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61. Superman and Harry Potter vs. Darkseid and Voldemort

A battle of unlikely partners vs. their arch nemesis's. Let the epic battle begin.

*This fight was inspired by SOOPERMAN97

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 Harry Potter








“Where did you say that you found this spell again Malefee?” asks the Jafar of the dark room. A moment later the horned form of Maleficent emerges from the shadows.

“I've asked you countless times Jafar, not to call me 'Malefee'. Do it again and you will be spending the rest of your years as a cobbler in Agrabah. Now as I had said, I stumbled upon this book when I was in OZ. I was able to make a magical copy of it. Fortunately for me it was not magically protected by the witch who owned it.”

“And you decided that you wanted to do a spell from it?” asks Jafar “I don't think that would be a good idea.”

“The Munchkininian language is not that much different than our Latin. In the description of this spell I was able to decipher that this spell will resurrect the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Well either that or it will make me a very nice mutton stew. Oh it would be marvelous to see my dear friend Grindelwald again.”

“Yes, I suppose it would be nice to get more powerful magic on our side.”

“Indeed it would, now stand back, I have no idea what will happen when the spell is initiated. May it be noted that the spell is not Muchkininian its self, I have no idea exactly what it means. Nekawa ouy eth tsetaerg draziw fo lla emit, ouy llash eb detcerruser!” with a puff of smoke the body of Voldemort is formed.

Voldemort glares around wildly, pulls out his wand, points it at Maleficent and shouts “AVADA KEDAVRA!” a bolt of green light shoots from his wand and bounces off of Maleficent and onto the floor.

“You wizards and your wands. You're going to need something a little stronger than that to get through the hide of a dragon with a killing curse, or have you forgotten Tom?” Voldemort looks a little surprised, then grins.

“You know him?” asks Jafar surprised and a little disgusted.

“We've met” says Voldemort. Maleficent laughs.

“How was hell?” asks Maleficent snidely.

“Let's just say I had thought that being a soul without a body was painful, but when your soul is in seven parts, and each of them needs to be reprimanded...I would rather not talk about it. You will know soon enough.”

“Maybe Tom, now it is important for you to know that I had originally planed on resurrecting Grindelwald, but I suppose you will do quite nicely for my plans.”

“What is the year?” asks Voldemort of Maleficent

“I try not to get too concerned with time, but I would say it is about two years after your death.”

“And what of Harry Potter?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is he still alive?” Maleficent pauses and looks inquisitively at Jafar who nods his head.

“Yes, Tom, he is.”

“Then screw your plans!” Voldemort pockets his wand and disapperates. A short pause, then.

“Well, “ says Jafar, “I hate to say I told you so, but”

“Jafar!” interrupts Maleficent.


“I would like to make my first wish.” Jafar nods.

“I wish for the most powerful evil being in the galaxy to appear in front of me to do my bidding.” Jafar closes his eyes for a moment. Then he suddenly opens them and snaps his fingers.


Hogwarts Castle: Entrance Hall

“Well thank you Harry, that was a most informative interview.”

“Your welcome Mr. Kent.” Says the voice of Harry Potter “It's not everyday that we have an American reporter in Hogwarts. Although I suppose since the 'Muggles should know what the heck is going on act' I can see how it could become a regular occurrence.” Clark puts his notepad in his pocket and shakes hands with Harry. Not a moment later, a crash and screaming is heard from outside. Harry turns to face where Clark was.

“What do you suppose--” but cuts himself off when he realizes that Clark had already left. A loud whoosh, and the red and blue figure of Superman lands next to Harry.

“Hey you're that alien American bloke right?” asks Harry.

“Most people call me Superman”

“Right, it's alright, I'm sure it is just another one of those closet Voldemort supporters wanting a piece of me to avenge their masters death.” The front doors swing open wildly, and Harry needs to swallow in order to avoid choking on his own heart.

“HARRY POTTER!!!!” yells Voldemort almost screaming as if in pain. “YOU... WILL... DIE!!!!” Harry is white as a ghost and motionless. Superman stands in front of Harry.

“You better hope you're part dragon too!” yells Voldemort “Avada Kedavra!” a bolt of green erupts from Voldemort's wand. Superman quickly pulls Harry and himself out of the way just in time to avoid the spell.

“Harry!” Superman half whispers to Harry shaking him violently. “You need to pull it together, one of my only weaknesses is magic, this guy could kill us if you don't pay attention.”

“Your weakness is magic you say. I know who you are, you're Superman. Well, both the wizard and the muggle worlds will shed a tear when I kill you both.” Voldemort laughs, and Harry shakes out of his shock.

“Two against one?” shouts Harry trying to sound casual, but he was sure Voldemort could hear the shaking in his voice. “Hardly seems like a fair fight.” Suddenly there is a swirl of black energy beside Voldemort, and the form of Darkseid materializes. It's Superman who looks white now.

“Darkseid?” says Superman angrily.

“SUPERMAN!” says Darkseid. “It would seem that it is your lucky day Voldemort, while the power of the genie Jafar requires that I kill you, it doesn't mandate when. So before I kill you, I'm going to warm up on the Kryptonian.”

