So Who Wins - The Any Character in the World Battles


83. Batman vs. Captain America

The most skilled fighters of two universes are finally going fist to fist.

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Captain America



This is a fight I've been waiting for for quite a long time. Both have extraordinary fighting skills, and both are at the peak of physical perfection. This fight could go either way. Batman has been such a popular character for so long, I can't see him losing to Captain America. On the other hand, Captain America does have a movie coming out very soon, and that might get fans to show him some love before his theatrical debut. As a DC fan, and long lover of the character, I'm pulling for Batman. But he's got his work cut out if he wants to get past Captain America's shield. 


This is a fight between two of the best hand to hand combatants in comics. It could easily go either way and will be a tough battle regardless. My vote is going to Captain America, not just because I am a marvel fan, but because he is one of the few people that is a better fighter than Batman (by however small a margin). Although Batman has more weapons, he doesn't have anything that can directly get past Captain America's shield. Batman is more stealthy, But Cap is very alert in battle. However, Batman's popularity will get him the votes.    


Captain America has the upper hand in this one. First of all, he has my vote, as I am a Marvel fan. One hit from the shield in the head and Batman is out. Batman won't even be able to touch Cap with that shield in the way. Captain America will be the victor. 



Rain drenched the city of Metropolis, people ran to their cars and opened up umbrellas. It was miserable for anyone who dare venture onto the streets, and Lex liked to watch them. He grimaced when he saw someone lose their umbrella to the wind, or when they would fumble with their keys before getting in their car. He knew that no matter how bad the rain got, he would always be warm and cozy in his office. It pleased him to know that not everyone had that luxury.

There was a knock on his office door, and he turned on his desk lamp for light.

“Come in.” he said loudly, and the door opened. In walked Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Kingpin. “I'm glad you all could make it.” said Lex, but he didn't look it. “Why don't we start our first meeting.”

“Not so fast Luthor.” said Dr. Doom. “It's customary to have a name for an organization before we start planning things.”

“I have been considering it as well, and I think I have something you will all like.” Lex responded, a little smile on his face. “We will be the BIGWIGs: Billionaire Individuals Ganging up with Iniquitous Gains.” he surveyed the others with expectation. “So what do you think?” he asked a little impatiently.

“BIGWIGs?” asked Kingpin “Sounds a little silly to me. What about-”

“I formed this group, I get to come up with the name. If you don't like it you can get the hell out. God knows the Joker has been begging to be part of this. He would be pleased to know that a position has opened up.”

“No, I'll stay. At least until you tell us your plan.”

“Very well.” said Lex, looking relieved that the group is still together.“You are all very much aware of the struggle between the Avengers and the Justice League.”

“Don't try to take credit for that, we all know it was a misunderstanding.” chimed in Magneto.

“Don't interrupt me Eric.” boomed Lex “I wouldn't try to pull a fast one on you three.” Lex took a deep breath. “Anyway, what is more, it appears that the Legion of Guardians are taking the side of the Avengers. Not that it matters, there are only a hand full of them, and literally hundreds of ex-Avengers. Their additional few will be no matter. In fact it is thanks to them that the two teams are fighting. That is where we step in. It will be so much easier to take over the world with the heroes fighting amongst themselves.”

“Now I see why you didn't want Joker to be a part of this.” Kingpin cut in. “He's not happy unless he can get his hands dirty.” Kingpin chuckled.

“That is part of the reason, although he would make a great asset for the first stage of our plan.” continued Lex. “For stage one, we need to create a little anarchy. We need to make it look like the other is war-hungry. We need to bring them to the brink, and make them fight each other full on.”

“What do you suppose we do Luthor?” asked Magneto. “What is going to bring these two to their breaking point?”

“One of them must kill a member of the other, of course.” said Lex grinning.

“Who would willingly kill another hero?” asked Dr. Doom.

“I think it would be more effective if we got someone who wouldn't kill someone else to do it.” retorted Lex. “I think the effect will be much more significant.”

“Who do you have in mind?” asked Kingpin

“I have a couple people.”

“Maybe a better question is, how are you going to get them to fight each other?” asked Magneto.

“We're going to need a couple of people's help for that.” said Lex.

Stark Tower: Roof

Captain America was pacing, thinking, trying to figure out a way to make peace with the Justice League. If only there was a way to make them see that we are both in the wrong. If only there was a way for them to see that it is no one's fault. If only there was a way for them to see that they were wrong. If only there was a way for them to die at the hands of the Avengers. Captain America stopped pacing. What was going on? That wasn't his own thought. Someone was tampering with his brain. He stood as still as he could and sensed someone filling his head with thoughts... Thoughts he didn't like. The Justice League must pay. Captain America thought against his will. Who would it be best to kill first? Captain America's eyes filled with tears as he struggled against the force that held his mind in it's new mental state.

