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66. Iron Man vs. Batman

Two Billionaire Superheros from two different universes! Let the hostile take-over begin!

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Iron Man






Los Angeles, California

A bolt of lightning hits the top of Chetradome Tower. The lights inside flicker, and the Owner of the Chetradome grins. Here he was, on the 82nd floor of a giant lightning rod, and he had invited people over. Not just any people, he thought The other members of BOOT, are coming to discuss the events of last week. There was a knock at the door.

“Speak of the Devil.” The Owner of the Chetradome said as he walked to the door.

“The Devil indeed.” came a voice from the other side of the door. The Owner of the Chetradome peered into the peak hole of his office door.

“Go away Lex!” The Owner of the Chetradome said with anger.

“COME ON!” Lex roared. “What would it take for you to let me into BOOT?”

“Well, first off, you can't be a super-villain.” The Owner of the Chetradome said sarcastically.

“Oh come on, you let Wayne in, and his company takes advantage of cheep over seas labor! That's way worse than anything I do!”

“I'll ignore the blatant subtext, and say that I do too. So does Queen, and I know of at least one of Stark's. Also, am I to believe that there are no such facilities run by LexCorp?” There was silence from outside.

“Lex?” The Owner of the Chetradome said.

“If I can't join you Dome then I will tear your group apart one by one!”

“I see, well security is on it's way, you should take the stairs if you want to avoid them.” Another silence.

“Thanks.” The Owner of the Chetradome heard Lex's foot steps, and heard a door open. Just then there was the ding of the elevator and The Owner of the Chetradome heard 3 voices step out and towards his office door. He peered through the peak hole again. Sure enough it was Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, and Tony Stark. Or maybe as they were more popularly known as. Batman, Green Arrow, and Iron Man.

The Owner of the Chetradome opened the door before they had the chance to knock.

“Chet!” They said together. The Owner of the Chetradome gave a half a smile and motioned for them to come in.

“Would anyone like a drink before we get started?” They all did. Once everyone had a chilled glass in their hand, the Owner of the Chetradome sat down. They sat quietly for a moment then.

“As you all witnessed last week, Chem has left the Guardian Five, and has become the leader of a group called The Fatal Four. If you recall Bruce when you were in town a while ago, you were sent to the First National Bank of Chetradome to apprehend the bank robbers.” Bruce nodded “This eventually led to you being in Japan days later with out memory of how you got there.” Bruce shifted uneasily, but nodded again. “From the security tapes, I have determined that the robbers were indeed the Fatal Four.”

The other BOOT members looked around at each other.

“If that's the case,” said Oliver “Then he was--”

“He was planning to leave all along.” Said the Owner of the Chetradome. “He used the money stolen from the vaults to set up his own base of operations. I assume it is hear in Los Angeles.”

“But Chet!” Bruce said suddenly. “There is more than just money in that vault!” The others looked confused.

“Yes Bruce, There are countless magical items stored into that vault.”

“Not to mention.” said Tony, a menacing look on his face. “That a lot of people trusted that bank for their, umm spare keys.

“I have thought of that, I have notified the proper channels.”

“What did Odin say?” said Bruce smiling.

“He said that if I don't get his key back soon, he will send someone to deal with me, and Chem.”

“I see.” said Bruce

“But never mind them, I'm indestructible, remember? I think I can take anything he sends my way. But there are more urgent matters, Among the keys he took there was one for Lehethro, Pyrian Lupus, and Glacious Lupus are guarding the normal entrances. But it has been proven difficult by the other Lupus's appearances. The other important key he took was the key to Silvia's holding cell.

“Who is Silvia?” asked Oliver.

“It is unimportant now, but lets just say that she could be a useful member of Chem's team should she be released. She is in a holding cell 100 feet below the underground Legion of Guardian Base under the Chetradome.”

“You have your own private jail?” asked Tony a little uneasy.

“Silvia is a special case. To put it simply her powers could be compared to Magneto, although her intellect is not as sharp.”

