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63. Batman and Robin vs. Might Guy and Rock Lee

Hero and Sidekick vs. Jonin and protege. Let's get it on!

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Might Guy


Rock Lee





Los Angeles, Tony Stark's Mansion:

“You're sure you will be alright?” says Tony Stark to his guests. Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake smile and nod at him. “It must seem rude of me to leave, since you only arrived a few hours ago. But due to my lateness at an Avengers meeting last week, we had to reschedule. And it just so happens to be right now...and I'm already late.” Tony Stark puts on his helmet to complete his Iron Man suit and takes off out of his window. Tim gets to his feet.

“Where did Alfred go?” Tim asks of Bruce. Bruce chuckles.

“Apparently,” Bruce says “Alfred and Jarvis –Tony's butler—have been chatting online for some time now. They play internet chess with each other all the time. I suspect that they couldn't resist having a real game now that they are together in person.”

“and Barbara?” Tim asks. Bruce points lazily over Tim's shoulder. Tim glances behind him and does a double take. Barbara is walking towards the two of them in a two piece swimsuit and a towel on her arm. Barbara smiles at them both, Tim gulps.

“Well,” she says after Bruce and Tim's eyes make their way to the ceiling. “I'm going for a swim.” Barbara walks past them both, and towards the glass door near by. They watch her go. Bruce breaks his gaze quickly which was lucky for him, but unluckily for Tim; he realizes only too late that Barbara had noticed his gaze. Barbara gives him a look that says quite plainly: “can I help you?”.

Tim blushes, Barbara slams the glass door, and Bruce chuckles.

“Only a few hours into a 7 day vacation, and you've already got her mad at you.” Bruce smiles at Tim and shakes his head. Tim slumps into the chair across from the one Bruce was sitting at.

“Got any plans tonight?” asks Tim.

“Not yet.” Bruce answers.

“Really? You've been here for over two hours and you don't have a date set-up? Are you feeling ok?” Bruce Chuckles.

“I would rather not draw any attention to myself, especially if Batman were needed here, it would be rather suspicious if both Bruce Wayne and Batman just happen to be in Los Angeles at the same time.” Tim frowns.

“I suppose so.” Tim says, and exhales a loud sigh of boredom.

“I'm sorry to disturb you Masters Wayne and Drake but,”

“Please Jarvis, Bruce and Tim” says Bruce.

“As you wish master Bruce, I am really sorry to disrupt your vacation, but with Mr. Stark gone, there is now one else to take care of this little problem.”

“What's up?” asks Tim.

“There is a mass robbery in progress. It would seem that the First National Bank of Chetradome here in Los Angeles is being raided. The Owner of the Chetradome himself requested the help of Tony Stark as his Legion of Guardians are unable to get here in time. Their teleporter is currently time traveling and can't help them. And as I understand it, you are in close relations with the Owner of the Chetradome as well. I don't think that he would care if you were a substitution for Iron Man's absence.”

“You are right, I'll suit up and head out.” says Bruce.

“I'll come too.” says Tim “This place is a little boring.”

Los Angeles, First National Bank of Chetradome, moments ago:

“Alright, nobody move, and nobody will die!” says one of the four people that walk in the door. “This is a robbery!” one of bank tellers behind one of the booths makes a move to hit the button. He manages to hit it, but at great cost.

“What did I just say?!” yells the voice again. The figure in front waves his hand and the teller melts into a heap of bone, blood, and sinew.

“M, you really need to find a better way to kill people.” says the woman to his left. Her voice was cold as ice. The bank customers shifted uneasily. They didn't know why but they felt like they would never be happy again. She was wearing a skirt, a tank top, and high heel buckled boots all colored black. Like the other three, her face was covered in shadow even though the room was heavily lit.

“You know how it works S” says the man behind them all. He was much taller than all the rest and seemed to have an aura about him that suggested to everyone in the room he might be the leader. He was wearing lots of padding, and had so many guns the bank manager stopped counting. “or maybe he should explain his powers again to you?” The woman now reveled to be S grits her teeth, although no one can see it. “you there!” shouts the man “why are you eying my guns?” the bank manager had continued to count the man's guns in an attempt to weigh his options. “Would you like to see one in action?” The man raises an automatic hand gun and fires.

“NO!” a beam of light deflects the chain of bullets that would have destroyed the bank manager. “We agreed that we would spare as many lives as possible V.” says the woman to M's right. She was dressed similarly to S, except she was wearing all white. Unlike S however, her voice made everyone else want to cry with happiness, and sing loudly to each other.

“We also agreed that I wouldn't bring my guns.” says V, “You didn't stop me from coming. T, you must have known was I was going to do with them.”

“I” T stops. She looks down at her feet.

“Enough of this.” says S, and raises her hands. “Who is the bank manager here?” There is a long pause. “I'm not going to hurt you, I promise.” The bank manager gulps and raises his hand slowly. S jerks her head towards him and makes a wicked smile that no one could see. Then closes her eyes in concentration, and a moment later snaps her fingers. Every person in the room, excluding the bank manager and the four robbers stand to attention. Another snap and they all reach for the nearest sharp instrument, many grab pens from the counter. The bank manager looks scared. S snaps her fingers a final time. The room bustles with the sound of almost everyone in the room trying to stab one another. Dozens fall dead and S laughs. One person is left standing and V shoots him with his gun. T frowns, but no one sees this.

“Now,” says M “I am the leader of this group, we are going to clean this place out. Just remember, and let it be known that you were robbed, and these people were killed by the Fatal Four.” The bank manager gulps again and starts walking towards the back room. V points his gun at him, but the bank manager quickly tells them to follow him with his finger. They do and find themselves in front of large safe door.

