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53. Masters of Evil vs. The Injustice Gang

Marvel villains vs. DC villains: This one is for world Domination.

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Masters of Evil



Dr. Doom






The Injustice Gang


Black Adam




Gorilla Grod












It would seem, thinks Imperiex as he pours over an old history book. That long ago a powerful evil force had an epic battle with another evil force, but if the one evil force hadn’t have interfered, the other force could have successfully enslaved all of humanity. A Future where everyone is enslaved? I could go for that, all I need to do is go back in time before this happened and stop that first force from ever fighting the second one…IT’S FOOLPROOF! And with that Imperiex disappears in a swirl of purple energy.


The Latverian Embassy – Doom’s Office

            Dr. Victor Von Doom is sitting in his chair behind the desk, twiddling his thumbs. I can’t remember the last time I had a good take over the world scheme. He thinks Maybe I should come up with another one. Not a single moment before Doom reaches for his coffee does the intercom squeak on.

“Mister Doom” the voice of his secretary says over the intercom.

“Yes, Miss Wearthers.” Answers Doom pleasantly.

“You have a visitor.” She answers sweetly.

“Ermm…who is it?”

“He said he was some kind of orange, he’s coming down the hallway now.”

“Thank you Miss Wearthers.” Doom turns off the intercom. Mandarin.

Doom tries to make himself look busy as to make it look like he Doom wasn’t expecting any company.

Mandarin enters the room.

“I see you haven’t changed” says Doom, Mandarin looks confused “You never knock.”

Mandarin smiles, “I heard your assistant talking to you.” Dooms face flushes a bit as he could see that his cool act wouldn’t work on Mandarin, at least not this time.

“Never mind that,” says Doom frustrated “What is your business here?”

“Well,” Starts Mandarin but at that moment there is a flash of green just to the right of Mandarin, and there appears Loki.

“DOOM!” says Loki half shouting. “I came here as soon as I realized!”

“Realized what?” asks Doom impatiently.

“Why, you’re putting the team back together!” says Loki grinning broadly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“But,” cuts in Mandarin before Loki could recover from disappointment. “That’s why I’m here too.”

“What would give you two the idea that I am putting a team together?”

A brief silence then:

“Oh I see,” says Loki snidely “You just don’t want us on the team, is that it?”

“I haven’t been making a team!”

“I am the god of mischief Doom, no plans for chaos can get past me!”



“Then someone else is.” says Loki breaking the silence. “I just figured it would be you…considering.”

“Wait a moment” voices Mandarin. “If you aren’t the disturbance I’ve been feeling in my rings, then we have an even more serious problem.”

“What’s the problem?” asks Loki and Doom in unison.

“I’ve been speaking with Baron Mordo, and he says that he can sense whatever it is, is evil.” Mandarin takes a pause and looks at them both in turn. “He also said that the intent of this force is to destroy a large part of evil. He says that if this force is allowed to go unchecked, evil will take far too many casualties, and will never have a fighting chance.”

“So what you are saying,” says Doom “Is that they are trying to fight evil…with evil?”


“I think you were right in coming here Loki,” says Doom “It would seem that the Masters of Evil are going to have to make a come-back.” Mandarin and Loki smile “Each of you go and get 2 other members, I’m going to start tracking the thing.”


Hall of Doom

Black Adam, Bizarro, and Gorilla Grod are sitting in the meeting room, apparently after a big meeting.

“I don’t think I see the problem Grod!” shouts Black Adam.

“Because it would undermine everything we villains do.” Answers Grod sharply.

“Bizarro, you agree with me don’t you?”

“Yeah” says Bizarro dumbly.

“See, two against one, we need to bring it up at the next meeting!” says Black Adam.

“Bizarro!” shouts Grod angrily “you agree with me, don’t you?”

“Yeah” says Bizarro. Grod raises his eyebrows at Black Adam, emphasizing his point. Black Adam looks defeated.

“If the Joker were here, he would agree with me.” Black Adam half whispers.

“The Jokers a nut job, and he likes to kill…well everyone.”

“I think we could all learn a few things from him.”

