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57. Batman vs. Kakashi

Let the projectile weapons fly!

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Looks like it's just me and you tonight J'onn says Batman as he sits down and flips open the Gotham Gazette.

Lets just hope that nothing else happens today, I would hate to have to thin out the active teams any further. replies the Martian Manhunter.

Suddenly a loud beep coming from the computer Martian Manhunter was using echoes across the room.

What was that? asks Batman.

Knowitall is calling me on Skype answers Martian Manhunter.

Knowitall? asks Batman.

Yes Knowitall, she is the Information Officer for the Legion of Guardians. She's been calling me twice a day since her divorce was final last month.

Does Jonn have a girlfriend?” asks Batman attempting to be funny.

First of all, the cross breading of Human and Martian DNA would be detrimental to your species. And Secondly I hear she has a thing for The Owner of the Chetradome.

Owner of the Chetradome huh? I think I met him a couple of times.

No need to lie Bruce, I know you are a member of the BOOT.

Alright Jonn, but are you going to answer it?

I suppose so. The Martian Manhunter clicks his mouse. And Knowitall's voice answers.

I don't suppose you kept me waiting on purpose Jonn?” Asks the inquisitive voice of Knowitall.

Not at all Knowitall, but I am rather busy at the moment, is it important? says Martian Manhunter

It is of the utmost importance.

Then you have my attention.

During the 3 tournaments here at The Chetradome, The 5th Hokage Tsunade was taking bets on the fights. Mr. Chetradome made a very large bet on Thor, and Tsunade agreed to the bet. As you know, Thor won and Mr. Chetradome went to claim his winnings. It would seem that Tsunade had left the second the fight was over as to avoid paying Mr. Chetradome. Mr. Chetradome sent Mallow to Japan to take something of value from her. All Mallow could find in the Hokage's Mansion was a small pig. Mr. Chetradome had Mallow bring it back, and he tried to contact Hokage Tsunade. Mr. Chetradome underestimated the importance of this pig to Tsunade, Tsunade had the ANBU Black Ops kidnap Mr. Chetradome's son Chem. Mr. Chetradome wants to continue keeping the identity of his son a secret although how Tsunade found out is beyond me--. It is important that the Legion of Guardians know nothing about this. It was at the request of the Owner of the Chetradome that either Batman or Green Arrow come down to Chetradome Island to make the trade off between Chem and the pig dubbed Tonton.

Green Arrow is on a mission right now, answers Martian Manhunter But Batman is here, what do you think Batman? Will you help out your friend?

I think I will. Plus I've been meaning to talk to the leader of that village for a while about this knuckle head ninja I met in my travels.

Chetradome Island: Chetradome Grounds:

Alright Batman, says the Owner of the Chetradome. Here's the plan. Batman nods. All I want you to do is carry this pig over and hand it to Tsunade, She's the blonde one. The other one is Kakashi, he will be taking Chem to me. Be sure you reach her at the same moment he reaches me, or we might have a fight on our hands if she changes her mind. Here. The Owner of the Chetradome hands Batman the pig. Batman turns.

Batman and Kakashi share distant glances as they begin to walk towards one another. After a dozen or so steps it starts to rain. Batman and Kakashi loom closer, Chem‘s pale hair and face once white, now a dull gray in the distance.

As Batman and Kakashi get within shouting distance of each other, a fog starts to form around them. This doesn't seem right, Thinks Batman doesn't fog usually roll in? This looks like someone is creating it. Batman catches the eye of Chem. It starts to rain harder, Chem grins. Then in a blink, he is gone. Batman feels a wave of water flow over his boots and behind him. What is going on?!

Batman thinks quickly as Kakashi realizes his hostage is missing. Batman spins around, and punts Tonton toward where he knew The Owner of the Chetradome and somehow Chem were residing. Then whips around to see a charging Kakashi. Batman takes a fighting stance.

So who wins this battle of martial arts experts and ranged tool tacticians?






 Image:NarutoUzumaki Shippuden.jpg



Robin: Wow, it's good to be on Chetradome Island again, usually I'm just here commentating for Tournaments.

Naruto: This Batman guy has been in every tournament? No wonder he was able to defeat me. I can remember it like it was yesterday...

Robin: Naruto, this is about Batman and Kakashi, you don't get any flashbacks.

Naruto: Well what about if there is time at the end?

Robin: Umm, well sure.

Naruto: It will be the best one you will ever hear, BELIEVE IT!

Robin: (sigh) Kakashi is charging at Batman and pulls out a kunai.

Naruto: Batman continues his fighting stance, but turns his forearms in order to point his spiked bracers at Kakashi.

Robin: Kakashi lunges at Batman with his kunai, Batman catches it with his spiked bracers and tosses it aside.

Naruto: Kakashi drops to the ground and does a circular tripping motion with his leg. Hey, that kind of looked like Bushy Brows' “Leaf Hurricane” technique.

Robin: Batman trips, and tries to get to his feet. Meanwhile Kakashi is standing and kicks down at Batman.

Naruto: Batman catches Kakashi's foot, and pushes it skyward; causing Kakashi to loose his balance.

Robin: While Kakashi regains his composure, Batman gets to his feet.

Naruto: Kakashi jumps into the air and throws a dozen or so kunai at Batman.

Robin: Batman returns fire with his Bat-Shuriken. The two groups of weapons collide in mid-air and fall to the ground.

Naruto: Kakashi lands, grabs his upper forearm, and electricity starts to crackle from Kakashi's hand. It's the LIGHTNING BLADE!

Robin: Kakashi charges almost at the speed of light, and Batman moves just as fast. The Lightning Blade merely singes the end of Batman's cape as it whistled by Kakashi.

Naruto: Batman is behind Kakashi now, who is hunched over, still with the Lightning Blade in his hand.

Robin: Batman raises his foot high into the air, and brings it down on Kakashi's head.

Naruto: Kakashi falls to the ground, Lightning Blade extinguished.

Robin: Kakashi attempts to get up but receives a swift stomp on the shoulder.

Naruto: Batman puts Kakashi into his “Bat-Cuffs” and walks away. Kakashi is beaten!

Robin: Batman Wins!

Naruto: Yay! Ok, ever sense I was a little boy...


Robin: The End


Batman defeats Kakashi 12 votes to 4


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