They get out of the way, and Piper unfreezes everything.

Dumbledore: Harry and Hermione’s spells, originally aimed at The Charmed Ones now hit’s the spell casters.

Leo Wyatt: Harry and Hermione are out. The Charmed Ones win!


The Charmed Ones defeat Harry, Ron, and Hermione 10 votes to 6


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