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51. Team Kakashi vs. Team Guy

Want it, need it, an "A" ranked mission is in my grasp!

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Team Kakashi




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Team Guy







 Rock Lee





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Paperwork, paperwork, PAPERWORK! All I do around here is paperwork. Who would have thought that being Hokage would involve so much reading and writing? I almost wish someone would challenge me for my title so I could at least fight someone for once. Tsunade puts her hand to her forehead.

“Lady Tsunade?” asks Shizune

“Yes Shizune” answers Tsunade.

“I know it may seem like nothing is getting done because more invoices keep coming in, but you are making progress, only a few more years of this and you'll be all caught up!” Shizune Smiles widely.

“A few more years!?” Tsunade's face gets very red, she turns to Shizune. “Maybe you should have kept that one to yourself!” Tsunade stands up. Shizune runs screening knowing whats coming.

“Shizune!” Tsunade yells as a stack of papers topples off of her desk and onto the floor. “Get back here and clean up your mess!” Shizune runs out of the office. Tsunade sighs. “They don't make assistants like they used to.” Tsunade kneels down and picks up the now unorganized stacks of paper. Then she notices a corner of a scroll protruding from under her desk. She pulls it out. Very dusty she thinks, then her eyes widen as she notices the word “IMPORTANT” stamped in red lettering on the scroll. Tsunade sighs again. “Why was this under my desk?” she voices. Tsunade gets up, and sits in her chair. She opens the scroll and begins to read. Each word making here eyes wider and wider.


Leaf Forest

“That's another win for me, Kakashi!” Might Guy gets to his feet and grins down at Kakashi.

“Guy,” says Kakashi also getting to his feet. “I just got out of the hospital, why would you think I would want to race around the Leaf Village using only 2 kunai to touch the ground?”

“You agreed to the race, we did it, and I won. Let's see what's the score now?”

“Your still keeping score? Face it Guy were too evenly matched to keep tabs on who's better.”

“I'm ahead by 2.”

“...arm wrestle?”

“You know the rule Kakashi, no more than 1 of these little battles a day.”

Kakashi sighs, “I suppose we have to rest sometime.”

“Who said anything about resting? I'm going to go and train!”

“Kakashi Hatake? Might Guy?”



“I am Shizune, assistant to Lady Hokage, Tsunade”

“We've met before Shizune, what's up?”

“Oh, I didn't know if you remembered.” Shizune blushes, “Anyway, Lady Tsunade wants to see the two of” The three speed off to the Hokage Mansion.


Sai's House


“Come in” says Sai. The door opens, and in walks Danzo.

“Sai, you...” Danzo hesitates as he sees all the drawings on the walls, floor and ceiling. Danzo grits his teeth, “Sai, you--”

“Judging by the fact that you called me 'Sai', I must have a mission with Team Kakashi.”

Danzo sneers, “That cow Tsunade wants you to go over to the Hokage's Mansion straight away.”

“Then I will leave now.” Sai gets up and walks out of his front door. Danzo gives the evil eye to each of Sai's Drawings before finally closing the door.


Hyuga Manor, Courtyard:

“Try again Hinata,” says Neji. Hinata nods and makes a tiger hand sign. She had come a long way, now a Chunin, and seemed to be ready to learn Neji's 'Air Palm' technique, but first.

“Neji!” Hinata's little sister Hanabi whizzes around the corner.

“Yes Hanabi” replies Neji.

“The Hokage wants to see you at the mansion for a mission.”

“I am afraid we must continue this another time Hinata.” Hinata nods and looks at the ground. Neji starts for the Hokage's Mansion.

“It's OK,” says Hanabi, “I'll train with you Hinata.”

Training Field

Sitting on the center stump of a trio of stumps that are the only land marker for the training field, is Tenten. Head tilted to the side, eyes a little glazed, and a grimace on her face. She was admiring Lee while he played catch with himself. Throwing the ball, then beating the ball to the other side of the training field, catching it, and starting all over again. She almost fell off the stump in her daze, but luckily Ino was there just in time to save her from embarrassment*.

“Training hard Tenten?” asks Ino smiling.

