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73. Wicked Witch of the West vs. Dumbledore

The most powerful evil Witch of Oz takes on the most powerful Wizard of the Earth.

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Wicked Witch of the West





Hogwarts Castle, Entrance Hall:

“Harry” Ginny says “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Voldemort is gone Ginny.” Harry says. “There is no reason not to do this now.”

“You know the law regarding resurrection spells.” she looks at him worriedly. “The Ministry of Magic punishes those who do it wrong. It can be disastrous.”

“I know Ginny.” he said to her. “but I've got to try. If Mallow can do it, so can I.”

“You're forgetting that Mallow had the help of six other powerful sorcerers.”

“I'm not forgetting, I'm just choosing to over look that part. DENIQUE RESURRACTIUM!” Harry points his wand at Dumbledore's lifeless body. Still slightly preserved by the magical coffin he slumbered in. Instantly Dumbledore's body springs to life, and he gets to his feet.

He looks at Ginny, and then at Harry. Harry can't believe his eyes. Dumbledore, the man he watched get murdered only a few years ago, was standing before him. His twinkle back in his eye.

“You look just like you did before Dumbledore.” Ginny says in awe.

“They say it isn't the wand that holds the power, but the wizard.” Dumbledore says. “But mine,” he points to the wand in Harry's hand. The one that was used to resurrect Dumbledore. “has a little extra kick.” He winks at them, and Harry hands him his wand. Dumbledore's use-to-be-cursed hand no longer a deep black, but just as alive as his other one.

“So,” he says. “Where do you suppose we begin?”

“I don't think it would be a good idea for people to know that you are alive Dumbledore.” Ginny says. “Since Harry could get in to so much trouble for bringing you back.”

“I don't see how.” Dumbledore says frowning. “Nothing went wrong.”

“Yet” Ginny whispers. Dumbledore ignores her, and steps out of his coffin. With a flick of his wand it disappears in a cloud of dust and dirt. Just then there is a loud


And a green witch charges in the door.

“Where is he?” she shouts “Where is the resurrected one?”

“How could you possibly know already?” Harry asks.

“I crossed over from OZ to this world, and tracked some magical energy to where the copy of my book was. Maleficent thought that she couldn't be followed, well, I proved her wrong. When I got there, the place was abandoned, but I could sense that a resurrection spell had taken place there. I followed the resurrected essence to here, and here you are.”

“Many months ago Voldemort was resurrected, and he came here, I think that might be what you are sensing.” Harry says.

“Maybe, but...I smell freshly turned earth...was one of you 6 feet under recently?” she says, and cackles with derisive laughter.

“I can see that talk is going to get us nowhere.” Dumbledore says. He flicks his wand at Harry and Ginny, and they disappear. “If it's a fight you want witch!” Dumbledore gets into a fighting stance, and The Wicked Witch of the West does the same. So Who Wins? The Wild and Wily Wicked Witch? Or the Decidedly Deadly Dumbledore?




  Professor McGonagall




Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore doesn't wait for the Wicked Witch to make a move before he strikes.

Glinda: Dumbledore swings his wand arm in a fluid motion, and shoots a jet of white light at the Wicked Witch.

Professor McGonagall: The Wicked Witch waves her arms in front of her, and Dumbledore's spell bounces off of her magic shield. The Wicked Witch must sure be powerful in order to block a direct spell from Dumbledore.

Glinda: Dumbledore looks a little confused as well.

Professor McGonagall: The Wicked Witch claps her hands above her head, and a black book appears suspended in the air in front of her.

Glinda: She spreads her fingers out above her book, and the pages begin to turn wildly.

Professor McGonagall: Finally they stop, the Wicked Witch mutters a few words, and throws a large green curse at Dumbledore.

Glinda: Dumbledore flicks his wrist lazily, casting a shield charm. He better watch out. That is no ordinary curse she threw at him.

Professor McGonagall: The green curse passes harmlessly through Dumbledore's shield, and he is forced to jump out of the way. But... oh...

Glinda: The Wicked Witch's spell follows Dumbledore after he dodges it. It's an enemy seeking curse.

Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore thinks quickly and shoots a spell at the floor.

Glinda: The foundation buckles, and the floor tiles go flying into the air.

Professor McGonagall: The dust and tiles come together to form the shape of a giant lion.

Glinda: It shakes its rock hard mane, takes a second to evaluate the situation, and dives in front of Dumbledore, who was still trying to dodge the green curse.

Professor McGonagall: The curse hits the lion, and it disintegrates into a million little specs of dust.

Glinda: Dumbledore turns his attention back to the Wicked Witch, who already had her book out again.

Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore flicks his wand at the Wicked Witch, and hits her with a jet of red light. The disarming spell.

Glinda: The Wicked Witch's book goes flying out of her hands.

Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore shoots a second spell at airborne book.

Glinda: The spell deflects off of the book back at Dumbledore, and the book falls to the ground.

Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore uses a shield charm to block his own spell.

Glinda: The Wicked Witch reaches her hand out to her side, and her broomstick materializes in it.

Professor McGonagall: The Wicked Witch takes to the air, and cackles with derisive laughter.

Glinda: Dumbledore readies himself. Now expecting her to have another trick up her sleeve.

Professor McGonagall: The Wicked Witch cups her hand, and a flame erupts inside it.

Glinda: She hurls the fireball at Dumbledore, who blocks it with a charm.

Professor McGonagall: The Wicked Witch doesn't take notice, and continues to throw fireballs at Dumbledore.

Glinda: Dumbledore blocks them as they come, but appears to be slowing.

Professor McGonagall: I wonder if Potter's resurrection spell wasn't powerful enough.

Glinda: Dumbledore shoots a spell in between shield charms, and it hits the Wicked Witch.

Professor McGonagall: Her body goes rigid, and she falls to the ground. Dumbledore used the full body-bind curse.

Glinda: Well it looks like the Wicked Witch is done fighting.

Professor McGonagall: Dumbledore wins!


Dumbledore defeats The Wicked Witch of the West 15 votes to 7.


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