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69. The X-Men vs. The Justice League

Two of the most recognizable super hero teams of all time face off. Let the battle begin!

-This fight was suggested by davis

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The X-Men

Colossus                  Wolverine                 Gambit                      Rogue                    Shadowcat                  Cyclops                  Storm





The Justice League

Superman                 Batman                    Green Arrow             Wonder Woman    Martian Manhunter       Green Lantern           Zatanna









With the conclusion of the Galactus and Apocalypse vs. Darkseid, Doomsday, Bizarro, and Black Adam fight. Ritt City is in ruins. It's when people are afraid and confused that they are the most tasty. At least according to the Lupus Gang. Not an hour had gone by, and the Lupus Gang was devouring some Ritt City civilians.

“You would think wouldn't you,” says Folium. The leafs on his forehead wrinkling in thought. “that we would have seen the Legion of Guardians by now.”

“The Humans and SimbasGuard are busy looking for The Fatal Four,” responds Terra, as she steps on a domesticated animal with her stone paw.“and Pyrian and Glacious are in Lehethro looking for us.”

“It's too bad that Glacious didn't join our side.” reflects Unda to the group, as he sprays a jet of water at a passing couple. “I mean for a wolf made of ice, she sure is a fox.”

“It would do you well to bite your tongue.” says Levitas, crackling blue with electricity “I thought you had a thing for Aer.”

“Aer is a close second to Glacious.” says Unda and a few people suffocate near by. “There is just something about ice that gets my tail a-waggin!”

“If you changed your mind about Aer, maybe she'll take a fancy to me instead?” asks Levitas.

“In your dreams Levitas!” says Ferrum. Scraping her iron claws against a nearby building. “You're mine!”

“And Folium is mine!” says Terra, a little annoyed. “Now that we have that squared away, I think we should start worrying about our next problem.”

“What's that darling?” asks Folium jokingly.

“Some Super Hero teams have discovered us.” Terra answers.

“The Legion of Guardians?” asks Unda.

“No, it appears to be two other teams.” answers Terra, “I don't think that we should stick around, I recognize a few of them.”

With that the six members of the Lupus Gang disappear in a whirl of their respective element.

“It's nice when our mere presence makes the bad guys go away.” says Superman to the other 13 Super Heroes in the area. “I wish all of our jobs were this easy!” All of the Justice League and Shadowcat laugh.

“Hey bub!” shouts Wolverine to Green Lantern. “I heard about your fight with Thor!”

“I was under the impression,” responds Green Lantern a little annoyed. “That everyone knew.”

“You should know,” shouts Colossus. “Dat de Avengers and de X-men are like dat!” Colossus claps his hands together, interlocking his fingers, and holds them a few inches from his chin.

“If your intention was to threaten me,” responds Green Lantern. “You have failed. It would take little effort on our part to defeat you right here and now!”

“That sounds like a challenge to me!” Rogue shouts and takes to flight. Wonder Woman follows suit. And everyone else takes fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Tenants of the X-Mansion or the Watchtower?








Beast: Quite an interesting fight we have here Robin.

Robin: I agree, I have been waiting for a fight like this. I just wish I was a part of it.

Beast: I don't know about that. I have a feeling this fight is going to get a little messy.

Robin: I think we should start off with the line up based on their positions before the fight starts.

Beast: I agree. It looks like the fight will consist of Colossus vs. Superman, Cyclops vs. Green Lantern, Gambit vs. Green Arrow.

Robin: Rogue vs. Wonder Woman, Shadowcat vs. Martian Manhunter, Storm vs. Zatanna, and Wolverine vs. Batman.

Beast: All of those should prove to be interesting, it will not be easy to determine a winner before the fight begins.

Robin: I think I have a feeling.

Beast: I'm going to assume that our feelings are conflicting.

Robin: I think so too.

Beast: Alright, lets start. Colossus charges towards Superman, and Superman hops into the air, still hovering above the ground.

Robin: I wonder if Colossus has ever met Superman before.

