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42. The Justice League vs. The Avengers

The Mightiest Superhero teams face off in the greatest battle of all time, who will be victorious?

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The Set-Up


New York:(Inside the Latverian Embassy):

Dr. Doom sits in his still burned out hall wondering what course of action to take to better further his goals.

Who should suffer my wrath first? thinks Doom The Fantastic Four destroyed my Magnetatron, but they would not have accomplished that if The Avengers had not first distracted me. Then some time ago Batman had the audacity to claim that The JLA could as he put it kick my face in. so many deserve to be punished but how do I decide who..

At that point one of Doom's servants comes in to the room and says

"Master, There is someone outside who demands an audience with you."

"Who would dare to demand anything of Doom!?" asks Doom angrily.

"Lex Luthor!" interrupts a voice from behind the servant.

Doom looks behind his servant and sees a confident looking bald man in a business suit standing in the doorway.

"HA Ha I see you haven't lost your sense of humor Lex" says Doom. "It's good to see you.

"It's good to see you too Victor. says Luthor. "I brought you a gift."

Luthor then snaps his fingers and two moving men. bring in a large Turkish rug.

"It's the best that money can buy." says Luthor "and I know you must be interested in redecorating after the disturbance you had here some time back".

"That is very kind of you Lex," says Doom "What brings you to New York?"

"Can't I just drop in on an old friend?" asks Luthor pretending to sound hurt "However you are right," I do have another reason for being here."

"Such as?" asks Doom.

"I believe that we may be able to help each other by working together." says Luthor

"If you're looking to form a new team of super villains I must decline.” says Doom "My last foray with a team resulted in...A temporary setback and besides I doubt either of us would want to share the mantel of leadership."

" True," says Luthor "However what I have in mind is more of a business partnership."

"Continue." says Doom

For us to gather a team of villains to attack our enemies is not cost effective." says Luthor " every time I've tried The JLA has always managed to get in my way. Just as other do-gooders have been a thorn in your side."

"Indeed" says Doom

"So you see how we could both benefit from having our enemies battle each other." says Luthor

Doom thinks for a moment The Fantastic Four while being the world's greatest fighting team would be hard pressed to do little more than hold their own against the sheer power and numbers of The JLA. Besides none but Doom should have the pleasure of destroying Richards and his family. arranging a confrontation between The JLA and The Masters Of The Universe would be very complex, but The Avengers match The JLA nicely in Power as well as numbers.

"The Avengers Vs. The JLA interesting plan." says Doom "But which of the JLA's bases should be the target?"

"While all The JLA headquarters are well defended." says Luthor "It is the newly built Moonbase that is the most vulnerable."

"And how do you plan on getting The Avengers to attack The JLA Moonbase?" asks Doom

"By planting a virus in The Avengers Computer" says Luthor "It will cause the computer to give a false report that The JLA is planning to launch an attack from the Moonbase on The UN. The Avengers will surely make a preemptive strike to stop this".

"Excellent plan." says Doom, "But the Avengers computer has unparalleled security. Even my viruses have been unable to find a way in".

"My attempts to breach The Avengers security program also have yet to meet with success." says Luthor "But if one of my viruses were disguised as one of your viruses..."

"The counter measures The Avengers computer used to defend itself would be ineffective." finishes Doom. "All that would remain would be to deliver the virus."

"Not a problem." says Luthor "One of Stark Tower's technicians is actually working for me. However once the plan is in motion distractions will be needed."

"Ah yes to ensure that The JLA can not call The Watchtower or The Hall of Justice for reinforcements." says Doom.

"There is a small planet on the outer edge of the galaxy known as Safe Haven 31" says Luthor" The inhabitants search the universe for rare and endangered animals to bring to their world and in doing so save them from extinction."

"A planet sized wildlife refuge?" asks Doom.

"Exactly." says Luthor "Only they have no weapons. If they were attacked they would call The JLA for help."

"That would send The JLA's Watchtower team rushing to there aid." says Doom.

"Exactly" says Luthor "Although getting someone to attack Safe Haven 31 without letting The JLA know of my involvement will prove difficult, it can be done."

"I could convince The Skrulls to attack." says Doom.

"How could you manage that?' asks Luthor.

"The Skrulls owe me a favor for not informing Earth's heroes of there secret invasion army hidden within Earth's population." says Doom

"What?!" says Luthor taken by surprise "The Skrulls have an army on Earth? My scientists have found no evidence of this."

"The Skrulls are now hidden from all forms of natural, scientific, and magical forms of detection." says Doom "It is only due to my unique blend of science and magic I was able discover their plan to embed themselves in all areas of Earth society."

