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86. Voldemort vs. Dr. Strange

He Who Must Not Be Named vs. The Sorcerer Supreme. Two of the most powerful magicians in existence face off in this battle of magic vs. magic. Let the sparks fly!

-Fight Suggested by SimbasGuard

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Dr. Strange



This is a hard one, it could really go either way. Here's why: Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 14 years, you've at least heard of Harry Potter, and chances are you've seen at least one movie, and know who Voldemort is. He has the fact that he is well know on his side, but Dr. Strange has two things that may give him the edge. Firstly, anyone even remotely familiar with comic books at least knows who Dr. Strange is, and knows that he is a very powerful sorcerer. He also has the advantage of being the good guy in this fight. I would like to think that people want the good guy to win most of the time. Overall I think that Dr. Strange will win since he will be more recognizable to people who frequent this site. But my vote is for Voldemort.


This will be a very even matched fight between two of the world most powerful magic users. I'll have to give the edge to Dr. Strange, because he regularly battles threats to reality itself. However fighting Voldemort will still be a tall order. My vote will go with Dr. Strange because I always side with the good guys. I think Dr. Strange will win the vote because, even though Voldemort is from a franchise with a larger fan-base, I think most of that fan base would rather see Voldemort loose.

The Man of Time:

Voldemort will win due to his ability to heartlessly kill or defeat his opponents with little remorse.  although both are powerful in magic i believe that this heartlessness will give "he who must not be named" the edge in this battle



Greenwich Village (In an alleyway somewhere, Nighttime):

Several Druids in black robes and hoods moved the cauldron into place, then several gallons of what appears to be swamp water is poured into the cauldron. Once the cauldron is near full, a fire (using discarded newspaper and cardboard boxes) is lit. Once the swamp water begins to boil, the Druids begin to chant.

Tromedlov Tromedlov Tormedlov.

The chant begins to grow louder until it becomes a shout. At that point (while the shouting continues) one Druid steps forward, draws a large knife from the left arm of his robe, makes a horizontal cut across the palm of his left hand, and then allows his blood to fall into the cauldron. The shouting stops, then the Druid screams at the top of his lungs.


With that the Druid then plunges his wounded hand into the bubbling cauldron, but before the Druid can even scream in pain. An eruption of black smoke throws the Druid to the ground.

The black smoke continues to shoot up from the cauldron like a volcano, when suddenly the form of Voldemort flies forth from the smoke.

The Druids quickly fall to one knee and bow their heads as Voldemort lands.

Voldemort looks around as the black smoke dissipates and thinks.

I dont believe it, I had doubted Lavinia when she told me of this spell that would both transport me to a place where neither the Aurors or the Federal Bureau of Incantations would even think to look for me. As well as erase any magical trail that anyone might be using to track me. Although I am still amazed to see that there are Druids in America, I should have used this spell sooner. Now perhaps I can recruit some of these Druids into my new U.S. based Death Eaters.

However before Voldemort can begin his recruitment speech, bands of red energy restrain and gag the Druids, and before Voldemort can even guess what has happened Dr. Strange appears in front of (and slightly above) him.

Arrogant Wizard, says Dr. Strange did you truly believe that you could start an uprising here and succeed?

How did this sorcerer know I was here, Thinks Voldemort did that old witch double-cross me?

How did you find me Sorcerer? demanded Voldemort.

No spell of this magnitude could escape the attention of The Sorcerer Supreme. says Dr. Strange who then thinks.

Especially when it is enacted a block away from my home.

So the legendary Dr. Strange seeks to oppose me, says Voldemort dark magic users around the world speak your name in fear. I however am so feared that my enemies dare not even speak my name.

Ah it is the infamous Voldemort that seeks to spread his evil here, says Dr. Strange then I wont bother asking you to surrender.

Voldemort then draws his wand and takes a fighting stance.

Seeing this Dr. Strange then takes a mid-air fighting stance.

So Who Wins? He Who Shall Not be Named or The Champion of The Vishanti?

-Set-Up Written by SimbasGuard


Bellatrix Lestrange




Bellatrix: The Dark Lord is fighting another sorcerer so soon after his resurrection. At this rate his new body wont last long enough to resurrect me!

Clea: Are you that much of a priority to him.

Bellatrix: You dare question my allegiance to the Dark Lord?

Clea: No, but I do question his desire to bring you back to life.

Bellatrix: I am his most faithful servant. If anyone deserves to come back, it's me.

Clea: I guess you'll have to wait and see won't you. Nothing we can do now.

Bellatrix: If the Dark Lord wishes to replenish his numbers, he's going to need a pure-blood with many family ties willing to join him. There are few who would be more connected than me.

Clea: Very well. I suppose I wish you luck on being resurrected, assuming Dr. Strange doesn't kill Voldemort.

Bellatrix: Don't you dare use the Dark Lord's true name! If I had my wand I would crucio your ass.

Clea: Don't worry, neither of them can hear us. I have cast a silencing charm around our location. We can here them, but they can't hear us.

Bellatrix: So if I wanted to say the Dark Lord's true name, he would not be able to hear me? And I would not have to face his retribution?

Clea: That's correct.

Bellatrix: Because I could tell he wasn't too happy with me after the last commentary I did. Luckily, well, I'm still dead.

Clea: Indeed.

Bellatrix: Alright then, here it goes...Voldemort...

Clea: See, not hard at all.

