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85. Storm vs. Isis

The power of the Weather vs. the power of the goddess Isis.

-Fight suggested by SimbasGuard

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Since this fight wasn't a very hard one for me to decide, I think others will think the same way. Storm has the advantage of being a major member of the X-Men, a very powerful member at that. She also has 3 movies under her belt, so you would be hard put to find someone who doesn't know who she is. Isis on the other hand is a little bit more confusing. Isis gets her powers from the Egyptian goddess of the same name. I always associated the name “Isis” with the Greek Mythology, so this confusion mixed with the fact that she is not the actual Isis gives her a big name disadvantage. My vote goes to Storm, and I'm sure so will a majority of the others.


Storm is at a severe disadvantage in this fight, as she is fighting someone with the power of a goddess. However Storm's power is such that she was mistaken for a goddess, that and her latent magical powers might enable to hold her own against Isis in an elemental battle. Although if this fight becomes hand to hand Storm has no chance. I will vote for Storm, as I always side with the good guys. I expect her to win the vote due to name recognition.


I'm sorry, but I have no idea who Isis is. I'm sure Storm is more widely known so I'd say she has the upper hand in this one.



The Underworld (Anubis’ Realm):

“Ah Hades,” says Anubis “I am pleased that you have accepted my invitation for one on one negotiations.”

“I’m always looking for a good bargain,” says Hades “what do you need?”

“Infragilisium,” says Anubis “I wish to equip my undead army with swords and spears of it.”

“Oh,” says Hades Slyly “is someone looking to expand their kingdom?”

“Not at present,” says Anubis, “but Hades do you really trust all of your neighbors?”

“Good point,” say Hades “still what you ask for would require a lot of Infragilisium. That metal is not exactly plentiful.”

“Which is why I invited you here,” says Anubis “You know what I want. Name your price.”

“There is a guest of yours that I would very much like to have in my realm,” says Hades “ If you give me custody of this individual. I will supply all the Infragilisium you need.”

“What’s the catch?” asks Anubis suspiciously.

“Well,” says Hades “since this is a rather generous offer I think I have a right to see if what I am buying so to speak. Lives up to it’s reputation.”

“A test could easily be arranged,” say Anubis “what kind of test did you have in mind?”

“A battle,” says Hades “ in Kahndaq and since Ares owes me a favor. I’ll even handle the set-up, all you need to do is release the test subject when I give the go ahead. Oh she will have to be at full power, have a physical body, and I also need to have a way to mystically yank her leash and pull her back to my realm when this test is over.”

“Just which of my guests are you interested in?” asks Anubis.

“Oh didn’t I mention that,” says Hades “ The Guest I want is---”

Wakanda (Weeks later):

World events being what They are King T’Challa has begun to wonder if The nation of Kahndaq is a threat to Wakanda's national security (a concern that was brought about by one of his generals urging him to preemptively go to war Kahndaq). However rather than go to war, T’Challa decides that It would be in Wakanda's best interest to gather some intelligence on Kahndaq.

Queen Ororo convinces her Husband that she would be the best one to go on this mission.

Seeing the wisdom in his queen’s words T'Challa kisses his wife good-bye and wishes her well.

Storm flies as close as she can to Kahndaq’s air space and then creates a cloud in order to spy unseen.

The Underworld (Anubis’ realm):

Isis struggles in vain against the chains with which she is bound, when Anubis speaks.

“Isis, I have long considered your pleas for release, I will give you a chance to earn freedom from my realm and to also defend your beloved Kahndaq from an invader. That is assuming you can find and defeat said invader.”

“And I have your word that if I win I will be restored to life?” asks Isis.

“You have my word that if you win you will be free of my realm.” says Anubis.

“Then let me fight for Kahndaq and my freedom!” says Isis.

Kahndaq: (Moments later):

Isis appears in a desert region of Kahndaq, takes a moment to appreciate being alive again, and begins looking for the invader. Isis quickly takes notice of a cloud in the sky. Sensing that this cloud feels unnatural compared to the other few clouds in the sky, Isis decides to investigate and flies into the cloud. Where she comes face to face with Storm. Much to Storm’s surprise, Isis makes a casual dismissive gesture with her hand and Storm’s cloud cover dissipates.

“Leave Kahndaq now!” says Isis as she takes an airborne fighting stance.

I thought the reason Kahndaq was in a state of such political chaos was because the tyrannical rulers had been deposed, thinks Storm if I retreat without a fight she may follow me back to Wakanda and try to conquer it. To avoid a full scale war I have to risk an international incident.

With that Storm also takes an airborne fighting stance.

So Who Wins: The Woman with powers so great she was believed to be a goddess? Or the woman who is imbued with the powers of a goddess?


-Set-Up written by SimbasGuard


Black Panther

Black Adam



 Black Panther: It immediately begins to rain.

Black Adam: It's hard to say whether Storm or Isis is responsible for it.

Black Panther: A tornado begins to form around Storm, but she remains unmoved.

Black Adam: She looks a little surprised, and excited that Isis has weather powers.

Black Panther: It's not every day that you get to fight someone with the same powers as you.

Black Adam: Storm better be careful though, because Isis has a lot more up her sleeve than weather powers.

Black Panther: Don't count Storm out, she can do a lot more with her weather powers that you would first expect.

Black Adam: Storm grins as she takes control of the tornado that Isis created, and redirects it towards her.

Black Panther: Isis, having seen Storm use the cloud as cover earlier was well aware that she would have weather powers.

Black Adam: The Tornado passes through Isis, but she is only displaced slightly.

Black Panther: Isis returns offense with a gale of wind toward Storm.

Black Adam: Storm is hit, and is pushed backwards at first, but redirects it upwards.

Black Panther: The clouds above split and sunlight floods downwards.

Black Adam: Just shows how powerful the winds are that they are manipulating.

Black Panther: Storm seems to be growing impatient. She must have thought this would be a quick battle.

Black Adam: With a swipe of her arm, Storm calls lightning from the clouds above, and it hits Isis hard in the head.

Black Panther: Isis begins to fall downward, but regains her flight rather easily.

Black Adam: Storm waves her arms around fancily, and a spinning torpedo of rain and wind shoots from Storm into Isis's stomach.

Black Panther: The drilling torpedo quickly forces Isis back down to earth.

Black Adam: Storm follows as Isis lands with a crash.

Black Panther: Storm descends closer and raises her hands to the heavens. A lightning bolt comes down on Isis again.

Black Adam: Another strike lands before the sound from the previous one reaches.

Black Panther: Another.

Black Adam: And Another.

Black Panther: Storm seems to be barraging Isis with lightning bolts.

Black Adam: It doesn't seem to be doing much good, as Isis continues to try and get to her feet.

Black Panther: Storm relaxes her arms for a moment, and the lightning pauses.

Black Adam: Suddenly she raises them again, and several dozen bolts of lightning from all across the sky rain down on Isis.

Black Panther: Storm doesn't seem interested in stopping to see if Isis is knocked out, and continues her lightning downpour.

Black Adam: After several moments of severe chain lightning, Storm eases up, and we can see that Isis is finally down for the count.

Black Panther: So I guess that's it. Storm wins.

Storm defeats Isis 13 votes to 9


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  • Isis (Egyptian)
  • Underworld (Egyptian)
  • Anubis (Egyptian)
  • Hades (Greek)
  • Undead Army (Egyptian)
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