“You don't know me.” said a voice from the shadows. “Maybe I should introduce myself before you drive yourself insane.” Gorilla Grod emerged from his hiding spot. Captain America stared at him bewildered. “I have the power to control your mind, and I have been paid a large sum of money to make you kill Batman.”

“There's no mind control on earth that could make me commit murder!” shouted Captain America.

“Really?” asked Grod sarcastically. “Care to try that again?”

“Lord Grod is my master, and I will do whatever bidding he demands of me!” shouted Captain America to his surprise and disgust.

“I think you're ready.” said Grod. “Now, go kill BATMAN!”

Wayne Tower: Roof


Batman was pacing, thinking, trying to figure out a way to bring an end to the Avengers' and Justice League's feud. There seemed to be little hope, and little time to keep things from escalating. Batman stood, hands on the side railing, looking down at Gotham. So many innocent people. They had no idea the kind of destruction that lay before them if he didn't think of something soon.

Then suddenly, the moon disappeared. Batman glared upwards, not a cloud in the sky, and the stars were still there. Then, from the place the moon should have been, a curtain of darkness pushed all the light from the sky and the buildings below. Batman turned on his flashlight, and pointed it at the sky. There was something funny about the darkness. He reached out his hand and watched it disappear behind what he now knew to be a layer of darkness surrounding the building roof. It wasn't the sky that went dark, it was the rooftop.

“Calamitous.” said Batman simply.

“How do you always know it's me?” asked Calamitous in a put off voice.

“You're powers give you away. You should try being less theatrical with your entrances.” Batman replied thinking quickly.

“How else can I get you to talk to me?” she asked sweetly.

“I take it you're not here to chat. Who am I fighting this time?” asked Batman. He had gone through this with her before. And he always ended up fighting someone.

“You read me like a book Batman.” Calamitous said as Captain America came into view behind her. “He has been instructed to kill you, so I suggest you stop him. AND just to make sure you won't hesitate to use lethal force.” Calamitous snapped her fingers. “Some added insurance. In case you wanted to try and escape” Batman's body went rigid for a moment as Calamitous used her powers over peoples minds to make Batman want to kill Captain America. Calamitous vanished into the shadows, and Batman and Captain America took fighting stances. So Who Wins? The Patriotic Co-Founder of the Avengers? Or the Bat Blazoned Co-Founder of the Justice League?



Iron Man





Superman: Finally Tony, I've been trying to speak with you.

Iron Man: I've heard about your fight with Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk.

Superman: That was just a misunderstanding, much like this feud between the Justice League and the Avengers.

Iron Man: We can talk about this later, but right now Batman and Captain America are about to kill one another.

Superman: Captain America wastes no time, and throws his shield at Batman.

Iron Man: Batman barely has time to grapple out of the way as the shield passes him.

Superman: The shield hits the railing on the edge of the roof, and bounces backwards.

Iron Man: Captain America catches his shield and Batman retakes his fighting stance.

Superman: Captain America charges forward and swings his shield in an attempt to hit Batman with it.

Iron Man: Batman ducks under the shield's wake, and moves to make a sideways kick at Captain America.

Superman: Cap blocks Batman's kick with the edge of his shield, and quickly pushes Batman away with the full face of his shield,.

Iron Man: Batman is thrown backwards, rolls on his back, and stands up quickly.

Superman: Before Cap can make another move, Batman throws some smoke bombs at Cap's feet.

Iron Man: Without skipping a beat, Cap runs out of the smoke cloud, with this shield held in front of his face, heading straight for Batman.

Superman: Batman shoots a grappling line to get out of the way, and throws a Batarang at Cap's ankles.

Iron Man: Cap stumbles, and falls onto his shield.

Superman: As he gets up, Batman throws several bat-bombs at his feet.

Iron Man: Cap manages to position his shield in a protective angle right before the bat-bombs explode.

Superman: Batman uses his new angle on Cap to shoot another grappling line, this time at Cap's shield holding wrist.

Iron Man: Cap realizes what is happening right away, and makes a movement to switch his shield to his other arm.

Superman: As soon as Cap does this, Batman shoots yet another grappling line, binding both of Cap's wrists together, still with his shield in hand.

Iron Man: Batman runs over to him before he has time to escape, and grabs at Cap's shield.

Superman: After a few moments, and much difficulty, Batman manages to take Cap's shield from him.

Iron Man: Batman places some Bat-cuffs on Captain America.

Superman: I guess since he didn't just kill Cap, it's safe to say that Calamitous' mind control wore off?

Iron Man: I would assume so, and it looks like Batman is taking Captain America as a prisoner. I think it would be best if we talked later, Superman.

Superman: I suppose so too.

Batman defeats Captain America 30 votes to 29


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