Beast: Colossus reaches Superman, and throws a punch. I guess that answers your question. Superman seems to be unfazed.

Robin: Superman punches Colossus in the stomach, and Colossus goes flying backwards.

Beast: Let's turn our attention over to Cyclops and Green Lantern.

Robin: Green Lantern puts a green shield up in front of himself just as Cyclops shoots a red beam of energy at him.

Beast: It would appear that Green Lantern's shield is keeping Cyclops's beam at bay, but Green Lantern must disagree. Green Lantern drops his shield and starts shooting his own beam of energy at Cyclops.

Robin: The two beams of energy converge in the middle. The ground shudders as they try to over-power one another.

Beast: Now we go over to Gambit and Green Arrow. Green Arrow starts shooting arrows at Gambit. Trick or not, Gambit is blocking them easily with his bow-staff.

Robin: I guess someone who throws exploding cards all the time should know a little about projectiles.

Beast: Green Arrow knocks an orange tipped arrow and shoots it at Gambit.

Robin: Gambit must not have noticed the difference, and the arrow explodes against Gambit's bow-staff. Causing orange smoke to billow in all directions.

Beast: Now over to Rogue and Wonder Woman. Both of whom are already in the air.

Robin: Rogue flies towards Wonder Woman, fist clenched, shrieking a battle-cry.

Beast: Wonder Woman catches Rogues punch with both hands, and spins her around.

Robin: Rogue's momentum causes her to go flying wildly through the air, but she catches herself before she hits the ground. Rogue returns to Wonder Woman's altitude, and contemplates her next move.

Beast: Now we go over to Shadowcat and Martian Manhunter.

Robin: Shadowcat doesn't waist time, and charges towards Martian Manhunter.

Beast: She throws a punch, and it goes through the now intangible Martian Manhunter. She stumbles, and he pushes her over.

Robin: She gets to her feet and says something to the Martian Manhunter. I'm sure it is something along the lines of “I can do that too”. Martian Manhunter looks a little surprised.

Beast: Over to Storm and Zatanna.

Robin: Zatanna doesn't waist time in casting fire spells repeatedly at Storm.

Beast: It would seem that Zatanna's spell is still susceptible to some laws of physics, as Storm simply uses her powers over the wind to blow them away from her.

Robin: The clouds begin to darken. I think Storm may be brewing up...a storm.

Beast: And over to the last pair, Wolverine and Batman.

Robin: Wolverine is already charging Batman.

Beast: It's doesn't take a genius to figure out that you might want to stay clear of Wolverine's claws.

Robin: Wolverine swipes furiously at Batman's torso, but Batman seems to anticipate wolverine's every move. This doesn't deter Wolverine as he continues to claw at Batman.

Beast: Alright, back to Colossus and Superman. Colossus gets to his feet.

Robin: Colossus is tough, he doesn't even look fazed by Superman's punch.

Beast: But Superman is easily the stronger of the two. Colossus charges towards Superman again.

Robin: Superman looks a little surprised, but waits for Colossus to reach him.

Beast: Colossus takes an extra second to wind up his punch, and drives his metal fist into Superman's stomach. Superman is forced backwards several feet.

Robin: Superman looks a little surprised that he was actually hurt by Colossus's attack, but manages to knock Colossus backwards with his forearm.

Beast: We'll skip over Cyclops and Green Lantern who are still shooting their respective energies at each other. It will be interesting to see which one comes out on top.

Robin: Over to Gambit and Green Arrow. Gambit coughs roughly, and spins his bow-staff.

Beast: The spinning causes the orange gas to disperse. Gambit coughs once more, and straightens up.

Robin: Gambit collapses his bow-staff and pulls out a deck of cards.

Beast: The cards glow purple as he throws them at Green Arrow.

Robin: As the cards get closer, Green Arrow shoots the cards while they are still in the air.

Beast: The resulting collision causes the cards to explode mid-air. Gambit pulls out another deck of cards.

