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81. Green Lantern vs. Silver Surfer

Two powers of the cosmos come together for a battle of the ages. Beware their power!

*This fight was suggested by Hunter

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Green Lantern

Silver Surfer



While we are dealing with two highly powered beings, I think Silver Surfer is a bit more powerful, Power Comic and all... However I am more of a DC fan and will be voting for Green Lantern. I think his upcoming movie and fan base might give Green Lantern the votes to win. Don't count out the Silver Surfer though, as most Marvel fans will recognize him as one of the most powerful beings in the universe. It should be interesting to see which way this turns out.


This is a tough fight to call given that both competitors wield what could be considered two of the most powerful weapons in the universe. I am pulling for Silver Surfer in this fight not just because I am more of a Marvel fan, but because I believe The Power Cosmic to be more powerful than one man's will (Even if that man is Green Lantern). However I believe Green Lantern will win the fight due to being a more recognizable name.   

The Man of Time:

Depending on which Green Lantern it is I believe that the Green Lantern should win as long as it is the the Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan or John Stewart.  they are more known for making stronger projections from their rings. However Alan Scott should lose to Silver Surfer due to his ring being magic based and weaker



Deep Space:

A spaceship emerges from a wormhole, having barely survived the trip through it.

“Damage report” says the captain of the ship.

“If the ship stops vibrating we should be O.K.” says the ship’s engineering officer.

“Now what of our escape?” demands the captain.

“It seems we have eluded The Galactic Protectors.” says the helmsman.

“At least that has worked in our favor,” says the captain “However we failed to rescue Sticky Fingers. How soon will we be able to reopen the wormhole?”

“Sir,” says the engineering officer somewhat hesitantly “we won’t be able to open the wormhole without more fuel and structural reinforcements to the ship.”

“Then by all means begin repairs at once.” says the captain.

“But Sir,” says the engineering officer “we don’t have the necessary materials to effect the needed repairs.”

“Navigator,” says the captain “find the nearest inhabited planet.”

The navigator quickly does some calculations and soon locates an inhabited planet.

“Sir sensors indicate that the nearest inhabited planet is 34 parsecs away.” says the navigator.

“Is the sub-light speed drive operational?” asks the captain.

“Yes sir.” says the engineering officer.

“Then set course for the planet,” says the captain “we will get the materials we need there. After all who can say no to Space Pirates.

Several Hours later:

Silver Surfer is traveling through the cosmos when he senses that a wormhole had been opened near an area that he just passed, Silver Surfer concentrates his cosmic senses and realizes that a space pirate ship had come through.

That ship may be an advanced scout for a larger force thinks Silver Surfer I can follow the ship’s Ion trail and put a stop to whatever they have planned. Although in order to make sure I don’t loose the trail among any of the other cosmic energies; I’ll have to travel slower that I normally would.

The Planet Pla-Tav-Icce:

It is an ordinary day on Pla-Tav-Icce, things are running smoothly at the refrigeration unit production plant. When suddenly The Space Pirates’ ship attacks, blasting random targets with their laser cannons. The populous runs for the safety of the massive ice caves, but before he runs for cover King Freon sends out a distress call.

The Watchtower (In The Monitor Womb):

Green Lantern is on monitor duty when he receives an intergalactic message.

“King Freon to Justice League,” says the voice over the intergalactic communicator “planet Pla-Tav-Icce is under attack by an unknown force from space. Please come to our aid as our only weapons are of the melee variety. My people and I have taken cover, I pray that this message reaches you before it is too late.”

Terrific, thinks Green Lantern there is never a good time for a planetary invasion. But now, in an effort to be better prepared should tensions with the Avengers escalate. The Justice League has decided to keep the larger force at The Hall of Justice, that leaves me alone at The Watchtower. I guess I’ll have to look into this on my own, although I need to let The League know where I’m going.

With that Green Lantern directs his thoughts outward.

J’onn this is Hal are you there?

Yes. responds the voice of Martian Manhunter within Green Lantern’s mind.

Planet Pla-Tav-Icce is under attack, thinks Green Lantern I’m going to look into it.

I can assemble a team and follow you shortly. Thinks Martian Manhunter

That’s O.K. J’onn thinks Green Lantern Pla-Tav-Icce is closer to Oa than The Moonbase. So if I need backup I can contact The Green Lantern Corps.

Very well, thinks Martian Manhunter good luck to you.

Thanks J’onn thinks Green Lantern as he prepares to head out.

Pla-Tav-Icce (or more accurately the atmosphere above it):

With Several well placed blasts, Silver Surfer destroys the offensive capabilities of The Space Pirates’ ship. Then with several blasts that graze across the bow of the ship, Silver Surfer forces The Space Pirates to retreat.

Perfect thinks Silver Surfer as he watches The Space Pirates ship jump to light speed. I’ll give them some time to get far enough away from this planet and th---

Silver Surfer’s thoughts are interrupted as an emerald warp tunnel opens up behind him at an angle over his left shoulder.

Upon emerging from his warp tunnel Green Lantern sees Silver Surfer and thinks:

That’s The Silver Surfer, Kyle worked with him and also fought him once. The Green Lantern Corps have a file on him, he was once a Herald of Galactus. Given the way he seems to be eying up Pla-Tav-Icce, OH NO!

“Hold It Silver Surfer,” yells Green Lantern as he points his ring at him “I am placing you under arrest by the authority of The Green Lantern Corps!”

Silver Surfer begins to protest.

“But I need to---”

“Summon your master? Forget it!” interrupts Green Lantern.

At being accused of still being Galactus’ Herald the usually calm Silver Surfer succumbs to anger and frustration. He then thinks.

I haven’t time to convince this thick-headed Green Lantern that I was about to pursue some space pirates, if he wishes to engage in hostilities. I will gladly oblige.