“What would you have us do?” asked Bruce

“Well, basically I am asking for you, to ask some members of your team affiliations if they could help me guard Silvia's cell.”

“Why can't you have one of your Guardians do it?” asked Oliver.

“It is important that none on them know that I have Silvia. She is the mother of one of them, and I told him that she is dead. Should he find out that she is still alive, we could have a problem. Melt-Down, while he doesn't know it yet, is one of the most powerful members on the team now.”

“Now that Mallow lost some of his powers?” asked Tony

“Exactly. Melt-Down is an expert in hand to hand combat, and his long range attacks could take out cities.”

“That is a problem.” said Bruce.

“I think I have someone in mind.” said Oliver.

“Good,” said the Owner of the Chetradome “but do you think that we could take this to the Chetradome, I was hoping that my presence in Los Angeles would drive Chem to me, but I can't risk him sneaking in while I'm not there.”

“As long as we can get a ride to our homes to change.” said Bruce, who was of course the only member of BOOT who's identity was still a secret.

“I think I can arrange that.” There was a pause then. “Mallow!” There was a moments pause, then Mallow popped into view in front of them.

“As usual Owner of the Chetradome,”said Mallow “your timing could not be worse.”

“What do you mean?” said the Owner of the Chetradome, “You were on patrol duty tonight if I recall, it is your night.”

“Yes, but now Twitch is on patrol all alone.” Bruce, Tony, and Oliver all grinned at each other. “She is tough but I don't think she could hold out long against the likes of Doctor Horde, or.”

“It is alright” The Owner of the Chetradome interrupted. “Just a few pit stops and we will be back to the Chetradome.” Mallow grinned,

“ok where do you want to go?”

Chetradome Island, Chetradome

Mallow appeared near the edge of the arena floor accompanied with the BOOT members all costumed up. The Owner of the Chetradome nodded towards Mallow, and Mallow disappeared.

“They have specified routes around the Chetradome that they take while paroling.” The Owner of the Chetradome said to the others.

“Too bad that route doesn't take them into the Chetradome.” said an ice cold female voice from behind them. They all turned. It was night time, and the inside of the Chetradome hotel was the only source of light. The Chetradome walls cast long shadows, and they couldn't see who had spoken.

“Calamitous.” whispered the Owner of the Chetradome.

“Oh, you're no fun.” said Calamitous turning from shadow into woman before their eyes. “How did you know it was me?”

“There are only a handful of people in the world with the power to turn into shadow, and only one with a reason to be here.”

“I could have been invisible.” she said, she seemed to be trying to draw attention away from her mission.

“I would have seen you.” said Iron Man matter-of-factly. Calamitous looked annoyed.

“Well I was sent here to make Mallow and Twitch kill each other, but I think that this will be much more fun. Who wants to go first?” Iron Man shot a repulsor ray at her. She became intangible and it shot harmlessly through her.

“Our first volunteer,” Calamitous snapped her fingers, and Iron Man went rigid. “And, ahh, a mind I recognize, so it had been you at the bank.” Calamitous snapped her fingers again, and Batman went stiff as well.

“As for you two.” she was referring to The Owner of the Chetradome and Green Arrow. “You can sit over their!” with a few snaps of her fingers she bound them with solid concentrations of dark, and placed them in the stands.

“You two!” Iron Man and Batman straightened up. “Fight to the death!” Calamitous takes to flight, and flies away. The pair take fighting stances. So who wins? The Dark Knight, or the Iron Clad Avenger?


 Captain America





Superman: Immediately Iron Man shoots his repulsor ray at Batman.

Captain America: Batman proves to be too quick, and dodge-rolls out of the way.

Superman: Batman gets to his feet and throws several bat-grenades at Iron Man.

Captain America: The bat-grenades explode against Iron Man's armor, but he appears to be unharmed.

Superman: Iron Man shoots more repulsor rays at Batman. Man, he sure loves his repulsor rays.

Captain America: That he does. Batman again dodges the repulsor rays. I think it is safe to say that Batman may have done some reading up on Iron Man's fighting style.

