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65. Skeletor's Forces vs. The Masters of Evil

Eternia vs. Earth: I say...Let the villains decide!


 *This Fight Was Suggested By SimbasGuard

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Skeletor's Forces











Count Marzo

 Beast Man



The Masters of Evil

Baron Mordo
















New York (Baron Mordo’s Head Quarters):

Baron Mordo paces back and forth.

Dormammu is growing impatient with me, thinks Mordo, I promised to break the spell that Dr. Strange cast to keep Dormammu from invading this dimension. In exchange for Dormammu augmenting my powers enough to rival Dr. Strange. Only to discover that when Strange cast the spell he invoked the power of the Vishanti . My power is not strong enough to break the spell. I would have to ware it down over time and that would surly draw Dr. Strange’s attention. What I need is something that would enable me to cast a spell powerful enough to break Dr. Strange’s spell in one try. However despite my searching I could find nothing on earth powerful enough to do what was needed. I was beginning to become frustrated.

Then Dr. Doom contacted me about once again joining the Masters of Evil and trying to gain limitless power from some otherworldly castle.

I thought this was the solution I had had been looking for. However the heroes of that world were to much for us and I barely managed to escape.

Wanting to take some R and R, I was able to get a ticket to the second tournament at the Chetradome, (disguised as just a common fan.) that is when I gained new hope . Just before the tournament ended The Owner of the Chetradome came into the possession of a clipping of a dragon’s claw, that item is just what I need to break Dr. Strange’s spell. I planed to return the following night when the spectators were gone and security was sure to be lax , however I discovered that the distortion caused by the Chetradomic plain did not allow any mage to cast a spell to get inside the Chetradome from the outside plain.

I was back where I started, I searched every occult shop in New York looking for any number of talismans, wands, amulets, anything of smaller magic I could combine into something powerful enough to break Dr. Strange’s spell. The only thing I found that might ever be of use to me was the Soldering Stone, an artifact said to be able to repair any metal object.

Wait,” exclaims Mordo as realization comes to him, “The Tome of Asarius deals with traveling to other dimensions. “I may be able to find the information I’m looking for in there, although to get it I’ll have to contact to Dr. Doom.”

Latveria (Inside Castle Doom):

Work faster!” Says the commanding voice of Dr. Doom as his Doombots carry metal of all sorts into the workshop.

The image of Baron Mordo then appears behind Doom

Doom.” says the image, “I have need of your assistance.”

Not now Baron.,” says Doom, “I have much work to do.”

This will only take a moment” says the Image.

Oh very well” says Doom ,“ What do you require?”

I need to barrow the Tome of Asarius.” says the Image.

Oh certainly” says Doom much to Baron Mordo’s surprise.

Doom then orders one of his Doombots to retrieve the Tome of Asarius from his study and bring it to him.

Despite wondering why Doom would jut let him barrow the Tome of Asarius without asking why he needed it, Baron Mordo decides to just accept his good fortune and asks.

If you don’t mind my asking, what has you so busy?”

Well,” says Doom, “Spider-Man finally used the certificate he won at the Chetradome with his victory in Tournament 2.”

Ah I remember,” says the image, “so Spider-Man was King of Latveria for a day.”

Yes,” says Doom sounding annoyed, “and in that day he had all of my nuclear missiles decommissioned .”

You have nuclear missiles?!” exclaims the image.

Doom then shoots Baron Mordo an angry glance that clearly says . I’m Dr. Doom of course I have nuclear weapons. As Baron Mordo was wondering how to get his foot out of his mouth the Doombot sent to retrieve the Tome of Asarius returns.

Ah,” says Doom, “Here it is. Doom then casts a spell to teleport the Tome of Asarius to Baron Mordo.

Ah thank you.” says the image as an image of the Tome of Asarius appears in his hands.

Oh and Baron,” says Doom, “I want the Tome of Asarius back in one month.”

Certainly.” says the image before fading away.

Perfect, thinks Doom, if Baron Mordo and the other magic users he convinces to help him are able to pierce the distortion of the Chetradomic Plain, they will be no match for The Legion of Guardians. However this attempt will weaken the distortion field enough for me to teleport there at my leisure, that piece of dragon claw will belong to Doom.

