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79. Black Panther vs. Vixen

Let the battle of beast mimics begin!

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Black Panther







“Vixen, there is someone on the phone for you.” Hawkgirl says, as Vixen takes the phone. It seemed odd that someone would call her over the phone up here.

“Hello?” Vixen says in her nicest voice possible.

“Is dis de one called Vixen?” asks a man with a Jamaican accent.

“This is, can I ask who's calling?” she asks.

“Yes, I name is Demetrius Carlyle, and I have a job for de i-man.”

“I'm already employed” says Vixen “I don't need any more work, thank you.”

“Maybe I should have explained myself first. I work for an agency dat helps rejuvenate dwindlin' populations. Dere is a rare jancro, in dis one area of Africa dat really needs fe be saved.”

“You have my attention.” Vixen says, she can't just turn down a call to save the animals.

“There be a local government dat won't mek I take de birds. Dey dink I are tryin' fe poach di birds. All i-man need are two of dem. A bwoy and a girl. You brin' dem fe us, and i-man will be forever grateful. We figured with your powers, dis ya would be a perfect job for you. You should have no problem gettin' along with di wild life.”

“You've got yourself a deal Mr. Carlyle.”

“Thank de I very much miss Vixen.”


Vixen had just entered the territory that she said they were not allowed in.

“Now to find that bird” she says taking a picture from her pocket and analyzing it. After a few minutes, she stows the picture back into her pocket and enters the jungle.

“There are surprisingly few animals in this part of the jungle.” she thinks allowed.

“There will be one less in a few minutes.” a voice from ahead says. Vixen looks through the trees, and can barely make out the shape of a man dressed in a cat suit.

“I am the Black Panther, and you are trespassing in Wakanda.”

“What's Wakanda?”

“You're standing in it.” Vixen looks around.

“I don't see anything. Look, I'm just trying to find this bird.” she pulls out her picture again to show him.

“Had you not been a poacher, I would have let you go freely. But now you need to come with me.”

“I will do no such thing.” Vixen retorts.

“Then I will have to take you by force!” The Black Panther and Vixen get into fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Black Panther of Wakanda or the Vixen of Zambesi?




Green Lantern




Storm: It was a mistake for Vixen to come with out warning into Wakandan territory.

Green Lantern: I'm sure she had a reason, even if that reason made her venture into a strange jungle without backup.

Storm: Misunderstandings often end this way.

Green Lantern: I've noticed that myself.

Storm: Making the first move, Black Panther charges forward, claws open and at his sides.

Green Lantern: Vixen, who must have taken the animal characteristics of some super jumping animal, jumps high, and hides herself in the forest canopy.

Storm: Black Panther stops suddenly, looks into the trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of Vixen.

Green Lantern: Silently Vixen drops form the canopy and lands behind Black Panther. Looks like she has the advantage now.

Storm: Not so fast. Black Panther has an enhanced sense of smell.

Green Lantern: Before Vixen can make a move Black Panther swings his leg around, and it collides with Vixen's ribcage.

Storm: Vixen is knocked into a tree, and falls down.

Green Lantern: Black Panther starts to walk over to her, but it looks like she is getting up.

Storm: As she gets to her feet Black Panther unsheathes his claws again, ready to finish her this time.

Green Lantern: After a deep breath Vixen charges.

Storm: What does she think she's doing? There is no way she could expect to overtake him.

Green Lantern: You must not have caught it before, but she has the power to gain the abilities of animals. If I had to guess, I'd say she must have just taken the momentum of a rhino.

Storm: I don't think that Black Panther is aware of how her power works. He is just standing there waiting for her to reach him. He thinks that he has this fight won already.

Green Lantern: As Vixen gets within hitting distance, Black Panther slashes at her face.

Storm: With a yell, Vixen shoves her shoulder into Black Panther's abdomen, and keeps running. Lifting Black Panther off of his feet.

Green Lantern: With a crash, Vixen and Black Panther slam into a tree. Black Panther taking most of the impact.

Storm: Vixen stables herself on her feet and takes a few steps backwards to survey her adversary.

Green Lantern: Black Panther, who basically just got rammed by a rhino, can do nothing but clutch his stomach in pain.

Storm: Vixen wipes some blood off of her face, and makes a movement to kick Black Panther.

Green Lantern: With his remaining strength, Black Panther slashes his claws at Vixen's shins.

Storm: Vixen howls in pain, but just as Black Panther is about to get up, Vixen brings her foot down hard onto his head.

Green Lantern: Black Panther doesn't seem to be moving. She must still have her Rhino powers, or maybe some other large animal.

Storm: It looks like Vixen has won.

Green Lantern: From what I know about Black Panther, I think he should be alright, although he may be unconscious for a while.

Vixen defeats Black Panther 16 votes to 14.


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