"Amazing" says Luthor "Uhhh.....Is there anyone in the business world I should be wary of?

"Not yet." says Doom " but be very selective about anyone else you hire. Now getting back to the plan, with The JLA's watchtower team occupied we can now deal with the JLA team in the Hall Of Justice."

"Attacking a small country would be the best way to distract them." says Luthor.

"The country Anthonvaria, just north of Latveria is neither a military powerhouse or part of European Union." says Doom. "If they were attacked NATO and S.H.I.E.L.D. would have to cut through miles of red tape before doing anything.

"Which would force Anthonvaria to call the JLA for help, Which would bring the JLA's Hall Of Justice Team rushing to their aid." says Luthor.

"Exactly." says Doom "However, if Latveria were to attack without provocation the UN would try to impose sanctions on me. That would be an...Annoyance.

"However." says Luthor if Intergang were to steal several Lexo Suits from one of the European branches of LexCorp and then attack Anthonvaria, Latveria would not need to involve herself at all."

"Perfect." says Doom "We needn't worry about Luke Cage's team of Avengers, helping Iron Man's Avenger team is the last thing they would do."

"It would seem all is in readiness." says Luthor "Meet me at the Manhattan branch of LexCorp at your earliest convenience so we can make our virus, I'll tell the guards at the front gate to expect you."

"Agreed" says Doom as Luthor and his men walk out of the embassy hall.

The Moon(Inside The JLA Moonbase):

Zatanna walks into the meeting room where Wonder Woman and Atom were waiting.

"Is there any word?" asks Wonder Woman

"Yes," says Zatanna "I've spoken with High Father and he says that because Aquaman made that deal with those gods to save his people and not because he wanted power it should be possible to resurrect him."

"Praise Hera!" says Wonder Woman "But will he be whole?"

"Just like he was before he made that deal that turned him into the Dweller of the Deep" says Zatanna "That is assuming we can cast the spell properly."

"What do you need?" asks Wonder Woman.

"A few things," says Zatanna "#1 only one magic user can be involved in casting this spell, so it's all up to me on that end." "#2 This is a forbidden spell so the fewer who know about it the better, We don't want to anger any deity type beings if we can avoid it." #3 This Spell has a one of a kind energy signature it will be noticed unless cloaked somehow, and since it will take my full concentration to cast the spell I have no idea how to cloak the spell."

"Would a small tower that projects false energy readings. work?" asks Atom

"Yes," says Zatanna "But I need two so that one can be on each side of the cauldron."

"Cauldron!?" asks Atom

"Don't Worry" says Zatanna with a smile "I have one of those"

"O.K. then. says Atom but building those towers might take awhile, can I get Steel up here to help me?"

"Well letting one more person know about this won't hurt." says Zatanna "and since everything needs to be perfect having another major science whiz here won't hurt"

"Good," says Wonder Woman "then Aquaman will be back with us in no time."

"Well" says Zatanna dejectedly "There is one other problem with this spell."

"There is?" says Wonder Woman sounding disheartened

"Yes" says Zatanna "The spell is written in an ancient mystical language, I have no Idea how long it will take me to decode it and I can't ask another magic user to help me...I'm...Sorry Diana"

"Don't worry about it Zatanna," Says Wonder Woman "just do the best You can."

"I will" says Zatanna.

The LexCorp Building(In Manhattan):

Doom and Luthor spend the next two weeks creating their virus and then another two weeks arguing about what to call it The situation is resolved by a coin toss (after both parties agreed that a fight to the death between two of their servants might bloody Lex's freshly waxed floor.) and the Lex Von Doom virus is ready for delivery.

Within a day the virus is placed with Luthor's inside man and is inserted into the Avengers computer. However the plan hits an unexpected flaw because The Vision's programming was within the Avengers computer where it would be downloaded into the new body Hank Pym was building for him (Wonder Man's brain patterns had already been copied and would be downloaded into the android body of the Vision at the same time as his new Ultron free programming) and as the virus was on it's way to infect the mainframe it was drawn to the high level A.I. of the Vision's programming and infiltrated that. Hours later Luthor logs onto his laptop to check on the progress of the virus only to discover that the virus had sent him an error message.

"What?!" says Luthor "The virus was unable to find the necessary program to infect, how can that be?"

"Let's make sure the virus was delivered properly." says Doom (who was in Luthor's office listening to Mozart while they waited for their plan to unfold.) Doom uses his armor's built in computer to get the virus to send a one blip location signal so as to avoid being detected by the Avengers or anyone else. Within moments Doom's systems find the echo of the blip which Doom quickly tracks back to it's source.