Eternia (Inside Snake Mountain):

Evil-Lyn walks into Skeletor’s throne room followed closely by Count Marzo.

What took you so long?!” demands Skeletor.

I received your summons only twenty minutes ago.” says Evil-Lyn.

I came here as fast as I could” added Count Marzo.

What,” yells Skeletor, “ I summoned you Two days ago?!”

Skeletor then thinks for a Moment

The Sorceress,” says Skeletor, “She must have somehow managed to reactivate the magical essence of what used to be the mystic wall.”

So that is what slowed down your magical summons,” says Evil-Lyn, “Why not just use your teleport beam?”

I told Two-Bad to activate it,” says Skeletor, “but then he started fighting over who got to push the button and now the device is broken.”

And where is Two-Bad now?” asks Evil-Lyn.

He’s on guard duty.” says Skeletor.

Why Skeletor,“ says Evil-Lyn somewhat sarcastically , “Are you developing compassion?”

I agree,” says Count Marzo, “guard duty is hardly a punishment.”

Unless you have him guarding the dungeon.” says Evil-Lyn.

As a matter of fact dear Evil-Lyn,” says Skeletor, “That is exactly where I have him posted…with Stinkor.”

As Skeletor laughs manically Evil-Lyn leans over to Count Marzo and whispers.

I doubt that Two-Bad will be able to smell anything out of either of his noses after this.”

Skeletor’s laughing episode comes to an end and then he turns to his warriors and says.

Now that you’re both here, I have something to show you.”

Skeletor turns his head and shouts.


Tri-Klops wheels in a robot on a metal gurney.

Isn’t that the robot He-Man that was sent to attack us when we were holding Prince Adam prisoner?” asks Evil-Lyn.

Yes ,” says Skeletor, “Tri-Klops has reprogrammed and repaired it.”

Well almost,” says Tri-Klops, “the holographic projector was to badly damaged to fully repair.”

Tri-Klops,” says Skeletor firmly, “does the robot look like He-Man?”

Yes,” says Tri-Klops, “Bu--”

Then good enough.” interrupts Skeletor.

Still, what good would a He-Man look-alike robot do us in battle?’ asks Evil-Lyn.

Once empowered by all three of our magics Dear Evil-Lyn,” says Skeletor, “his strength will rival that of the real He-Man.”

Giving our side an equalizer of sorts.” says Evil-Lyn.

Exactly,” says Skeletor, “ now both of you focus your power.”

Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Count Marzo blast the robot with white energy, (From their staffs and amulet respectively) the process continues for four minutes until Tri-Klops yells.

Stop or He’ll overload.”

The magicians stop their spell and Skeletor says to Tri-Klops.

Activate the robot.”

Skeletor then turns his back to the robot to face Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo and says.

Behold my newest warrior.”

Skeletor then notices that Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo are trying to suppress laughter ( and would soon fail in their attempt).

What do you find so amusing?“ says Skeletor becoming highly annoyed.

Well Skeletor,” says Evil-Lyn through barely muffled giggles, “ I think the Masters of the Universe will be able to tell that this He-Man is a…fake.”

Evil-Lyn leans against her staff as she breaks down into uncontrollable laughter and Count Marzo soon fallows suite. Skeletor looks behind him and sees that the robot looks exactly like He-Man, but has red hair, Blue Skin, and an orange , purple and green outfit.

Tri-Klops!” yells Skeletor.

I…I tried to tell you.” says Tri-Klops cowering.

Attack him.” says Skeletor.

What?” asks Tri-Klops .

Attack the robot,” demanded Skeletor his eye-sockets glowing red, “Now!”

Tri-Klops draws his sword and charges the robot, the robot turns and grabs Tri-Klops by the throat. The robot then lifts Tri-Klops off the ground (Only using one arm) and throws him through a stone wall into the next room. Needless to say this also stops the laughter.

It would seem,” says Skeletor, “that you may still be of great use to me…Faker”

Yes Master.” says Faker.

Even the voice is identical to He-Man’s,” says Skeletor, “Impressive work Tri-Klops…Tri-Klops…”

Unhhh.” comes a pain filled response from the next room.