Robin: over to Wonder Woman and Rogue. Wonder Woman jets towards Rogue.

Beast: Rogue is a little taken aback, and doesn't even have time to react as Wonder Woman punches her in the face.

Robin: Wonder Woman looks a little confused as she pulls back her hand.

Beast: She must be wondering why the punch hurt her more than it did Rogue.

Robin: Rogue grins at Wonder Woman, takes off her glove, and grabs Wonder Woman by the lower part of her forearm, just below her bracelet.

Beast: Wonder Woman shouts in pain, and passes out. Rogue lets go, and Wonder Woman falls to the ground.

Robin: Rogue looks around silently for her next opponent.

Beast: Over to Shadowcat and Martian Manhunter.

Robin: Martian Manhunter tests Shadowcat's comment, and throws a punch at her. It goes right through.

Beast: Shadowcat takes that opportunity to kick the temporarily tangible Martian Manhunter in the chest.

Robin: He stumbles back a few steps, and looks a little taken aback. He returns to his intangible form.

Beast: Shadowcat seems to have gotten the idea that two intangible people might be tangible to each other and throws a punch.

Robin: She was wrong. There is no collision when her fist reaches Martian Manhunter. Shadowcat makes a “Well it was worth a try” face, and takes a few steps backward. Thinking hard.

Beast: Over to Storm and Zatanna. Thunder can be heard overhead, and Zatanna looks a little worried.

Robin: Zatanna puts up a magical shield just in time; as dozens of lightning bolts crash down at her in rapid suppression.

Beast: After several hard bolts of lightning hit the shield it dissipates and Zatanna is unprotected.

Robin: One more lightning bolt flies down and hits the ground where Zatanna had been a split second earlier.

Beast: Where did she go?

Robin: A top hat appears about 5 feet off the ground, spinning violently. Zatanna pops out of the hat, and lands on her feet.

Beast: She touches her hat to make it stop spinning, Storm looks stunned.

Robin: Over to Wolverine and Batman.

Beast: Wolverine is still trying to fillet Batman, and Batman is trying to not get skewered.

Robin: Batman tries to block Wolverine's claws with a Bat-Shuriken, but Wolverine slices through it as if it weren't there.

Beast: Batman is forced to dodge haphazardly out of the way.

Robin: Wolverine lunges towards Batman, both sets of claws aimed to stab Batman.

Beast: Batman dodges at the last minute to the left, and throws a knee jab at Wolverine.

Robin: Batman's knee connects with Wolverine's stomach.

Beast: Wolverine falls quickly to the ground, but just as quickly gets to his feet again. It's not an easy task to knock the wind out of Wolverine.

Robin: Now we return to Superman and Colossus.

Beast: Superman seems to be getting impatient as Colossus gets to his feet, and shoots his heat vision at Colossus's face.

Robin: Colossus throws his arms up to block his face from being melted. Bad move.

Beast: Colossus doesn't see Superman rocket towards him.

Robin: Superman yanks Colossus's arms down, and just when Colossus realizes what happened; Superman grabs him by the face and starts slamming the back of his head against the ground. Checking every so often to see if he lost conscious yet.

Beast: Alright, over to Green Lantern and Cyclops.

Robin: Green Lantern stops his energy blasting, and rolls out of the way of Cyclops's beam.

Beast: On one knee, Green Lantern uses his ring to trap Cyclops in a little green prison.

Robin: He shakes the prison to disorient Cyclopes, and to keep him from concentrating all his energy on one section of the prison.

Beast: But it would seem that his efforts were for naught. The green prison breaks, and Cyclops tumbles to the ground, shooting his beam all the while. Cutting down street signs and light posts.

Robin: Holy property damage Batman!

Beast: ...There are so many things wrong with you saying that.

Robin: What!?

Beast: Luckily no one is hurt, and Cyclops gets to his feet.

Robin: Now over to Gambit and Green Arrow.

Beast: Gambit takes his deck of cards, and charges the whole thing.

