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87. Nightcrawler vs. Spider-Man

Two quick-fighting heroes of the Marvel Universe face off over a misunderstanding.

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To me this fight is pretty simple. Spider-Man has way too much popularity to not win this fight. While Nightcrawler is a lovable character in his own way, and may have the power advantage in this fight, I still think the votes will be in Spider-Man's favor. Which isn't too surprising, even before the Hollywood movies, almost everyone knew who Spider-Man was through either the countless Television shows or the dozens of comic book titles. Spider-Man has always been popular, and Nightcrawler hasn't. While popularity never effects my vote, I will be voting for Spider-Man, as to me, he has the ability and the know-how to win.



This is a very evenly matched fight, in terms of agility, and both have unique fighting styles. Nightcrawler's teleporting ability may make it hard for even Spider-Man's Spider-Sense  to keep him from being surprised. Spider-Man has a definite strength advantage and as far as weapons go. I'd say Spider-Man's webs are far more versatile and further reaching than Nightcrawler's sword. My vote goes to Spider-Man because he's one of my top favorite super heroes, I think he will win the vote due to his popularity.


Spider-man would easily win here. In terms of voting, Spider-man has a far greater fanbase. The only power Nightcrawler has is teleportation, which would be something Spider-man's Spider Sense would come in handy with. Other than that, Nightcrawler is a great fighter, but he doesn't have super strength or any powers that would come close to beating Spider-man with.



J. Jonah Jameson stood, his hand on his brow, and his eyes fixed on his desk.

“I guess these will have to do.” he said.

“Our usual rate?” Peter Parker asked a little impatient. Jameson was always in a hurry, and he got annoyed if you didn't act like you were too.

“No! This is crap! I'll give you HALF!” he said with remarkable swiftness.

“Half? But-” Peter started.

“You're slipping Parker! Your composition is obvious and over-used! Make sure your next shots have a little mystery!”

“...yes... sir.” Peter opened the door, and he heard Jameson talking again, this time to his phone.

“Betty! Make sure Parker gets his money! Half his usual rate! No! They were crap!”

Peter couldn't help but grin as he left Jameson's office. He quickly took a seat in front of Betty's desk. She was already writing out a check, and only looked up after she tore it out.

“Thanks Betty.” Peter smiled as he took his miniscule check, and she smiled back.

“Oh, Peter. Something else came here for you.” Peter stood confusedly as Betty searched through a stack of envelopes. Finally she pulled one out and presented it to Peter.

“It's addressed to you, but they must not have realized that you don't have an office here. The funny thing is...” Betty's eyes grew big as she leaned closer to him. “I don't think it went through the mail room. It was just sitting here on my desk when I got in this morning.”

Peter stared at her for a moment, and then at the letter.

“Thanks for giving this to me Betty, I'm sure most people around here would have just tossed it in the trash.”

“Your welcome.” Betty replied. “Wait! Aren't you going to open it?” Peter had made a movement to leave, and stopped briefly to say:

“I've got to be somewhere, I'll read it later.

Betty looked thoroughly disappointed as Peter walked away, and out the door. He waited for the door to close behind him before he opened the letter. There were two pieces of paper inside, and Peter read the top one first.

Peter Parker, Spider-Man:

I was going to leave this with your editor this morning, but he looked and sounded busy. The nice lady in front of his office said I could leave it with her. I had to alter her memory a bit as to avoid confusion on her part later.


Peter wasn't sure whether to be excited or nervous about what was on the next letter, but he unfolded it anyway.

Peter Parker, Spider-Man:

I am a reporter for a rival newspaper. As I understand it, the Avengers and the Justice League are at war with one another. The Avengers have trusted in the X-Men as allies, but this is a mistake I think. One of their own is a spy for the Justice League, and has been feeding them information in secret. My abilities allow me hear things most people cannot, and I am aware of a meeting happening tonight over at the X-Mansion. Not only would it be best for an Avenger to catch them in the act, I also need a photographer with me, as a story like this will do wonders for my career. (I will of course leave Spider-Man out of this, and Peter Parker can take full responsibility (and payment) for the picture. Unless you want to keep your anonymity, In which case I will just leave credit for the picture blank.) From what I understand this is supposed to go down at 12:30 am in the tennis courts of the X-Mansion (1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center. If you forgot.)


Peter read the letter again just to make sure he understood right. Someone, a reporter no less, knew that he was Spider-Man. Peter thought for a moment. There is no mention of exposing him for being Spider-Man, in fact “M” even gave him the option to be anonymous for the whole thing. Well, considering he has to pay rent with half his usual check, and an opportunity to make money as a photographer doesn't just land on your lap, Peter decided to check it out.

12:28 – X-Mansion Tennis Courts

Peter, in full Spider-Man garb, was crouching in the hedges that bordered the tennis courts. It couldn't be long now, but neither “M”, the X-Man, or the Justice Leaguer is here. Spider-Man thought.

As he thought this, he heard a quiet sound of a door closing, and quick footsteps coming down the stone staircase.

The chain-link fence jingled as the figure tried to open the gate to the tennis court, but it appeared to be locked. In a blink of an eye the figure teleported from one side of the fence to the other. The figure ran to the center of the tennis courts, his tail bobbing behind him, and his thick accent hitting the cold air.

“Come out...Avenger.” he said with malice in his voice. “I know vhat you are doing here!”

