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62. Iron Man vs. Green Goblin

The artificial flying, the crazy weapons, and the armored suits: This battle comes down to one thing...Good vs. Evil.

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Iron Man

Green Goblin




New York City, New York: Green Goblin's Hideout

Many of the children would have died.” says the very toothy news reporter. “But thanks to the efforts of Iron Man, Los Angeles did not suffer any losses today.” The News Reporter allowed herself a grin. “Well that concludes the 6:30 news, stay tuned for the 7 o'clock news.” Norman Osborn changes his gaze from his television to his hands. “and Thank you for watching KIT'N owned and sponsored by the 'Cumulative High Earning Technological Trade' company,” says the News Reporter “Good night, and...well I...guess that's it!” The music plays on the television and the news reporters pretend to talk to one another.

“Aaah!” exclaims Norman, “This station drives me mad!” Norman chuckles “Well mad-er. A news report every half hour, a head news reporter who really needs to have a send off catch phrase, and an acronym that makes me want to...hurt something. Currently In The News...K...I...T...N! Currently starts with a 'C'!...or does it? I forget. But aside from the station it's self, it would seem that there is always some superhero or another in every news report. It's hard to be motivated to do evil if it's the superheroes that get all the attention. Although,” Norman gets to his feet and shuffles over to the kitchen.

“This last report intrigues me though. Just look at that Iron Man's suit. I think that it could make a nice addition to my own costume. With a suit like that I could be unstoppable.” Norman pours himself some coffee from his coffee pot. “I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to find out where this Tony Stark lives” Norman takes a sip from his coffee, it burned his tongue, but he didn't seem to mind. His eyes shifted towards his old computer in the corner. Wires everywhere and neither a mouse nor a keyboard to get things started. Norman had stolen it, and taken it apart, but couldn't for the life of him remember how to put it together again.

“Well at least now I have a plan for the day.” Norman glares at the computer. “When I am done, it will only be a matter of moments until I learn the whereabouts of Tony Stark!” Norman cackles with shrill laughter.

Several loud knocks echo across his ceiling as the old lady in the apartment upstairs yells at him to keep quiet.

“Sorry” whispers Norman, with a disgusted look on his face. It would seem that my hideout could use an updated location.

Los Angeles, California: Tony Stark's Home (36 hours later)

Jarvis!” shouts Tony Stark from the inside of his suit.

Yes Master Stark” says Jarvis from behind Tony.

Oh sorry Jarvis,” apologizes Tony

No harm done.” says Jarvis with a small grin.

Jarvis, when Pepper comes calling tell her I won't be able to meet her tonight, there is an emergency Avengers meeting in Santa Barbara that requires my immediate attendance.”

I will do that sir, is there anything else?”

Actually yes, could you do me a favor and make up four of our guest rooms. Starting tomorrow night a close friend of mine from Gotham, and 3 of his guests will be staying the week.”

Of course sir.”

Just so you know, one of them is a butler so make sure his room is extra clean. I want this to be a vacation for them. Oh, two of our guest will be teenagers... so make sure that their rooms aren't near the east wing...” Jarvis looked a little confused.

I would rather not have them see the eastern courtyard.” Jarvis still looked rather confused.

I don't want them to get any ideas.” Jarvis scowls.

If you are referring to the giant heart shaped hot tub in the eastern courtyard. I don't think you have anything to worry about.” Jarvis grins.

I don't know,” says Tony. “Bruce has told me some stories about how he has had to separate them on many occasions. He doesn't want them too close as it could interfere with their work.” Jarvis nods

Then it shall be done.” he says “Will the other members of B.O.OT. be joining them?”

Ollie is taking a cruise with his wife Dinah, and Chet is busy with preparations for the upcoming tournament.”

I see,” says Jarvis “Sir, why do you insist on calling Mr. Chetradome, Chet?”

Because he corrects me every time I say 'Owner' wrong. 'It is 'oh-nair'' he tells me. And I'll be damned if I'm going to waist 4 syllables to make a passing reference to him using his last name. So, I'm going to call him Chet. It's the first syllable of his last name, and it's also the pronunciation of the acronym for his conglomerate C.H.E.T.T., so I don't see a problem. Plus he much prefers that I call him Chet, then Owner. At least my pronunciation of it” Tony Chuckles. “Ok Jarvis, you know what to do, I really have to go now.”

Have a safe journey Sir.”

Thank you Jarvis, I will.” and Tony Stark takes off in this Iron Man suit, through his underground tunnel and out into the Los Angeles skies.


Ueeeh, I don't have time for this!”

You better make time, cuz I'm coming for you!” Green Goblin taps a button and he jets towards Iron Man on his glider. Iron Man takes a mid-air fighting stance. So Who Wins this fight of technology based adversaries.










Mandarin: It would seem that Iron Man has made a new enemy.

Spider-Man: It would also seem that I am going to be late for this Avenger Meeting.

Mandarin: Don't worry Spider-Man, your meetings are futile, the Masters of Evil will squash your pitiful Avengers when the time comes.

Spider-Man: I don't think so Mandarin. Anyway Green Goblin jets towards Iron Man and Iron Man is in a fighting stance.

Mandarin: Green Goblin did say that he wanted Iron Man's suit. Do you think that he will remember that fact when fighting him? It would be pointless to steal a destroyed suit.

Spider-Man: You obviously haven't seen Iron Man's movie.

Mandarin: No, when I heard I wasn't going to be in it I decided that it wasn't worth my time.

Spider-Man: Well they do make a reference to your rings.

Mandarin: Really?

Spider-Man: Yeah, it's just a terrorist group that calls themselves the 10 rings, but still a reference to you.

Mandarin: I guess I will have to give that one a rental.

Spider-Man: Yeah, well anyway, back to the fight.

Mandarin: Green Goblin throws a hand full of pumpkin bombs at Iron Man.


Spider-Man: Iron Man uses sound waves to blow up the bombs in mid air.

Mandarin: Iron Man shoots a missile at Green Goblin.

Spider-Man: Green Goblin dodges it with a jerk of his body, and throws some more pumpkin bombs.

Mandarin: Iron Man tries to dodge out of the way of them, but they explode before they would have hit him.

Spider-Man: Iron Man goes flying sideways, hit by the blast.

Mandarin: Green Goblin presses his temporary advantage grabs Iron Man by the shoulder and punches him in the face.

Spider-Man: Aside from some mild jostling, I would assume that wouldn't hurt Iron Man, and apparently it didn't.

Mandarin: Iron Man shoots a missile at Green Goblin, close range.

Spider-Man: The blast separates the two, and Green Goblin falls.

Mandarin: His glider catches him, and he zooms towards Iron Man.

Spider-Man: Iron Man seems to be desperate to shake the Green Goblin in order to get to the Avenger meeting, and shoots several small missiles at Green Goblin.

Mandarin: Green Goblin throws one of his pumpkin bombs, and destroys most of the missiles.

Spider-Man: He must have expected the blast to take them out, because he doesn't even attempt to dodge the 2 missile that still flies.

Mandarin: The missile hits Green Goblin's glider, and Green Goblin falls to the ground.

Spider-Man: The combined force of all the explosions in this battle, combined with a considerable fall seems to have knocked Green Goblin unconscious.

Mandarin: Green Goblin is defeated.

Spider-Man: Iron Man wins!


Iron Man Defeats Green Goblin 19 votes to 5!


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