“What you are asking for is mental! Ok, ok, maybe you will understand better if you hear me say it. What you are asking for is for every member if the Injustice Gang to put money in a pool, and who ever can kill their arch nemesis first gets the money.”

“And what’s wrong with that.”

“We don’t do what we do because of our nemesis’, we do what we do because it’s evil, and we like to have control over as much as we can.”

“Frankly,” interrupts Imperiex. “I like what Black Adam is saying”

“What, where did you come from?” asks Grod.

“How did you know my name?” asks Black Adam.

“I love it when people ask me multiple questions that can all be answered in one simple statement. I’m from the future.” Understanding paints the face of everyone in the room, except Bizarro, who was poking his chin. “Let me explain.”


Latverian Embassy – Doom’s Office

Doom looks around at every face and surveys his team. Excellent, thinks Doom we have the 3 magic users: Mandarin, Loki, and myself. We have 3 bruisers: Venom, Blob, and Abomination. And 1 elementalist: Magneto. Couldn’t ask for a more balanced team.

“Alright team,” says Doom “I’ve tracked the force to somewhere in Texas, near an old oil mine field.” Magneto grins “The force has been there for some time. Building in size; I can only assume that it is a growing team of villains who hope to overthrow other villains to gain power. When we arrive, you need to size up the opponents, look for someone you think you would have a chance against. We only have 7 members on this team, if they have more, some will have to double up. There is also the possibility that you may know someone on the team. Don’t worry, we aren’t aiming to kill, that would disturb the balance as well. Everyone ready? Loki, could you do the honors?”

The team disappears in a flash of green.


Texas – Middle of Oil Mine Field

“Alright men,” shouts Imperiex “This is where the battle is supposed to take place in several weeks time, I think this is the best spot to catch our opponents, and that is why we have been here for a while. When they do get here size them up, I will shout either ‘TEAMWORK!’ or ‘GET ‘EM!’ if I shout ‘teamwork’ then I want Bizarro, Clayface, and Grod to take offense, and everyone else is defense. If I shout ‘get ‘em’ then that means take your best guess at who you think you can take, and go after them. Everyone understand?”

But before anyone could answer, there is a large flash of green light, and the Masters of Evil come into view.

“GET ‘EM!” shouts Imperiex, and the Injustice Gang charges forwards.

So Who Wins? The villains of Marvel? Or the villains of DC?






Spider-Man: Well here we are again Superman, commentating another match.

Superman: It would seem that we are something of an icon in our own universes.

Spider-Man: Oh, let's not talk about that, if I think about it for too long my brain starts to hurt.

Superman: Ok to the match I guess.

Spider-Man: Wow, there sure are a lot of competitors out there. How are we supposed to describe everything that is happening at once?

Superman: I think we should start with the basics.

Spider-Man: And that would be?

Superman: Line-up.

Spider-Man: Oh ok, well let's see it looks like it's going to start out as Mandarin vs. Imperiex, Dr. Doom vs. Black Adam, Loki vs. Sinestro,

Superman: Venom vs. Gorilla Grod, Blob vs. Bane, Abomination vs. Bizarro, and Magneto vs. Clayface.

Spider-Man: This should prove to be an interesting fight.

Superman: Indeed it should.

Spider-Man: Mandarin waists no time in raising his middle finger at Imperiex. Shouldn't the obscenities have been over with once the fight began?

Superman: If you continue to make jokes, this fight is going to be really long.

Spider-Man: Sorry, I'll try to hold it in. Mandarin fires blast of electricity at Imperiex.

Superman: Imperiex blocks the blast with a blast of energy from his swords, and then charges at Mandarin.

Spider-Man: Ok, over to Dr. Doom and Black Adam.

Superman: Dr. Doom shoots a purple colored spell at Black Adam.

Spider-Man: The spell glances off of Black Adam's chest. Dr. Doom is going to have to try harder if he wants to defeat a man who's powers come from gods.

Superman: Black Adam stars walking towards Dr. Doom.

Spider-Man: Now to Loki and Sinestro, Sinestro decides that it is he that will make the first move, and shoots a blast of yellow energy at Loki.

Superman: Loki deflects the energy with a dark magic shield.

Spider-Man: The two remain still.

