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82. Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk vs. Superman

Three prominent members of the Avengers fight the Man of Steel. 

*This fight was suggested by Cjdavy

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Wolverine                                 Spider-Man                    Hulk





No offense to Wolverine and Spider-Man, but this fight ultimately ends up being Superman vs. Hulk and some help. Wolverine can heal from most attacks from Superman, but I doubt even Adamantium can stand up against the Man of Steel. Spider-Man might be able to dodge speed attacks from Superman thanks to his Spidey-Sense. Hulk is just a powerhouse, the kind of person Superman is used to dealing with. Frankly I think Superman has the upper hand as far as strength goes. But I think Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk's combined fan base may out-match Superman's. It's hard to say who will win, but my guess is Superman.


I really think this fight is only viable due to Hulk being part of the trio opposing Superman. Although whatever distractions Wolverine and Spider-Man can provide. May be just what is needed for Hulk to achieve victory over Superman. My vote goes to Wolverine, Hulk, and Spider-Man. Not just because I am a Marvel fan, but because with Wolverine and Spider-Man in the fight Superman won't be able to focus all his attention on Hulk. That could mean defeat for Superman. However I think Superman will win the fight, he is the world's most well known hero.


I am a huge Marvel fan, specifically, Spider-man. I definitely want the Marvel side to win and do think it will win. Superman may have one a tournament, but so has Spider-man. The Hulk is almost as powerful as Superman and does have superior strength. Wolverine is indestructible. I'm sure they will win, especially if you add the Wolverine, Spider-man, and Hulk fans together.



“I know you don't like it Clark” says Wonder Woman to a pondering Superman. “But, this animosity has gotten out of hand. I don't even remember who struck first anymore. Someone has to settle it, and”

“and if anyone can,” interrupts Superman. “it's me.”

“That's right.” says Wonder Woman. Superman looks around at his fellow Justice League members. They all nod in agreement.

“If I do this.” says Superman, starring at them in turn. “and I fail...” Superman pauses as he takes a breath. “We are looking at a full scale war.”

“Even the Avengers have to listen to reason.” says the Martian Manhunter. “Just remember you are on a mission of peace. And if peace doesn't work, we must end the war quickly. It wouldn't be wise to let them get the upper hand.”

“You all seem to think that if we get into a war, we are sure to win.” says Superman, a little confused.

“Of course we will.” says Green Arrow “we have you.”

Stark Tower: Rooftop

The Chetplane has just landed on the roof of Stark Tower to take Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk to Chetradome Island. After the death of the Owner of the Chetradome, Knowitall has been reaching out to the Avengers as potential allies.

“Feels like only yesterday we were at the Chetradome.” says Spider-Man to no one in particular.

“Feels like only yesterday you were there, and almost got your ass handed to you by a damn lion.” retorts Wolverine.

“A magical lion.” corrects Spider-Man. “Just glad I didn't have to fight Thor like you had to.”

“I could have taken him.” says Wolverine a little quietly so Spider-Man wouldn't here him. “Look who we have here.” Wolverine shouts. “If it isn't the boy scout extraordinaire.” with his words Superman lands on the roof of Stark Tower.

“I need to speak with Iron Man.” says Superman in a serious tone.

“Iron Man is busy.” says Wolverine. “But any matter you want to discuss can be handled by us.”

“I would rather speak to someone with authority.” says Superman still in his serious tone.

“It doesn't get much more authoritative than kicking your Kryptonian ass!” shouts Wolverine as he takes a fighting stance. Superman was afraid it would escalate to this.

“Have it your way then.” says Superman as he, Hulk, and Spider-Man also take fighting stances. So Who Wins? Three major members of the Avengers or the Man of Steel?


Dr. Strange






Dr. Strange: It would seem that yet again, another Justice League member has come to try and bully the Avengers. You may send your heavy hitters, but we have our own.

Batman: Superman was just on a mission for peace, but now he's going to have to kick some Avenger butt.

Dr. Strange: We'll see about that.

Batman: Hulk makes no hesitation and smashes the rooftop in front of him.

Dr. Strange: The rooftop cracks apart towards Superman, and he is forced to take to flight. Hovering slightly above the ground.

Batman: Superman's attention is on Hulk, and he doesn't see as Spider-Man shoots him in the face with webbing.

Dr. Strange: Suddenly blinded, at least from regular vision, Superman uses his heat vision to blast away the iron like webbing.

Batman: It would seem that even though Spider-Man's webbing is extremely strong, it's not strong enough to withstand the heat from Superman's heat vision.

Dr. Strange: Still using his heat vision, Superman aims at Wolverine, who seemed ready for it, and puts up his claws to block.

Batman: Adamantium may be very resistant to heat, but if Superman keeps this up, Wolverine is going to have a hard time retracting those claws.

Dr. Strange: Taking advantage of Superman's attention being on Wolverine, Hulk tackles Superman, and they both fall off the building.