Robin: He tosses the deck at Green Arrow, the cards spreading out in mid-air.

Beast: It's lucky that Green Arrow is a quick thinker, there is no way that you could dodge this.

Robin: Green Arrow shoots a net arrow at the airborne cards. The arrow opens in mid-air, and every one of Gambit's cards hit it.

Beast: There is a sound reminiscent of homemade firecrackers as the 52 cards hit Green Arrow's net in mid-air.

Robin: Gambit looks a little frustrated, and pulls out another deck of cards.

Beast: Alright now over to Shadowcat and Martian Manhunter.

Robin: Shadowcat and Martian Manhunter are just staring each other down at this point. Trying to figure out how this fight could be finished quickly.

Beast: The Martian Manhunter raises his eyebrows, or at least where is eyebrows would be, and raises one finger. It would seem that he has an idea

Robin: He looks a little hesitant at first, but seems to talk himself into it.

Beast: Shadowcat looked a little interested, then she didn't look anything at all.

Robin: Shadowcat looks blankly at Martian Manhunter, her eye twitches, and she falls flat on her face onto the ground.

Beast: I had been hoping she would be resistant to Martian Manhunter's telepathic attack. Alas, he was too powerful.

Robin: Over to Storm and Zatanna.

Beast: The storm continues overhead, but the lightning has ceased.

Robin: Storm raises her arms, and using her powers over wind, tears a huge chuck of road from the already cracked ground.

Beast: The chunk of road hovers momentarily in the air over Storm, Zatanna looks taken aback as the chunk is thrown at her.

Robin: Thinking quickly she flicks her wand, and two oak trees sprout out of the ground, and grow 25 feet in the air.

Beast: The thick tree trucks protect Zatanna from the mountain of concrete just in time. Zatanna waves her wand again, and the trees and chunk of road disappear. She looks mad now.

Robin: Over to Wolverine and Batman

Beast: Batman throws several Bat-Smoke-Bombs at Wolverine's feet.

Robin: The bombs begin shooting smoke immediately. But all this seemed to do was reduce Batman's viability of Wolverine.

Beast: A sneeze is herd from inside the smoke, and Wolverine leaps out of the smoke cloud, and onto Batman.

Robin: Batman rolls backwards, and kicks Wolverine off of him.

Beast: The pair get to their feet, but there is a bloody gash in Batman's right shoulder.

Robin: Batman needs to end the battle quickly if he expects to finish the fight in once piece.

Beast: Alright, over to, well. As it would seem Rogue is sneaking up behind Superman who is still trying to slowly knock Colossus unconscious.

Robin: Rogue touches the back of Superman's neck. Superman drops Colossus and turns around wildly.

Beast: It's at that moment Superman loses consciousness.

Robin: WHOA! I would have never guessed Rogue could take out the Man of Steel!

Beast: It was a long shot, and she went for it. Lucky for her it worked, she would have been in bad shape if she hadn't knocked him out so quickly.

Robin: It looks as though Colossus had lost consciousness as well, right before Rogue knocked out Superman.

Beast: Without Superman, this fight just might have turned around.

Robin: Let's go to Cyclops and Green Lantern.

Beast: Green Lantern begins to shoot green energy blasts in quick suggestion at Cyclops in an attempt to overwhelm him.

Robin: But Cyclops is quicker than Green Lantern expects, as he is able to deflect Green Lantern's beams with his own, and even send a few Green Lantern's way in return.

Beast: Beams of red and green collide in mid-air, spewing from each of them faster and faster, turning into a blur of red and green. If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I wouldn't be able to believe it.

Robin: I guess this proves that the hand is not quicker than the eye.

Beast: This battle is not over yet, we still have yet to see.

Robin: over to Gambit and Green Arrow.

Beast: Gambit seems very irritated now, he is on his third deck of cards. He starts charging and throwing them one at a time at Green Arrow.

Robin: Green Arrow is shooting them in mid-air one at a time like he was doing before.

