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59. Maleficent vs. Merlin

Good vs. Evil: Let the spell casting begin!

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Chetradome Island: Legion of Guardian Base under the Chetradome: Mallow's quarters:

Before I go to the Owner of the Chetradome with this, Thinks Mallow while pacing. I need to ask someone's advice. But who? No one else here knows anything about him. The best person to ask would be someone who knows what is going to happen, a time traveler that wouldn't be afraid to let me know what is going to happen. Well I guess that leaves out The Turner of Time. Mallow chuckles.

Back in the days when Mallow was a villain, The Turner of Time was a good guy who trapped evil Mallow in a time bubble. The Turner of Time never really got over that, and has tried to trap Mallow again on several occasions.

“That's it!” shouts Mallow aloud, grabbing his staff from the wall. “Merlin” he whispers. Mallow raises his arms high, and half shouts ”gnirb em nilrem eth esiw, morf a emit ni sih emirp...nehw she ton oot ysub!”

Suddenly the old bearded figure of Merlin in long blue robes appears before Mallow.

“Merlin!” cries Mallow

“Mallow?!” exclaims Merlin “Is it your 50th birthday already!? What have you been eating!?”

“No Merlin, and please keep it down. No one else knows that you are here.” Merlin looks a little confused.

“What is the meaning of my summoning?”

“I need your advise, Merlin” Merlin nods his head.

“This is about Chem?” asks Merlin. Mallow looks a little shocked.

“How did you---?”

“It is a hobby of mine to look and travel into the future...I must warn you, it is to the utmost importance that you do not give him---” Merlin's last few words are drown out by an alarm going off.


“I'm sorry Merlin, I must go.” says Mallow quickly “Feel free to wonder about, no one should recognize you. But do not leave; we need to continue this conversation.” Merlin nods quickly, and Mallow bolts out of the door.

“Typical Mallow” says Merlin softly “doesn't even cast an interruption detection spell before summoning me.” Merlin Chuckles. “Well I might as well make my way up to the Chetradome, I hear this becomes quite the tourist attraction between Tournaments.” Merlin begins to work his way up to the island surface, and walks out onto the stands of the Chetradome.

“That's' right” says Merlin smiling “Chetradome Island doesn't become a tourist attraction until after the 4th Tournament. But it looks like they've begun on one of the Hotels.” Merlin glances at the tall hollowed out building that is to be a Hotel.

“Damn” says Merlin “if this is before tournament 4, and that scorched piece of grass over there is where Batman and Kakashi fought only a few weeks ago. Then according to the prophecy, that would make me the one that...” Merlin grins “Hello Maleficent.”

“WHAT?!” Screams Maleficent who was trying to sneak up on Merlin from behind.

“Everyone knows you can't resist a prime piece of real estate, even when it is being guarded by a team of superheroes. But that's not how I knew, you see there was a prophecy long ago that dictated that you and a bearded sorcerer would fight here, right now. I just assumed it would be Dumbledore, considering this is his time.”

“What are you babbling about old man?”

“What I'm saying is” Merlin jumps into the air, soars to the other side of the arena, and lands softly in the stands. Merlin turns to face Maleficent in the distance “THE OUTCOME IS UNCLEAR, BUT AT THIS MOMENT WE ARE DESTINED TO FIGHT!”

Maleficent raises her pencil thin eyebrows, and grins “Then fight we shall.”

So who wins this epic battle of Wizard vs. Sorceress?





 King Arthur



King Arthur: Hmmm, one second I am inches away from putting my hands around the Holy Grail, then suddenly I'm here. Oh well I guess, I hope this doesn't mess with history at all.

Jafar: The Holy Grail you say?

King Arthur: Indeed, but we shouldn't talk about it now. We must get to the fight. Merlin versus Maleficent. This should be interesting, although I have met Maleficent on my travels several times. While she does like to take Castles when she can get them, she doesn't like to mess with time to much. Afraid that maybe she might make one of her misfortunes even worse.