Now,” says Skeletor, “ when the other warriors I summoned arrive I’ll tell you my reason for bringing everyone here.”

When do you think that will be?” asks Evil-Lyn.

Thanks to the Sorceress’ interference,” says Skeletor, “we may be in for a very long wait.”

Wonderful.” says Evil-Lyn sarcastically.

New York (Baron Mordo’s Study):

Baron Mordo had read through all of Tome of Asarius and in the last paragraph of the last page he finds the information he was looking for.

Of Course,” says Baron Mordo with a mixture of gratitude and frustration, “I need the help of two other magicians or, I must cast the spell from a location that is a focal point for magical energy as a substitute for having another mage.”

Baron Mordo then tries to figure out what other mages he can enlist the aid of.

Dr. Doom is already out of the question, thinks Baron Mordo, Loki is far to arrogant to ever follow my lead. Perhaps Enchantress would hear me out.

Asgard (Enchantress’s home):

Enchantress is laying on a soft couch while being tended to by two of her bare chested and very muscular man servants, one feeds her grapes while the other fans her with a large fan made of swan feathers. The Image of Baron Mordo then appears.

Greetings Enchantress” says the image.

Greetings Baron Mordo,” says Enchantress as she holds her palm up to the servant feeding her, “To what do I owe this visit?”

I require your aid.” says the Image.

Interesting,” says Enchantress , “I would hear more, but…”

Enchantress then dismisses her man servants with a wave of her hand and when they have left, (Both looking as if they had just been rejected by there one true love.) Enchantress says.

Baron I find talking to an astral projection very annoying, if you want my help speak to me in person.”

Very well.” says the image which then fades away.

A second later there is a puff of white smoke and Baron Mordo appears.

Much better,” says Enchantress, “now what assistance might I be able to provide.”

Baron Mordo then explains his plain to Enchantress.

Excellent plan Baron,” says Enchantress, “but I need to inform you of some facts.”

Such as?” asks Baron Mordo.

First of all,” says Enchantress, “when Dormammu has conquered Midgard Thor is to be captured alive, unharmed, and given to me as a reward for my services on this mission.

I’ll see to it myself.” says Baron Mordo.

We will not be able to cast the spell from Raven’s Spire, “ says Enchantress, “after what the Masters of Evil did their last time. Odin had placed a legion of Asgardian warriors around it’s base as well as it’s summit.”

That is not a problem,” says Baron Mordo, “trying to cast the spell at a magical focal point from anywhere other than earth would require the assistance of another mage.”

Oh.” says Enchantress, “what location did you have in mind?”

Stonehenge.” says Baron Mordo.

Oh I detest that place,” says Enchantress, “I find those Druids to be loathsome individuals.”

Every other magical focal point on earth. has a guardian ,” says Baron Mordo, “we can’t very well use the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Tower of Fate, or Halliwell Manor.”

Yes,” says Enchantress, “and trying to harness the magical vortexes in the Bermuda Triangle would require far more effort than the spell you wish to cast in the first place.”

Yes,” says Baron Mordo, “so Stonehenge it is then.”

Hold a moment,” says Enchantress, “What of that rock formation in Africa?”

I did consider that, “says Baron Mordo, “the magical energy there has yet to be tapped by any magician.”

It sounds ideal.” says Enchantress.

Yes,” says Baron Mordo, “but I thought having to deal with the pride of lions that lives there would prove to be very bothersome.”

More so that those zealous Druids?” asks Enchantress.

Yes,” says Baron Mordo, “because unlike lions which are creatures that are impossible for me to control. These so called Druids despite what they claim are a bunch of high school drop outs in their early thirties, that have no magical power what so ever. Now add to that the fact that they are most likely single men and you get creatures that you can very easily control.”

You’re right Baron,” sighs enchantress, “I doubt I‘ll even need to use my powers.”

Are there any other facts I need to be informed of?” asks Baron Mordo.

Yes,” says Enchantress “the most important fact.”

Which is?” asks Baron Mordo.

The Owner of the Chetradome has his own personal super hero team.” says Enchantress.

