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52. Clayface vs. Blob

The Malleable Men of Might face off in this battle of strength.

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The Brotherhood Lair

“What do you have for me today boss?” asks Blob of Magneto.

“It would seem,” Magneto says “that there is a possible mutant running amok in Gotham City. I want you to capture him, and bring him here.”

“I always have the recruitment job, why can’t you get Sabertooth to do it?” whines Blob

“I think that you are the best candidate for the job, save me.”

“And why is that?”

“You will see. I will leave it a mystery for now, but let’s just say that he is a lot like you.”

“What’s this jokers name?”

“His name is Clayface, now go.”

“Got it boss.”

On The Streets Of Gotham City

Clayface is going for a nice stroll after robbing a bank when suddenly Blob bounds off of a building and into the street in front of Clayface.

“Alright Clayface, your coming with me!” cries Blob

“Just try it!” yells Clayface as he tosses his money bag aside.

Both men take fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Glutinous Blob? Or the Mound of Malleable Metal Clayface?







Batman: Well, here we are on the streets of Gotham City where Clayface and Blob are going to going to battle.

Wolverine: It's sorta funny Bat,

Batman: What do you mean?

Wolverine: Well during the last tournament in the Chetradome, I was hoping it would be me and you in the finals, I was hoping to fight you.

Batman: I know what you mean, but as fate would have it, I was once again eliminated from that tournament in the first round.

Wolverine: Yeah, maybe we'll be in another tournament.

Batman: I don't think that we need to wait that long, here, here is my card. If you ever have a hankering for a fight, and I'm not too busy. Maybe we could arrange something.

Wolverine: You'll be hearing a call soon Bat.

Batman: Alright, I think we should get to the fight at hand.

Wolverine: Right, Clayface charges towards Blob, and Clayface returns the charge.

Batman: Clayface punches Blob in the stomach, and Blob's fat starts sucking Clayface's hand in.

Wolverine: Clayface thinks quickly and liquefies his arm. It slips easily from Blob's fat-grasp.

Batman: Blob grabs a nearby light post and swings at Clayface.

Wolverine: The light post passes semi-easily though Clayface.

Batman: Clayface seemed to have deduced a weakness of Blob's just after that hit, and makes a swing for Blob's head.

Wolverine: Blob ducks, out of the way, and punches Clayface in the stomach.

Batman: Blob's fist goes right through Clayface's malleable body, and Blob retracts his arm.

Wolverine: The two stop, and glare at each other.

Batman: I think that is the only thing that can be done at this point. Both have similar powers, and can't seem to get a good grip on the other.

Wolverine: Clayface breaks the silence by shooting a fist out of his chest, hitting Blob in the face.

Batman: Blob is surprised, too surprised to notice Clayface had grabbed Blob's love handles and started pulling on them.

Wolverine: Blob only noticed when Clayface had Blob's fat rolls dozens of feet away from his body.

Batman: Blob yells, and punches both of Clayface's arms.

Wolverine: Clayface is forced to let go of Blob's fat, takes a fighting stance, and Blob's fact recoils with a loud snap.

Batman: Clayface, can tell that the fight is going no where, and liquefies himself.

Wolverine: Blob looks a little surprised that Clayface had given up.

Batman: But Clayface had really just flowed behind Blob, and is now reconstituting himself.

Wolverine: Before Blob can figure out what is happening, Clayface makes a fist at least 4 times as big as usual a brandishes it behind Blob.

Batman: Clayface quickly makes his fist really hard, it resembles something of a bolder.

Wolverine: As Blob begins to turn around, Clayface smashes his boulder fist square into the side of Blob's head.

Batman: Blob – who must have relaxed his gravity – goes flying sideways away from Clayface.

Wolverine: Well there you have it folks, Blob is defeated.

Batman: Clayface is the winner!


Clayface defeats Blob 18 votes to 12


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