"It would appear" says Doom "that our Virus is within an artificial intelligence inside the Avenger's computer."

"Terrific" says Luthor dejectedly "All our plans foiled by an oversight."

"Wait a moment Lex." says Doom "We may yet turn this situation to our advantage."

"How is that?" asks Luthor,

"Simple." says Doom "I'll order the virus to infect the current system it is in."

"If you beam new orders to the virus won't Someone become aware of the Malicious code in the system?" asks Luthor

"No." says Doom, "The program is not yet self aware."

" Will infecting this program help us to infect the Avengers Computer?" asks Luthor

"Lex my friend" says Doom " If this A.I. program is for whom I suspect it is we may have just infected an Avenger."

"Intriguing Victor" says Luthor. "But how much will this affect out time table?'

"I can not be sure of this." says Doom” But I'll have one of my spy drones keep Stark Tower under surveillance. and when the Vision emerges the drone will follow him to see how he intends to carry out our plains."

"Then for the time being," says Luthor "we will just have to keep our distraction plans on standby."

"Precisely." says Doom "I'll inform you when the wheels of our plan are set in motion."

"Agreed" says Luthor."

Two Weeks Later in a lab in Stark Tower:

"Good Morning Vision." says the voice of Hank Pym as the android avenger's systems reach full function capacity, "How do you feel?"

My systems are 100%. says Vision and it would seem that this body is exactly like the last one I had.

"Well minus the Ultron programming." adds Hank

"Excellent" says Vision "Because we are going to see how well this new body of mine dose under combat conditions"

"What?!" Exclaims Hank

"A week before you downloaded me into this body I uncovered a plot to attack The U.N." says Vision

"Do you know who will launch this attack and when?" asks Hank

"I do not know when the attack will be," says Vision "However the attackers are...The JLA.

"Vision, are you absolutely certain?" asks Hank

"I checked and rechecked the facts," says Vision "I am positive."

"Still maybe I ought to run a few more diagnostic tests," says Hank "Just to be on the safe side."

"I've tested my own systems at least seven times already" says Vision "they are flawless"

" Then I guess we'd better tell Iron Man to assemble the Avengers." says Hank

"Wait Hank" says Vision "If the Avengers mobilize the JLA my speed up their attack plan." It would be best if this mission was handled by Avengers who are not part of the active roster."

"Good Point" says Hank "Still though if we tell Iron Man he can have S.H.I.E.L.D. evacuate the U.N.

"That would be a good idea," says Vision "But with the JLA's reputation being what it is, if even the Avengers were to accuse them of plotting an act of terrorism would the U.N. believe it?

"Another good point." says Hank "So how do we handle this?"

"We need to attack the JLA Moonbase before they can attack the U.N." says Vision

"Do you have a plan?" asks Hank.

"Yes" says Vision "And for it to work the assistance of the original Ant-Man would be invaluable."

"Well someone else is using that Identity now." says Hank but I always keep my Ant-Man gear in working order, is there anything else I can do?"

"Yes," says Vision "gather some reserve Avengers together as discreetly as possible, no more than ten, then have them gather at port warehouse 57. I need to borrow a quinjet,

"Where are you going?" asks Hank.

"I'll explain later." says Vision as he turns intangible and flies through a wall 

Well O.K. then. thinks Hank as he picks up the telephone.              

Tigra's Apartment(Elsewhere in New York):

Tigra is watching the local news when her phone rings.

"Hello." answers Tigra

"Hey Tigra this is Hank." says Hank. "I need your help."

Hank quickly explains the situation and asks Tigra to get in touch with other Avenger reservists while he readies his Ant-Man gear and Tigra agrees.

Metropolis(LexCorp Building, Lex Luthor's Office):

Lex Luthor was looking at The performance of LexCorp's stock when his secretary buzzes him.

"Mr. Luthor," says the secretary over the speaker "You have a call from Latveria."

"I'll take It ." says Luthor "Hello Victor, any new developments in our joint business venture?"

"Indeed," says Doom "The Vision is on the move, I suggest that you have your men get into position."

"Agreed" says Luthor. "Keep Me informed."

"Certainly." says Doom

Luthor then hangs up his phone and then sits at his computer where he logs in to a live video chat, on the screen is a rather mean looking fellow.

"Yes Mr. Luthor?" asks the man

"Ready your men Mr. Kaysings" says Luthor "Begin the attack on my command"

"Yes sir Mr. Luthor! says Mr. Kaysings.

