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48. Team Kakashi vs. The Masters of the Universe

The Leaf Village and Eternia have sent their best warriors, which civilization is victorious?

 *fight suggested by SimbasGuard

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Team Kakashi









The Masters of the Universe


Battle Cat






Eternia (Inside Snake Mountain):

It had been several weeks since The Evil Warriors had attacked The Royal Palace in an attempt to seize control of Eternia's light hemisphere only to be severely trounced by The Masters Of The Universe. The battle went so poorly most of The Evil Warriors were captured with only Skeletor, Panthor, Evil-Lyn, and Ninjor managing to escape. An escape that resulted in Panthor's left foreleg being severely injured as he jumped in front of a charging Ram-Man to save Skeletor from an attack from behind. Skeletor had just removed the magic field he put on Panthor's leg to accelerate his healing and is now examining Panthor to see how well his spell worked.

"It looks as if you'll be sore for a few weeks" said Skeletor "but if It makes you feel better you'll be running again long before Ram-Man wakes up from that coma I put Him in. HA HA HA HA!"

As Skeletor laughs, remembering the powerful spell he cast on Ram-Man as he and Panthor made Their escape Evil-Lyn walks into the room.

"Now that Panthor is feeling better." said Evil-Lyn "Shouldn't we try to rescue the other Evil Warriors?"

"Panthor is not yet battle ready Evil-Lyn." says Skeletor "Besides to stage such a large scale break-out would require more than just the three of us." Unless You know of where I can hire more evil warriors?" Evil-Lyn was at a loss for words when Ninjor came into the room

"Master." said Ninjor I was going through my collection of items I took from other Ninja I defeated before you brought me to Eternia." When I found this."

Ninjor holds up a scroll.

"Well what is it dolt?!" demanded Skeletor

"Well Master." explained Ninjor " it states that one of the Ninja I defeated or perhaps one of his clan once saved the life of the Hokage during a time of war between villages. and at any time should this scroll be presented to the Hokage of The Village Hidden In The Leaves a squad of ninja will be made available to assist the one who presents the scroll." "Free of charge." added Ninjor

"This could prove useful" said Skeletor "How many ninja's are in a squad?"

"Four" says Ninjor.

"Excellent" says Evil-Lyn sarcastically "With four ninjas to bolster our ranks we will be invincible."

"Wait." says Skeletor. "I know how We can best make use of these ninjas

Earth (Japan just outside The Village Hidden In The Leaves, The next day):

An interdimentional portal opens and out steps Evil-Lyn. She quickly looks around to make sure no one noticed her arrival and then magically contacts Skeletor. Skeletor's image appears in the crystal ball atop Evil-Lyn's staff.

I'm here Skeletor" says Evil-Lyn "Is everything in place for the plan to begin?

"Yes" says Skeletor "Several legions of Hover Robots are posed to attack several different Eternian villages once You enter The Hidden Leaf Village. With different villages being attacked at the same time The Masters Of The Universe will be forced to divide Their forces to deal with the threat. This in turn will leave the prison undermanned. and vulnerable to attack. Now go get the ninja and then phase 2 of the plan can commence."

"At once Skeletor." says Evil-Lyn as his image fades from her crystal ball. Hmmm. thinks Evil-Lyn I can't go into the village looking like this. Evil-Lyn then utters a spell. "What I ware is not all the rage. So to something from this land let My fashion change," Purple smoke surrounds Evil-Lyn and changes green before dissipating. Evil-Lyn is now dressed as an inhabitant of Japan (Her staff has changed appearance as well to that of a wooden walking stick). As Evil-Lyn approaches The Leaf Village a voice rings out.

"Halt!" Identify Yourself."

"I...I am Linda Foster." says Evil-Lyn "And I must see The Hokage it is an urgent matter."

"Not just anyone can see the Hokage." says the voice

"But I have a scroll that says that can receive the help of The Leaf Village if I show this scroll to The Hokage" says Evil-Lyn holding up the scroll. A puff of smoke appears before Evil-Lyn which quickly dissipates to reveal a Ninja.