Superman: It's almost like he knows where Iron Man is going to shoot and when.

Captain America: Between repulsor blasts from Iron Man, Batman shoots his grappling hook at Iron Man.

Superman: The grappling hook wraps around Iron Man's outstretched gauntlet, and he fires a few times into the air, almost hitting the stands.

Captain America: Batman zooms towards Iron Man holding his grapple-gun, his foot held in front of him to kick.

Superman: Batman's foot hits Iron Man square in the chest, and he is forced to step back.

Captain America: Batman attaches something to Iron Man's back, and does a back flip into the air off of him.

Superman: Batman ducks for cover.


Captain America: The bomb that Batman had attached to Iron Man's back explodes.

Superman: Iron Man is lying on the ground, face down, but looks unhurt.

Captain America: Iron Man gets to his feet.

Superman: Wow, he sure is durable! Makes me think that the moniker “Man of Steel” might have been misplaced.

Captain America: Batman gets to his feet, obviously surprised that his attack failed.

Superman: Leave it to Batman to have a dozen more up his sleeve.

Captain America: Assuming Iron Man doesn't use his first.

Superman: Iron Man seems to be thinking the same thing, and shoots a missile from his arm at Batman.

Captain America: How does Iron Man expect to hit him, when Batman proved capable of dodging his repulsor rays?

Superman: Batman moves out of the way of the missile, and grins.

Captain America: His grin is replaced with a look of shock though as he hears the missile circle back around to him.

Superman: Must be heat seeking.

Captain America: Assuming it's not “Batman seeking”. I wouldn't put it past Iron Man to have a gadget like that. He's got everything else in that suit of his.

Superman: Batman dodges the missile again, but it's getting tighter, and will become impossible to dodge pretty soon.

Captain America: Batman thinks quickly, and makes a run for Iron Man, missile closing in behind him.

Superman: He's not going to make it!

Captain America: Batman seems to be thinking the same thing, and pulls out his grappling hook.

Superman: He shoots it at Iron Man again, this time the cable wrapping around Iron Man's neck.

Captain America: He pulls himself closer to Iron Man, the missile still hot on his trail.

Superman: Batman reaches Iron Man, and takes cover behind him.

Captain America: The missile hits Iron Man square in the chest, throwing fire everywhere, and knocking Batman and Iron Man backwards.

Superman: Iron Man lands on Batman, and Batman squirms out from underneath him.

Captain America: The pair get up and Batman steps back.

Superman: Good thing too, as Iron Man begins to shoot more repulsor rays at him.

Captain America: Iron Man raises his other hand, and right after shooting a repulsor ray, he shoots a blue blast of energy at Batman.

Superman: Batman must not have expected this, as the beam hits him dead on.

Captain America: Batman begins to freeze in place.

Superman: I didn't know Iron Man had a freeze beam.

Captain America: I guess he does. Batman is fully frozen now, and Iron Man's chest is lighting up. He's about to shoot his Uni-Beam!

Superman: No one dies today!

Captain America: Superman flies quickly down between Iron Man and Batman, just as Iron Man's Uni-Beam fires. The beam is dissipated as it hits Superman's chest.

Iron Man: What? What's going on?

Superman: You were put under some kind of mind control by Calamitous. Her magics must have worn off.

Green Arrow: Good thing too, those darkness straps were cutting in to my leather.

Captain America: It would appear that Iron Man has won, and the mind control that Calamitous had on everyone wore off at the last minute. That's a relief.

Iron Man: So who's gonna defrost the bat?


Superman: (sigh) I guess I will...

Iron Man defeats Batman 13 votes to 9


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  • Guardian Five
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  • First National Bank of Chetradome
  • Lehethro
  • Pyrian Lupus
  • Glacious Lupus
  • Lupus Gang
  • Silvia
  • Legion of Guardians
  • The Chetradome
  • Melt-Down
  • Mallow
  • Twitch
  • Doctor Horde
  • Chetradome Hotel
  • Calamitous

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  • Magneto
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  • Lex Luthor
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