Superman: Over to Venom and Gorilla Grod, I would assume that from the very beginning of this fight Gorilla Grod has been trying to control Venom's mind.

Spider-Man: Good luck with that, Venom's mind is bonded with the mind of his alien symbiote. There is no way that his mind functions like a normal person.

Superman: I think that Grod has realized the same thing, both charge.

Spider-Man: Now to Blob and Bane, Bane charges at Blob.

Superman: ...And Blob deflects him with his stomach knocking Bane back several feet and onto his back. Well that's kinda boring.

Spider-Man: Bane gets up and charges again...I wonder what's going to happen this time?

Superman: (sigh) Over to Abomination and Bizarro, Bizarro waists no time in flying over to Abomination, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him up in the air.

Spider-Man: Bizarro follows Abomination into the sky, and the two begin a mid-air fist fight.

Superman: Now to Magneto and Clayface, Clayface charges.

Spider-Man: Magneto laughs and shakes his head, with a gentle wave of the hand from Magneto, Clayface is spattered backwards, spread over a couple of hundred feet. It's going to take him a while to mold himself back together.

Superman: (sigh) was that another joke?

Spider-Man: Yup, and there gonna keep on coming!

Superman: So be it. Alright, back to Mandarin and Imperiex.

Spider-Man: Imperiex reaches Mandarin and attempts to tackle him.

Superman: Unfortunately for Imperiex, Mandarin had teleported only a few feet behind Imperiex just moments before potential contact.

Spider-Man: Imperiex gets to his feet, and turns to face Mandarin.

Superman: Back to Dr. Doom and Black Adam, Black Adam continues his walk towards Dr. Doom.

Spider-Man: I have to assume that Dr. Doom has something planned, I mean he is the second most intelligent person in the world--

Superman: Let me guess, the first is you?

Spider-Man: Oh, come on Sup's, it's not funny if you ruin the joke.

Superman: Sorry, if you start a joke, I'll let you finish it, we might as well have some fun while talking about some of our arch nemesis.

Spider-Man: Right, Dr. Doom shoots a bolt of electric energy at Black Adam.

Superman: The blast was large enough to make Black Adam wince a little, but continue his nonchalant walking.

Spider-Man: Wow, I can't believe I am actually hoping that Dr. Doom wins this, I just want to see him kick Black Adam's--

Superman: (Throat Clear)

Spider-Man: ...uh...face...

Superman: mmmhmmm. Alright back to Loki and Sinestro. It seems that these two share the ability to create shields, although both have their own little extra quirks.

Spider-Man: Loki points his finger at a nearby cactus.

Superman: The cactus makes an almighty windup, and shoots all of it's spines at Sinestro.

Spider-Man: Sinestro blocks them with a shield from his ring.

Superman: Back to Grod and Venom, they both continue their charge, suddenly Grod stops, Venom keeps coming.

Spider-Man: Once Venom is mere inches away, Grod quickly round-house-kicks Venom in the head.

Superman: Venom goes flying backwards, hits an oil well, and falls into it.

Spider-Man: Grod turns his attention to Magneto and Magneto to him.

Superman: Another fight that Grod can't use his mind control with. Oh well for him.

Spider-Man: Back to Blob and Bane, Bane continues his charging at Blob's stomach. Blob looks a little annoyed.

Superman: Back to Mandarin and Imperiex, Imperiex thinks quickly and throws one of his swords at Mandarin.

Spider-Man: Mandarin teleports behind Imperiex, but Imperiex had counted on this.

Superman: Within a fraction of a second between Mandarin's reappearance, Imperiex had thrown his fist behind himself punching Mandarin square in the face.

Spider-Man: Mandarin goes down, Imperiex goes to grab his sword that he had thrown.

Superman: Back to Bizarro and Abomination, the two continue their mid-air fist fighting, but it would seem that Bizarro is getting bored by it.

Spider-Man: Bizarro grabs Abomination by the arm and hurls him to the ground.

Superman: Ouch, that's gotta hurt...


Superman: I've had that happen to me several times.

Spider-Man: (chuckle) even though you can fly? Heck, I can only shoot webs, and that still has never happened to me, well at least, I've never hit the ground.