“Fine, but the skinny one is mine.” says Voldemort to Darkseid irritatedly.

“Ha ha, no promises.” says Darkseid laughing. The four take a fighting stances, so who wins this fight of heroes and their arch nemesis?




Lois Lane

 Bellatrix Lestrange



Bellatrix: This is strange...

Lois Lane: What is strange?

Bellatrix: It would seem that the dark lord and I have been resurrected.

Lois Lane: I'm getting in that it was only Voldemort who was resurrected, and your presence is only here to commentate this fight.

Bellatrix: That seems a little unnecessary, surely they could have gotten someone else to do it.

Lois Lane: Maybe, they wanted someone from the wizarding world, as well as a villain. And you were the obvious choice.

Bellatrix: Well, if there was ever someone who could speak on behalf of the Dark Lord, it is me.

Lois Lane: Indeed, although one more thing before we begin, we both need to refer to Voldemort as Voldemort so that people who may be listening in, or reading the archived transcripts won't get confused.

Bellatrix: I suppose so, normally I would be hesitant about that sort of thing, but he did start asking me to call him 'Voldy' before his downfall. I think I can take a step back and call him by his proper name. Voldemort.

Lois Lane: weird...ok let's get this fight started.

Bellatrix: Potter throws a stunning spell at Voldemort.

Lois Lane: Wait stop, that's another one that we need to say the same. We will refer to him as 'Harry' not 'Potter'. Just to keep things simple.

Bellatrix: Ok, ok, Harry throws a stunning spell at Voldemort, and Voldemort deflects it with a shield charm.

Lois Lane: Darkseid bounds towards Superman, and Superman takes to flight and charges at Darkseid.

Bellatrix: Voldemort begins throwing killing curses at Harry, and Harry begins to conjure chairs to deflect them from himself. Darkseid punches Superman who was in midair.

Lois Lane: Superman goes flying backwards and hits Voldemort with his landing.

Bellatrix: Harry grins and turns his wand to Darkseid.

Harry Potter: PORTUS!

Lois Lane: Darkseid disappears in a whipping swirl.

Bellatrix: He...turned Darkseid's suit...into...a Portkey.

Lois Lane: It seems to have been an effective attack.

Bellatrix: I never would have expected it from, Harry, But that was bloody brilliant.

Lois Lane: I wonder where he sent him.

Bellatrix: I don't know but it's just Harry and Superman vs. Voldemort now.

Lois Lane: Superman, who had gotten to his feet, kicks Voldemort across the floor towards Harry.


Bellatrix: Ummm, wow, ok. Harry Potter just killed Voldemort.

Lois Lane: That means the fight is over!

Bellatrix: Superman raises his arms victoriously, but Harry shakes his head.

Lois Lane: A moment later the Entrance Hall doors are splintered open as Darkseid comes crashing through them.

Bellatrix: Ha, Harry only transported Darkseid, onto the Hogwarts grounds.

Lois Lane: Maybe he didn't want to send him too far, so that they could deal with him.

Bellatrix: I suppose so.

Lois Lane: Darkseid shoots his Omega Beams at Superman. Superman makes a last second dash behind the stair statue ornament.

Bellatrix: The ornament shatters, and Darkseid dissipates his Omega Beams.

Lois Lane: Harry shoots a stunning spell at Darkseid, Darkseid stumbles backwards but still remains on his feet.

Bellatrix: Darkseid's gaze turns to Harry now as he activates his Omega Beams again.

Lois Lane: Harry puts up his shield charm.

Bellatrix: The Omega Beams pierce the shield charm and continue towards Harry.

Lois Lane: Less than a fraction of a second after the Omega Beams broke through Harry's charm. Harry spins his body in 180 degrees, and he disappears.

Bellatrix: Less than a moment later, he re-appears behind Darkseid.

Lois Lane: Harry shoots a jinx at Darkseid.

Bellatrix: Darkseid's arms lock to his sides, and his legs lock together.

Lois Lane: Darkseid struggles to break free, and might have succeeded, but here comes Superman.

Bellatrix: Superman flies into Darkseid's face, fist outstretched.

Lois Lane: Darkseid goes flying through the wall of the building, the rubble follows Darkseid's body out onto the grounds.

Bellatrix: Superman zips over to Darkseid, and Harry apparates there.

Lois Lane: Superman begins to punch Darkseid repeatedly in the face.

Bellatrix: After a minute or two of punching, Superman stops. Darkseid is unconscious.

Lois Lane: Superman picks up Darkseid's body, waves at Harry and flies away.

Bellatrix: Harry waves back, and begins walking back up to the castle. Flicking his wand all the way, repairing the wall of Hogwarts that was damaged by their battle.

Lois Lane: Harry gets up to the castle to discover that Voldemort's body is no longer there.

Bellatrix: It must have disappeared because of the resurrection spell.

Lois Lane: That must be it. Well Darkseid and Voldemort are gone, and out of commission. Superman and Harry Potter win!

Superman and Harry Potter defeat Darkseid and Voldemort 14 votes to 0


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