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76. Neji vs. Batman

Hyuga vs. Wayne: Can the Byakugan defeat the gadgets of Batman?

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“I wish I could say I am disappointed that you didn't bring Sasuke back to me.” The Owner of the Chetradome said to Tony Stark. “However, the last thing we would need is a villain running around my headquarters. We were unaware that Sasuke had switched sides as our intelligence was...” He paused to look at his wife Knowitall. “Outdated.” Bruce, Tony, and Oliver all looked at Knowitall incredulously, but Knowitall just looked annoyed. The Owner of the Chetradome didn't notice.

“There is good news however. There is another name on my list that is from the same area. His name is Neji Hyuga.”

“Your sure this one is on our side?” asked Oliver.

“Very sure. This time however, I would like to send you Bruce. Batman's weapons will draw less attention than Iron Man's.” Tony grinned. The Owner of the Chetradome believed no such thing, he thought Iron Man was incompetent. This coming from a man who didn't even fight crime himself was insulting. Not that Tony wanted to go back to Japan to play Driving Miss Daisy with another kid. Bruce nodded somberly. He had just about enough of the Leaf Village. It seemed like the whole village must have fought him by now.

“Very well.” Bruce said.

Japan: Leaf Village

Neji Hyuga was training his Byakugan outside the leaf village hot springs, when suddenly a huge black jet flew overhead, and landed next to him. There were a few screams from the inside of the Hot Springs, and Batman got out of his Batjet.

“Neji Hyuga?” Batman asked.

“Better men than you have interrupted my training.” Neji responded. “It was the last thing they ever did! BYAKUGAN!” Neji made a hand sign, and took a fighting stance. Batman followed suit. So Who Wins? The Byakugan? Or Bat-Gadgets?


Rock Lee






Rock Lee: It looks like our paths have crossed again Robin, as I knew they would.

Robin: Unfortunately it won't be us who are fighting. This one is between Neji and Batman.

Rock Lee: So it is, but I swear we will have our chance to fight again. And when that day comes you will fall by my fist.

Robin: I'll keep that in mind.

Rock Lee: Wasting no time, Batman quickly throws a Batarang at Neji's feet, which Neji dodges with ease.

Robin: Even quicker, Batman pulls out a grappling-gun, and shoots at a tree behind Neji.

Rock Lee: Neji seems to now be under the impression that Batman cannot aim, and doesn't see Batman come whizzing towards him.

Robin: Batman's foot hits Neji square in the chest, and Neji is knocked backwards.

Rock Lee: Impossible! Neji would never let his guard down like that!

Robin: Batman's purposeful miss must have lulled him into a false sense of security. He must have thought Batman was not worth his full attention.

Rock Lee: I suppose that is correct. Neji has never met Batman, but from the stories I've told about our battle, I would think that Neji would be able to recognize him. Unless he thought Guy Sensei and I were not telling the truth.

Robin: You'll have to ask him after the fight.

Rock Lee: If there is anyone left to ask. Neji is a strong ninja, but if the likes of Guy Sensei couldn't defeat him. I don't know how well my Teammate will fare.

Robin: You have a weird way of talking, you know that right?

Rock Lee: Never mind that, Neji is taking a fighting stance again.

Robin: It's funny how very little can happen in a fight after several lines of dialogue occur at the same time.

Rock Lee: Batman, who had also taken a fighting stance, makes a move towards Neji, and throws a punch.

Robin: Neji moves his upper body to dodge the punch, and throws one at Batman. His is also dodged.

Rock Lee: Batman makes a jabbing motion with his elbow, but Neji blocks it with his index and middle finger. It looks like Neji is trying to attack Batman's chakra points.

Robin: Batman seems to have noticed the internal attack, but swings his other arm at Neji.

Rock Lee: Amazing. Neji's attack would make even the strongest shinobi back away and try a different approach.

Robin: Batman is a little different, he has trained for years to ignore pain when it is needed.

Rock Lee: Neji's attack doesn't only cause pain, it cuts off the connectivity of your chakra. Even if Batman can ignore the initial attack, it will soon render his arm useless.

Robin: Neji seems a little surprised by Batman's persistence as well as Batman throws a kick.

Rock Lee: Before it can land Neji performs his Eight Trigrams Palms Rotation, and Batman is knocked backwards.

Robin: Batman lands, and immediately pulls out some Batarangs to throw at Neji.

Rock Lee: The Batarangs bounce feebly off of Neji's rotation sphere, and Neji stops.

Robin: Both take fighting stances again.

Rock Lee: They both look like they are facing underestimated adversaries.

Robin: Batman pulls out some smoke pellets, and throws them at Neji's feet.

Rock Lee: Neji realizes what they are, once he sees that they were aimed at his feet, and jumps into the air.

Robin: Without missing a beat, Batman shoots his grappling-hook at Neji's feet. The rope tightens, and Batman is pulled upwards as Neji is pulled down.

Rock Lee: Upon connection, Batman's foot hits Neji in the chin, and as they fall, Batman pulls Neji under him to make Neji take the greater force of the fall.


Robin: Batman stands up and taps his foot against the motionless Neji.

Rock Lee: It looks like Batman won!

Robin: That it does. Too bad defeating Neji wasn't part of his mission.


Batman defeats Neji 23 votes to 2


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