Latveria(Inside Castle Doom):

Doom turns off a communication screen.

"The Skrull are now ready to attack on my command" says Doom.

It is at that this point that Doom's spy drone alerts him that the Vision is in Europe

"I doubt that Vision has discovered the virus and is now on his way to attack me" says Doom "However taking a precaution may prove useful." Doom then presses a button on His Communications screen and the face of Namor appears

"Namor." says Doom "I would ask a favor of you ."

"Such as?" asks Namor

Radar has detected an Avengers quinjet in Europe says Doom " I fear they may be spying on Laveria but since they have yet to enter Latverian airspace I can't send my Doombots to question them. Besides doing so would cause a conflict which could prove costly, Would you go talk to them and find out what brings them here?"

Namor thinks for a moment and says,

"I will go. Not because I suspect the Avengers of being spies but because if l leave the situation to you as you said it will lead to conflict. A conflict with the Avengers is something I wish to avoid and trust me Doom so do you.

"You have my thanks Namor." says Doom

"As you have mine for allowing my troops and I so stay here" says Namor, but always remember Doom I am your allly not your servant."

"Doom REQUESTS the help of his allies." says Doom " but Doom COMMANDS the obedience of his servants! Rest assured Namor if I saw you as my servant I would have REQUESTED nothing of you, but instead COMMANDED you to do my bidding."

"Good," says Namor "I have no desire to be used as a pawn, I'll let you know what I find out once I return."

"Very good" says Doom as he turns off the communication Screen,

How I detest asking anything of anyone. thinks Doom Still having the Atlantian soldiers garrisoned here makes Latveria stronger so I can put up with a few annoyances. Having Namor out of the way will also prevent him from leading his troops to the aid of Anthonvaria when Luthor's Men attack.

Elsewhere(in the skies over Europe):

As the quinjet heads for the ocean Vision asks Scarlet Witch

"Are you O.K. Wanda?"

"Well considering You stuck your intangible finger in my brain and then increased your density," says Scarlet Witch with both anger and sarcasm "How do you think I feel?"

"I am sorry Wanda," says Vision "But as I said the situation is dire and I had to do something to jog your memory."

"All right," says Scarlet Witch "with the situation being what it is and the fact that I'm not a drooling vegetable I guess I can forgive you."

Vision Then hears a knock on the quinjet's canopy and looks up to see Namor flying above the quinjet, setting the quinjet to auto pilot Vision flies up and phases through the quinjets canopy to talk to Namor

"Hello Namor" says Vision " It's good to see You again."

"The Same to you Vision." says Namor "although I am very puzzled as to what could bring the Avengers to Europe.

"I need Wanda's assistance on a vital mission." says Vision "I came to Europe to get her."

"Oh I'm pleased to hear that Wanda is well again," says Namor "If this mission is as vital as you say would You like my help?"

"Dr. Doom wouldn't have an interest in this mission would he Namor?" asks Vision

"Vision," says Namor coldly "though I am garrisoned in Latveria I bend no knee to Dr. Doom or anyone else, now do you want My help or not!?"

"I am sorry Namor." says Vision "I did not mean to offend you and yes your might would indeed be an asset to this mission."

"Then I will accompany you." says Namor " Oh and Vision your apprehension is...understandable."

"Thank You Namor" says Vision. "we'll make better time if we all ride in the quinjet."

"Agreed." says Namor

Namor and Vision board the quinjet and fly off.

New York(At Port Warehouse 57 sometime later.):

Ant-Man, Tigra, Moon Knight, and Living Lightning are awaiting the arrival of Vision.

"Not that I'm not enjoying this reunion of Avengers West Cost" says Living Lightning "But what's taking Vision so long we've been waiting for half an hour

"Don't sweat it Miguel." says Moon Knight "I'm sure Vision hasn't forgotten us.

"I think I hear the quinjet now." says Tigra.

All the Avengers look skyward as the quinjet comes to a landing, this gathering is also seen by Dr. Doom's spy drone.

Latveria(Inside Castle Doom):

"Excellent," says Doom after receiving the spy drone's report and having recalled it back to Latveria "it looks as if things are proceeding even better than I thought they would." Doom then touches a button on his communication screen and the face of a Skrull appears.

"Commander." says Doom "Begin your attack now!"

"At once." says the Skrull commander, then the screen goes black.

"Now to inform Lex" says Doom

Safe Haven 31:

The caretakers are feeding the Snow-white Tigers when suddenly laser beams hit the ground . The Startled caretakers look up to see an invading fleet of Skrull ships

"Call for help!" shouts the head caretaker to his subordinate amidst laser blasts "I'll alert the other caretakers to get the animals to safety."

