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80. Darth Vader vs. Wonder Woman

The Tatooinian vs. the Themiscyran: Let the battle begin!

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Darth Vader


Wonder Woman




Aboard The Death Star:

Darth Vader stands looking out into the vast reaches of space, thinking of how to best crush The Rebellion. When a messenger of The Empire walks into the room and says.

Lord Vader I bring news from your scientific research team on Naboo.”

Speak.” says Vader.

The Team has uncovered the facts that you had them searching for.” says the messenger.

Excellent,” says Vader “go to the hanger bay and have them prep my TIE Fighter for take off immediately.”

At once Lord Vader.” says the messenger who then hurries to carry out his orders.

Naboo (In a scientific research building, Sometime later):

I understand you have the information I require.” says Vader to the head scientist.

Yes Lord Vader,” says the scientist “it took several months of researching the area you instructed us to. However we have pinpointed the location that the armored individual you defeated in battle those many month ago escaped to. At least within a 96% probability.”

What of the other project?” asks Vader.

The scientist hesitates a moment and says.

The time portal is ready Lord Vader, but I beg you to reconsider doing this. The Emperor himself forbid the use of this technology when---”

I know!” interrupts Vader “The Emperor has told me many times of how his favorite Sith Satin Deathscream was lost in a battle involving an experimental time portal.”

So you understand the apprehension I have with you using the time portal.” says the scientist “Why if The Emperor knew that you had instructed us to build another time portal he---”

I know well The Emperor’s orders about the time portal,” interrupts Vader “just as a know well what The Emperor does to those who disobey him. I instructed you to build the time portal not because I wish to defy The Emperor, but because I need to defend him and The Empire itself from a dire threat and I can not do that without the time portal.”

I understand Lord Vader,” says the scientist “but perhaps you should send a team of Storm Troopers…Uhg…Aggg.

DO NOT question my orders,” says Vader as he force-chokes the scientist “the small amount of Storm Troopers that we could send through the time portal would have no chance of defeating the armored man. I am the only one with sufficient power to undertake this mission, is that understood?!”

Vader then releases his force-choke, The scientist then collapses to the ground, coughs a few times, gasps for air several times, and once he has caught his breath says.

Yes…Lord Vader…I understand.”

Good,” says Vader “now activate the time portal.”

The scientist motions to one of his lab assistance who then flips the switch that activates the time portal. The scientist then hands Vader a small device and says.

This device will cause the time portal to bring you back here, although the further away you are from your landing point. The longer it will take the retrieval process to work. The time portal is set to send you to the nearest breathable atmosphere of the target location. ”

Good work,” says Vader as he attaches the device to his belt “It is that attention to detail that makes you useful to The Empire. However no one is irreplaceable, keep that in mind should you ever be compelled to question my orders again.”

Yes Lord Vader.” says the scientist the fear clearly evident in his voice.

With that Darth Vader steps through the time portal.

The Watchtower ( Currently orbiting above Latveria):

Wonder Woman sits in the Monitor Womb keeping an eye on the earth while thinking.

Great Hera, nothing appears to be amiss in Latveria. With all I have heard about this countries leader, why can’t the Justice League find any evidence of wrongdoing. Well there is something to be said for having The Watchtower to myself and not having to deal with a---

Wonder Woman’s thoughts are interrupted as a siren blares and an “intruder alert” flashes across all the monitor screens.

How could anyone get to the observation deck without triggering the external warning alarms? Thinks Wonder Woman as she flies to the observation deck.

Within moments Wonder Woman reaches the observation deck and sees a tall man in black armor and a black cape.

It appears that the armored man has some most impressive warriors in service to him.” says Darth Vader upon seeing Wonder Woman fly into the room.

Armored man thinks Wonder Woman is he referring to Steel?

Princess Diana of Themyscira is in service to no man,” says Wonder Woman as she lands “now state your business here stranger. The Justice League does not like intruders.”

I am here to destroy the armored man,” says Vader “now stand aside.”

If you are after who I think you are,” says Wonder Woman “the only way you’ll get to him is over my dead body.”

Very well.” says Vader.

Darth Vader then draws and ignites his Lightsaber. Wonder Woman then takes a fighting stance.

So Who Wins, The Dark Lord of the Sith or The Amazon Princess?


*Set-Up Written by SimbasGuard


The Emperor






Emperor: Wasting no time, Wonder Woman charges forward, fist outstretched to punch Vader.

Superman: Quicker than I would have expected from his appearance, Darth Vader turns to avoid Wonder Woman's punch, and swings his lightsaber at her.

Emperor: Wonder Woman blocks the lightsaber with her bracelets... What? That's impossible!

Superman: I'm sure if we could see Vader's face, we would see his surprise as well.

Emperor: Thinking quickly, Vader puts his hand in the air, and Wonder Woman goes flying backwards.

Superman: Wonder Woman recovers quickly from Vader's force-push, and remains airborne.

Emperor: Vader returns to his fighting stance as he readies for another attack.

Superman: This time Wonder Woman takes off her tiara and throws it at Darth Vader.

Emperor: Vader lazily blocks the tiara, and it zooms back to Wonder Woman again. She couldn't have thought that would work.

Superman: Just as quickly, Wonder Woman removes her lasso from her side, and spins it above her head.

Emperor: With a jerk of her arm, the lasso zooms towards Vader, who is not even bothering to dodge.

Superman: The lasso manages to wrap around the handle of Darth Vader's lightsaber, just above his hand, but below the laser part.

Emperor: Wonder Woman tugs on her lasso, and Vader's lightsaber flies out of his hand.

Superman: Wonder Woman catches it, but holds it far away to avoid any accidents.

Emperor: Vader is furious at the prospect of being disarmed.

Superman: Taking advantage of Wonder Woman's unwillingness to hold the dangerous weapon, Darth Vader holds his hand in the air, and his lightsaber is tugged out of Wonder Woman's grasp.

Emperor: Again Wonder Woman's attack seems to have been for nothing.

Superman: It seems that Darth Vader is getting a little impatient as he holds his hand in the direction of the ceiling above Wonder Woman.

Emperor: After a few seconds filled with the sounds of metal and cement cracking, the roof caves in on Wonder Woman.

Superman: Had that been any other heroine, I would say that this fight is over.

Emperor: It looks as though you are right.

Superman: Before the dust can settle on the scene, Wonder Woman crashes through the rubble, and takes her spot in the air again.

Emperor: As you said earlier, Vader is growing impatient.

Superman: Darth Vader throws his lightsaber at Wonder Woman.

Emperor: Wonder Woman looks a little nonplussed that he threw his primary weapon at her.

Superman: So nonplussed that she doesn't notice Darth Vader charging forward, right behind his lightsaber.

Emperor: Wonder Woman deflects the lightsaber with her bracelets, and it only has to travel a few feet to Vader who was almost upon her.

Superman: Wonder Woman looks shocked to see that she let Darth Vader get so close.

Emperor: With a wave of his hand, Darth Vader force-pushes Wonder Woman backwards into the wall.

Superman: But before she can recover he force-chokes her, and holds her up by the neck.

Emperor: Wonder Woman struggles, but can't get free or Vader's force-choke.

Superman: Darth Vader walks towards some computers near by, with Wonder Woman drifting lazily behind him, still struggling to be freed.

Emperor: It looks to me like Darth Vader has won this match.

Superman: I agree. And now it's time for me to help Diana out, you would be wise to step aside.

Darth Vader defeats Wonder Woman 32 votes to 19.


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