Beast: Green Arrow grimaces, but Gambit doesn't notice.

Robin: Green Arrow knocks a dozen arrows at once, and shoots them all at Gambit.

Beast: Gambit was concentrating too hard on throwing as many cards at Green Arrow as he could to notice that Green Arrow had gone on the offensive.

Robin: Several arrows stick into Gambit. Lucky for him, they only went in about an inch. Unluckily for him, they only stuck in an inch because they are electric arrows.

Beast: Gambit's back arches backwards as the electricity pulses through him.

Robin: He drops his deck of cards, and falls to the ground.

Beast: Green Arrow lowers his bow. A big mistake.

Robin: Cyclops who was still fighting Green Lantern, shoots a blast of energy at the celebrating Green Arrow.

Beast: Green Arrow, who did not see this coming at all, is hit by the blast, and knocked unconscious.

Robin: Green Lantern takes Cyclops's momentary lapse in concentration on him to attack.

Beast: Green Lantern's energy blast hits Cyclops, and Cyclops goes down.

Robin: Wow! Three down in rapid suggestion.

Beast: Martian Manhunter and Rogue catch each others eye.

Robin: Martian Manhunter returns to his tangible form, ready to finish this little battle quickly.

Beast: But Rogue has other plans. She uses Superman's super-speed to charge towards Martian Manhunter, and before he can turn intangible again, touches his skin.

Robin: Martian Manhunter's jaw opened wide as if to scream, but no sound escaped his mouth. He fell to his knees first, then flat on his face.

Beast: Over to Storm and Zatanna. Storm flies fist first towards Zatanna. She must be hoping her hand to hand combat skills out match Zatanna's. I would assume that she is right. Magic users generally aren't any good fighting with their fists.

Robin: But before Storm can reach Zatanna, Zatanna reaches into her hat.

Beast: At the same moment, what I am sure to be Zatanna's hand appears above Storm's head. The hand grips Storm's hair and pulls.

Robin: Storm gets pulled into an invisible point in mid-air, and just when she disappears completely, Zatanna pulls a white rabbit out of her hat.

Beast: Utterly amazing!

Robin: Did she, just turn Storm into a rabbit?

Beast: I think she did.

Robin: Zatanna puts Storm down on the ground, and looks around.

Beast: It is at that moment that Rogue appears in front of her.

Robin: Zatanna thinks quickly, and shoots a spell at her with her wand. Rogue freezes in place. Must be some sort of immobilization spell.

Beast: Those never last long.

Robin: Just at that moment, Wolverine tackles an already wounded Batman to the ground, and plunges his claws into Batman's chest...HOLY STAB WOUND BATMAN!

Beast: Don't worry. Adamantium makes such a clean cut, that as long as I get to him within the next few minutes or so, I should be able to treat his wounds.

Robin: (relieved sigh)...That's good news.

Beast: Green Lantern, finally finding a moment to intervene scoops up wolverine, who was about to tackle Zatanna, and encloses him in a green cage.

Robin: Wolverine's claws slice easily through Green Lantern's constructs, but Green Lantern continuously makes more and more cages for Wolverine to break out of.

Beast: Zatanna shoots a spell at the trapped Wolverine, and Green Lantern lets it pass though.

Robin: The spell hits Wolverine, and he falls into a deep sleep.

Beast: Green Lantern drops Wolverine's body on the ground.

Robin: Zatanna then turns her wand on Rogue.

Beast: With a flash, Rogue vanishes.

Robin: I wonder where Zatanna sent her...

Beast: Hopefully far away, for Zatanna's sake.

Robin: Well, it's only Green Lantern and Zatanna left. The Justice League win!

Beast: That they do, and now I need to go about treating Batman's wounds. Wait! Where did he go?

Robin: He must have regained consciousness, and went home, or he has some stealth emergency vehicle set to pick him up if he is fatally wounded.

Beast: That could be... but it's still... odd.

The Justice League defeats the X-Men 19 votes to 12.


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