"Let me take a look at that." says the ninja.

Evil-Lyn hands the ninja the scroll after looking it over the ninja motions toward the town walls and another ninja jumps down in front of Evil-Lyn and the first ninja hands Evil-Lyn back the scroll and says, "Wait here."

The ninja then disappears in another puff of smoke fifteen minutes later four men in black hooded robes and white face masks jump down in front of Evil-Lyn and the ninja left to watch her.

"Lady Hokage will see You now." says one of the men in the masks. Evil-Lyn is brought inside the village to a building, and escorted to an office inside where a blond woman who seemed to be in her mid-twenty's is sitting behind the desk.

"I' am The Hokage of The Leaf Village" says the woman "I have been briefed on the situation Ms. Foster, May I see the scroll?"

Evil-Lyn then hands the scroll to The Hokage who looks it over.

"This is indeed a legitimate scroll" says The Hokage "But first I need to know a few things."

"Such as?" asks Evil-Lyn

"First of all where are you from?" asks The Hokage. Thinking quickly Evil-Lyn answers.

"From the village hidden in the mountain, It is not a widely known village"

"The next question I have is this." Says The Hokage " My grandfather, The First Hokage gave this scroll to a ninja from The village of crouching Tigers several years ago, how did it come to be in your possession?" Once again thinking quickly Evil-Lyn answered

"A month ago I gave an injured ninja safe haven in my home. When he recovered he gave me the scroll as a reward, he said it had been in his clan for quite some time."

"I see." said The Hokage "What do you require of The Leaf village ninja?

"Many in my village were captured and taken away as prisoners by an evil army." says Evil Lyn "I had hoped your ninja could sneak in and free them, I can not attempt to do it myself because the skills of a warrior may be needed and sadly I am no warrior."

"Then The Leaf Village ninja will be at Your service." says The Hokage I just need to know Two last things?"

"Which are?" asks Evil-Lyn

"How long will it take to get to your village and how long will you have need of my ninja?" asks The Hokage

"I don't even need to take them to my village." says Evil-Lyn "I know a shortcut that will get them right where they need to be in not long at all and once the prisoners are free your ninjas can return home. I doubt I'll need them longer than three days at the most."

"Very well then." said the Hokage "The Anbu Black Ops will escort you outside (She said motioning to the men in the robes) and I will send the squad of ninjas I assign to you out to meet you."

"Thank You Lady Hokage" says Evil-Lyn as she stands up and is escorted outside.

After everyone has left her office The Hokage steps outside of her office to where her assistant is and says. "Shizune send someone to find Team 7 and have them brought to me, I have a mission for them."

"But Lady Tsunade" says Shizune "Team 7 has only had one day off since they returned from The Land Of Snow, are you sure you want to send them out again?"

"With as short handed as we are we have no one else available" says The Hokage "Now send someone for Team 7...Oh and remind them that if Naruto proves had to find check the Ichiraku Ramen Bar."

Outside The Hidden Leaf Village (20 minutes later):

Evil-Lyn was beginning to wonder if they had forgotten about her when the village gates opened and out walked a man with white spiky hair he had a black suite on as well as a mask that covered all but his right eye and three kids two boys one was blond with spiky hair and was waring an orange jump suit the other had black hair and was dressed in some kind of blue/black outfit and the third was a girl with short pink hair warring a red outfit. All of whom seem to be about 13 years old.

"Hello, I am Kakashi Hatake" said the white hared man " and this is My squad (He said motioning to the three kids behind him) they are Sa---"

"Just a moment." interrupted Evil-Lyn "I was under the impression that I would would get a squad of ninjas to help me not...Kids"

"Hey Listen Lady!" shouted the blond haired boy "Even Though I'm Not A Grown-Up! I'm Still A Ninja! And I'm Going To Be The OW!""

"Shut-Up Naruto!" shouted the pink haired girl who had just clunked the blond haired boy over the head with her fist. "Let Kakashi Sense finish introducing Us!"