“Hum?” asks Tenten distracted. “Oh, sorry. What's up Ino?” Ino glares briefly then says:

“Actually the Hokage has a mission for you and Lee.”

“Just the two of us?' asks Tenten eyebrows raising, looking hopeful.

“Uh, no,” says Ino “Neji and some other are there too.”

“Others?” Tenten says to herself. “Lee!” yells Tenten.

“Yes Tenten!” answers Lee at once.

“We have a mission!”

“Woohoo!” Lee leaps in the air with his thumbs up. “This will be a success for sure. Race you there Tenten!” Lee takes off, and Tenten sighs smiling.

Ichiraku Ramen Shop:

“For the last time Naruto, this is not a date!” Sakura's eyes are big, and her face is red.

“But Sakura,” Says Naruto defensively, “I'm buying!”

“I will say it one more time, and then I will print out bumper stickers, THIS IS NOT A DATE!”

Suddenly a boy comes in the shop, catches sight of Naruto and Sakura, and immediately makes a B-line for them. The boy stops about a foot from the. Glances at Naruto, then Sakura in turn. Suddenly a big grin lights up in his face. Finally, when he looks like he might blow up: “Are you guys on a DATE!?”

“Well,” says Naruto, putting his hand on the back of his neck, elbow up. “You know--”

WRONG ANSWER!” Sakura brings her fist down hard on Naruto's head.

“OWE! It wasn't me, it was Konohamaru, hit HIM!”

Sakura turns to Konohamaru, fist clenched, a fire in her eye's now.

“Ah, hold on a second, Old Lady Tsunade wants you two to be part of a mission!” Sakura relaxes her fist, and Naruto straightens up. “She wants you to meet her in her office as soon a possible.”

“Thanks Konohamaru,” says Naruto “Well Sakura, it looks like we'll have to reschedule our date.”

Sakura cracks her knuckles.

Hokage's Mansion, Tsunade's Office:

“As you can probably tell by now, I have both Team Kakashi, and Team Guy assembled before me. Let me explain. At a late notice I received an invoice from The Village Hidden in the Lava. The Leader Raga Rikoni would like to sign a peace treaty with us in exchange for some Leaf Village entertainment. However since I have limited time, and you are all available, you're it. The winner will get an “A” ranked mission as a prize.” silence.

“A prize for what?” asks Neji.

“The fight, Team Kakashi vs. Team Guy!” The eight look around at each other, then suddenly all grimace.

Chunin Exam Stadium:

The Stands are filled, Raga Rikoni is in the stands, and the competitors are on the field. So Who Wins, the team led by the Copy Ninja? Or the team led by the Green Beast?








Tsunade: Hello Leaf Village, and Welcome Village Hidden in the Lava!

Jiraiya: We have a great show lined up for your entertainment. Team Kakashi vs. Team Guy!

Tsunade: Before the fight starts, I think now would be a good time to let everyone know what the line-ups are.

Jiraiya: Alright, judging by the position of the combatants, it looks like the line-up will be: Kakashi vs. Guy, Naruto vs. Rock Lee, Sakura vs. Tenten, and Sai vs. Neji.

Tsunade: So who do you think will win this fight Jiraiya?

Jiraiya: Well, as much as I would like to say that I have faith in Naruto, I think he and his team will be walking away from this fight defeated.

Tsunade: And I think, that no matter the team mates,Kakashi will wrap this fight up after the other three on his team are defeated.

Jiraiya: Alright, time to start the fight?

Tsunade: That's right. BEGIN!

Jiraiya: Immediately the fight begins. Kakashi jumps into the air, Naruto Charges at Lee, Sakura pulls out several ninja tools, and Sai pulls out a scroll.

Tsunade: Guy jumps into the air as well to attack Kakashi, Lee charges at Naruto, Tenten whips out a scroll and jumps into the air. Neji strikes a fighting stance and makes some hand signs.

Jiraiya: Kakashi throws a powerful kick at Guy in mid air, but Guy is too quick for him, and kicks Kakashi in the chest.

Tsunade: Naruto attempts to punch Lee, but Lee grabs Naruto's arm and throws him over his shoulder.