Really,” asks Baron Mordo, “I seriously doubt whatever collection of hero wannabes, has-beens or never-weres, that eccentric buffoon could permanently hire. Would ever be anything more than a minor annoyance to us Enchantress. “

I admit I was not at all impressed when The Owner of the Chetradome introduced his Legion of Guardians during Tournament 3,” says Enchantress, “but that was before I saw them in battle.”

A exhibition battle?” asks Baron Mordo.

No,” says Enchantress more like a trial by fire.”

And they were victorious?” asks Baron Mordo.

Indeed they were,” says Enchantress, “I was particularly impressed with the wizard who leads them. Although his power is still raw and unfocused, his potential is undeniable .”

How do you think They would fare against the Masters of Evil?” asks Baron Mordo.

Impressive though they are,” says Enchantress, “they are not yet a match for the Masters of Evil. However understand this Baron, if we are to achieve victory we will have to fight for it.”

Understood,” says Baron Mordo, “how did you get tickets to Tournament 3? I tried to get mine five weeks in advance and they were sold out “

I meant a man named Emperor Ming who was on his way in to Tournament 3, “said Enchantress, “ I then suggested that he let me be his date. Naturally he though that was a brilliant idea.”

It sounds like it worked out perfect for everyone.” said Baron Mordo.

Yes, “ said Enchantress, “even the woman he threw to ground when I made my offer seemed grateful to be released.”

I have one last Question,” says Baron Mordo as he begins casting the Spell to bring Enchantress and himself back to Earth.

Which is?” asks Enchantress as she walks to where Baron Mordo is casting his spell.

Who, or what was it that this Legion of Guardians faced in their trial by fire?” asks Baron Mordo.

I’ll tell you on the way.” says Enchantress as white smoke envelops them.

New York (Baron Mordo’s Study):

A puff of white smoke appears and from it emerges Baron Mordo and Enchantress.”

That is Impressive says,” Baron Mordo, ”who would have that that a newly formed super team could ever triumph over a force like that.”

Yes it was something to see, says Enchantress, “Now being that Dr. Doom and Loki will not be part of this Mission. Who will be on this team of Masters of Evil?”

I think the Wrecking Crew would be the best allies for this mission,” says Baron Mordo, “your Asgardian magic can easily locate their Asgardian power.”

And what of out seventh team member asks?” Enchantress.

Leave that to Me,” says Baron Mordo, “One of our former allies owes me a favor, or more accurately he soon will.”

With that Enchantress magically teleports away and Baron Mordo grabs the Soldering Stone and heads to his basement. Once in his basement Baron Mordo turns on the light and looks over to his worktable where the broken remains of Ultron the robot are scattered upon it.

How lucky for you Ultron,” says Baron Mordo as he holds the Soldering stone above his head, “that I not only found this, but that I though to bring what was left of your body back to Earth with me when I escaped from that other world.”

Baron Mordo then utters the incantation to activate the Soldering Stone.

Bincraft Manford!”

Silver energy then shoots from the Soldering Stone and covers the remains of Ultron, a minute later the spell stops and Ultron is fully repaired.

Wh…Where am I?” asks Ultron as he sits up.

In my basement.” says Baron Mordo.

The last thing I remember,” says Ultron, “is being violently shaken by that massive green tiger.”

It is thanks to me that you are functioning Ultron.” says Baron Mordo.

So what do you want from me?” asks Ultron.

I’ll tell you in a moment,” says Baron Mordo, “ first lets wait upstairs. Other allies will soon join us.”

Eternia ( Snake Mountain):

Trap-Jaw is the last of the warriors Skeletor summoned to arrive after what seemed like an eternity to Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo.

Now that were all here.” says Skeletor, “I can tell you my latest plain. I have at last realized how to become powerful enough to force my way into Castle Grayskull.”

What is your plan Master?” asks Faker.

I plan to embed A clipping of dragon claw into the head of my Havoc Staff.” says Skeletor.

Where will you find a piece of dragon claw?” asks Trap-Jaw nervously.

On Earth,” says Skeletor.

Earth?” says Count Marzo

Yes,” says Skeletor, “He-Man was a part of the second tournament held at a place called the Chetradome. I don’t know all the details, but apparently since King Randor could not leave his throne to go to the Tournament. For the first time ever, the Owner Of The Chetradome allowed some thing called Pay-Pre-View to broadcast Tournament 2 on Eternia .’