Superman: With the force similar to an atomic bomb, Abomination hits the ground hard. The ground rattles.

Spider-Man: Over to Magneto and Grod. Grod stands still trying to penetrate Magneto's helmet, but Magneto has other plans.

Superman: Magneto raises his hands, and using his powers of metal manipulation; picks up two of the oil derricks closest to himself, and flings them at Grod from two different directions.

Spider-Man: With a clang of metal on metal Grod is sandwiched between two now ruined oil derricks, and knocked unconscious.

Superman: A few seconds after this, Magneto notices that Clayface is reconstituting himself.

Spider-Man: Magneto begins walking towards Clayface, to get a better aim.

Superman: Back to Dr. Doom and Black Adam. Black Adam reaches Dr. Doom, and throws a punch.

Spider-Man: WHAT?! Dr. Doom isn't going to dodge it?!

Superman: Suddenly there is a blast of bright white light. Black Adam is thrown backwards, and crumples on the ground.

Spider-Man: What just happened?

Superman: Well luckily for me, I have x-ray vision and was watching the whole match so far in x-ray.

Spider-Man: That's kinda creepy.

Superman: I know, basically what happened was when Black Adam got close enough, Dr. Dooms armor triggered it's own defense mechanism. If anyone gets close enough to it it, the armor puts up a shield in front of it's self, and exerts tremendous torrents of electrical energy towards it's attacker. And it would have to be tremendous in order to take out Black Adam.

Spider-Man: Wow, way to go Dr. Doom, but no time to celebrate, Imperiex managed to get his sword and is now charging at Dr. Doom.

Superman: Back to Loki and Sinestro. The two seem upset that neither of them have landed a punch, but Loki quickly recovers from this, and shoots a very large blast of dark magic at Sinestro.

Spider-Man: Sinestro puts up his shield, but the magic goes right through it.

Superman: Interesting, it would seem that Sinestro's ring can't repel dark magic, at least when it's being fueled by the power of a god.

Spider-Man: Sinestro is out, and Loki shouts to Dr. Doom to WATCH OUT!

Superman: Lucky for Doom he did, because just in time, Doom dodges out of the way of Imperiex's blades.

Spider-Man: Back to Magneto and Clayface...again. Magneto gets really close to Clayface, who was almost done reconstituting himself, and using his powers raises him into the air.

Superman: Not wasting any time. Magneto explodes Clayface, this time to distances beyond the human eye's vision. The sky is dark with the partials of Clayface.

Spider-Man: Well it's gonna take a while for THAT sediment to settle.

Superman: Back to Blob and Bane. Blob looks longingly at the fights, and wants to get involved with someone who will actually be fun to fight.

Spider-Man: Blob, grabs Bane's head and throws him headfirst through several oil derricks.

Superman: I think it's safe to say that Bane will be down for the count.

Spider-Man: Just as Blob is looking sad that he has no one to fight, Bizarro comes out of no where and grabs one of the Blob's many love-handles and pulls him into the air.

Superman: Magneto hurls an Oil Derrick at Bizarro, but Bizarro just melts it with his heat breath.

Spider-Man: Bizarro throws Blob at Magneto, luckily for Magneto, Blob is pretty soft, and this won't hurt too bad in the morning.

Superman: The pair go rolling down the desert, Bizarro starts flying toward the only 3 people who are standing.

Spider-Man: Back to Dr. Doom and Imperiex. Doom punches Imperiex, who had just missed hitting Doom.

Superman: Thanks to the Strength enhancing machinery in Doom's armor, Imperiex is thrown backwards.

Spider-Man: For good measure Loki shoots a blast of dark magic at Imperiex's falling body.

Superman: Loki approaches Doom, and the pair look around.

Spider-Man: Loki points at an incoming Bizarro.

Superman: The two smile at each other, nod, and shoot their respected magics at Bizarro. Bizarro is hit and knocked out of the air.

Spider-Man: He looks to be unconscious.

Superman: And the only two left are Dr. Doom and Loki of the Masters of Evil.

Spider-Man: Well there you have it. The Masters of Evil win!

The Masters of Evil defeat The Injustice Gang 15 votes to 6.


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