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72. Gaara vs. Itachi

Akatsuki vs. Kazekage! The Fight for Shukaku!

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Japan, Akatsuki headquarters:

“It's time to set our plan into motion!” Pain calls to the rest of the congregated Akatsuki. “As we have discussed, Deidara, you and Sasori will attack the sand village next week. Followed by Hidan and Kakuzu to the Cloud Village, when we have finished taking Shukaku from Gaara. The rest of you...” Pain surveys them all. “Need to finish establishing your plans for attack.”

“Most of us,” Sasori says “have yet to find ours.” There was a murmur of agreement from many of the Akatsuki members.

“I understand Sasori,” replies Pain. “but you are excused until every group has brought a Jinchuriki to the temple.” Sasori nods. “but that doesn't mean you shouldn't--” Pain stops talking as he catches sight of four people walking into his lair.

“We really need a front door.” says Kisame

“Or at least a big boulder in the way.” replies Kakuzu

“Who are you? And what do you want?” asks Pain, a little annoyed.

“We are the Suma Fuma,” says Candle “and we're here to take you guys down!”

“What makes you think you can take us?” asks Deidara.

“Because,” answers Thrae,”I've already got you all bound by my vines.” The Akatsuki members look down to see that they are indeed bound by numerous vines.

“Not quite.” says Zetsu. The vines had sprung up to grab him, but they would not touch him. Zetsu phases into the rock below, and reappears between Itachi and Kisame.

“I'll be right back.” Zetsu says, as he puts each of his hands on Itachi and Kisame's shoulders. The three melt into the ground.

They pop out of the ground just outside the cave entrance, and out of sight of the Suma Fuma.

“I know it isn't our way to simply retreat,” says Zetsu to the other two. “but considering the predicament...” Zetsu left it at that, and melted into the ground again. Probably to go and rescue some more Akatsuki members.

“I wonder where she picked up that skill.” Itachi says to Kisame.

“It was weird, I didn't even notice what was happening until I saw it.” Kisame says. “It must have been some sort of Genjutsu.” Itachi looks inquisitively at Kisame, his eyes flash red with his Sharingan, and Kisame grins.

“Oh...right.” Kisame looks at the horizon then back at Itachi. “Then that doesn't make any sense.”

“I think the problem in there might be more than jutsu.”

“Do you think we should go back? To help in the fight?”

“No. I think Zetsu can get them out... in time, but I think that we should take advantage of this opportunity to go after a Jinchuriki.”

“We don't know where Naruto is yet.” says Kisame a little worried.

“I was thinking of a Jinchuriki a bit closer to us.” Itachi says smiling.

“But...” Kisame says. “Deidara claimed him.”

“Deidara also claimed the Right Thumb position, but we all know how that turned out.”

“I've never seen Pain so angry...Alright, let's go.”

Sand Village, Kazekage's Mansion (hours later):

“Gaara!” Kankuro shouts as he whips open Gaara's office door. “Two ninja wearing black cloaks are approaching the village from the west! They wear the red cloud of the Akatsuki!”

“Any information on their identities?” Gaara asks calmly.

“We are fairly sure that one is Kisame Hoshigaki of the Hidden Mist, and the other is Itachi Uchiha of the Hidden Leaf.”

“Uchiha...” Gaara whispers, as he looks out his window.

“There's no time for a flashback now Gaara! What should we do?” Gaara's attention snaps back to Kankuro.

“Send all Jonin to the western wall of the village. I will be there shortly.”

“But Gaara--”

“I wish to take care of this matter myself.”

“Yes sir.” Kankuro exits Gaara's office, and Gaara stands up.

“I have a feeling these won't be the last Akatsuki I will have to fight in the coming weeks.” he says as he steps out his window.

About 500 feet from the western wall of the Sand Village:

Gaara touches down on the sandy ground in front of Itachi and Kisame. His sand settling back into his gourd.

“I like it when they make it easy for us.” says Kisame. “I would have thought we would have to kill all these Jonin before we got a chance to fight him.”

“Unfortunately Kisame,” says Itachi. “we won't be fighting him.” Kisame looks confusedly at Itachi. “I will be fighting him.” Kisame started to protest but. “I need you to make sure that those Jonin don't try and break up the fight...I can handle him.”

