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84. Batman vs. Moon Knight

Khonshu’s Knight vs. The Dark Knight 

This fight was suggested by Spider-fan

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Moon Knight




This is going to be a very close fight. Both Batman and Moon Knight are highly skilled fighters, and they both are skilled with their respective weapons. I think Batman's ranged arsenal, mixed with his extraordinarily large fan base will give him the edge in this fight. It will by no means be an easy task for Batman however, as Moon Knight is well equipped and experienced to take on a combatant with the skills of Batman.


This is a very even fight, both combatants are exceptional hand to hand fighters that use several different kinds of weapons. Batman prefers throwing weapons, while Moon Knight favors melee weapons. I have to give the edge to Batman in this fight. I believe he better trained and has better (or at least more) weapons and will get the vote due to name recognition. I will be voting for Moon Knight because I am a marvel fan, besides anyone who can fight werewolves won't be intimidated by Batman. Also despite being at a disadvantage Moon Knight is far from helpless. 


I do want Moon Knight to win as I am a Marvel fan. But I think Batman will be the victor. Though I am a faithful Marvel fan, I know more about Batman then I do Moon Knight. And being that Batman has a far greater fan base and is widely known, I am positive Batman will win.



The Batcave:

Batman sits at the Batcomputer thinking.

Though it has not become a full on team vs. team fight, tensions between The Justice League and The Avengers have been at the breaking point ever since Green Lantern fought Thor. Several other battles have occurred between individual and sometimes more members of both teams. Even The X-Men were drawn into the conflict.

The situation has also caused incredible stress to the operations of BOOT, Oliver and I have been trying to stay professional about it. As have Tony and Charles. Especially since the loss of Chet. Knowitall has tried to stay neutral. Although with the fact that she always has a member of The Legion of Guardians stationed outside our meeting room whenever we have a meeting on a premise she owns. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out that the stress is getting to her as well.

If a full on war between The Justice League and The Avengers were to erupt, if allies of both teams were drawn into the conflict, the devastation could be worldwide. There would be no way to tell who The Legion of Guardians would side with and given their enormous magical power. Combined with the sheer savagery of the non human members of the team. The Legion of Guardians could potentially cause serious damage to whomever they oppose.

The other variable that needs to be considered is the additional allies The Legion of Guardians may have, We already know about The ArchSorcerers, who despite loosing Risk and Diffuse, are still too powerful to discount. There are supposedly armies in Lehethro, where Pyrian and Glacious Lupus live, and given her fighting style, Twitch may have ties with any group of ninjas like the ones I’ve met in Japan, and SimbasGuard might be able to convince his king to join the fight, that could mean battling not only a pride of lions, but perhaps an army of animals, and Mallow could seek the help of Merlin himself. They may also be quicker to call in these allies since the lost of Beemuh and Mysterious Jedi. Melt-Down's defection may also make them more anxious to summon additional allies than they otherwise would be.

Analyzing the potential involvement of The Legion of Guardians alone presents enough reasons as to why a war between The Justice League and The Avengers must not happen.

The teams were very quick to blame one another. I guess the formation of BOOT didn't serve to heal the animosity the teams felt as I had hoped it would. If I could figure out why The Avengers attacked The Justice Leage Moonbase in the first place, I might be able to defuse all this tension.

Although looking into that may be problematic, I cant just talk to Tony. Although I bet the Avengers Computer has files on that mission, but even for me sneaking into Stark Tower to hack into a computer with security measures that probably rival my own would be difficult and with tensions as high as they are between The Justice League and The Avengers I cant risk being seen. Although if I know Tony he must have access to The Avengers files through his computer. He’ll also undoubtedly have a date tonight , so if I wait until Jarvis goes home for the night. I can sneak into the part of Stark Tower that houses Tonys personal residence, I just have to hope I can hack into Tonys Computer before he and his date get home.

