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7. Dr. Doom vs. Darth Vader

Darth Vader vs. Dr. Doom, Super villain vs. Super villain. WHO WILL WIN?

This fight was suggested by SimbasGuard

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Dr. Doom

Darth Vader

The Set-Up:

Just kidding.
Dr. Doom has finished creating a new Time Machine in hopes of trapping The Fantastic Four in the past. He decides to test it. However due to an oversight by one of Doom's technicians, the time machine malfunctions, and Dr. Doom is transported through time to planet Naboo where Darth Vader is commanding His Storm Troopers to quell a Rebel uprising. sensing a disturbance in the force, as Dr. Doom arrives (as well as Dr. Doom's power), Darth Vader decides to deal with this intruder himself. Before he can become a threat to The Empire, and so the battle begins...

Set-Up written by SimbasGuard and Chett

Terms of the Fight:

Dr. Doom has His Usual weapons, And magic Power.
Darth Vader has His Lightsaber, and His control of The Dark Side of The Force.



The Emperor




Loki- It is so nice to see colleagues finding work after their first attempt AT WORLD DOMINATION FAILED!!


Emperor- World domination? My student is currently working on intergalactic domination!


Loki- Your student? Dr. Doom was my boss at one point.


Emperor- Yes, Ani- Ani- An- Anaconda was a great movie wouldn’t you say? Well anyway, Darth Vader is my student. I have been teaching him my ways for some time now.


Loki- So I guess you want Darth Vader to win?


Emperor- Well of coarse I do. You want Doom to win I suppose?


Loki- Well as much as I would like to see Victor fail, he would probably pummel me if I rooted against him.


Emperor- Well, there you go. Ok, well, Dr. Doom and Vader are standing across from one another. Doom, choosing his strategy carefully. He has never met Vader before and does not know what his powers are. Hey, uh, what are Dooms weapons and powers?


Loki- Well Dr. Doom has an armor of very strong metal and he is probably the most powerful magician of this universe!


Emperor- Well, that metal armor will be useless against Vader’s Lightsaber and he is very strong in the force, I guess the force is kind of like magic.


Loki- Hmmm… well I still don’t think Vader has a chance.


Emperor- He, you’ll see.


Loki- Well it seems that Vader decides to make his first move.


Emperor- Vader runs towards Doom, lightsaber aglow.


Loki- When Vader is just a few feet from Doom, Doom shoots some purple energy from his hands.


Emperor- Vader blocks this energy from hitting him with his red Lightsaber. The energy was diminished, harnessed in the Saber.


Loki- Wow, I half expected the Lightsaber to turn purple like the energy!


Emperor- Yeah whatever, Vader continues his run towards Doom. Vader’s Lightsaber, and Dooms Gauntlets collide as Doom blocks Vader’s attack.


Loki- Vader makes another swipe at Doom, and Doom shoots green energy at Vader, Vader is unable to block this.


Emperor- Darth Vader goes flying back, lands on his feet, and charges again.


Loki- While Darth Vader charges, Doom punches Vader’s helmet before he could slash at him.


Emperor- Vader goes flying back, he attempts to land on his feet, but misjudges his landing angle.


Loki- He stumbles and trips to the ground.


Emperor- Dr. Doom walks over to Darth Vader and he tries to come to his feet. Doom grabs Vader’s shoulder and picks him up.


Loki- Doom pulls back to punch, when suddenly; he is pushed back by some invisible force.


Emperor- Uh, the force.


Loki- The force? It is a force that makes a force, that forces something to move?


Emperor- Um, yeah.


Loki- Think of that name all by yourself did you?


Emperor- Hey, I didn’t think of the name, it was made by a council of elders hundreds of years ago.


Loki- Anyway, Doom angrily straightens up after being pushed and rushes for Vader again.


Emperor- Vader raises his hand, and shoots white energy with a tint of blue at Doom.


Loki- Doom raises his hand, and shoots red energy at Vader.


Emperor- The two energy’s clash together making a deep purple color at the collision point.


Loki- Each maintains their blasts of energy at each other, connected by the electric like energy’s collision area where the purple ball of energy resides.


Emperor- The ball of purple energy is not moving! It seems that their powers are evenly matched!


Loki- Vader does not want to keep this battle of energy going, so he raises his other hand, and makes like he is about to grab something.


Emperor- He is force-choking Doom!


Loki- Doom raises his non-energy emitting hand to his throat. He then stops his energy blasting, and raises both of his hands to his throat.


Emperor- This was a huge mistake, he stopped his energy emitting, but Vader didn’t.


Loki- The ball of purple energy hurtles towards Doom, and Doom too busy to dodge by the fact that he is being chocked, does not move.


Emperor- Doom is hit by the giant purple ball of force and magic energy, and he is knocked backwards onto his back, I will assume the force-choke was lifted.


Loki- Vader walks over to Doom while Doom is on the ground, he ignites his Lightsaber and puts the end under Dooms chin.


Emperor- Doom is incapacitated… Darth Vader wins!


Darth Vader wins to Dr. Doom 10 votes to 6


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