“You would do well to open it quickly!” yells V at the man, then mutters “someone is coming.” The bank manager types in his 50 character password, the gears behind the door creak, and the door swings open. “Good,” says V, and cuts the man in half with heat vision from his eyes. The four make for the safe when they hear:

“Holy massacre Batman!” from the bank lobby. “Shut up Robin, the killers might still be here.”

“I thought you were supposed to seal the door.” says V.

“I did.” says M. “S, that's Batman out there, I don't want him to get hurt, could you?”

“My pleasure,” says S and she puts her finger tips to her temples.

Meanwhile in the Lobby - Seconds Before:

“Holy massacre Batman” says Robin.

“Shut up Robin,” says Batman. “The killers might still be here.”

“Who do you think could have done this?” asks Robin of Batman.

“Certainly not some common bank robber. That's for sure.” Batman sees one person holding a pen, that was also jammed into another man's throat. Batman bends over to get a better look. “I think that we should get out” suddenly Batman, who had been on one knee looking at the ground was now sitting flat on a rock in a jungle. “Um,” says Batman to Robin “where are we?”

“I'm not sure.” says Robin.

“Actually,” says Batman looking at the trees. “considering the vegetation I would say that we are in very East Asia, I think I've been in this place before. And if so, we are in Japan, in the land of fire, outside a very unfriendly village. “My GPS and phone are out, but according to my watch we've been out of it for two days.”

“What do you think we should do?” says Robin.

“My instinct tells me to get away, but the village could be our salvation if they don't blindly try and fight us like on my last visit here. I think we should make camp.” But before the two had even thought about what to do first, two figures come running up over the hill. Batman knew that the direction they were coming from was the Village hidden in the Leaves. The two men looked almost exactly the same, except one was considerably shorter then the other. They were both wearing green jumpsuits and had the same bushy eyebrows. The two stop when they see Batman and Robin, and point in excitement.

“It's that pointy eared guy that Naruto told me about!” says Lee.

“It's that bat guy that Kakashi told me about!” says Guy. The two look at each other. Then say in unison: “Let's fight him together!”

“Oh boy,” says Batman rather annoyed. “Why are the people from this village so upbeat about fighting people? Well get ready Robin, we've never met these guys before, so be careful.” the four take a fighting stance. So who wins this battle of master and student team ups?








Batgirl: It looks like this village you have here is a pretty violent one. I just happened to be here one time when Batman was fighting some kid named Naruto. Needless to say Batman beat him. I would have thought that the word of Batman's physical prowess would have spread through the village.

Tenten: It did, at least amongst the ninja. Although I heard from Naruto that Batman ran away crying.

Batgirl: From what I saw of him, that sounds like something that he would say.

Tenten: Even if Batman squashed Naruto flat, there is no way him and...oh who's that?

Batgirl: That's Robin.

Tenten: Wow, he's pretty umm.

Batgirl: You're blushing!

Tenten: (cough) no, what I meant to say was...Even if Batman squashed Naruto flat, there is no way him and Robin could possibly beat Guy Sensei, and Lee.

Batgirl: I guess we'll just have to let the battle decide.

Tenten: Alright. Guy and Lee charge forward towards Batman and Robin.

Batgirl: Batman makes a little signal towards Robin, and the two make a movement for their utility belts.

Tenten: Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke surrounds Batman and Robin. Guy and Lee stop charging just short of the edge of the smoke.

Batgirl: After a minute or two the smoke dies down, and Batman and Robin are in the place that they were before. What happened?

Tenten: I'm not sure, but I'm sure that we'll find out.

Batgirl: Lee is the first to act, and he charges forward.

Tenten: Guy seems to have spotted something on the ground.

Guy: LEE NO!

Batgirl: It would appear that Lee activated a trip wire. About a hundred Batarangs and 'R' Shurikens shoot from the trees to the point where Lee is.

Tenten: Lee realizes what happened almost too late, but he manages to jump up and out of the way of the projectiles.

Batgirl: But it looks like that isn't enough, and maybe Batman and Robin knew that Lee was going to do that. The second that Lee jumped up, a large boulder fell on top of him almost from nowhere.

Tenten: The second Lee and the boulder hit the ground, several nets spring from under nearby rocks and onto the boulder.


Batgirl: It looks like Lee won't be getting up for a while.

Tenten: Unfortunately for Batman and Robin, it looks like Guy is ticked off.

Batgirl: Guy charges forward so fast that all of Batman and Robin's traps activate too late to hit Guy.

Tenten: Batman and Robin look shocked at the speed of Guy's assault, and can do nothing to stop Robin from being kicked in the chest, and Batman from being punched in the gut.

Batgirl: Guy stands breathing heavily as Robin rests his back on the tree he hit, and Batman curls on the ground clutching his stomach.

Tenten: Guy trots over to where Lee is, and begins to tear off the nets holding the boulder onto the still unconscious Lee.

Batgirl: Batman and Robin take this as motivation to get up, if they were to have to fight both Guy and Lee, I think this fight would be over quickly.

Tenten: Robin jumps into the trees and takes position on the opposite side of Guy.

Batgirl: Batman throws a Batarang at Guy. Guy stops trying to rescue Lee and turns to face Batman.

Tenten: Guy pulls the now bloody Batarang out of his own back and throws it back at Batman.

Batgirl: Batman barely manages to dodge it, and Robin jumps into action.

Tenten: Robin tosses his bo staff into the air, and kicks the very end of it with all his might.

Batgirl: Robin's bow staff shoots like an arrow, and at the speed of a bullet at the back of Guy's head.

Tenten: The staff hits Guy, and delivers some kind of electrical shock. Guy then falls to the ground. Guy and Lee are down.

Batgirl: I guess that means that Batman and Robin win!

Tenten: I suppose it does.

Batman and Robin defeat Might Guy and Rock Lee 12 votes to 11


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