Silver Surfer then takes a fighting stance atop his surfboard.

So Who Wins: The wielder of The Power Cosmic or the wielder of the Emerald Power Ring?


*Set-Up was written by SimbasGuard



Mr. Fantastic




Superman: Considering how powerful both of these competitors are, I think this should prove to be an interesting fight.

Mr. Fantastic: Indeed, it is lucky we are high in the sky, otherwise the property damage during this battle could be through the roof.

Superman: Green Lantern wastes no time in projecting a cage around Silver Surfer and his board.

Mr. Fantastic: Silver Surfer makes a motion to swipe away the emerald energy, but it stays put.

Superman: He looks confused and tries to pull the bars apart. But to no avail.

Mr. Fantastic: After a moment of concentration Silver Surfer, who must have augmented his strength, bends the bars of light outwards to create an opening.

Superman: The cage shatters as Green Lantern stops willing it to be there. Obviously capturing the Silver Surfer is not an option.

Mr. Fantastic: In an instant Green Lantern shoots a blast of energy at Silver Surfers chest.

Superman: Silver Surfer lets the blast hit him, and he goes flying backwards.

Mr. Fantastic: As he stabilizes himself, he looks a little perplexed as to why the energy is hurting him so much.

Superman: Silver Surfer decides to send his own blast of energy at Green Lantern.

Mr. Fantastic: Green Lantern puts up a shield to block the blast, but the white energy rips through it.

Superman: Green Lantern is forced to dodge out of the way as the blast rockets past him.

Mr. Fantastic: I hope that thing eventually dissipates. I would hate to get hit by a wondering blast from the Silver Surfer.

Superman: Green Lantern steady's himself and shoots another blast of energy at Silver Surfer.

Mr. Fantastic: Before the blast can reach him, the Silver Surfer disappears and reappears behind Green Lantern.

Superman: I didn't know he could teleport.

Mr. Fantastic: I don't think he can, but he is known for being very fast. It would appear much faster than the human...hmm.

Superman: It was fast enough for me not to see.

Mr. Fantastic: I see...well, it could easily be that he entered hyperspace for a short time, or maybe even traveled back in time a bit. Either way, Green Lantern is in trouble.

Superman: Silver Surfer punches Green Lantern in the back.

Mr. Fantastic: With a mighty lurch Green Lantern in thrown forward, but judging by his lack of yelling, he seems to be unharmed.

Superman: I assume his emerald aura assisted in keeping him from being destroyed, it's a good thing he keeps that on in space.

Mr. Fantastic: Green Lantern steadies himself, and flies toward Silver Surfer, shooting blasts of energy on his way.

Superman: Silver Surfer dodges them with ease, and when Green Lantern reaches him, he calmly and confidently reaches his arm up...and...and...

Mr. Fantastic: Grabs Green Lantern by the throat, Silver Surfer remains motionless as Green Lantern tries to free himself.

Superman: What's going on?

Silver Surfer: Normally I need to convert matter into energy in order to consume it. You on the other hand are a veritable smorgasbord of energy. My fingers have made their way into your energy aura, and are the only thing keeping you from exploding into frozen space dust. If you are wise, you will leave now.

Mr. Fantastic: Interesting tactic, and interesting results. Green Lantern nods reluctantly.

Superman: Silver Surfer removes his hand slowly from Green Lantern's throat, while at the same time Green Lantern replaces the holes in his energy aura.

Green Lantern: You realize I can't just leave you here, no matter our agreement.

Silver Surfer: I thought as much.

Mr. Fantastic: Silver Surfer's board slips out from under his feet, and strikes Green Lantern in the stomach hard.

Superman: Before he can go flying backwards, Silver Surfer is behind him. Holding him in place as the board mercilessly pounds his aura covered torso.

Mr. Fantastic: This seems to be doing very little, Green Lantern is still resisting.

Superman: Silver Surfer, with his vice like grip, grabs both of Green Lantern's arms, wills his board under his feet again, and the pair of them rocket towards the ground.

Mr. Fantastic: Oh boy, looks like Pla-Tav-Icce is about to experience some property damage.

Superman: After mere seconds of descending, and a few blasts of energy from Green Lantern, the two near the planet surface.

Mr. Fantastic: Silver Surfer is careful to make sure Green Lantern is the closest to the ground and...


Superman: Green Lantern takes all of the force, and the ice shelf they are sitting on breaks in half.

Mr. Fantastic: Green Lantern and Silver Surfer roll to one side as the other massive side plunges into the intensely blue ocean.

Superman: Huge waves develop and are headed straight for that large ship. Uh, I'll be right back.

Mr. Fantastic: Superman flies to rescue the ship from capsizing, and Silver Surfer and Green Lantern are on their feet again. Each sending blast after blast at each other, creating huge craters in their effort. In a flash Silver Surfer practically teleports behind Green Lantern, and grabs him by the head. As if it were cloth, Silver Surfer rips off the emerald shielding from Green Lantern's head and face and tosses it aside.

Superman: I'm back. The energy dissipates as it loses proximity to Green Lantern. The sudden frigid cold hits Green Lanterns unshielded face violently, and he is too stunned to shield himself.

Mr. Fantastic: In one movement Silver Surfer smashes Green Lantern's head into the ice wall next to them.

Superman: Green Lantern falls bleeding.

Mr. Fantastic: I would say considering it's still in one piece, Silver Surfer wasn't aiming to kill. I think he will be alright, but definitely out of commission for a while.

Superman: Silver Surfer gets back on his surfboard and flies away.

Mr. Fantastic: You should probably go help Green Lantern.

Superman: Your right. Well, there you have it. Silver Surfer wins!

Silver Surfer defeats Green Lantern 27 votes to 10


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