“If you say so.” says Kisame as he leaps into the air, and lands next to Kankuro. “Maybe we should let them work it out.” Kankuro rolls his eyes as Kisame puts his arm around Kankuro's shoulder.

“It was a mistake for you to come here.” says Gaara.

“Is that so?” says Itachi. “I think the mistake lies with you. It's just you and me, and I'm not going to go easy on you just because you're a kid.”

The two take fighting stances. So Who Wins? Gaara of the Sand? Or Itachi of the Leaf?







Kankuro: It's too bad about your buddy over there. Not many people survive fighting with Gaara.

Kisame: Not many people are sane after dealing with Itachi.

Kankuro: You do know that Gaara is a Jinchuriki, right?

Kisame: Sure, and you realize that Itachi is an Uchiha, right?

Kankuro: Indeed. Maybe this fight will be more interesting than I thought. But even if Gaara loses, there is no way you can take our village.

Kisame: You think we want your crummy village? What we want is about to fight Itachi right now.

Kankuro: You mean?

Kisame: We're after Shukaku.

Kankuro: That's not going to happen.

Kisame: We shall see.

Kankuro: Sand bursts from Gaara's gourd, and shoots toward Itachi.

Kisame: Quicker than lightning, Itachi jumps into the air.

Kankuro: Gaara's sand crashes into the ground, but takes a new path towards Itachi.

Kisame: Itachi barely lands on the ground, when he turns his attention to Gaara.

Kankuro: Gaara stands motionless. COME ON GAARA!

Kisame: It looks like Gaara is under the hypnosis of Itachi's Sharingan.

Kankuro: Luckily for Gaara, hypnosis doesn't matter.

Kisame: Gaara's sand crashes into Itachi.

Kankuro: Itachi must have ignored it once he thought he had Gaara.

Kisame: I don't understand, why did that happen?

Kankuro: The sand moves independently of Gaara's will. So even though Gaara was under hypnosis, the sand was still free to move how it chooses. And it chose to take Itachi out.

Kisame: Gaara puts his hand over his temple, and closes his eyes tight.

Kankuro: Even that second of Itachi's torture was enough to hurt him pretty bad.

Kisame: I thought you said this guy was tough?

Kankuro: Itachi dodges yet another assault by Gaara's sand, and makes a few hand-signs.

Kisame: An enormous ball of fire explodes from Itachi and jets toward Gaara.

Kankuro: Gaara is still pretty dizzy, but luckily his sand blocks the fire blast from hitting him.

Kisame: Gaara shakes his head and straightens up. Took him long enough.

Kankuro: Itachi stands motionless, probably hoping to catch Gaara's gaze. No way that will work again.

Kisame: Suddenly a sand fist bursts from the ground below Itachi and punches him into the air.

Kankuro: Gaara makes a hand-sign, and flicks his wrists towards each other.

Kisame: 20 foot waves of sand come from the east and west.

Kankuro: There is a sickening boom as the two tidal waves of sand crash against each other, with Itachi positioned perfectly in the middle.

Kisame: It takes a moment for the sand to clear.

Kankuro: Itachi stands, looking a little disheveled, and staring at Gaara.

Kisame: Without warning, Itachi charges at Gaara. His lightning fast speeds from before a little diminished due to his recent injury.

Kankuro: It's not fast enough to get past Gaara's defenses.

Kisame: Sand erupts from the ground and surrounds the charging Itachi.

Gaara: Sand Coffin!

Kankuro: Here comes another death at the hands of Gaara.

Kisame: No!

Kankuro: Kisame runs forwards, and jumps high into the air. While in the air, he does a front flip, and brandishes his sword. Within a second he slices through Gaara's sand as if it were butter, and reaches inside the open Sand Coffin to pull Itachi out. Gaara stares a little taken aback. Not to many people can say that they have survived his Sand Coffin. The two Akatsuki members run into the sandy horizon, and Gaara starts making his way back to the village. All in all I would say it is a win for Gaara. He was about to kill Itachi when Kisame interfered. Although he does look a little exhausted from Itachi's Sharingan. I hope no one attacks the village in the next couple of weeks, because Gaara won't be at full strength.


Gaara defeats Itachi 7 votes to 6


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