And you actually paid for this Service?” asked Evil-Lyn.

No,” said Skeletor, “but King Randor did. He also had a giant view screen set up on the side of the Royal Palace so all of his people could cheer for He-Man and thanks to Tri-Klops’s Doomseeker , I saw the whole thing. Including He-Man’s glorious defeat at the hands of a monster called the Hulk, as well as seeing the owner of the Chetradome come into possession of a piece of dragon claw.”

Why go to Earth to steal a piece of dragon claw, asks Beast Man, we have dragons on Eternia.”

And would you like to be the one to try and clip their nails Beast Man?” asks Skeletor.

Uhmmmm…” says Beast Man.

No…you don’t” says Evil-Lyn.

If this is just a simple theft,” says Count Marzo, “Why is a whole team needed?”

Yes,” says Evil-Lyn, “an individual warrior would have a better chance of success?”

Because, says Skeletor realizing that both Evil-Lyn and Cont Marzo would steal the dragon claw for themselves if given the chance, “I don’t know where the Owner of the Chetradome keeps the dragon claw. We may have to seize the entire Chetradome and that can only be done effectively with a complete team. Oh and should it be necessary to seize the Chetradome you two will guard the Owner of the Chetradome as well as any other hostages we may acquire.”

Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo are about to protest, but think better of it when they see Skeletor’s eye-sockets glowing red.

Now,” says Skeletor, “Does everyone understand the plan?”

You have a plan?” asks Whiplash.

Skeletor hangs his head in frustration and disgust .

New York: (Baron Mordo’s Head Quarters):

Baron Mordo and Ultron had been struggling to make small talk for some time now when Enchantress appears along with Lizard, Rhino, Shocker, and Wrecker.

Where is the rest of the Wrecking Crew?” asks Baron Mordo.

We tangled with Thor and the Warriors Three five days ago,” says Wrecker, “I was the only one who got away. Enchantress said if I help you with this mission I can ask you to help free my buddies in return.

Certainly, says Baron Mordo, “ What about the rest of the group?”

I tracked Wrecker to the Bar With No Name,” says Enchantress, “Wrecker told me his story and then I noticed that Shocker and Rhino were each having a beer so I recruited them as well.”

At what price?” asks Baron Mordo.

We want you to teleport us inside Fort Knocks.” says Shocker as Rhino nods his head in agreement.

Do well on this mission,” says Baron Mordo, “and I will teleport you back from Fort Knocks as well. What of the Lizard?”

The Othersssss Ressssscued me from SSSSSpider-Man,” says Lizard, “sssssso I am helping you to return the favor.”

You were seen by Spider-Man,” Shouts Baron Mordo, “if he informs the Avengers of our return our plans could be seriously compromised .

Calm yourself Baron,” says Enchantress, “as we were leaving the Bar With No Name Lizard leaped out of a nearby sewer quickly followed by Spider-Man. Shocker began trying to blast him and while Spider-Man was dodging his vibro-shock blasts I managed to hit him a wide angle immobilization spell. Wrecker then batted Spider-man with his crowbar and sent him flying somewhere, so I very much doubt that Spider-Man will be in any shape to tell anyone anything. Even after my spell wares off. “

That is most reassuring Enchantress,” says Baron Mordo, “now are their any other questions?”

Baron Mordo waits for a few moments and then he says.

Then let us be off for Stonehenge.”

Baron Mordo then casts a spell and the Masters of Evil disappear in a puff of white smoke.

England ( Five yards outside of Stonehenge ) :

The Masters of Evil Appear from a puff of white smoke right in front of a group of Druids, who upon seeing the Rhino proceed to run away screaming.

This evening is off to a wonderful start.” says Enchantress with a smile.

The Masters of Evil enter Stonehenge, then Baron Mordo and Enchantress simultaneously tap into the mystical energy within Stonehenge and begin to cast the spell in unison soon a magical portal opens.

Nice ride.” says Shocker as he and the other Masters of Evil head for the portal.

Eternia (Snake Mountain (several moments earlier) :

Now do you understand Whiplash?” asks Skeletor having explained his plan for the sixth time.

Uh…yeah…I got it.” says Whiplash.