"Right!" Shouts the subordinate caretaker as he runs for the caretaker station. All the while praying that the lasers continue to miss him so he can send the distress signal.

Space(Inside the JLA Watchtower Monitor Womb Moments later):

Martian Manhunter is keeping watch for sings of trouble anywhere on earth that might require the attention of the JLA and thus far things didn't look to bad. Then over the interstellar communicator comes a distress call.

"Justice League" says a panic stricken voice "This is Safe Haven 31 "We are under attack from the Skrull We need help urgently.

"We are on our way." says Martian Manhunter who then telepathically alerts the rest of the Justice League. throughout the Watchtower

All Justice League members report to the hanger bay at once this is not a drill

Martian Manhunter quickly reaches the hanger bay and preps a javelin for launch Green Lantern then flies into the hanger bay an asks

"What's the matter J'onn?"

"Safe Haven 31 is under attack" says Martian Manhunter "I'll explain more on the way".

Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern are soon joined by Firestorm, Captain Atom, Ray, Booster Gold, And Captain Marvel. The heroes then board the javelin which quickly takes off.

"The Skrull have attacked the wildlife refuge planet of Safe Haven 31" says Martian Manhunter.

"Holey Moley" says Captain Marvel "That's horrible, How fast can we get there?"

"I'll make the jump to light speed as soon as I let the other Justice League bases know we have a mission to attended to." says Martian Manhunter.

Earth (Inside The Hall Of Justice):

.Green Arrow is looking at some of the artifacts from the JLA's past missions when he hears the voice of Martian Manhunter in his head

Wonder Woman, Green Arrow the Watchtower team and I are off to Safe Haven 31 to deal with an attack from the Skrulls. I'll inform you of how the mission goes

O. K. J'onn, Thinks Green Arrow we'll hold down the fort until You get back and good luck.

I know you can be counted on. Thinks Martian Manhunter.


"Why would the Skrull want to attack a wildlife refuge?" Green Arrow asks himself, and then he decides to look up information on the Skrulls on the JLA computer.

no sooner dose he reach the communications room than Batman's face appears on the screen.

"Batman to Justice League." says Batman

"Green Arrow here." says Green Arrow "go ahead Batman."

"I'm in Anthonvaria." says Batman "and they're under attack from an army in Lexo Suites."

"Luthor!' says Green Arrow with obvious distain

"I wouldn't be surprised." says Batman "get here as soon as you can. the Anthonvarian army is trying to repel the attack, but their efforts are all but useless...I'll try to stall the attackers until you get here. Batman out."

Green Arrow hits the alert button and an alarm sounds "Attention Justice Leaguers" says Green Arrow over the loud speaker "We're on our way to assist Batman in Anthonvaria! Report to the hanger at once."

On the way to the hanger Green Arrow can't help but laugh at the irony Bruce goes to Anthonvaria to sell them more advance medical equipment and now it looks like they might really need it. Green Arrow thinks.

He arrives at the hanger to see Flash waiting for him

"What took you so long?" asks Flash sarcastically "I've already prepped the javelin for launch, and radioed Fire on Moon base and let her know where we’re headed."

"Good work Flash." says Green Arrow as he boards the javelin.

Green Arrow and Flash are soon joined by Red Arrow, Black Lightning, Hawkgirl, Red Tornado, and Plastic Man. The team then sets off on their mission.

The Moonbase(In the Meeting Room):

" So how long before we know if the spell worked or not?" asks Wonder Woman

"The spell will work. says Zatanna "As long as nothing else gets into the cauldron and nothing happens to the towers, Aquaman will just emerge from the cauldron as soon as his body reforms."

"That's good to know" says Wonder Woman "After how hard You, Atom and Steel worked to get this Spell ready. "You did something in little over a month that I would have thought would take years.


"Thanks Dianna" says Zatanna "all we have to do now is wait."

Then suddenly the Moon base shakes as something hits it again and again..

"What's going on?!" asks Steel "Are We under attack?"

Black Canary then runs into the room and says.

"We're being hit by asteroids.

"But why didn't It show up on radar?" Steel and Atom ask in unison

"An electrical surge knocked the radar out just a few minutes before the asteroid shower started." says Black Canary Fire was just about run a diagnostic check on it."

"But how---" starts Atom

"We can't worry about that now." interrupts Wonder Woman " We have to make sure Moonbase dose not sustain massive damage."