Bellatrix: Voldemort! VOLDEMORT! HAHA!

Clea: Yes, right. Anyway, Dr. Strange floats in front of, and a few feet above Voldemort.

Bellatrix: Black smoke billows from Voldemort's cape as he flies towards Dr. Strange, wand extended.

Clea: With a wave of his hand, Dr. Strange blocks Voldemort from ascending upon him.

Bellatrix: Voldemort is thrown backwards, and to the ground.

Clea: He gets up angrily as Dr. Strange lands.

Dr. Strange: You would do best to leave now Dark Wizard, you can not win this fight.

Bellatrix: Voldemort responds by shooting a stunning spell at Dr. Strange.

Clea: Dr. Strange waves his hand lazily, and the spell deflects back at Voldemort.

Bellatrix: Voldemort quickly casts a protection spell, and the stunning spell is absorbed into it.

Clea: Just as quickly he shoots another spell, this time an orange one at Dr. Strange.

Bellatrix: Dr. Strange makes a motion to deflect the spell again, but this time the spell is unaffected.

Clea: It continues towards Dr. Strange, and Dr. Strange conjures a gold trimmed shield in front of him.

Bellatrix: The orange spell hits the shield and disintegrates.

Voldemort: Fight back you coward! You can't block my curses forever!

Clea: Dr. Strange smiles and raises his hands.

Bellatrix: The ground around Voldemort begins to shake.

Clea: He spins around a few times trying to figure out what to do, and what to make of the new shaking.

Bellatrix: Suddenly from the right of him, the ground is pulled up and after several feet of cement come up a giant hole appears.

Clea: Did Dr. Strange just bend the sewer system up? What does that accomplish?

Bellatrix: I don't think it's the sewer.

Clea: A subway train flies out of the bent subway tunnel towards Voldemort.

Bellatrix: Voldemort looks surprised at first, but simply disapparates a few yards to the left, and lets the subway train land on the road, separating himself from Dr. Strange.

Clea: The train continues its path a few feet, and screeches to a halt as Voldemort and Dr. Strange take to the air.

Voldemort: Interesting choice of weapon. The very Muggles you protect.

Bellatrix: That is true, I thought Dr. Strange was a good guy.

Clea: He is, and the people were in no real danger, if Voldemort hadn't moved, he would have been smeared across the road, and the people, as they still are, would just have been inconvenienced.

Bellatrix: Surly Dr. Strange would know that Voldemort can apparate.

Clea: Here we call it teleporting, and no. Most wizards that have to use wands can't teleport. But I see now, as does Dr. Strange, that Voldemort must have learned magic at Hogwarts.

Bellatrix: He did indeed, as did I. Most of the wizards in Great Britain did as well.

Clea: Well it's good that wand wizards have learned to do something without the use of their wands.

Bellatrix: You think just because I use a wand that I can't take you on? Anytime anywhere!

Clea: Let's stick to this fight for now.

Voldemort: WADDIWASI!

Bellatrix: Voldemort casts the spell at the stationary Subway train, and a dozen people crash out through the windows.

Voldemort: LEVICORPUS!

Clea: The 12 people are spun around and suspended by their ankles in the air.

Bellatrix: Voldemort waves his wand a bit and the people arrange themselves in front of him like a multiple human shield.

Clea: Dr. Strange looks angry now. The people who had just been going about their day now are in danger because he led them here.

Voldemort: You spend too much time protecting these utterly useless Muggles. If you want me, your going to have to go through them. Think of it this way, if you don't kill them and me, I will kill thousands more.

Dr. Strange: You call them useless, and then rely on them to win this fight?

Bellatrix: Voldemort looks pissed now, and points his wand at one of the floating Muggles.


Dr. Strange: NO!

Bellatrix: Dr. Strange waves his hand and all the floating Muggles disappear from in front of Voldemort, and reappear behind Dr. Strange.

Clea: Voldemort's spell continues its course right towards Dr. Strange.

Bellatrix: He better get out of the way, it's impossible to block the Killing Curse.

Clea: Maybe for a wand wizard, there are other magics that take little effort to block it like-

Bellatrix: Don't you dare say it.

Clea: Love.

Bellatrix: Love has nothing to do with this fight, and love can't save your own life, only someone else's.

Clea: But like I said, there are plenty of ways to block a killing curse.

Bellatrix: Dr. Strange waves his hand, and the jet of green light slows and turns a sort of blue color.

Clea: Dr. Strange grins and waves his hand again. Voldemort is teleported, against his will, to a few feet in front of Dr. Strange.

Bellatrix: Voldemort, who is probably not used to other people teleporting him without his prior knowledge looks confused as the blue spell hits him in the back.

Clea: He is still alive, but unconscious. I suppose Dr. Strange must have neutralized the killing aspect of the spell when he raised his hand and turned it blue.

Bellatrix: Do you think Dr. Strange will kill him?

Clea: Probably not, but he may take him as a prisoner and question him. It's important for the Sorcerer Supreme to know everything he can about magic, and the happenings of all aspects of the magical community.

Bellatrix: Well, I guess there we have it. Voldemort lost.

Clea: And Dr. Strange is victorious. Oh, and by the way.

Bellatrix: What?

Clea: I was lying about the silencing charm.

Bellatrix: Damn you!

Clea: Have fun being dead.

Dr. Strange defeats Voldemort 27 votes to 9


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