Good, now lets be on our way.” says Skeletor.

Skeletor then waves his Havoc Staff to open the portal and nothing happens.

Evil-Lyn, open the portal.“ commands Skeletor.

At once.” says Evil-Lyn somewhat puzzled as to why Skeletor didn’t already open the portal.

The Crystal ball atop Evil-Lyn’s staff then glows white as she tries to use her magic to open the portal, but to no avail.

I’ll show you how it’s done. says Count Marzo confidently.

Count Marzo’s amulet then glows red as he tries to open the portal and also meets with no results. Count Marzo then turns to Evil-Lyn who is smirking at him and says .

Perhaps if we both try?”

Very well,” says Evil-Lyn, “On my command…NOW!”

The magicians use their magic simultaneously and a portal begins to take shape , although it is unstable.

Can you two do nothing without me.” says Skeletor as he slams the bottom of his Havoc staff on the ground. (and in doing so taps into the magical energy of Snake Mountain.)

Skeletor then shoots white energy from the palm of his hand into the unstable portal that Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo are trying to maintain. With the addition of Skeletor’s magic the portal is completed .

Now,” says Skeletor, “To Earth.”

Earth (the Chetradome (a moment later):

Mallow is making his nightly rounds and is just about ready to turn in when suddenly the Silver Locket around his neck begins to glow, Mallow places his hand over the locket and is instantly aware that two groups of evildoers are about to attack the Chetradome.

In a flash of green light Mallow teleports himself outside to the beach.

It looks like I picked the wrong time to give the Legion of Guardians some time off, thinks Mallow, I need a big spell to counter this problem. I’m sorry to disrupt your vacation, but this is an emergency.

Mallow then stamps his magical staff upon the ground creating a spark of flame that quickly takes the from of a gargantuan flaming wolf.

What’s is the matter Mallow?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

No time to explain, “says Mallow, “I need to tap into your magical energy.”

You’ve got it.” says Pyrian Lupus who then relaxes his mind giving Mallow access to all the magical energy he has available.

Mallow then taps into Pyrian Lupus’ energy and shoots a green energy beam from the top of his staff. That then splits two ways.

That takes care of that problem.” says Mallow.

What did you do?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

Well I…” Mallow is shocked to see that Pyrian Lupus is now only the size of a timber wolf, “are you O.K.?” asks Mallow.

I’m fine,” says Pyrian Lupus, “your spell just took a lot of energy. I’ll be fine after a nice hot lava bath, so what kind of spell did you cast?”

I intercepted the two incoming teleportation spells and tied them together,” says Mallow, “that way instead of coming here to fight us. They can stay inside their inter-dimensional portal and fight each other.”

Will they be trapped indefinitely? asks Pyrian Lupus.

No“, says Mallow “I rigged the spell so that a fallen combatant will be teleported back to where they were before entering their respective portals.”

And when the fight is over?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

Well depending on what way they walk,” says Mallow, “the winners will either end up back where they came from, or where their opponents came from.”

It sounds like you thought of everything “ says Pyrian Lupus.

Of course I did,” says Mallow with a smile, “did you expect anything less.”

Ha Ha Ha!” laughs Pyrian Lupus.

Still I should check one thing.” says Mallow.

The top of Mallow’s staff glows green as he waves it slowly back and fourth through the air three times.

Uh-oh,” says Mallow, “I was afraid of this.”

What is it?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

Tonight’s attempted attacks on the Chetradome have severely weakened the distortion effect of the Chetradomic plain.” says Mallow.

Meaning…?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

That any magician more powerful that Siegfried and Roy will be able to teleport here on his own.” says Mallow.

What can we do?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

For now,” says Mallow, “nothing . When Mina gets back I’ll ask her if she thinks casting a bouncer spell around the Chetradome is a good idea, or if she knows a better spell. If she agrees to the bouncer spell anyone trying to teleport into the Chetradome will end up on the beach.”

Is there anything else you need my help with?” asks Pyrian Lupus.

No,” says Mallow, “you can leave now if you want.”

Very well,” says Pyrian Lupus, “summon if you need me.”

All right.” says Mallow with a chuckle as his friend fades away like a fire burning itself out.