"I can create a magic force field around Moonbase" says Zatanna

"No Zatanna," says Wonder Woman "Casting a spell of that magnitude would be to much of a strain on you right now." "Steel, Atom stay here with Zatanna ." Black Canary, Go get Fire, take some javelins, and meet me outside, We'll Deal with the asteroids."

"Right" says Black Canary as She Runs to the communications room.

Wonder Woman then grabs a space mask (A device that will allow her to breath in outer space) and flies to a teleportation tube which she sets to teleport her outside.

Once outside Wonder Woman uses her Magic Lasso to ensnare an asteroid, twirl it around and send it smashing into other on coming asteroids.

Aboard the quinjet:

"I knew the JLA would have to send out one of their heavy hitters to deal with the asteroid shower your hex caused Wanda." says Vision "Good work on taking out their radar Living Lightning,"

"What's the next part of the plan Vision" asks Moon Knight

"Under the cover of the asteroid shower Tigra will bring the quinjet to the Moonbase’s hanger bay," says Vision " I will phase into the Moon base and scout around for anyone who might get in our way." While I'm doing that Ant-Man will bypass the locks on the hanger bay, allowing the rest of you to come help me secure Moonbase while Ant-Man disables the communications.

"And what if we run into Superman?" asks Living Lightning.

"Since Wonder Woman is dealing with the asteroids." says Vision "I doubt Superman is here, however in the event We do have to deal with Superman...Namor and I could double team him."

"As if I'd need your help." says Namor under his breath.

"Good Luck everyone." says Vision as he phases out of the quinjet and heads toward the Moonbase hanger.

Once He reaches his destination Vision phases inside and sees Black Canary and Fire just about ready to take off in their javelins. Vision solidifies and fires two solar eye beams at the front landing gear of each javelin damaging them. When Black Canary and fire get out of their javelins Vision begins firing eye beams at them, the heroines take evasive action. While Black Canary and Fire are dogging Visions attacks the hanger bay doors open, the quinjet lands, and the Avengers quickly disembark. Fire who had taken flight to avoid Vision's blasts was about shoot a blast of fire at Vision while he was trying to blast Black Canary only to have to doge a bolt of Lightning fired by Living Lightning. Moon Knight begins to throw Crescent Darts at Black Canary while she is still dodging Visions solar eye beams.

"Vision!" Shouts Moon Knight "You and the rest of the team secure the Moonbase, Living Lightning and I will deal with these ladies."

"Agreed!" says Vision "Avengers Follow me."

The Moonbase Meeting Room:

"But there are surge protectors for the surge protectors." says Atom "How can anything in Moonbase overload?"

"That makes no since to me either Atom." says Steel. At that point the doors open and the Avengers rush in.

"We know your plan Justice League" says Vision "we have you outnumbered and Your communications have been cut off." Surrender or be taken by force."

"Well it looks like you've got us." says Zatanna razing her hands "but looks can be...deceiving" A cloud of pink smoke erupts between the JLA and Avengers, Zatanna turns to Atom and Steel and says.

"If anything happens to those towers before the spell is complete we'll loose Aquaman, We can't let that happen.

"Right!" says Steel "Atom leave defending the towers to me. You go into the communication console and see if you can fix It.

"I'm on it." says Atom as he shrinks to small size and flies toward the communications room.

Scarlet Witch casts a hex and suddenly the exhaust fans in Moonbase turn on and dissipate Zatanna’s smoke Screen. Steel then begins to fire wrist rivets at the Avengers to keep them from taking the offensive. This proves to be ineffective against Vision who had turned intangible and was advancing toward Steel. Steel then threw his hammer at Vision, it passed harmlessly through him, but no sooner had it done that then it would turn around and attack Him again.

I'll have to find a way to deal with this hammer before I deal with the man who threw it. Thinks Vision.

Sensing the vast power of Scarlet Witch Zatanna decides getting into a Sorceress’s duel while she dose not have full access to all of her magic is not a good idea so Zatanna tries a different tactic. Slipping her wand out of her sleeve Zatanna point's it at Scarlet Witch Who is still dodging Steel's wrist rivets and says


Scarlet Witch falls and Zatanna quickly pins her, this is a major disruption to Scarlet Witch’s concentration.

Inside Moonbase Communication Console:


Atom had been searching for signs of tampering when He comes upon Ant-Man who is pulling out every wire he can find.

"Do you know how long I spent working on that." says Atom in a sarcastic yet angry tone.

Ant-Man says nothing and takes a fighting stance.

Outside Moon base:

Wonder Woman throws her Tiara and shatters the last asteroid.