"I assure you Ms. Foster." said Kakashi "That each member of My squad is a capable ninja, despite their youth. Now as I was saying there is Sasuke Uchiha (He said pointing to the dark haired boy), The young lady is Sakura Haruno, and the one on the ground trying to regain his bearings is Naruto Uzumaki We are Team 7 . Now The Hokage informed me that you knew of a short cut that could get us where we needed to be in a hurry."

"Yes." said Evil-Lyn "Please follow Me" within a few minutes Evil-Lyn lead Team 7 to where she had arrived when a fog rolled in. Team 7 immediately took defensive positions around Evil-Lyn. "Oh don't worry said Evil-Lyn "This is just the marker to the short cut" (In reality Evil-Lyn has cast this spell before she left Eternia so that Team 7 would not see the interdimentional portal that would bring them there.) "Now it's right this way." said Evil-Lyn as she led Team 7 through the portal.

Eternia (A barren hillside, a moment later):

Evil-Lyn steps through the fog enshrouded portal followed by Team 7, the portal disappears before Team 7 notice it. Then just as quickly as it rolled in the fog rolls out, Team 7 looks around and Naruto says.

"Wow lady, what kind of Jutsu was that?" "It doesn't look like we're anywhere near The Hidden Leaf Village."

"It's just something that helps with transport." says Evil-Lyn "Not far over that hill is the prison I need you to infiltrate and free the others from my village. I can go no further. once they are free return here and you may return home." As Evil-Lyn turns and begins to walk away Kakashi says to his team

"That sounds simple enough."

"Good fortune brave warriors." says Evil-Lyn. Once she is out of the sight of Team 7 Evil-Lyn disappears.

A rocky plateau (overlooking the corner between the north and west sides of the prison):

Ninjor stands ready awaiting further orders when Evil-Lyn appears alongside him (having undone her disguise spell on her way there).

"O.K. Ninjor" says Evil-Lyn "trigger the alarm and when the remaining Masters Of The Universe rush out to battle these Team 7 ninjas we will break in and free our allies."

Ninjor then knocks an arrow and shoots it in the area of one of the prison sensors causing the alarm to be triggered.

Inside the prison:

Fisto runs to a monitor to see what caused the alarm as he looks on the screen He sees four people running toward the prison.

"It looks like We have company." says Fisto "Four people Three look even younger than you Teela"

"I think no tactic is to low for Skeletor to try uncle." says Teela " It would be best to confront them before they get to close to the prison. They have us out numbered and we have no back-up. I'll alert the palace."

The Royal Palace (In the infirmary):

Prince Adam along with several Royal Guards are watching over the comatose Ram-Man when Teela's voice comes over a speaker.

"Prince Adam, the prison is under attack. Uncle and I are going to look into it, so stay alert we have no idea what Skeletor may be up to."

I can't leave Teela and Fisto to deal with this on their own. thinks Prince Adam.

Prince Adam then turns to the ranking guard in the room and says

"Triple the guards I'll make sure the entrance is secure."

"At once Your Highness." says the guard.

As Prince Adam leaves the infirmary his pet tiger Cringer (Who was laying down in the hall) follows him. Once outside Prince Adam makes sure no one is around and then draws his Sword Of Power, holds it above his head and says.

"By The Power Of Grayskull!"

magic light explodes from the sword covering Prince Adam and transforming him into He-Man.

"I Have The Power!" says He-Man.

He-Man then points The Sword Of Power at Cringer, a beam of light then shoots from the sword and hits Cringer transforming him into Battle Cat.

Battle Cat ROARS! He-Man then leaps atop Battle Cat who then in turn leaps over the place wall.

"Head for the mountain pass Battle Cat." says He-Man "We can make It look like we were in the area and are responding to the alarm." Battle Cat quickly runs to the mountains and with a series of mighty leaps carries He-Man into the mountain pass. After a short run Battle Cat smells the scent of both The Masters and others He does nor recognize. One he is behind the unknown scents Battle Cat makes several more leaps and brings He-Man out of the mountains. As Battle Cat closes the distance between himself and the intruders He-Man sees Teela and Fisto facing down four people. At that point Battle Cat ROARS once again.