The Inter-dimensional Vortex (Several moments earlier ):

Is it just me, or is it taking us a lot longer to get through this portal than it normally does?” asks Trap-Jaw.

It does seem that we have been walking a long time.” says Evil-Lyn.

Skeletor was about to comment on the situation when he sees a group of individuals standing in front of them.

Baron Mordo sees the group in front of them and asks Enchantress.

Is that the Legion of Guardians?”

No,” says Enchantress, “but they are in our way.

Well then ,” says Baron Mordo, “attention those who bar our path. Move or, you will be removed!”

Oh I think not!” says Skeletor.

Both teams then take fighting stances.

So Who Wins This Battle of Evil Teams?


*Set-Up Written By SimbasGuard




Dr. Doom




Tri-Klops: Wow, this...this is an odd place for a fight.

Dr. Doom: I agree. Well I suppose the first thing to do is to give the line-up. The line-up will be: Skeletor vs. Ultron, Evil-Lyn vs. Enchantress, Trap-Jaw vs. Shocker--

Tri-Klops: Count Marzo vs. Baron Mordo, Faker vs. Wrecker, Whiplash vs. Lizard, and Beast Man vs. Rhino.

Dr. Doom: Skeletor acts first, shooting an energy blast from his hand towards Ultron. The blast bounces harmlessly against Ultron's armor.

Tri-Klops: Enchantress shoots an energy bolt towards Evil-Lyn, and Evil-Lyn blocks it with her staff.

Dr. Doom: Faker charges towards Wrecker. Faker makes a swipe for Wrecker with his sword, but Wrecker blocks it with his crow bar.

Tri-Klops: Lizard charges toward Whiplash, lizard jumps into the air and begins to claw at Whiplash's face.

Dr. Doom: Whiplash detaches Lizard using his tail. Lizard falls to the ground, and Whiplash swings it downward to hit Lizard.

Tri-Klops: Lizard is just too quick, rolls to dodge the attack, and grabs Whiplash's tail.

Dr. Doom: Lizard swings Whiplash by his tail, and slams him repeatedly against the ground.

Tri-Klops: After a half a dozen swings, Whiplash disappears from Lizards claws.

Dr. Doom: What is that about?

Tri-Klops: I guess once someone is defeated from here, they must go to elsewhere. Hopefully it is back to where they came from and not somewhere unknown.

Dr. Doom: Lizard looks around for someone else to fight.

Tri-Klops: Count Marzo shoots an energy blast at Baron Mordo. Baron Mordo uses a spell to disperse the energy blast.

Dr. Doom: Rhino charges for Beast Man, Beast Man jumps to avoid being impaled by Rhino's horn, and gets behind him.

Tri-Klops: Shocker raises his arm to shoot something at Trap-Jaw, but Trap-Jaw had already gotten his hook around Shocker's Neck. Trap-Jaw pulls Shocker towards him, and bites off both the devices on his hands.

Dr. Doom: Trap-Jaw then proceeds to punch Shocker in the stomach. Shocker goes flying backwards, disappearing before he hits the ground.

Tri-Klops: I assume that Trap-Jaw figured Shockers only weapons had to be those devices on his hands?

Dr. Doom: And he would have been right.

Tri-Klops: Lizard takes the place of Shocker, but Trap-Jaw does the same move he did on Shocker, pulls him in and punches him hard in the stomach.

Dr. Doom: Lizard too disappears. Wow, this fight is going quick.

Tri-Klops: That's for sure. Trap-Jaw stands next to Count Marzo to help him in his battle.

Dr. Doom: Ultron shoots energy from his eye's at Skeletor, and Skeletor blocks it with his Havok Staff.

Tri-Klops: Evil-Lyn shoots some magical energy at Enchantress. Enchantress simply teleports a few feet to her left, and the blast misses her.

Dr. Doom: Everyone seems to be using energy blasts.

Tri-Klops: That is odd.

Dr. Doom: Although there is nothing like a good energy blast to test the skills of your opponent. Maybe these guys are thinking the same thing.

Tri-Klops: Wrecker swings his crow bar to hit Faker in the knees, but Faker steps backwards, and the crowbar misses.