That looks like all of them. thinks Wonder Woman but where are Black Canary and Fire.

Wonder Woman Flies to the hanger bay and once inside sees the battle raging. Wonder Woman lassos Moon Knight's staff and tosses it away as, Moon Knight moves to get it Black Canary shouts to Wonder Woman.

"Fire and I can handle things here, go help the others!" Wonder Woman nods and heads toward the meting room.

Moonbase Meeting Room:

While Steel is shooting wrist rivets that have yet to hit the leaping Tigra, Namor sees a chance to help Vision. He flies up and grabs Steel's hammer as it once again turns to attack Vision and throws It Across the room and into a wall. Vision then solidifies and shoots a solar eye beam at Steel catching him off guard and knocking him to the ground. Tigra then pounces on Steel and starts trying to claw through his armor. Wonder Woman then enters the Meeting Room ,quickly lassos Tigra, pulls her off Steel, and flings Her into a Wall. Namor then flies toward Wonder Woman. However as he is flying over the cauldron Aquaman leaps out of it and grabs Namor around the waste, This sends both Men Crashing to the floor. As Wonder Woman is about to fly to Aquaman's aid she hears a roar and turns just in time to block Tigra's claw swipe with her bracelet. Namor throws Aquaman off of him and into one of the towers knocking it over, Namor then flies toward Aquaman. Aquaman sees Namor coming at him and shoots a continuous blast of water from his magical water hand, this slows Namor down significantly but it dose not stop him. While still struggling with Zatanna Scarlet Witch grabs Zatanna's wrist (Which just happens to be the sleeve her wand is in) Zatanna's wand reacts to the aura of chaos magic that surrounds Scarlet Witch and fires a spell that hits Aquaman's magical water blast, causing both Aquaman and Namor to disappear. Vision having seen that decides to come to the aid of Scarlet Witch before any more random magic spells happen . Steel (Having regained his bearings) sees this and shoots a wrist rivet at the other tower causing it to fall on the unsuspecting Vision.

That won't hold him for long. thinks Steel I'd better find My hammer

Moonbase in Aquaman's Swimming Pool:

 Aquaman and Namor appear, the disorientation they both feel is quickly soothed as both men are reinvigorated by the salt water. Aquaman and Namor Glare at each other and then swim toward each other at full speed.

Moonbase Meeting Room:

Having phased free of the tower Vision sees that Scarlet Witch and Zatanna have ended their wrestling match and now stand facing each other a short distance apart, both in spell casting stances.

"It looks like you don't have us outnumbered anymore," says a voice from behind.

Vision turns to see Steel facing him hammer in hand.

"Do you want to give up.?" asks Steel.

"No." says Vision coldly as He takes a fighting stance

So who wins: The Worlds Greatest Superheroes Or Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

*This Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard


Lois Lane                                                                                                                             Edwin Jarvis       




Lois Lane: Why am I bothering to cover this when Superman’s not even here.

Edwin Jarvis
: Because we just happened to be up here when the Avengers attacked, and the Daily Planet offered us prime tickets for the tournament at the Chetradome.

Lois Lane: That’s a good enough reason for me.

Edwin Jarvis: Ok, so to the fight, or fights I should say.

Lois Lane: In a nutshell. Aquaman and Namor are about to fight in Aquaman’s pool. Atom and Ant-Man are squaring off in the Computer Console.

Edwin Jarvis: Black Canary and Moon Knight are fighting in the Hanger Bay. Fire and Living Lightning are trying to use their powers to take each other out, also in the Hanger Bay.

Lois Lane: The rest are in the Conference Room, Steel and Vision are squaring off, Wonder Woman and Tigra have started their altercation, and Zatanna and Scarlet Witch are getting ready to bombard each other with spells. So let the fights begin.

Edwin Jarvis: Please keep in mind that we are in the security room, watching on the cameras, we can't tell you everything that is going on, but important things that jump out at us will be addressed.

Lois Lane: Most notably right now is the fight between Wonder Woman and Tigra. Tigra, who had just swiped at Wonder Woman only to have it blocked by Wonder Woman’s bracelets jumps back, grins, and brandishes her claws.

Edwin Jarvis: Wonder Woman, then hurls her tiara at Tigra, Tigra is hit in the head but not unconscious.

Lois Lane: Wonder Woman leaps forward and punches Tigra in the face.

Edwin Jarvis: Tigra is thrown backwards, clearly knocked out. Wonder Woman catches her tiara and joins Zatanna in her fight against Scarlet Witch.