Batman: Spider-Man and a sweating Wolverine glance at each other matter-of-factly, and they follow Hulk and Superman down.

Dr. Strange: Spider-Man uses his webbing to fall a little ways and catch himself by swinging on a length of web.

Batman: Wolverine digs his claws into the building as he falls, which doesn't seem to be doing much good as it just slices through the mortar.

Dr. Strange: Hulk lands on Superman, and Superman pushes Hulk off of him.

Batman: Superman takes a few steps back as Hulk grabs the nearest thing to him, a semi-truck.

Dr. Strange: The man inside ditched out when he saw Hulk had taken an interest in his truck.

Batman: Hulk hurls the semi-truck at Superman, and Superman, having seen that there was no man inside, swats the truck away. The semi crashes and skids along the avenue, but it looks like it didn't hit anything.

Dr. Strange: Spider-Man and Wolverine land, and Spider-Man immediately uses his webbing to pull down a street light above Superman. At the same time he uses another web-line to slingshot himself towards Superman.

Batman: Superman seemed unperturbed by the falling street light, and it was because of that he saw Spider-Man's second movement.

Dr. Strange: Before Spider-Man could do anything, let alone reach Superman, Superman uses his ice breath to freeze Spider-Man.

Batman: Spider-Man's frozen body still flies towards Superman, and he catches him, and puts him on the ground.

Dr. Strange: Before Superman can recover, Hulk throws a confused Wolverine at Superman.

Batman: Wolverine catches on quickly though, as he extends hit claws to hit Superman.

Dr. Strange: Something like this sounds good in theory, but since Superman just proved he is much quicker than Spider-Man, Hulk may have just thrown Wolverine to his defeat.

Batman: Sure enough. Superman grabs Wolverine by the wrist and flings him straight up into the air.

Dr. Strange: Wolverine must be really confused. Superman did that very fast. Before he could even make contact.

Batman: Superman leaps into the air after Wolverine.

Dr. Strange: After a hundred or so feet, Superman punches Wolverine down to earth.

Batman: With the force of Superman's punch, Wolverine hits the street with a huge thud.

Dr. Strange: No sooner had Wolverine hit the ground, Superman feels his neck contained by Hulk, who had jumped up moments before.

Batman: Hulk gives a little jerk, and Superman looses his flight bearings. The two fall to the ground.

Dr. Strange: Hulk positions Superman's face to point toward the ground, and they hit, Superman face first.

Batman: Superman pulls himself up immediately and shoots heat vision at Hulk.

Dr. Strange: Hulk roars with rage and claps his hands sending a concussive blast of compressed air at Superman.

Batman: An attack that would easily have killed a normal man merely dazes Superman.

Dr. Strange: Hulk doesn't stop to let him regain his composure, and tackles Superman.

Batman: Superman tries to avoid hitting the ground, but Hulk grabs his leg and attempts to swing Superman's body into the ground.

Dr. Strange: It would seem that Superman's flight abilities may be more powerful that Hulk's strength right now, and he is trying to fly away and Hulk continues to try to bash him into the ground.

Batman: Hulk continues even as they both lift off of the ground, but this isn't helping his anger level.

Dr. Strange: Superman tries to fly straight as Hulk tries to swing Superman downwards.

Batman: Suddenly Hulk gives an almighty lurch, and the pair crash into a building.

Dr. Strange: Several floors crumble as the two fall to the ground, Hulk still holding Superman's leg.

Batman: As Superman tries to get up, Hulk grabs him by the shoulder with his other hand.

Dr. Strange: Now with full control of Superman's body, he slams it into the ground.

Batman: And again, and again...and again...

Dr. Strange: The nearby buildings shudder and crack as Superman's ultra tough body hits the pavement.

Batman: It isn't long before a huge crater is formed around the two of them, and Hulk is still slamming Superman against the ground.

Dr. Strange: Hulk shouts with confusion as they drop into the sewer, but that doesn't stop him from continuing to smash Superman's body into the cement below.

Batman: Do you think we should stop him? Couldn't he kill Superman?

Dr. Strange: Possibly, but judging from the fact that he is still slamming Superman into the ground, Superman is still struggling. It won't do him any good. You can hear Hulk getting madder as Superman continues to refuse to be knocked out.

Batman: Hulk roars and the slamming sounds stop. I suppose that means Superman is knocked out.

Dr. Strange: Let's hope so. I don't think the city could take any more property damage.

Batman: Hulk emerges from the crater and sewer with Superman, who is clearly unconscious.

Dr. Strange: Hulk tosses Superman's body aside as he flexes his muscles, roars, picks up Spider-Man and Wolverine, and jumps up onto the Stark Tower roof again.

Batman: Well I guess the fight is over.

Dr. Strange: Indeed. Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk defeated Superman.

Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk defeat Superman 36 votes to 25.


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