Dr. Doom: Baron Mordo directs a magical blast at Trap-Jaw. Trap-Jaw vanishes the second the spell hits him.

Tri-Klops: Count Marzo looks surprised, but none the less shoots a blast from his amulet.

Dr. Doom: Baron Mordo simply deflects it with a spell.

Tri-Klops: Beast Man who was behind Rhino kicks him in the back, but to little effect. Rhino turns around.

Dr. Doom: Skeletor looks around for something.

Tri-Klops: There is not much around for him to work with, almost as a delaying tactic, Skeletor shoots another blast at Ultron. Ultron starts walking forward.

Dr. Doom: Evil-Lyn raises her hands above Enchantress. Bolts of lightning rain down on on Enchantress's position, but her quick hand put up a shield to keep her from harm.

Tri-Klops: Faker –who had just dodged another attack from Wrecker-- makes a stabbing motion with his sword. Wrecker vanishes before he hits the ground.

Dr. Doom: I hope that wherever Wrecker ends up, there is a doctor near by.

Tri-Klops: Baron Mordo raises his arms to where the sky would be, and waves of energy blasts hurl towards Count Marzo.

Dr. Doom: Count Marzo puts up a heavy magical shield. Baron Mordo stops his attack, and the shield that Count Marzo had up flickers away. Baron Mordo grins.

Tri-Klops: Rhino who was now facing Beast Man jerks his head towards Beast Man, impaling him on his horn.

Dr. Doom: Beast Man disappears, man this fight is brutal. But what do you expect from teams of super-villains?

Tri-Klops: I agree, but I hope for Beast Man's sake that he is transported to somewhere where they can help him.

Dr. Doom: Rhino finds his way over to Faker, who will make the first move?

Tri-Klops: It would seem that Skeletor has figured out what his plan is, good thing to because Ultron has sped his advance.

Dr. Doom: Skeletor raises his staff, and something appears above Ultron.

Tri-Klops: What is that?

Dr. Doom: My's a Nuclear BOMB!

Tri-Klops: The bomb falls on Ultron, and explodes.

Dr. Doom: A shield around the blast source created by Skeletor held back the blast for a fraction of a second. But it was Ultron disappearing that took the blast with it.

Tri-Klops: I hope that where ever Ultron ends up, there wont be too many casualties.

Dr. Doom: Are you kidding, I'm hoping for maximum deaths! That is all this planet needs, a Nuclear war.

Tri-Klops: Baron Mordo raises his hands again, energy rains down on Count Marzo who was keeping his shield up to block.

Dr. Doom: Baron Mordo suddenly flicks one of his hands to the ground.

Tri-Klops: One large blast of white energy erupts from the ground below Count Marzo.

Dr. Doom: Count Marzo yells and disappears. Baron Mordo looks victorious, then suddenly disappears.

Tri-Klops: Skeletor has shot a spell at him from behind.

Dr. Doom: They are dropping like flies.

Tri-Klops: Rhino charges at Faker, Faker smiles and uses his sword to block the attack.

Dr. Doom: That was the wrong move, Rhino's momentum causes Faker's sword to simply be moved out of the way. Rhino's horn goes through Faker's metal plating.

Tri-Klops: Rhino turns his attention on Skeletor.

Dr. Doom: Evil-Lyn sees that Skeletor is in potential danger, and decides that the battle needs to be over pretty soon.

Tri-Klops: Evil-Lyn raises her staff, and what appears to be an inter-dimensional portal opens up behind Enchantress.

Dr. Doom: How can you tell it is inter-dimensional, and not something else.

Tri-Klops: Only inter-dimensional portals turn clockwise.

Dr. Doom: Wow, now that I think about it, you are right. I never noticed that.

Tri-Klops: It looks like the battle is about to end.

Dr. Doom: Skeletor and Evil-Lyn both point their staffs at Rhino, who looks surprised that the fight is now 2 on 1.

Tri-Klops: Skeletor and Evil-Lyn both smile at each other, and Rhino disappears. I wonder what the spell did.

Dr. Doom: I don't know, but everyone from the Masters of Evil is defeated.

Tri-Klops: Skeletor's Forces win!

Skeletor's Forces defeated the Masters of Evil 14 votes to 8


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