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77. Sasuke vs. Spider-Man

Betrayer of the Leaf Village vs. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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“Your battle with Iron Man seems to have drawn too much attention to us.” said Orochimaru over his desk. “The local village has contacted a hidden village, and there are several squads on their way here.”

“We've exhausted all of our hideouts Lord Orochimaru.” said Sasuke. “Where do you propose we go?”

“Kabuto has told me of a lake to the north called Nakoka. We will run there, and make camp. There is no one there, and we should not be bothered as we assemble a new lair.”

“Perfect. What do you suppose I do in the mean time?”

“God forbid you help with the assembly. But you can always sentry around the lake to make sure that we will not be disturbed.”

New York: The Parker Apartment:

Mary Jane is sitting on her couch. She had just gotten home, and she was waiting for Peter. She had just turned around to look at the kitchen clock, when a gust of wind pushes her hair into her face. She blinks and brushes her hair off of her face with her hand.

“Peter” she said quietly. She grins as he takes off his mask, and she gets to her feet.

“I've got some good news for you,” Peter says as Mary Jane kisses him. He wraps one arm around her, and she looks up at him curiously. “After the work I did today, it looks like I'm going to have time for a vacation.”

“Oh really?” Mary Jane asks smiling. “Where to?”

“I thought I would leave that up to you.” Peter says smiling back.

After a long moment Mary Jane says “how about Japan?”

Lake Nakoka (Two days later):

“Tell me again how you knew about this place.” Mary Jane asks as she gets into their tent.

“Tony lets me use his satellite link-ups some times,” replies Peter. ”and from what I could tell; this is the most deserted lake in Japan.”

“This should be a fun weekend.” she says as she pats the pillow next to her, indicating that he should get in.

“I'll be right back MJ, I just want to make sure there isn't any dangerous wildlife around here...and take a pee.” Mary Jane gives a week smile and lies her head down onto her pillow.

Peter leaves the area where they had set up camp. He was glad Mary Jane hadn't asked any questions, he was getting a faint pulse from his spidey-sense, like something was about to happen. He didn't want to be anywhere near MJ when it did.

“I was told this lake was deserted.” says a voice from the bushes.

Thinking quickly Peter says “So was I.”

“You need to leave here, now.” says the voice. “I won't tell you twice.”

“Unless you have the muscle to back up that threat.” Peter pulls his mask out of his pocket and puts it on. “You're in for a fight.” With a single movement, Peter pulls off all of his cloths to reveal his Spider-Man costume.

“You've got to be kidding me.” says Sasuke as he walks out of the bushes. “How am I suppose to fight you, when you look like that?”

“Look who's talking! Your cloths look a little big for you little guy, and your purple belt thing doesn't seem to be doing you any good.”

“Enough talk! Leave now, or you will die!” Sasuke shouts.

“Decisions, decisions.”

So Who Wins? The Spectacular Spider-Man? Or the Seriously Sinister Sasuke?




  Mary Jane




Sakura: It looks like Sasuke just can't keep himself from getting into fights with superheroes. Naruto told me about his run in with Iron Man.

Mary Jane: How did that turn out for Sasuke?

Sakura: Not very well. I just hope now he will be able to redeem himself.

Mary Jane: He's up for an interesting fight, but if he can go toe-to-toe with Iron Man...

Sakura: I guess we'll see. They both seem to be sizing each other up, deciding if they should make the first move or not.

Mary Jane: Spider-Man shoots two lines of web to trees on either side of Sasuke, and sling-shots himself forward, foot outstretched to kick Sasuke.

Sakura: Sasuke must have been expecting something like this, and quickly makes a hand sign.

Mary Jane: Sasuke disappears and reappears behind Spider-Man.

Sakura: Spider-Man's Spidey-sense must have told him this was going to happen, as he had started doing a spinning kick even before Sasuke did his hand sign.

Mary Jane: Spider-Man's leg makes contact with Sasuke's midriff, and Spider-Man kicks hard.

Sakura: Sasuke is shoved through the air, and hits a tree.

Mary Jane: Spider-Man does a flip and lands on his feet and hands.

Sakura: A tidal wave of flames pours out from behind the bushes where Spider-Man knew Sasuke to be.

Mary Jane: Thinking quickly Spider-Man makes a sort of web dome around him, as he is already on the ground.

Sakura: Sasuke's flames engulf Spider-Man's dome, then dissipate.

Mary Jane: Sasuke emerges from the bushes, looking pleased with himself as he looks around, not seeing Spider-Man.

Sakura: Spider-Man bursts from the dome, shoots web lines at Sasuke's legs, and pulls.

Mary Jane: Sasuke is taken aback by Spider-Man's sudden reveal, and doesn't have time to react as he falls to the ground.

Sakura: Spider-Man jumps into the air, Sasuke a few feet behind him, still connected by the lines of webbing at his legs.

Mary Jane: Spider-Man web-zips to a tree branch, and wraps the line holding Sasuke around it.

Sakura: Sasuke is suspended up-side-down above the ground by his legs.

Mary Jane: It looks like Spider-Man has won.

Sakura: Not so fast.

Mary Jane: Sasuke reaches to his side, and pulls out a huge sword.

Sakura: Sasuke bends double in mid-air, and cuts himself down.

Mary Jane: Now wait a minute...Spider-Man's web is stronger than steel. How did Sasuke's sword cut through it so easily?

Sakura: Sasuke's sword can cut through anything, and is unblockable.

Mary Jane: Interesting, but Spider-Man better watch out now. Sasuke is to his feet, and pointing his outstretched sword at Spider-Man.

Sakura: Spider-Man seems to see that Sasuke's sword is going to be a problem, and shoots his webbing at the blade.

Mary Jane: The webbing goes right though it, and Sasuke laughs.

Sakura: Spider-Man shoots again, but this time aiming at the hilt, where Sasuke was holding.

Mary Jane: This time the webbing connected, and Spider-Man pulls Sasuke's sword from his hands.

Sakura: The sword goes flying into a tree behind Spider-Man.

Mary Jane: Spider-Man looks a little impatient.

Sakura: ...How do you know he looks impatient? He's wearing a mask?!

Mary Jane: I can tell, trust me, he wants to get back to the tent where I am.

Sakura: but, how can yo--....? (sigh) never mind.

Mary Jane: It's best you do little girl. Now, Spider-Man shoots a web line at Sasuke, and pulls him closer.

Sakura: Sasuke is still looking a little shocked that Spider-Man had figured out a way to get his sword away from him.

Mary Jane: With a kick to the face, Sasuke goes flying backwards again, his body crashing into a tree.

Sakura: Wow, I think you can say it now.

Mary Jane: Ok, It looks like Spider-Man won.

Sakura: I think you're right this time.


Spider-Man defeats Sasuke 29 votes to 7.


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