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70. Voldemort vs. Vilgax

He Who Must Not Be Named vs. The Conqueror of 10 Worlds! Let the Battle of the Dark Lords begin!

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Byton Island, Lavinia's Castle:

“If you stay here any longer Riddle, I'm going to have to start charging you rent!” Lavinia laughs loudly at her joke.

“I've told you before, my dear, that I cannot leave.” Voldemort rolls his eyes. She asked him about leaving at least twice a day. “Jafar's magic dictates that Darkseid has to kill me!”

“but that was months ago, if he was able to get past my magical barriers, he would have by now.”

“I am sure you are right, but I need to get more followers before I can go out into the world again. If only there were any left. All of them are either dead, or in Azkaban, or completely insane.” Voldemort watches as Lavinia tries to butter her tea pot.

“There is a man, that I hear tell, is very strong, and could serve you well.” Voldemort rolls his eyes. She usually saves her rhyming for her enemies.

“Well,” says Voldemort “Get on with it.”

“His name is Vilgax, and I just happen to know how to get him here.” Voldemort motions for her to continue. “He is looking for the Omnitrix. It's unimportant what it is, but if you tell him that you have it, or know where it is, he will surely do what you ask.”

“You know this for sure?” Voldemort asks.

“Vilgax is short sighted, he is easy to fool.”

Moments Later, in the courtyard of Lavinia's Castle:

“I'm not that easy to fool Voldemort!” Vilgax shouts. “If you have it, give it to me, if you don't, I'll be on my way!”

“I do have it, and if you just do a small thing for me, you can have it.” Voldemort replies.

“Or,” Vilgax smiles. “I will take it from you now!” The two take fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Leader of the Death Eaters? Or the Leader of Vilgaxia?


Harry Potter

 Ben 10




Harry Potter: Voldemort sure has a habit of getting on the wrong side of powerful leaders of planets.

Ben 10: Unfortunately for Voldemort, Vilgax is no push over.

Harry Potter: He looks like he could take on armies, but depending on his experience with magic, he might have a hard time fighting Voldemort.

Ben 10: Look's like we'll have to see.

Harry Potter: Vilgax pulls out a blue sword, and wields it threateningly at Voldemort.

Ben 10: Voldemort flicks his wand, and the sword Vilgax was holding disappears.

Harry Potter: Vilgax looks really mad, and shoots heat vision at Voldemort.

Ben 10: Voldemort turns in place, and disapparates.

Harry Potter: The heat vision hits the ground behind where Voldemort had been a moment before.

Ben 10: Voldemort reappears behind Vilgax a second later.

Harry Potter: Vilgax turns around, only to be hit in the chest by what appears to be a stunning spell.

Ben 10: Vilgax stumbles backwards, but remains standing.

Harry Potter: It's not like Voldemort to use a stunning spell, but maybe he is hoping to still use Vilgax for his personal uses.

Ben 10: Vilgax regains his balance and runs towards Voldemort.

Harry Potter: Voldemort flicks his wand, and Vilgax falls to his knees. He must have used the Cruciatus Curse on him.

Ben 10: Vilgax, who is barely close enough, swings his arm and hits Voldemort in the side.

Harry Potter: Voldemort goes flying several feet to his right, and Vilgax gets to his feet. The curse having been broken when Voldemort was hit.

Ben 10: Voldemort gets to his feet. A look of fiery hatred in his face now.

Harry Potter: No more mister nice Dark Wizard.

Ben 10: Voldemort shoots a jet of green light at Vilgax.

Harry Potter: Vilgax falls flat on his back. Voldemort just shot a killing curse at Vilgax!

Ben 10: Interestingly enough, he is not dead. I can see from here that his chest is moving up in down as he breaths.

Harry Potter: But he appears to be unconscious.

Ben 10: It looks like it. Voldemort wins! Interesting that it took a killing curse to knock Vilgax unconscious. I told you he was strong.

Harry Potter: Well I guess he and I are living proof that people can survive the killing curse.

Ben 10: Except Vilgax survived because he's immensely powerful.

Harry Potter: What are you trying to say?



Voldemort defeats Vilgax 14 votes to 2


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