New York (A short time after 10:00PM):

Batman brings the Batjet to an altitude just above the skyscrapers, running on stealth mode to avoid detection. Stark Tower comes into sight and Batman places the Batjet into a hover over the building. Batman then opens the canopy of the Batjet and leaps out, using his cape in a glider like fashion. Batman safely glides to a landing on top of Stark Tower. Batman then presses a button on his utility belt and the Batjet flies away. Batman is looking for a way in to Stark Tower when he turns to his left and says.

You dont really think that youre going to get the drop on me do you?

Youre as good as your reputation, says Moon Knight as he steps out of one of the dark secluded areas of the roof. I told Iron Man that having different Avengers guard Stark Tower was overkill and he said I bet youre wrong, I guess I owe him a grand. Now are you going to leave, or do I have to make you leave? Moon Knight pulls out his truncheon and begins tapping it against the palm of his hand to emphasize his point.

Batman then thinks.

Its impressive that Moon Knight managed to conceal the fact that he was here, if he hadn’t moved to ambush me I might not have realized he was here. So much for my getting in and out unnoticed, but Moon Knight was one of The Avengers that attacked Justice League Moonbase. Since hacking into Tonys computer is no longer an option, I guess I’ll have to persuade Moon Knight to give me the information I need.

With that Batman takes a fighting stance, Moon Knight quickly does the same.

So Who Wins? Khonshu’s Knight or The Dark Knight?


Set-Up written by SimbasGuard







Robin: Wasting no time, Moon Knight extends his truncheon towards Batman and his grappling hook shoots out.

Spider-Man: Batman is forced to dodge out of the way, and throws some smoke bombs at Moon Knight's feet.

Robin: Moon Knight fires his truncheon grappling hook to get out of the smoke quickly.

Spider-Man: As Moon Knight lands, Batman throws some batarangs at him.

Robin: Moon knight blocks the batarangs with his boomerangs.

Spider-Man: Batman shoots his grappling hook at Moon Knight, but Moon Knight blocks it with his truncheon.

Robin: Batman gives the rope of his grappling hook a tug, and Moon Knight's truncheon is pulled out of his hands.

Spider-Man: Moon Knight pulls out and expands his adamantium bo-staff.

Robin: He runs a few paces towards Batman, and swings his bo-staff through the air in an attempt to hit Batman in the neck.

Spider-Man: Batman blocks the bo-staff with his left spiked bracer, and punches Moon Knight in the stomach with his right fist.

Robin: Moon Knight withdraws his bo-staff as he takes the hit, and swings it at Batman's legs.

Spider-Man: Batman dives over the bo-staff leg swipe, and lands on the ground.

Robin: He quickly makes a movement to kick Mono Knight's legs out from under him, but he is blocked by that darn bo-staff.

Spider-Man: Batman shoots his grappling hook to both get off of the ground, and to get away from Moon Knight, who tries to hit him as he zooms away.

Robin: Batman lands and takes a fighting stance once again.

Spider-Man: Moon Knight shoots several crescent darts from his gauntlet at Batman.

Robin: Batman blocks the darts with some well aimed batarangs.

Spider-Man: Moon Knight takes a moment, then throws one of his boomerangs at the wall.

Robin: Batman watches as the boomerang hits the wall next to him, then ricochets right at his body.

Spider-Man: Batman blocks it with his bracer, but at the same moment he does so, Moon Knight shoots his grappling hook one more time. This time at Batman's head.

Robin: When did he pick that up?

Spider-Man: Must have grabbed it when he was fighting with the bo-staff.

Robin: It hit's Batman in the face and knocks him over.

Spider-Man: Before Batman can get up, Moon Knight shoots several crescent darts into his shoulder.

Robin: This does little to keep Batman from trying to get up, but Moon Knight makes his way over to him quickly.

Spider-Man: Moon Knight steps on Batman's hand, the same hand that was supporting his weight, and swiftly stomps on Batman's face.

Robin: Batman appears to be knocked out.

Spider-Man: It appears that Moon Knight wins.

Moon Knight defeats Batman 29 votes to 21


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