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74. Sasuke vs. Iron Man

Uchiha vs. Stark: Let the youngest in the family decide!

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Iron Man




“I know by now I shouldn't have to ask” says the Owner of the Chetradome. “but who would like a scotch?” The other members of B.O.O.T. grin.

“I think a better question:” chimes in Oliver Queen. “Is who doesn't want one?”

“I'll pass gentlemen, but I'll go and pour them for you.” says Knowitall. B.O.O.T. had always been a boys club. Until a few months ago, when The Owner of the Chetradome had married Knowitall. They had both decided that she needed to be present during the meetings, as a lot of what is discussed, has something to do with her.

“Thanks dear.” says the Owner of the Chetradome, as Knowitall steps up to the bar and starts pouring drinks. “Before we start, I would like to make an announcement.” Knowitall hands the four glasses, and everyone takes a sip. “I'm putting a team together.”


“Another one?” asks Bruce, breaking the silence.

“Yes, another one.” The Owner of the Chetradome responds.

“I don't know Chet, your last one didn't go over so well.” says Tony.

“I may have overlooked some things when I was putting that team together.” The Owner of the Chetradome admitted. “But this time, I got a bunch of new recruits, and most of them have never met each other.”

“What is this group called?” asks Oliver.

“You don't want me to spoil the surprise do you?” asks the Owner of the Chetradome teasingly. “I have quite a few young boys and girls lined up to start their training with the Legion of Guardians, and I need a few more.”

“And you are sure none of them are part of a super-villain team, who will just happen to reveal themselves at the end of your next tournament?”

“Pretty sure.” says The Owner of the Chetradome. “These kids are from all different parts of the world, there is no way that they are connected and know each other. They are all ages 13 to 17, and all have magical abilities. Someday many of them can join the Legion of Guardians.”

“You sound more and more like Xavier everyday.” says Oliver.

“He never did return my letter regarding him joining B.O.O.T., maybe I should call him.” says Tony.

“The point is,” The Owner of the Chetradome says “There is a potential recruit that I have my eye on.” The others sit up in their seats, and look more intently at the Owner of the Chetradome. “The thing is, this new group is going to be a surprise. At least for the Legion of Guardians. Something tells me they won't be too happy about having a new team under them, especially after what happened last time.” The others nod in agreement. “So, I am requesting the help of one of you to go and fetch him for me.”

“Where's he at?” asks Oliver.

“His name is Sasuke Uchiha, and he is in Japan. From what I have gathered, he is an orphan, which makes him perfect for this project.”

“As it would happen,” Tony says. “I have to go that way anyway this weekend, I need to present some kind of award in Hong Kong, and Japan is just around the corner from there.”

“Prefect.” says the Owner of the Chetradome. “Now let's talk details.”


Japan (Outside Orochimaru's hideout)

Sasuke Uchiha is practicing his fighting skills with a shadow clone, when suddenly there is a loud whooshing noise followed by a thump. Sasuke looks around and spots what appears to be a metal man standing just a dozen or so feet from him.

“Sasuke Uchiha?” asks Iron Man, a little confused with the shadow clone next to him.

“Anyone who would know my name, and not my face is no friend of mine.” says Sasuke, pulling out his sword, and making his shadow clone disappear “Then again, even if you knew my face, I would still fight you.”

So Who Wins? The Metal Armored Man of Might? Or The Shady Shinobi with the Sharingan?




  Captain America




Naruto: It looks like Iron Man is still a little hesitant to fight.

Captain America: As well he should be, he is only here to recruit Sasuke. If Sasuke won't come, then why not just leave him alone?

Naruto: Then again, it may be good for Iron Man to gauge Sasuke's strength level.

Captain America: That is also true. The Owner of the Chetradome would probably appreciate it greatly. You've met the Owner of the Chetradome right?

Naruto: Yeah, I actually met him after the last tournament. I was a large part of the janitorial squad.

Captain America: I can see where shadow clones would come in handy with that.

Naruto: Yeah, it really did. Alright, it looks like Sasuke is going to make the first move in this fight.

Captain America: Sasuke runs forward, his sword tilted slightly to the left as to get a better angle at slashing Iron Man.

Naruto: Iron Man takes to the air to avoid Sasuke.

Captain America: Iron Man didn't seem to realize that super jumping was one of the abilities of the shinobi.

Naruto: Sasuke jumps into the air, and hits Iron Man in the boot with his sword.

Captain America: The blade cuts through the heel Iron Man's armored boot, and disables it's flight abilities.

Naruto: Iron Man is trying to fly with only one thruster.

Captain America: How is it that Sasuke's sword was able to cut so easily through Iron Man's armor.

Naruto: Sasuke has a special sword that can not be blocked.

Captain America: ...ah...well... I guess Iron Man will have a tougher time with this guy than I thought.

Naruto: While Iron Man is trying to get his bearings in the air again, Sasuke slashes at his torso.

Captain America: Before the blade can make contact, Iron Man shoots a Repulsor Ray at Sasuke's chest.

Naruto: Sasuke goes spinning to the ground, and lands with a loud thunk.

Captain America: Sasuke gets to his feet as Iron Man lands.

Naruto: Iron Man shoots another Repulsor Ray at Sasuke.

Captain America: With a quick turn, Sasuke disappears just in the nick of time.

Naruto: Sasuke used a replacement jutsu.

Captain America: Splinters of wood explode in all directions as Sasuke seems to re-materialize behind Iron Man.

Naruto: Sasuke slashes at Iron Man again.

Captain America: This time his attack lands.

Naruto: Iron Man is hit in the shoulder, but just as it would appear Sasuke's sword would have hit Iron Man's flesh, waves of purple energy pour out of Iron Man's suit, and Sasuke is thrown backwards.

Captain America: It looked like he did a sonic blast and a magnetic blast at the same time.

Naruto: The sonic attack was for Sasuke, and the magnetic one was to make sure that Sasuke's sword got away from him.

Captain America: Sasuke gets to his feet, and tosses his sword to the ground. A sword won't do much good against a guy who can dispel it using magnetism.

Naruto: Sasuke makes the tiger hand sign, and a huge fireball shoots from his mouth.

Captain America: The fireball hurls itself through the air and towards Iron Man.

Naruto: The fireball expands several times it's own size on it's way until it is almost 3 stories high, and a perfect sphere.

Captain America: Iron Man raises his hand, and a faint green barrier appears and surrounds him in all directions.

Naruto: The fireball hits the barrier, and is absorbed without so much as a flicker.

Captain America: That is Iron Man's shield generator. Anything that hits it is converted into energy for his suit.

Naruto: That's neat, but Sasuke looks mad.

Captain America: He makes another hand sign.

Naruto: This time streams of fire pour out of his mouth. Snaking, and buckling their way towards Iron Man.

Captain America: Iron Man keeps his shield up, and lowers both his arms.

Naruto: His chest begins to glow blue, and suddenly an enormous blast shoots out of it.

Captain America: Sasuke is hit in the chest by Iron Man's Uni-Beam and is knocked clear unconscious.

Naruto: The long flames dissipate before they reach Iron Man.

Captain America: Iron Man takes to flight and flies away. Well it looks like Iron Man wins!

Iron Man defeats Sasuke 24 votes to 4


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