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50. Fantastic Four vs. U-Foes

A team battle for the books: Fantastic Four vs. U-Foes!

*This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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Fantastic Four





New York:

The U-Foes have a come up with a plan to capture The U.N. In order to hold all The Representatives hostage and ransom them back to their respective Countries. The U-Foes launch a surprise attack and despite the best efforts Of. The U.N. Security. Easily break in to The U.N. However what The U-Foes did not realize was that Reed Richards was going to address The U.N. on alternative energy sources and he brought the rest of His Family with Him. Needless to say The U-Foes are rather shocked to encounter not only frightened U.N. delegates, But The Fantastic Four as well.

So Who Wins this battle between teams of cosmic-ray powered individuals?

*Set-Up written by SimbasGuard


Luke Cage





Luke Cage: The teams quickly divide into 1 on 1 battle stances and the pairings are as follows: Vector vs. Mr. Fantastic, Vapor vs. The Invisible Woman, X-Ray vs. Human Torch, and Ironclad vs. Thing. This should prove to be interesting.

Leader: I find it fascinating that the U-Foes conveniently saw no indication that the Fantastic 4 were going to be here today. I mean it has been on the news for months, and Mr. Fantastic’s face is on a gargantuan sign near the front entrance!

Luke Cage: Maybe this fight was just meant to be.


Luke Cage: Let’s just get to the fight.

Leader: Very well.

Luke Cage: Vector takes to the air, and Mr. Fantastic throws a stretchy punch at him. Vector repels the punch, and Mr. Fantastic makes himself twice his normal height.

Leader: Vapor swarms at Invisible Woman. Invisible woman creates a shield, but to no avail. Vapor simply passes around it. Invisible Woman at the last minute creates a bubble shield around herself.

Luke Cage: Human Torch and X-ray begin to shoot blasts of energy at each other. Human Torch flies into one of the overseeing translator’s boxes, and X-Ray follows.

Leader: Thing and Ironclad charge one another, a tremendous crash and the two are shoulder locked trying to take the other one down.

Luke Cage: Vector glides toward Mr. Fantastic, and Mr. Fantastic runs and dives at Vector. Vector simply repels him and Mr. Fantastic is on the floor with Vector advancing.

Leader: Invisible woman, who is still in the bubble, thinks quickly, concentrates, and makes a force field around vapor.

Luke Cage: Invisible woman drops the shield that was around herself, then –still concentrating hard—shrinks the bubble around vapor.

Leader: Human Torch and X-ray continue their energy blasting. One of Human Torches comes rocketing out of the box window, and hits what appears to be a television monitor.

Luke Cage: The monitor comes crashing down on top of Vector’s head. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Leader: Ironclad kicks Thing in the stomach and Thing goes flying backwards into a wall.

Luke Cage: Mr. Fantastic, now free of his combatant runs over to Invisible Woman. They have a brief conversation, and Mr. Fantastic runs to help Thing.

Leader: Invisible Woman still has Vapor in her shield. The size of a Basketball now, it is easy to see that Vapor is trying to escape her prison, but to no avail.

Luke Cage: Suddenly there is a huge shudder around the room as the translator’s box that Human Torch and X-Ray were in explodes and is enveloped by white flames.

Leader: Human Torch flies out of the wreckage and towards Thing.

Luke Cage: Mr. Fantastic trips Ironclad who was too busy advancing on Thing to worry about what was at his feet.

Leader: Ironclad falls, catching himself at the last minute with his forearm. Thing gets to his feet and Human Torch lands.

Mr. Fantastic: Formation: Tau Epsilon Alpha Mu Mu Tau Eta!

Luke Cage: The other two nod.

Leader: Human Torch takes to flight and sprays a continuous title-wave of flame at Ironclad.

Luke Cage: Mister Fantastic grabs on to two pillars on opposite end of the enormous room.

Leader: Thing pulls back on Mr. Fantastic in a way that can only lead to a sling-shot.

Luke Cage: Way to give away the ending.

Leader: Thing positions himself in the middle of said sling-shot, and pulls back even more.

Mr. Fantastic: NOW!

Luke Cage: Human Torch stops his flame throwing, and Thing lifts up his legs.

Leader: At a speed that can only be described as “faster than a speeding bullet” Thing rockets toward Ironclad with the assistance of Mr. Fantastic’s sling-shot.

Luke Cage: Thing punches Ironclad square in the face with a strength that could shatter buildings.

Leader: Thing somersaults’ to a stop, and Ironclad flies through several walls, and lies on the street outside.  I think it is safe to say the Fantastic 4 is victorious.

Luke Cage: I agree.

Fantastic Four defeat the U-Foes 23 votes to 1


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