Lois Lane: Now let’s turn our focus on Aquaman and Namor. Both charging at one another, they both collide.

Edwin Jarvis: A cloud of bubbles later reveals Namor, arm outstretched, Aquaman’s throat in his hand.

Lois Lane: Namor uses his other hand to punch Aquaman in the stomach. Aquaman bends double in pain, and Namor releases his hand from his throat. Seeing an easy victory for himself, Namor puts his hands together in a ball, and slams his double fist into Aquaman’s back.

Edwin Jarvis: Aquaman rapidly descends to the bottom of the pool. A large clunk indicates that Namor is the victor in this battle.

Lois Lane: Namor immediately flies up to the Conference Room, and begins battle with Wonder Woman. Leaving Zatanna and Scarlet Witch to fight alone.

Edwin Jarvis: Now we go to the Hanger Bay where Black Canary is fighting Moon knight, and Fire is fighting  Living Lightning.

Lois Lane: Moon Knight throws a couple of crescent darts at Black Canary, and Fire shoots some, well fire at Living Lightning.

Edwin Jarvis: Black Canary dodges the crescent darts, and Living Lightning does the same with Fire’s fire.

Lois Lane: Black Canary does her Canary Cry, and Living Lightning shoots lightning at Fire.

Edwin Jarvis: Moon Knight is knocked unconscious from Black Canary’s cry, and Fire is hit with Living Lightning’s lightning knocking her out.

Lois Lane: Black Canary and Living Lightning turn to each other at almost the exact same time.

Edwin Jarvis: Black Canary does her Canary Cry again, but Living Lightning, traveling at the speed of light, travels behind her and hits her with a quick jolt of lightning. Black Canary is defeated, and Living Lightning makes his way to the conference room.

Lois Lane: Ok, to the fight between Atom and Ant-Man. For some reason the Justice League felt it necessary to put a camera in the computer console, so I guess we get to see what’s happening.

Edwin Jarvis: Atom and Ant-Man charge at each other, Atom dives at Ant-Man’s feet, and Ant-Man kicks down.

Lois Lane: Atom is a little winded from the kick, and Ant-Man pins Atoms shoulders down.

Edwin Jarvis: Ant-Man then pulls his own head back, and head-butts Atom on the ground. Keep in mind that Ant-Man is wearing a helmet, and Atom isn’t.

Lois Lane: Atom is knocked out, and Ant-Man looks for the way out of the console.

Edwin Jarvis: Ok, let’s go over to the Conference Room, where Steel is fighting Vision, Namor is fighting Wonder Woman, and Zatanna is fighting Scarlet Witch.

Lois Lane: Steel throws his hammer at Vision, and Vision dodges out of the way.

Edwin Jarvis: The hammer knocks over the wall behind Vision, and Steel bounds forward to punch Vision.

Lois Lane: Vision seeing through the distracting tactic, leaps to the side and Steel plows forward into a wall. Back to them later.

Edwin Jarvis: Wonder Woman and Namor seem to be engaging in hand to hand combat, and Zatanna finally finishes Scarlet Witch off with a fire spell.

Lois Lane: Immediately Living Lightning comes in to the room, and Ant-Man returns to normal size.

Edwin Jarvis: Seeing Zatanna, Ant-Man charges at her. All of her focus pointed at Ant-Man, Zatanna couldn’t see the blast of lightning shot at her by Living Lightning.

Lois Lane: Ant-Man looks a little disappointed that he couldn’t beat up Zatanna, but quickly regains his composure as they both join Namor in fighting Wonder Woman.

Edwin Jarvis: Wonder Woman, seeing that she is about to be severely out-numbered, uses her bracelets to hit Namor in the head. Then picks him up, flips him up-side-down, and slams his head into the floor.

Lois Lane: Ant-Man taking his new found strategy of just charging at enemies, charges at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman --almost laughing-- swats him away. Ant-Man crashes into a wall and is knocked unconscious.

Edwin Jarvis: Living Lightning then begins to bombard Wonder Woman with his lightning, and Wonder Woman blocks what she can with her bracelets.

Lois Lane: Steel, who seemed to have found his hammer, grabs Vision by the neck, and brings his hammer down on his head.

Edwin Jarvis: Steel turns to see Wonder Woman over taken by the lightning, and get knocked unconscious.

Lois Lane: Living Lightning, distracted by his fourth victory of the night, doesn’t see Steel’s hammer as it hurtles towards him and finally collides.

Edwin Jarvis: Living Lightning is down. The only one left is Steel, that means that The Justice League win!

The Justice League defeats the Avengers 15 votes to 8


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