Jafar: I know what you mean, Sibil- I mean Maleficent is always graciously careful about time. But a little near sighted when it comes to planning her different schemes. Although they are not entirely her fault, there always seems to be someone in the way to foil her plans. It's almost like someone is orchestrating ways for her to fail.

King Arthur: I know what you mean. I'm not entirely sure why, but even I don't know my true origin story.

Jafar: That's...kind of strange.

King Arthur: Yes, but one thing I do know is that my beloved Guinevere will be waiting for me when I get back, and she is all I care about in the world.

Jafar: ehhhhh...

King Arthur: What?

Jafar: Nothing, let's get to the fight!

King Arthur: I couldn't agree more.

Jafar: Maleficent raises her staff and shoots a bolt of green energy at Merlin.

King Arthur: Merlin does a barrel roll out of the way. And shoots his own bolt of blue energy at Maleficent.

Jafar: Maleficent deflects it with her staff, and turns into her dragon form.

King Arthur: Merlin is a little surprised that she pulled out that card so quickly, but regains his composure swiftly.

Jafar: Maleficent takes to flight.

King Arthur: Merlin lets go of his staff -which remains upright, balanced on the ground- and raises his arms.

Jafar: A rapid rumbling in the stadium is felt, and the ground in the middle of the stadium begins to twist, and contort.

King Arthur: Suddenly what can be recognized as a head and neck of a...dragon bursts upwards from the ground.

Jafar: Shortly followed by wings body and tail.

King Arthur: Merlin created a dragon made of rock and earth, with grass on the top of its head, neck, back, and tail. Truly magical.

Jafar: Merlin twitches his fingers, and the dragons walks over to him.

King Arthur: Maleficent, who was going to attack Merlin, still watches in surprise. Then as if realizing that she could have just taken Merlin out while he was creating his dragon, she dives for Merlin.

Jafar: Almost as if the earth dragon knew what was happening, it turned and leaped into the air, and tackled Maleficent.

King Arthur: Maleficent and the earth dragon fight in mid air. Merlin pulling the magical strings to make the dragon do as he wishes.

Jafar: Suddenly there is a loud roar as Maleficent's claws tear into the dirt tangled hide of the earth dragon. Mud falls from the dragon's wound, and stains the grass below.

King Arthur: The earth dragon whips around, hitting Maleficent with his spiked tail. Maleficent is forced to land, and the earth dragon flies away. Merlin lets it go.

Jafar: Maleficent returns to her human form, and turns sharply towards Merlin.

King Arthur: Merlin grabs his staff, now that his hands are free, and points it at Maleficent.

Jafar: Maleficent is hit by something, and falls to the ground.

King Arthur: What was that?

Jafar: I would appear, that Merlin just cast a spell at Maleficent that had no color. That is extraordinary.

King Arthur: Maleficent gets to her feet.

Jafar: Maleficent shoots a rather large spell at Merlin, but Merlin deflects it lazily.

King Arthur: Merlin lets go of his staff again, allowing it to balance at his side. He pulls out two wands.

Jafar: Merlin waves the wands, and every chair in the arena is lifted 5 feet.

King Arthur: Why did Merlin need his wands to do that?

Jafar: IF I remember correctly, Dumbledore -a great wizard of this time- summoned all of these. He uses a wand. I guess because it would be a different type of magic, it would be easier for Merlin to use a wands to move something that was summoned using a wand.

King Arthur: Maleficent looks darkly at Merlin, almost as if she knows what is going to happen next.

Jafar: Every chair in the arena, exactly 3 million, go flying at Maleficent.

King Arthur: A few hit her head on, knocking her out. But the rest line themselves up around her forming a barricade in all directions.

Jafar: I suppose Merlin will let the Legion of Guardians deal with her when they get back.

King Arthur: Well Maleficent is knocked out, I suppose that makes Merlin the winner?

Jafar: Yes, Merlin wins.

Merlin defeats Maleficent 15 votes to 5


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