Kakashi and Naruto turn in the direction of the roar and see He-Man and Battle Cat come up behind them.

O.K. first the guy with the Giant Metal hand and and now some kind of muscle man on a...Tiger?...Bigger than any I've ever seen. thinks Kakashi It looks like The Hokage was right, something strange is going on.

"Team We've Been Surrounded." shouts Kakashi "A battle can no longer be avoided."

Team 7 then takes a fighting stance ready to face attacks from both sides.

"You could just surrender." says He-Man not wanting to fight such young opponents

"No Way Naruto Uzumaki Never Gives-Up Believe It!" says Naruto.

"Have It your way then." says He-Man as he dismounts Battle Cat and prepares for battle.

So Who Wins The Ninjas Of The Leaf Village or Eternia's Heroes?

*Set-Up written by SimbasGuard



Queen Marlena




Tsunade: As the call for battle beckons, each competitor seems to pick an opponent without any words being said.

Queen Marlena: He-Man appears to be challenging Kakashi.

Tsunade: Naruto of coruse can’t wait to fight a giant tiger and eyes up Battle Cat.

Queen Marlena: Sakura and Teela, being the only girls in either team; naturally pick each other for competitors.

Tsunade: And last, but certainly not least: Sasuke and Fisto.

Queen Marlena: Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke all glance at Kakashi who in turn gives them a little nod. Immediately they charge.

Tsunade: This must have been a pre-discussed battle plan, if they were evenly or out matched.

Queen Marlena: As they all charge:

Kakashi: Lightning Blade!

Sasuke: Chidori!

Naruto: Rasengan!

Sakura: Cherry Blossom of Light!

Tsunade: He-Man catches Kakashi’s Lightning Blade with his power sword.

Queen Marlena: Sasuke manages to hit Fisto in the stomach with his Chidori

Tsunade: Battle Cat leaps onto Naruto somehow avoiding the Rasengan in Naruto’s palm.

Queen Marlena: and Sakura?

Tsunade: Sakura’s Cherry Blossom of light is a form of Gen-Jutsu that I didn’t even know she had. I think it is meant to desensitize the enemy to the fact that they are in battle, and make them think that they are in a friendly environment.

Queen Marlena: It seems to be having little effect on Teela as she smiles subtly.

Tsunade: Kakashi backs off of He-Man for the time being.

Queen Marlena: Fisto falls to the ground and Sasuke turns to help Sakura.

Tsunade: Naruto is pinned to the ground by what appears to be a very merciful Battle Cat. He could have mauled him ten times over.

Queen Marlena: Teela swings her staff around hits Sakura directly in the head knocking her out.

Sasuke: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!

Tsunade: Several burst of flame erupt from Sasuke's mouth as the flames engulf Teela.

Queen Marlena: The flames die quickly, so I don’t think that Teela will sustain any lasting damage, but she is now unconscious.

Tsunade: Battle Cat wants to get back into the fight, knocks Naruto out and turns on Sasuke.

Sasuke: Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Queen Marlena: Sasuke and his five other clones charge at Battle Cat, but it would seem that the swiftness of the Tiger is too much for Sasuke and his clones, as the clones are destroyed quickly along with a generous gash in Sasuke’s forearm.

Tsunade: As Sasuke attempts to make a hand sign, Battle Cat swipes at Sasuke and Sasuke is thrown aside, and knocked unconscious.

Queen Marlena: Kakashi, now backed far away from He-Man and Battle Cat now makes one more hand sign.

Tsunade: Kakashi seems to teleport behind He-Man, Kakashi crouches down, hand sign still intact.

Kakashi: One Thousand Years o---

Queen Marlena: Right in time, Battle Cat manages to strike a damaging blow to Kakashi;s back.

Tsunade: Kakashi is down.

Queen Marlena: The Masters of the Universe win!


The Masters of the Universe defeat team Kakashi 18 votes to 3


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