Jiraiya: Sakura throws her ninja tools at Tenten, but Tenten had already started her ninja tool summoning jutsu. As Tenten spins, torrents of different kinds of ninja tools spew from Tenten and towards Sakura.

Tsunade: Sai makes a hand sign and an ink Rhinoceros comes flying off of Sai's paper, and towards Neji. At the same time Neji finishes his 'Air Palm' jutsu, and forces it towards Sai.

Jiraiya: Kakashi goes flying backwards and hits the wall behind him. Kakashi falls and lands on his feet, just as Guy lands in front of him.

Tsunade: Naruto also lands on his feet, and makes another run at Lee. Lee waits for Naruto to come to him.

Jiraiya: Sakura manages to jump out of the way of Tenten's ninja tools and decides that hand to hand is the only way to defeat Tenten. A wise move in my opinion as Tenten seems to only have skill mastery of ninjutsu. Tenten lands, surprised and disappointed by the lack of Sakura's defeat.

Tsunade: Sai 's Rhino, and Neji's air palm collide mid air. The Rhino explodes in a blast of ink, and it would seem that Neji's air-palm had dissipated. Sai pulls out another piece of paper, and Neji jumps high into the air.

Jiraiya: Kakashi pulls out several small shurikens and throw them at Guy. Guy easily dodges them, and charges for Kakashi.

Tsunade: Naruto continues charging, and just when he is about to reach Lee, Lee extends his leg, and Naruto gets the wind knocked out of him.

Jiraiya: Sakura reaches Tenten, and punches her square in the face. Tenten is thrown back and Sakura looks around victoriously for someone else to fight.

Tsunade: Sai gives life to an ink eagle, and Neji lands between Sai and Sakura. Sakura is looking the other way, so Neji takes advantage of the situation. A small hand sign, and a tap on the back of the head from Neji, and Sakura is out cold. Neji turns to Sai.

Jiraiya: Kakashi returns Guy's charging, holding his right arm low, a heavy flicker in his palm.

Tsunade: Naruto gets to his feet, and looks disgruntled at Lee. Lee raises his heavy eyebrows at Naruto and does a spinning kick low to the ground; knocking Naruto on his back again.

Jiraiya: Sai's giant eagle reaches Neji, and with a light touch from Neji, the eagle explodes. Sai pulls out yet another piece of paper, and Neji charges for Sai.

Tsunade: Kakashi and Guy collide, but the power of Kakashi's Chidori is too much for Guy. Guy is thrown backwards and lands unconscious on his stomach.

Jiraiya: Naruto --looking pretty fed up with Lee's nonchalance about keeping Naruto away from him-- kicks at Lee's knees. Lee backs away from Naruto to avoid injury.

Tsunade: Spider's erupt from Sai's piece of paper, just as Neji reaches him. Neji quickly hits Sai's chakra points with his fingers, and Sai falls to the ground. The spiders melt to puddles of ink on the ground.

Jiraiya: At the same time, Kakashi and Neji turn and see each other. They both charge.

Tsunade: Lee picks Naruto up quickly, and punches him into the air. Lee jumps with Naruto and begins ensuing multiple punches to every part or Naruto's body that Lee can find.

Jiraiya: As Kakashi runs he does a hand sign, and behind Neji a dozen or so dogs appear.

Tsunade: The dogs chase the unaware Neji, and tackle him to the ground.

Jiraiya: Neji struggles to his feet; the dogs teeth firmly cemented in his flesh.

Tsunade: Kakashi charges up, and puts his whole body into one almighty punch into Neji's stomach.

Jiraiya: Neji collapses to the ground. Kakashi turns to see Lee and Naruto begin their fall.

Tsunade: Lee kicks the now unconscious Naruto away from himself and he begins to land.

Jiraiya: The earth shakes as Lee lands. Lee sees no one in front of him, and turns around. At that moment Lee is face to face with Kakashi, who plunges two chidori powered fists into Lee's chest and stomach.

Tsunade: Lee is thrown backwards all the way to the opposite wall.

Jiraiya: Kakashi is the only one called it.

Tsunade: I certainly did. TEAM KAKASHI WINS!!!



Team Kakashi defeats Team Guy 16 votes to 3


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