“It's not nearly as bad as what you are doing here!” Spider-Man shouted as he leaped out of the hedges. As he did so, the motion detection lights on the side of the X-Mansion lit up revealing the figure to be Nightcrawler.

“I know vhat you are here for.” Nightcrawler said, as though he practiced. “I got a letter of warning.”

“Wait, you got a letter too?” asked Spider-Man, a little confused now. Where was that Justice Leaguer?

“You plan on betraying zhe Avengers, and in turn zhe X-Men's trust by giving information to zhe Justice League.” Nightcrawler recited.

“Hold on!” Spider-Man said “I got a similar letter. What is going on?”

“You are trying to trick me, Avenger, you are Justice League scum!”

Spider-Man thought quickly. Ok, so either Nightcrawler is an X-Men spy, and is just trying to cover his tracks by pretending to be confused, or he really is confused and this was all a trap. Either way, Nightcrawler is going to come after me. Questions will have to wait for later.

Both Spider-Man and Nightcrawler take fighting stances.

So Who Wins? The spectacular web-slinging Spider-Man? Or the talented teleporter from Tennengebirge?



Iron Man



Cyclops: It is unfortunate that the war has come to this. Fighting amongst ourselves.

Iron Man: Whoever tricked these two into fighting one another is going to have to pay.

Cyclops: Considering who the Avengers are at war with, I don't think that there can be any doubt who sent the letters.

Iron Man: I think you're right.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler teleports to a point a couple of feet to the right side of Spider-Man, but Spider-Man must have seen this coming with his spidey-sense, and he was able to dodge out of the way. Nightcrawler teleports to the other side of Spider-Man.

Iron Man: Spider-Man, ready for another attack, manages to dodge out of the way of Nightcrawler's sword yet again.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler teleports again, this time above Spider-Man.

Iron Man: Spider-Man gives a kick upwards as he dodges out of the way.

Cyclops: Spider-Man's kick only hits Nightcrawler slightly, and Nightcrawler lands.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler brandishes his sword threateningly at Spider-Man, and Spider-Man starts to dodge even before Nightcrawler teleports to him.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler seems surprised when his sword slashes through empty air, and Spider-Man kicks at his legs.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler starts to fall, but teleports to a point a few feet away.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler, after straightening himself, seems to lose grip on himself as he charges forward, ready to hit Spider-Man.

Iron Man: Spider-Man dodges the swing with ease, and Nightcrawler teleports to the other side of Spider-Man.

Cyclops: It's safe to assume at this point that Spider-Man may have figured out Nightcrawler's general strategy.

Iron Man: Spider-Man seems to have known when and where Nightcrawler was going to teleport to as he punched Nightcrawler square in the chest.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler goes flying backwards, and teleports as he is close to falling.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler appears above Spider-Man now, but Spider-Man seems to have seen this coming as well, as he grabs Nightcrawler by the arm, and brings it down to the ground.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler is forced to follow suit in order to avoid getting his arm broken.

Spider-Man: I think we have been tricked Nightcrawler, It's not us who should be fighting each other.

Nightcrawler: I've always been one to stay on the safe side.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler teleports behind Spider-Man and kicks him in the back of the leg.

Cyclops: Spider-Man goes from being bent forward to being on his knees facing the opposite direction as Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler: If I were a weaker man I would strike you down now, but if I were a weaker man, I would not have you in this position.

Spider-Man: If you were a weaker man, I wouldn't have punched you.

Iron Man: Spider-Man shoots some webbing over his shoulder, and he hits Nightcrawler in the face.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler stumbles for a moment while Spider-Man gets to his feet to face him.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler seems to remember that he has the remarkable power he does, and teleports a few feet backwards, and the webbing, no longer attached to Nightcrawler's face falls to the ground.

Cyclops: Spider-Man shoots webbing from both his wrists and hits Nightcrawler's ankles.

Iron Man: Spider-Man tugs and Nightcrawler, along with hitting his head on the ground, is pulled forwards quickly.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler, keeping his momentum, teleports to behind Spider-Man, and Nightcrawler hits Spider-Man in the back with his whole body.

Iron Man: Spider-Man has to climb out from under Nightcrawler as Nightcrawler seems to be a little too dazed to realize that he was laying on Spider-Man.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler teleports again, behind Spider-Man.

Iron Man: Spider-Man again knows this is going to happen, and grabs Nightcrawler by the neck and forearm.

Cyclops: With all his strength, Spider-Man throws Nightcrawler over his shoulder, but before Nightcrawler hits the ground, he teleports yet again

Iron Man: Nightcrawler appears above Spider-Man, but Spider-Man, who must have noticed, dodges out of the way and lets Nightcrawler fall.

Cyclops: Nightcrawler hits the ground hard, and Spider-Man gives him a few extra kicks just to be sure.

Iron Man: I'm sure he thought that Spider-Man would break his fall.

Cyclops: It looks like Spider-Man was a little too quick for him. Too quick even for a teleporter like Nightcrawler.

Iron Man: Nightcrawler can't be used to fighting someone who knows his every movement before he even does them. He fought quite well I think.

Cyclops: I agree, but in this case, it doesn't look like it was well enough. Spider-Man wins.

Spider-Man defeats Nightcrawler 16 votes to 4


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